The AK Series, Part 1: The Curse of the Seven Boom Booms

By Agahnim Koopa

Prologue: Long, Long Ago

In the 2nd Age of Plit, when King Talon III ruled all Koopas, seven outcast Boom Booms seeked to takeover the world. They each built a part of Graven, a massive space cannon capable of destroying a country in one shot with ease.

Um and Dois built the barrel of the gun, big enough to hold the mighty bullets.

Tres and Quatro made the bullets, as big as a PC monitor, and filled with highly infectious poison.

Cinco and Seis built a shuttle to launch Graven into space.

Sete built the trigger and handle for the gun.

However, just when it was about to be launched, the Marios discovered it and destroyed the gun. The seven Boom Booms were imprisoned in places far from each other, and all seemed well.

Quatro lived in the depths of Sub-con, under the watch of Wart and Wayoshi.

Cinco lived in the Magikoopa Training Castle, under the care of the head Magikoopas, and the trainees as well.

Um was taken underwater, where the Cheep Cheep king Moonbarra held her prisoner.

Dois was taken to Bowser's Castle, where Bowser and his head commander, the Koopa Shellster, kept a watchful eye upon him.

Seis was hidden in the maze that is Mushroom City, and locked in a strong cage, where no one could have ever found him.

Tres was hidden in a deep tree in the Boggly Woods, far from prying eyes.

Sete, whose involvement did not involve any danger (for a trigger cannot operate without the others), was treated well. He pleaded innocence from not knowing what the gun was for, and was rewarded with a small castle, in the extinct volcano at the top of DK Mountain. He named it Maelstrom.

That was years ago. Now this is part of history. I learned about it, and so did all other Koopas. Now the terror begins.

Part 1: The School
Chapter 1: The Exam

I was reading up on the story of the Boom Booms. My 12-year tests were approaching, and I knew I had to review. Though, there was really no need. I had passed nearly all my exams with flying colors, with the exception of geography. But still, I knew my way around. I'm in the Mushroom Kingdom, with the eight lands. West is Dinosaur Land. North is Rogueport and all those places. East is Sarasaland. South is Beanbean Kingdom. Through portals are the X-Naut Fortress, and Earth. Easy.

I glanced at my watch. It stated "4:34". My exam was at 4:40. I should go now. I walked down a dark stone passage. I was in the Dark Land fortress, turned into a school after Bowser's defeat. As I walked along, I saw some of my school friends. There was Explodeer the Bob-omb, waving at all passersby. Walking along, I saw Refiller the Yoshi looking at a passing Troopa hungrily. Just about to enter the exam room, I quickly saw one of my greatest friends and indeed, half-brother.

"Rezza! How's it going, dude?"

"Well, look who it is! Hey, isn't it about time for your exam?"

"Oh yeah! Well, it was scheduled for 4:40, but I've got old Powell as my invigilator, so he'll be at least five minutes late. Still, better be off."

"See ya around!"

I entered the exam room and looked around. The stone walls looked cleaner than most other parts of the building, and there were 30 desks with hard wooden chairs. I sat down in my chair, which happened to be near the front. I cursed my name. Because it was sorted by first names, I had to sit practically right at the front. Every move I made would be watched, every move of my eyes examined. Of course, if they did it by surnames, species would be near each other. A cheating process could easily start. So, at the front I had to remain.

I looked around at the other people taking the exam. I saw Goombas, Lakitus, Spinys, and (with a jolt of horror) a handsome Chargin' Chuck, staring nonchalantly around the room. He saw me a split second before Mr. Powell entered. But a split-second was enough for the sneer to cover his face and his lips to mouth the dreaded phrase.


As Mr. Powell entered, his face turned into a smile, as though he wished me nothing but good in life. I gritted my teeth, but then Powell started to speak up.

"Good morning, class. Today, your exam will be on Koopa History. Please remain silent while I hand out the papers.

He started with me, as I was at the front. I looked at it. I wrote my name on the top. In my blue ink, it glittered in the light. Agahnim Koopa. My name, my life, a history that I can never forget.

I heard Mr. Powell's voice ring out: "You may start."

I turned over the page and read the first question. A brief smile appeared on my face. This was going to be a walk in the park.

Chapter 2: The Fight

I walked out of the exam room, and looked around. Where to go next? I didn't have another exam for the rest of the day. I decided to head for the Shell, a place where people hung out and did stuff together. I figured I could probably do a good bit of skateboard practice. I started off towards my room to collect my board, but before I got there, I saw my way being blocked by four bulky Chargin' Chucks and the one I had seen before. I sighed. These were the Chargin' Rangers, five Chucks who went about the school, teasing and beating up people who seemed almost slightly different. The one in the middle was Schruke, the leader of the gang. He particularly despised me, and me him. He was a showoff and a bully. He picked on everyone who was different, so he had a field-day with me.

"Oy, hybrid-boy! Where's your daddy, huh? Stuck in another dimension, like we all wish you were?"

"Oh, shut up, Schruke."

"Oh, hybrid-boy speaks tough, huh? Well, let's see how tough you are after you get BATTERED!"

The five set up a circle around me. I quickly analyzed my chances. These five could easily take me down. I had hardly any defenses. I have no immunities, and my only weapon was upstairs in my room. I knew one thing: my skateboard was my last chance. I was known as a king with the board, and with it people would run in terror. Nobody wanted to be Fracas, the sixth member of the Chargin' Rangers. He'd attacked me on his own. His head was still recovering from when I hit it with my skateboard.

I hate melee fighting. Hands and feet are not my best weapons. But nevertheless, I would obviously have to resort to these measures. I adopted a fighting pose, to try and unnerve him. Schruke merely laughed. He had seen past it, and knew I was borderline desperate. Dropping all dignity, I leapt towards him, fists flailing. He blocked attack after attack. I dropped to the ground, awaiting his retribution. He charged, and I knew I was done for. But before he reached, I heard a familiar voice ring out.

"Hey, AK! Catch!"

It was Rezza! And he was carrying my skateboard! He tossed it towards me, and I caught it. Schruke realized something was wrong and quickly braked when he saw what I was holding.

"Why'd you stop? Afraid of hybrid-boy's little toy?" I taunted.

Schruke was physically shaking. If he attacked, he risked sharing a hospital ward with Fracas. But if he retreated, his reputation would be wrecked in a blink of an eye. He made his decision quickly. Avoiding the gang's eyes, he ran off. The gang, looking confused, trailed him. Rezza walked up to me and grinned.

"Can't leave you alone for two seconds, can I?"

I returned the grin, but then started to think.

"He'll have it in for me now. Oh, and how did you know I was in trouble?"

"Schruke shouted his first insult a bit too loud. I heard. I helped."


With all issues sorted, we decided to go to the Shell.

Chapter 3: The Shell

Rezza and I were hanging out at the Shell. Some cool Birdos were hanging out on top of the Shell itself. It's a show of how cool the fortress was that a powerful skateboard god like me wasn't known as cool. Still, I was skateboarding around a bit, trying a few tricks. A couple of times I used the Shell itself to get some air, but a sharp look from the self-proclaimed coolest kid in school, Barry 'Home Run' Baseball Boy, stopped me quickly. I quickly gathered a small crowd of followers. While they applauded, I started to think.

Perhaps a little history would be useful now. I am Agahnim Armageddon Koopa, and I am, as Schruke never fails to point out, a hybrid. Not only that, but I am not even a hybrid of pure Plitians. I was born in a time where worlds collided and people from universes mingled. I was born from Clawdia, a Koopa, but my father is the sole male Gerudo born in 100 years, Ganondorf, King of Thieves. After their divorce, I went with Clawdia to Plit, where I never saw my father again. I wish to find him, and I know the path to him is somewhere on Plit. I just need to find it.

As for Rezza, his history is far less traumatic. He was born of Grace and Stephen Flamez, two fire-breathing Koopas. He's a master over fire, but generally goes psycho at odd moments. Plus, he would do anything to save me.

Chapter 4: The News

When I got to my room, I lay down on my bed and turned the TV on. The Six o'Clock News blurted out its opening jingle. A Koopa appeared onscreen, looking grave.

"Good evening. I'm Nouvelles M. Koopa, and this is the Six o'Clock News.

"The seven Boom Booms who tried to destroy Plit years ago are rumored to have escaped from their confinement. This has not been confirmed by their captors, but we'll bring you more news the second it is released."

I thought hard. Normally news rumors were true. And if they were out, and got together, then nobody would be safe.

The news reader appeared onscreen again.

"Breaking news. It has been confirmed that the Boom Booms have escaped from their confinement in general Plit. However, we are assured by the captors that they have not yet found a way out of their prison building, despite having escaped the cell. All captors are commencing a Defcon 1 lockdown. Repeat: The seven Boom Booms have escaped, but they are being locked in."

I wasn't sure quite what to think of that. If the seven Boom Booms had escaped, then the world would be in peril once more. I wondered what to do about it. I decided that others would deal with it, that I was a mere 12-year-old kid, and I was not the material needed. I did decide that some people should know about this...

Read on!

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