Wendy's Betrayal

By HaloYoshi


Well it was another normal morning for Mario and Luigi. Luigi was of course making breakfast, one of his not so famous dishes, “Fried Shroom”.

“MARIO!” Luigi yelled. Mario came in and sat down for breakfast. Luigi then handed him the food.

“Mmmm…” Mario grunted sarcastically, but Luigi didn’t hear the note of sarcasm.

“Well, Bro, I'll be in the kitchen finishing the dishes.”

“I agree,” said Mario, not paying any attention. Mario then quickly dumped the Fried Shroom out the window. He jumped out the window. THUMP!

“What was that?” Luigi asked. Not hearing any answer, he went around the house to find Mario snacking on some Buzzar Egg, Tasty Tonic, and a Raw Mushroom.

“Mario!” Luigi gasped, seeing his brother eating something that was not made by him.

“I can explain!” said Mario. He paused a few seconds.

“Well?” Luigi waited impatiently.

“Actually, I can’t,” said Mario, still eating the food.

“Where did you get that food?” he asked.

“What food?”

“The food you're eating” said Luigi, disgusted.

“Well, I’m actually a cook,” Mario lied.

“No you're not, remember in Paper Mario? I was making breakfast… NOT YOU!” he said indignantly.

“Well you're kinda a girl,” said Mario quietly. With a sudden lash of anger Luigi hit Mario with a fireball, then he stalked off.

Chapter 1

“NO! I refuse to do it!” yelled Wendy at her father Bowser.

“You’ll do whatever I tell you… Wendy….. umm whatever the last of your name is,” said Bowser forgetfully.

“I will not do it, even though I like torturing things, but not when I GET TORTURED!” said Wendy angrily. Then Lemmy came rolling along on his ball, laughing at her.

“Get Ludwig to help. He’s smart,” said Lemmy as he was going around the corner.

“No! I hate HOMEWORK!” she yelled.

Then her father stopped all of the sudden. Scratching his head he said, “Is this what this was about?” Wendy nodded. “Oh! I thought you wanted to build a laser beam or something. Well, I don’t really care if you don’t do it at all.” Then he walked off.

“That was close!” said Wendy in relief. Wandering down the many halls of the castle she met up with an enslaved Mushroomer. Still angry, she commanded the Mushroomer to jump out the window a gazzilion miles above the Mushroom Kingdom. “Jump out that window and I’ll let you free” she said.

“For real?!” he squeaked, looking out the window.

“Why sure!” she lied. ”That is if you don’t get squi…" Before she finished, the Mushroomer jumped out the window.

“I’m free!”! he yelled.

“Hahahah, that never gets old” she laughed.

Ludwig was on his telescope at the time and saw a Toad flying out the window. Sighing, he said, “Wendy… I’m thinking.” He watched as the Toad fell really, really hard.

“I wonder how Water Land is comin’ along?” Wendy said, talking to herself. “But I wanna go somewhere on an adventure of some sort, and maybe if I meet Mario on my way...” she paused. “I’ll be able to rid this planet of him," she said maniacally. “That would be awesome to doublecross Mario and finish him and his girly brother off.” After thinking to herself, she added, “The place they would most likely be is the Mushroom Kingdom… I’ll go there... Yeah,” she said not paying any attention as she bumped into a Micro-Goomba.

“I’m sorry!” he said, frightened.

“It’s quite all right,” she said. It shuffled off clumsily. She headed towards her own spaceship she built recently, but because she wasn’t smart in that kinda thing it was a little wobbly. Getting into it, she put in the coordinates for the Mushroom Kingdom. She blasted off into the Mushroom Kingdom. Barely managing to keep the ship together, she jumped out of it.

Chapter: 1.5 (the chapter that was completely pointless)

“What’s up with them Mario Bros?” asked Roy Koopa impatiently.

“I agree,” said Iggy, reading a book.

“I mean, why do they always win?”

“I agree,” said Iggy again.

“Luigi is kinda girly.”

“I agree,” Iggy said once again.

“Mario, just weird.”

“I agree.”

“They're plumbers.”

“ I agree,” said Iggy, not paying any attention.

”I mean, how many plumber heroes are there?

“I agree.”

Getting agitated, Roy picked up Iggy's book and threw it away.

“I agree,” he finished.

Chapter: 2.0

Though all the Koopalings were evil, not all of them were known that well, like Wendy for instance. So as Wendy went past the Mushroomers, most of them just looked at her oddly, while others who'd studied about the Koopalings gave out a high-pitched squeal. She trampled down Mushroom courtyard towards Mario and Luigi’s house. Going down the pipe, she saw the mail Koopa putting the mail into the mailbox. Before it flew off, she yelled. “HEY!” The Koopa froze where it stood. “Have you seen Mario and Luigi” she growled.

Frightened, it trembled. “Noooo…….ooo… Mis….s”

“Where are they?!” she said threateningly. Out of fright the Paratroopa flew off. “ARGHHHHH” she screamed. Running off towards the house she found some Mushroom and Buzzar egg scraps. Searching the bathroom, she found one of Luigi’s combs. She threw it out the window she started clawing everything in sight. “How could I let them get away?” she yelled. “I finally got away from home, I then come here to find... NOTHING!!!” Stomping out of the house, she ran into a little Mushroomer.

“I’m sorry, Miss…” said the little one, trembling. Screaming, she drew out her wand and vaporized him.

“Apology accepted,” said Wendy cruelly.

Chapter: 2.5

Walking down the road disgruntled, Wendy was thinking about how her brothers get more attention.

“Just wait…” she mumbled to her self. “I’ll be the one to stop Mario. Not Iggy, not Lemmy, not anyone of them… .just me.” Then she heard a sound in a bush by her. Taking out her wand, she slowly edged around the bush. Out jumped a “Dark Mushroomer”, though it was obviousky not a real Mushroomer.

“Lord Bowser has a message for you,” the disguised Koopa Troopa said. He handed Wendy a letter. It ran off before Wendy lost her temper. She then opened it up:

Dear Wendy,

Where are you?! I got told by a Micro-Goomba that you were seen flying off in your poorly built doomship. Hahahah!!! Really I’m surprised that thing stood together. Are you really going after Mario?! I mean, c’mon, you're like the weakest of all of us. The point is... COME HOME BEFORE YOU KILL YOURSELF… AHHAHAHAH.

Koopa King, A.K.A. Bowser

Crumpling the piece of paper up, she squeezed it so hard it was reduced to ashes.

“Ahhhhh!!! That’s why I hate them!” she yelled to her self. “I’m gonna prove I can beat Mario. They never think I can do anything,” she complained. “But wait… I will get my revenge somehow." Continuing her journey, she rolled along the long road searching for Mario and Luigi.

As she was crossing the border between Mushroom Kingdom and the Beanbean Kingdom, she noticed footprints along the ground. They were heading towards an unexplored island that she couldn’t remember ever being there. The water was pretty shallow, so she thought she would just walk across. The water suddenly became deeper and she was quickly engulfed by the water, knocking her into an unconscious state. A couple hours later she awoke on the island she had been trying to get to.

Chapter 3.0: The other stupid chapter (another completely pointless chapter)

“Hey Iggy,” Ludwig said.

“I agree,” Iggy said.

“Oh I wouldn’t keep doing that. By the way, I read that if someone does it too much the acids in the stomach would burn a hole through you,” he lied.

“For real?” Iggy gulped.

“Yep, but you shouldn’t worry about it now, should you?” Ludwig continued to lie.

“Uh… no, I hope not,” he said.

Then Bowser walked in. “Hey Iggy! Do you like my new shoes?” he said, looking down at his feet. “I wasn’t sure if they would have size 124.5 though, but apparently they do.”

Then Ludwig interrupted, "I heard shoes are actually small little monsters that eat your feet.” he laughed.

“For real?!” Bowser shrieked .

“Sure,” Ludwig said.

“Hahahah! You're just saying that to freak me out.”

“Umm, no, not really. Look at your feet.” He pointed. Bowser looked at his feet and noticed they were… HALF EATEN!!! He then ran out screaming.

Iggy felt like he was about to burst so he yelled, “I AGREE!!!” But nothing happened. Looking at Ludwig, he laughed. “It didn’t work, did it, Book Worm? ... Ludwig, you there?” But no answer came. So Iggy went into the kitchen and found him making a corn dog. “I didn’t blow up!” iggy exclaimed excitedly.

“What are you talking about”? asked Ludwig.

“You told me that if I said I agree, then I’d get a hole through my stomach.”

Laughing, Ludwig said, “Hahahah! No, that was my clone.”

Chapter 3.5: The Isle (back to the story)

Warily, Wendy woke up, in a small hut. She noticed the same footprints in the sand outside the hut. Getting up she went outside to investigate some more, wand at the ready. Walking down the beach, she noticed she was on the almost forgotten island, “The Beanbean Route”. It had been the place where Beanbean goods were exported and imported, but out of fear of the active volcano, the people fled and the economy collapsed.

As Wendy was walking down the path, she found a glove. She knew it was Mario’s so she picked it up. She then came across a Troopa. “Hey you!” she yelled.

“Yes, Miss Wendy?” the Troopa said.

“Have you seen Mario here anywhere?” she asked. “Oh yeah, and his girly brother Luigi too.”

“I don’t think so, but I saw a distant figure going up into the volcano.”

“Uh, thanks,” she said. She knew it was most likely Mario so she headed up into the “Beanbean Route Volcano”.

Chapter 4.0 Beanbean Volcano

As Wendy was walking through the volcano, she found another item; this time it was a black shoe. Smiling to herself because of how close she was to the Mario Bros, she continued through the fiery volcano, being careful not to trigger anything to make it erupt.

A small Piranha Plant popped up out of the ground. “I was sent to tell you not to come any closer or else,” it threatened.

“What will you do?” she growled menacingly. But it went back into the ground before she could get an answer.

She continued into the volcano until she found a couple of wild Beezos. They almost instantly attacked her on first sight. Before she could think she cast a devastating spell. She destroyed the Beezos, but also triggered a volcanic eruption. Running through the volcano wildly in fear, she tripped over a rock. Fearing it might be over for her, the last words she heard before an unconscious state was:

“It's-a- me! Mario!”

She awoke the next day in a bed in Mushroom Kingdom. She heard a clattering of dishes and someone gulping down some food.

“It looks like she’s comin’ around, Mario” yelled Luigi. Jumping out of her bed instantly, she drew her wand.

“Woah there!” said Mario. Wendy threw a spell at him. Mario ducked out of the way, the spell barely missing him. “Wowsers,” he said. “Hey Luigi, help me in here.”

“Wait a minute,” he called. Picking up the last dish, he wiped it clean. Then, running into help his brother. Luigi threw him a Stop Watch. Mario used it on Wendy. Everything but he and Luigi stopped.

“What should we do with her?” asked Mario.

“I dunno,” said Luigi thoughtlessly. “We could try to talk some sense into her.”

“I guess we’ll try that,” said Mario uncertainly.

So they took the effects up the Stop Watch off. Wendy continued freaking out madly, and just kept throwing waves of spells at them. This is my chance! she thought.

“Wwait!” Mario yelled.

“Yeah! We saved you from the eruption you triggered,” said Luigi. She then stopped throwing the spells at them.

“You did?” she asked.

“Yeah, we sure did” said Mario.

“But why?”

“We wanted to help you,” told Luigi.

“Even if you are one of Bowser's Koopa Kids,” said Mario.

“Uh… Thanks,” she said. “But what are you going to do with me?”

“I dunno, we could probably give you some food or something so you could be on your way.”

“But... CAN I PLEASE BE ON YOUR TEAM?!” she wailed. Mario and Luigi, completely shocked, looked at each other.


“We can’t exactly trust you, though, considering you tried to kill us,” told Luigi.

“I’m sorry!” she cried. “I was really confused though.”

“If we did would you help us on our quest?” asked Mario.

“Sure, what is it?” said Wendy.

“Umm… Going to Bowser's castle,” said Luigi.

“For what?” she asked.

“Going to stop your brothers and Bowser..."

“You bet I will!!! This is my chance to get back at them!” she said excitedly.

“What did they do?” asked Luigi curiously.

“They made me mad and messed with me,” said Wendy.

“Oh, the typical Wendy. All right, but we’ll be keeping an eye on you,” said Mario.

“Really?! Thanks! So, uh, how do we get there?”

“Well first we got to go to the Toad Council and tell them that you are turned.”


Chapter 4.5: Toad Council

The three of Mario, Luigi, and Wendy walked over to the Toad Council. “This is weird,” said Luigi, looking at Wendy.

“What have you come here for?! With her?!” the council elder said, looking at Wwendy in alarm.

“Well… You see...” Mario interrupted then, “she said she turned,” he said.

“Do you have any proof?” the elder said with a glazed look.

“Uh, no…” the Mario Brothers both said.

“I did turn, though,” Wendy said.

“Well I will get the rest of the Toad Council together to decide on Wendy’s ‘turn’ to our side.” Come back here at 12:00 and we’ll have our answer then. And don’t go causing in trouble either,” the elder said to Wendy. “If I hear one word of mischief from any Mushroomer then you will never be allowed to come to the Mushroom Kingdom again.”

So the three took the warp pipe back to the house. “Well? Do you think they’ll accept me?” Wendy asked.

“I dunno. They might,” said luigi.

Mario was a little suspicious though, so he said, “They might, but I’ll be keeping an eye on you.” Feeling a little uncomfortable, Wendy went in and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Well, what do we do 'til 12?” she asked.

“It’s around breakfast time, so I guess I’ll make some food,” said Luigi.

“Yum… Food...” Mario sighed.

“Awesome! Food!” Wendy exclaimed.

“Today I’m making Buzzar egg, and to drink, Tasty Tonic.”

“For real?” asked Mario.

“Yeah.” When Luigi was done making the food they all sat down and ate. Mario was scarfing his food down and Wendy was trying to be as polite as she could.

“Good breakfast, Luigi” she complimented.

“Yeah…”Mario agreed. “It's better than usual, too.”

“Thanks… Hey wait a minute!” Luigi said, noticing the "better than usual" part. But before he could say anything else they heard a racket outside the house. All of them went around the house to find the trash from the cans all over and a note:

meet me at the back ally way behind the toad council

“Hmm….” Mario said suspiciously.

“Sounds like a trap,” said Wendy.

“Yeah, it does,” said luigi. Then they sensed a burning smell coming from the kitchen. “AHHH! The dessert!” Luigi dashed into the house to get it, Wendy and Mario sniggering to themselves as they followed after him. They got in and sat down at the table again. Luigi put the dessert down in front of them. By now it looked like a burnt log. “Do you guys want any dessert?” asked luigi.

Mario and Wendy both said at the same time, “No thanks.”

“Fine, suit yourselves.” Then Luigi gobbled down the whole thing.

“Well it's about 12 so we should get going,” said Mario. They took the pipe to Toad Council. When they came in they saw the elders whispering to each other.

“After serious debate about half of us decided that she could stay and the other half said no. Since you and Luigi thought she might help we then decided she could help you and remain a citizen. But you'd still better not do anything or you will never be allowed here again. Well, Luigi and Mario, I’ll trust your judgment and clear her as an official citizen of Mushroom Kingdom.”

The next day it was all over the news and newspaper:

Mushroom Weekly

Wendy, a former enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom, agreed to help the Mario Brothers get to Bowser's castle. Though we didn’t find much proof that she has actually turned from her ways, the Toad Council trusted Mario and Luigi’s judgment of Wendy.

Asked for comment, Wendy responded, “Yes, yes, I have turned,” Wendy said reassuringly, “for the good of the Mushroom Kingdom. I will help Mario and Luigi get to the castle and save the Mushroom Kingdom.” She refused further comment.

Chapter 5.0: The Ally Behind Toad Council

“Well that went fairly decently,” said Luigi.

“Yeah,” agreed Wendy.

“Hey! Remember that note? Should we go check out the ally?” said Mario.

“Sure,” said Luigi.

“I don’t see any harm if we back each other up,” said Wendy. So they went behind the council building. They could just barely see a shadow reflecting off one of the walls. Looking behind the wall, they found a hooded figure.

“Hello,” the figure said. Wendy thought the voice sounded familiar, but deciding it was just her, she ignored it. “I called you back here because…” he paused.

“Because what?” asked Luigi.

“Don’t come to Bowsers castle or else!” the stranger threatened.

“Ludwig...” Wendy mumbled.

“What?” asked Mario

“Uh… Nothing,” she lied. Then the stranger took out a Stop Watch. He threw it out at the Mario Bros. They both froze, leaving Wendy and the stranger alone. The stranger took down his hood.

“Ludwig!” Wendy yelled. “Get away from here!”

“Wendy, I come to warn you,” he said.

“Warn me about what?”

“They all knew you turned.”

“So?” she said snootily.

“So… they have a trap,” he said. “I can’t tell you” And with that he took out his wand and teleported himself to his doomship. Then, just like that, Mario and Luigi, returned to real time, completely unaware of what had been happening.

”Uh... Why are we here?” Luigi asked  Wendy.

“I dunno, I followed you guys back here,” she said.

“Oh really?” Mario said suspiciously.


“Well we have to get going though,” Luigi said. So they then walked out from the ally and began their quest to Bowser's castle.

Chapter 5.5: Beginning the Quest

Chapter 5.5: Another X3 Stupid Chapter (once again another pointless chapter)

“Gurgle gargle glarba gloober,” said a wild Shy Guy.

“I agree,” said Iggy not paying any attention. Then Morton came up.

“I can handle this,” he said, “I used to speak Shy Guy.”

“Hahahah! Good luck!” said Larry.

“Gurba dingle gloober dip dat,” Morton said in return.

“Do you even know what you're saying?” asked Lemmy.

“Sure do… not.”

“What?” asked Larry.

“Uh, nothing,” he said.

“Globber duck doop dima foo,” the Shy Guy said. Translation: Because we hate you very much.

“Gurgle wuh dem gimba,” Morton said. Then the Shy Guys jumped in rage. Pointed their spears straight out, they ran straight at them.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” Larry panted as he and the other Koopalings were running.

“I don’t know what happened… All I said was "we come in peace".

To find out what he said by accident, here’s some Shy Guy words from the Dictionary for Complete Idiots. Gurgle=we, Dem=your, Gimba=princess, Gargle=will, Glarba=kill, Gloober=you, Gurba=why, Dingle=would, Dip=do, Dat=that, Globber=because, Doop=hate, Dima=very, Foo=much, wuh=stole.

Chapter 5.5 ½: Their Adventure Continues

Wendy, Luigi, and Mario were walking out of Toad Town. “Well I guess it's safe to say no one's following us,” said Luigi. They continued to press forward. Then they heard a shuffling behind them. Turning around almost instantly, they found a Frost Piranha.

Wendy was the first to react to it. She drew her wand out and flung a spell at it. Knocked off balance (even though I’m not sure how you can knock a Piranha Plant off balance), it used frost on them, but fortunately Mario had an Ice Badge on. It was not the same for Luigi and Wendy, though. Mario then jumped up on the Frost Piranha and destroyed it. “Glurppglurflarf!” it yelled before it died.

“Why was there a Frost Piranha Plant here?” Mario asked.

“I dunno,” said Wendy. Puzzled about the weird encounter, they continued on. Eventually they came across a Goomba with an eye patch across his eye.

“Arg! What do you think you're doing here?!” he asked.

“We go where we want,” said Wendy.

“Ahohoho! I meant ye no harm!” He laughed.

“What do you want?” threatened Wendy.

“Ahohoho… Miss, we have a village down the road a bit and I was just wondering if you folks wanted to join us for dinner.”

“Why sure,” said Mario. So they followed the wise yet mysterious Goomba down the road.

“Ahoy! I’m back!” yelled the Goomba.

“Goomber!” yelled a little Goomba.

“Goomber!” said an older Goomba who maybe was his wife. “Where have you been?” she asked, worried.

“Ahohoho! Not to worry, dear. I just picked up a couple o’ young fellers on my way back.” She looked up at them, and realized that Mario was in the group.

“Mario!” she screamed.

“Ahoy! Yep, it's-a Mario!” said Goomber. “And looks like his brother Luigi… Yup… Yup, and it-a looks like one of the Koopalings of Bowser… Ahohoho!” His wife looked up in fear.

“WENDY!” she yelled. She was about to scream but Mario stopped her.

“Err… Don’t worry… Miss?” he said.

“Oooh, yeah, I’m Goomberella,” she said.

“Yeah, well, she is helpin’ us,” Mario said.

“She is?” she asked suspiciously.

“Yeah,” said Luigi reassuringly.

“O-ok… Uh, who are you?!” she asked.


“Oh yeah… the not so important one, ok.”

“Do ya young fellers wanna join us fer dinner?” Goomber asked. “Ahohoho!”

“Yeah… That would be great,” they all agreed. So they went into the house and sat down for some food.

“Ahoy, er… Me wife makes a good eatin’,” said Goomber. She then brought out some stuff that looked like Luigi’s burnt log dessert and a little Buzzar egg. Sitting down, Goomberella looked at Luigi, confused.

“Uh, who are you?” she asked.

“I’M LUIGI!” he yelled.

“Oye! No a-yellin’ at me table,” said Goomber.

“Sorry,” Luigi said.

Mario, meanwhile, was garbling his food. “Mario,” said Wendy, “manners”.

“Ooh, yeah, sorry Ma’am,” he said, disgruntled.

“It's quite all right,” said Goomberella.

After a long dinner they all went outside very stuffed. “That was a good meal” they all said.

“We must be on our way,” Mario reminded them.

“Ahh…” sniffed the little one.

“It's quite all right, kiddo,” said Luigi. Then Goomber walked up to them.

“Now before ye go, I wanna give each of you something.” He handed Mario a metal hammer, Luigi a vacuum, and Wendy a super wand. “Oh yeah, uh… Luigi, or whatever yer name is, you'll be needin’ that in the future,” he said. “So long 'ere Mario, may we meet again in the future.”

They thanked Goomber for the gifts and left the village.

Chapter 5.6 ¾: Beanbean Border

Wendy was inspecting her new wand while Luigi was trying out his vacuum and Mario was smashing things up like crazy.

“I like my new hammer,” said Mario.

“Yeah, I do like our gifts,” Wendy said.

The heroes pressed onward… (Uh, sorry, wrong story.) They were headed to the Beanbean border. From there they weren’t sure what to do. They were walking down a big red road but then it split off into a yellow brick road.

“Uh, where do we go?” asked Wendy.

“Gosh! Did you ever watch the Wizard of Oz?” asked Luigi.

“Uh... no,” she said.

“Well in the movie she follows the yellow brick road,” he said.

“Follow the yellow brick road!” Mario sang. So they went along the yellow brick road. Eventually they came up to the Beanbean border.

“You know what’s weird?” Wendy asked.

“What?” asked Mario.

“That once you cross into the Beanbean Kingdom the ground turns purple, but in Mushroom Kingdom it is yellow,” wendy said.

“Haha. Yeah, I noticed that in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga,” said Luigi.

“You trust me yet?” asked Wendy. Mario was still a little suspicious. It's not normal for a Koopaling to suddenly switch sides.

“Nope,” Mario answered simply.

“Why not?” she asked. “Luigi does.” Luigi nodded in agreement.

“C’mon, Bro! She hasn’t done anything yet” he said.

“Maybe… But I’ll still be keeping an eye on you,” Mario said.

“Ok… but there’s no point,” she said.

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