Wario and Waluigi: Superstrange Saga

By Paperlemmy and Denny W. Koopa

Prologue: How It Began…

It is a seeming beautiful day in Sarasaland. Princess Daisy is mindfully watching over her kingdom with ease, until, in mid-day, an unusual visitor from a kingdom known as “Strangeland” comes to show her respects.

Guard Guy: Your Highness! The ambassador of Strangeland has arrived. She wishes to show her respects.

Daisy: “Great! I was just getting bored!

The Guard Guys line up in a formal fashion, waiting to welcome the ambassador.

Guard Guy 1: Why are we serving Princess Daisy?

Guard Guy 2: Don’t you remember when General Snifit served as Princess Daisy’s partner in Mario Party 3?

Guard Guy 1: You mean, like, on the Duel boards?

Guard Guy 2: That’s right.

Guard Guy 1: Oh, yeah, I remember now! That was one of my favorite games!

Guard Guy 3: Shh!  The ambassador’s arriving!

Guard Guy 4: Announcing the arrival of the esteemed ambassador of Strangeland!

Two figures walk into the throne room. One is a rather tall female Toad in very regal clothing. The other is a much older man with a beard and glasses, also in regal clothing. He is holding a box as he walks. They approach where Daisy is sitting and stop.

Ambassador: We wish to improve relationships between Sarasaland and Strangeland. May this gift be an everlasting show of that.

The old man walks up to Daisy and holds out the box. Daisy reaches out and opens the box. No sooner does she open the box then a cloud of mysterious gas is blown in her face! The Guard Guys are shocked by this.

Ambassador: MWA HA HA HA HA HA!

The ambassador’s appearance quickly changes from a nice sweet female Toad to a dark and shady figure. She waves her hands and shoots dark lightning everywhere. The Guard Guys begin to run off.

Guard Guy 1: It's times like that I wish I still worked for Wart!

Guard Guy 2: I heard he’s coming soon, actually.

Guard Guy 3: Oh, great, more bad news!

Guard: Guy 4: Don’t worry! I know someone who can help! The Mario Bros!

With that, the Guard Guy runs off in search of the Mario Bros. Meanwhile, the old man switches out of his regal get-up into his usual scientist outfit. He uses a vacuum-like gadget to suck up the unusual gas; and, with her face still covered, Daisy passes out. The two evil ones laugh as they leave the palace in a veil of darkness.

Meanwhile, out in the streets of the Sarasaland Marketplace, two familiar characters are walking down the street. It is Wario and Waluigi, on their annual Super-Saver vacation.

Waluigi: See anything you like?

Wario: Hmmm…  Oh, those onions over there look pretty…

Just then, the Guard Guy from the palace run into Wario and get knocked off his feet. Wario barely feels a thing.

Wario: Did you just feel a breeze?

Waluigi: No, it’s just some weird Shy Guy…

The Guard Guy looks up in a daze. Since he is looking at them from an upside-down angle, he sees that the W and the upside-down L on their hats look like the Mario Bros' trademark M and L letters! And seeing as he has never actually met the Mario Bros. in person, he automatically assumes these are the Mario Bros.

Guard Guy: Thank goodness I found you! Princess Daisy needs your help!

Waluigi: Princess Daisy? (to himself) She’s quite the looker!

Wario: What’s in it for us?

Guard Guy: Uhh, I guess the Princess can give you lots of money…

Wario: What are we waiting for?!

Wario grabs Waluigi by the arm and literally drags him off to the palace.

Meanwhile, Wart, the Frog King of Bad Dreams, has already arrived at the palace and is quite angry for some reason. Daisy is in tears and still covering her face. Two Guard Guys are panicking on each side of her. Just then, Wario bursts through the doors, then screeches to a halt, but Waluigi flies right into Wart and knocks him down.

Wart: Ow! How dare you?! Do you know who I am?

Wart gets up and turns around. Waluigi quickly runs behind Wario.

Wart: (like from Super Mario Advance) I am the Great Wart! Ha ha ha!

Then Wart immediately charges at Wario.

Wario VS

HP: 9
Attack: 1

Guard Guy: Hey! I believe you don't know how to battle yet! Let me help you out!

Wario: Fine, fine...

Guard Guy: Okay, first, I think you should jump.

Wario: I can't! I'm too heavy!

Guard Guy: You just need motivation, pretend that his head is a sack of money!

Wario jumps on Wart's head, no problem.

Wart HP: 8

Wart: Why, I oughta!

Wart charges and tackles Wario.

Wario: OWW!

Wario HP: 9

Guard Guy: Okay, bonk him again, but this time, if you clap with the right timing, he will get distracted and you will cause more damage. Think of it as more money!

Wario jumps up and claps.

Wart: Huh?

Wart looks around, and Wario jumps on him.

Wario: HA!

Wart HP: 6

Wart: Here I come!

Guard Guy: WAIT! If you can jump, you can avoid him! Think of him as an electric bill that takes all of your money!

Wart charges, but Wario jumps up and Wart misses.

Guard Guy: Perfect!

Wario: HA! *clap*

Wart: What?

Wario jumps, claps, and hits Wart again.


Wart HP: 4

Wart: ARGH! Full speed!

Guard Guy: If you can jump on him while he's attacking, you will hurt him! Like, you will get money from destroying the bill.

Wario quickly jumps and lands on Wart.

Wart: AHHHHH!!!

Wart HP: 3

Daisy: HEY! I don't want any blood in my castle. Things are ugly as they already are... Wario won.

Wario wins!

Wart: Argh!  I was defeated by some fat man!

Wario: The name is Wario! And you’re the fat one!

Wart: Silence! And this is no time to fight!

Guard Guy 1: He’s right! Just today, the ambassador of Strangeland came and took a visit to our fair palace!

Guard Guy 2: Yes, but it wasn’t a good one! The ambassador transformed into a dark and scary form! And…  somehow…  STOLE DAISY’S BEAUTY!

Wario: … Huh.

Waluigi: WHAT?!  That’s impossible!

Daisy stops crying, and removes her hands from her face… AHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my… AUGH! Oh, oh, that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen! Augh!

Wario: Yeah, Narrator, stick to telling the story!

Oh, sorry…


Wart: I know! I came here to marry Daisy and add her enormous kingdom to my own! That way, I’d have a bigger kingdom than my good-for-nothing brother, Bowser! But I can’t marry such an ugly creature!

Guard Guy 1: But there’s a way to change her back! You’ll have you go to Strangeland, chase down that vile witch, and retrieve Princess Daisy’s beauty!

Wario: Strangeland? Sounds strange.

Guard Guy 2: It is! But whoever took Princess Daisy’s beauty came from there!

Wart: Yes! Go and capture that fiend and get back Daisy’s beauty! Then I shall marry her! Ha ha ha!

Waluigi: (to himself) Not if I marry her first!

Wart: We shall take my special Wart Warship I used to get here to reach this “Strangeland”! We shall leave immediately!

And together, these three set out on their journey to retrieve Daisy’s beauty! And it’s about time! I can’t bare to see that face again!

Chapter 1: Arriving at Strangeland

Wario: Okay, we're supposed to look for this Frankly man…

Waluigi: Frankly, I don't know if we'll ever find him!

Wario: Haha… That'll only be funny once we meet him and if he looks geeky!

Waluigi: Sorry, I couldn't resist! Well, let's look around for some items too. Hey, look! There's a Mushroom up there! But we can't reach…

Waluigi points up to an onion on top of a statue.

Wario: Hmm…

Wario throws Waluigi up to the ledge.

Waluigi: WAH! Well, I got it!

Onion: When one eats this, they gain 5 HP.

Waluigi: Now how can I get down? OH NO! Not down!

Wario tackles the statue and Waluigi falls down.

Waluigi: Thanks…

Wario: Okay, maybe this Snifit knows where Professor Frankly is.

They walk up to the Snifit.

Snifit: Hey, want this Peeled Onion for 100 Coins?

Waluigi: 100 Coins? WHAT A RIP-OFF!

Wario: We're still getting it.

Wario nudges Waluigi. Waluigi nearly falls over.

Waluigi: WAH! Oh, I see!

Snifit: So, do you want it or not… Why are you grinning… Oh no…

Wario and Waluigi close in on the Snifit.


A black screen comes on, and shows Amazee Dayzees dancing and playing.


Wario and Waluigi are walking away with the Peeled Onion in their hand. As they walk by, Snifit is seen lying down in a puddle of… cranberry juice…

Wario: Thanks for the offer. SUCKER!!!

Waluigi: You just said the T word!

Wario: NO!

Wario takes out a bar of soap with fungi growing on it and eats it.

Wario: Much better!

A few minutes later…

Waluigi: Would've figured we'd just have to keep going straight!

Wario: Hey, Frankly!

Waluigi: I like to make fun of your name!

Prof. Frankly: Hi- WOAH! You sure have gotten fatter than when I was in Rogueport.

Wario: I think I was conquering Hyrule when Mario went to that area…

Prof. Frankly: OH! You must be the famed and fat Wario I've heard of!

Wario: Yup! That's me!

Waluigi: What about me?

Prof. Frankly: Who are you? This is a very important conversation we're having! We don't need some tall, weird skeleton hanging around here!

Waluigi: HEY!

Wario: He's with me.

Prof. Frankly: Oh, well… You will both be going with Wart and his children on the Wart Cruiser. You will travel to Strangeland, a kingdom full of demented beans that bite and smack anyone who's wearing both the colors purple and black.

Waluigi: Oh no…

Prof. Frankly: To survive this land, you will need this suitcase to store different clothes and items, and to put your passport in. You will get your passport on the ship at the AAA Company, where Wart's daughter works. Look, here's the Wart Cruiser now!

A spaceship that looks like a frog comes down. Wart hops out, presses the button on his ring, and the Wart Cruiser beeps the Mario game over song.

Wart: Okay guys, you ready?

Prof. Frankly: One more thing! I put two items in your suitcase! Check them out now!

Wario opens a suitcase. A black ink bottle and a small paper bag are seen.


Black Ink- During long adventures, pesky fighter flies swarm around the upper lip, eating any hair. This Black Ink Bottle can be painted on an upper lip to make half of a mustache, giving you half of the Stache Points you have!

Wario opens the bag.


Wendy's Baked Potato With Bacon- This yummy treat can give you more BP. If it has broccoli, you gain 5 more points, but this one with bacon gives you 10!

Wario: WOW! Thanks!

Prof. Frankly: I thought the famed Wario wasn't supposed to say that!


Wart: Much better. Are you ready for a long adventure that will lead to many days without shaving cream and whisky?

Wario: Hmm… I think I'll just find something else…

Waluigi: WHAT? No shaving cream and whisky, and demented beans biting and smacking me? I'll have to sit this out!

Prof. Frankly: Then you will be a slave and be forced to wash Daisy's now ugly face.

Waluigi: WAIT FOR ME!

Wart: Finally!

Wario, Waluigi, and Wart jump onto the Wart cruiser.


Wart: Heh, heh… Forgot to unlock the car alarm!

Wario: So here we go!

Waluigi: Off to a new place! I just hope I can buy different-colored clothes soon. What's better, orange or green?

Wario: Have green overalls and an orange shirt!

Waluigi: Good Idea!

Nick approaches.

Nick: Hey, my dad wanted to see you, but he said he's too lazy to come down, so you'll have to come up. I'll be your guide!

They all start walking down a really long hallway.

Waluigi: Okay, well, want to hear a joke?

Wario: Sure!

Waluigi: What did the syrup bottle say to the pancake?

Wario: I don't know, what?

Waluigi: WusSAP!


Nick: That's stupid…

Wario: Here's another. What did the plug say to the outlet?

Waluigi: I dunno, what?

Wario: WuzZAP!

Wario and Waluigi: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nick: Pathetic…

Waluigi: Okay, knock knock!

Wario: Who's there?

Waluigi: Frankly!

Wario: Frankly who?

Waluigi: Frankly, I don't know who's there!

Wario and Waluigi: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Nick takes out his wand, makes veggies, tosses them at the Wario Bros, and runs away.

Waluigi: Talk about issues!

Wario: No wonder all the Koopa Kids hate him!

A little later, at the AAA stand...

Susan: Hello, and welcome to AAA pictures! Can I help you?

Wario: MAY!

Waluigi: I believer it's October…

Wario: No, it's MAY I help you.

Susan: No, may I help you?

Wario: Fine, we just need two pictures for passports.

Susan: Okay, you stand on that X, and look your best. If you mess up the picture, then my dad will throw me in a Chain Chomp pit for an hour for each messed up photo! And that would be MEAN!

Wario: Hmm…

Wario goes to the X.

Susan: 3, 2, 1-

Wario picks his nose.


Susan: NO!

Waluigi goes up to the X.

Susan: 3, 2,1-

Wario belches, and Waluigi breaks down laughing.



Wario: And you think I care, why?

Susan: ARGH!!!

Waluigi: Looks like issues runs in the family!

When they walk over through the corridor, a Mouser runs up to them.

Mouser: Out of the way, Mac!

Wario: You get out of my way, Mouse!

Mouser: Wait a minute…  No way! You're THE Wario?!

Wario: What of it?

Mouser: You are, like, a legend among bomb smiths! You're like an expect bomber!

Wario: Well, I don't mean to brag… well, actually I do, but still, I happen to have thrown quite a few bombs in my day!

Mouser: Yeah, no kidding! You know, I'm an expert bomber myself!

Wario: (in an completely uninterested tone) Huh, you don't say…

Mouser: Yeah! … Hey, who are you?

Mouser turns to Waluigi.

Waluigi: The name is Waluigi!

Mouser: Wa-who-what?!

Waluigi: Wa-lu-i-gi!

Mouser: Never heard of you. And that is a lousy name!

Waluigi: Hey, it's not my fault that my name is Waluigi!

Wario: Yeah, but it's your fault that you didn't legally change your name!

Mouser: Well, anyway, I need your help! Wart's Shy Guy and Ninji army are going crazy around Wart's Cruiser!

Wario: So?

Mouser: So, we could use some help finding them!

Wario: So?

Mouser: So, you could help us find them!

Wario: Why?

Mouser: Well, I can teach you and Beanpole here how to fight together.

Wario: Not interested. Waluigi's not much of a fighter.

Waluigi: Yeah, I'm just here for the leftover goods.

Mouser: So you think! But trust me! Your journey will go a whole lot easier when you work together.

Wario and Waluigi: Still not convinced.

Mouser: … I'll give you ten coins.

Wario and Waluigi: We're in.

Mouser: Okay, follow me.

Mouser walks off with the Wario Bros. close behind. Mouser stops near a barrel that seems to be shaking a little.

Mouser: Okay, now I should warn you, you're about to face one of Wart's elite troops underneath this barrel! Are you ready to face it?

Waluigi: He couldn't be any tougher then that Snifit we, err, made a deal with, back in Sarasaland!

Wario: Yeah! HAHAHAHA!

Mouser: Err, right. Ready… NOW!

Mouser removes the barrel, revealing two Ninjis.

Ninji 1: You found us! Yay!

Ninji 2: Now we destroy you!

Waluigi: … Cute.

Wario and Waluigi VS

Ninji (2x)
HP: 4
Attack: 1

Mouser: Okay, Wario, you know that by clapping right before you hit the enemy, you get some extra attack points, right?

Wario: Yes, I know all that!

Mouser: Well, the same goes for Beanpole over here. But with him, it's more of a tap than a clap.

Waluigi: Oh? Show me!

Mouser: Hold your horses! Wario has to go first!

Wario: Right! It's Wario time!

Wario jumps, claps, and then lands on a Ninji.

Ninji: Owie!

Ninji HP: 2

Mouser: Okay, now you, Beanpole!

Waluigi: I have a name, you know.

Mouser: Yeah, a stupid name. That's why I say Beanpole.  Now attack the same Ninji, but make sure to tap your feet together once!

Waluigi: No problem!

Waluigi jumps, and taps his feet together once.

Ninji: What?

Ninji HP: 0

Wario and Mouser: What the…?

Waluigi: Hey, these long legs and big feet aren't just for show!

Mouser: Great…  Now let's see you defeat the last one on your own!

Wario and Waluigi: No problem!

Wario jumps and claps on the other Ninji, shortly followed by Waluigi's tapping.

Ninji: It was…  just a…  joke…

Wario and Waluigi won!

Mouser: That ought to settle them down!

Wario: Ahem! Our ten coins, if you please.

Mouser: Oh, right. Here you are!

Coins- Use them to buy stuff…  unless they're fake bomb ones…  BOOM!

Mouser: Suckers!

Mouser runs off while the Wario Bros. are left in smoke.

Wario: ARGH! That dirty mouse!

Waluigi: Don't feel too bad. I stole his wallet while he wasn't looking!

Mouser's Wallet- Contains Mouser's ID and 50 coins. There's also a picture of Ms. Mowz here…

Waluigi: That's just weird…

Wario: Yeah, but the money's good!

Coins- These are real ones! Use them to buy items and stuff!

Waluigi: We'll let's keep going.

Wario: Right.

They continue towards where Wart is…

Wario: Hey, where is frog-face?

Waluigi: Don't know. That Nick Koopa guy didn't say where he was…

Wario: He shouldn't have run off like that! There are definitely problems in this family!

Birdo: No! Stop it, you!

Birdo is seen running around, chasing a Shy Guy and a Tweeter.

Tweeter: Ha ha! You can't catch us!

Shy Guy: Yeah, take this!

Shy Guy throws a banana peel at her/him/it.

Birdo: Oh not this again…  I'M A GIRL!

Well, sorry, I just can't tell! I thought you were a girl, but then…


Ok, sorry! Sheesh. So Birdo slips on the banana peel.

Birdo: Woah! Ouch! Oh darn it!

Wario and Waluigi stand there watching.

Birdo: Well? Aren't you going to help a lady up?

Wario: … You're a lady?

Birdo: That's it!

Birdo sucks Wario up into her snout… thing.  Then Wario's fat butt gets stuck in there.

Wario: MPHmuphmt!

Waluigi: What's that? I don't understand…

Birdo: (muffled) You big meanie! Now help me or I'll swallow you whole!

Wario: Argh! Miffhffu!

Waluigi: What did he say?

Birdo spits him out.

Wario: I said, I'll crush you!

Birdo kicks Wario in the shin.

Wario: Okay, sheesh!

Waluigi: … You wouldn't happen to be a relative of Wart, would you?

Birdo: Well, actually…

And so Wario and Waluigi agree to help catch the Shy Guy and Tweeter. In exchange, Birdo teaches them how to get a head start in battle!

Birdo: Hey, why'd you cut me off?

There are some things in this world you call Plit that the outside world is not meant to know…

Birdo: Okay…

Wario: This narrator's weird.

Waluigi: There are two of them…

Just get on with it! Man, this chapter will last forever at the rate you guys are going!

Wario: Shut up! We're getting to it  So how we get a head start in battle, Bird-face?

Birdo: It's Birdo. And watch. Wait until those little buggers get closer.

The Shy Guy and Tweeter walk closer to them.

Shy Guy: Hey, why don't they come after us?

Tweeter: Let's get a closer look at them…

The two soldiers of Wart walk closer to them.

Wario: (whispering) These guys are idiots…

Birdo: Now jump on them! Now!

Shy Guy and Tweeter: Uh oh!

Wario jumps on them.

Wario and Waluigi VS

Shy Guy
HP: 2
Attack: 1

HP: 2
Attack: I don't think it really matters

Birdo: Yeah, because one more attack will finish them off! So you see, by attacking them out in the field, they'll take damage in battle!

Wario: Wow, that is useful!

Birdo: … Well?

Wario: Well, what?

Birdo: Isn't there something you'd like to say to me?

Wario: Yeah! Get out of my way so I can attack!

Wario jumps and claps on Shy Guy.

Shy Guy HP: 0

Waluigi: Now me!

Waluigi jumps and taps on Tweeter.

Tweeter HP: 0

Wario and Waluigi win!

Wario and Waluigi level up to Level 2!

HP: 10
Attack: 2-3

HP: 12
Attack: 1-3

Wario: Oh yeah!

Waluigi: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Shy Guy and Tweeter are in a daze. Suddenly, a barrel drops on them, trapping them.

Birdo: That takes care of that.

Wario: Finally! Now let's get to Wart already!

Waluigi: But we still don't know where he is!

Birdo: Oh, he's on the deck. It's just up ahead.

Wario: That so?

They begin to go to the deck.

Birdo: Hey! I believe I deserve a thank you…

Waluigi: She said the "T" word!

Wario: Good thing I brought my homemade soap!

Wario takes out a black, soggy bar of soap and throws it into Birdo's snout. Birdo gets a weird look on her face, then falls over and stays really quiet.

Wario: That shut her up!

Waluigi: Now let's hurry up and get to the deck!

The Wario Bros. continue along through the ship. They look in a room and see a dummy Shy Guy. They decide to practice on him. A few minutes later, they get an upgrade.

UPGRADE- WARIO BROS. WILL NO LONGER HAVE TO CLAP OR TAP, but will get next highest attack level.

The Wario Bros. leave, and make it onto the deck. They see Wart there.

Wart: I am the great Wart! Ha ha ha!

Wario: Yeah, we know that.

Wart: It's about time you got here! What took you so long? And where's Nick?

Waluigi: We were distracted by some of your minions. And your son ran off.


Nick: Dad's too busy to punish you, but I'll be more than glad to do it for him!

Nick tosses Susan into a pit of Chain Chomps.

Susan: You're all so mean!

Back with the Wario Bros...

Wario: So, what do you want?

Wart: We are about to cross the border between Sarasaland and Strangeland. So be prepared to face whoever stole Princess Daisy's beauty.

Wario: Is that it?

Wart: I also thought you'd enjoy the view. We're right over Moondust Fields, which is said to have valuable moonstones scattered all over the place.

Wario: Moonstones, eh? Not interested.

Waluigi: Are you kidding? He said they were valuable!

Wario: I'm more into gold and cold hard cash. But you know what? All this talk of valuable stuff is making me hungry. Good think I saved an extra Onion on my way to Sarasaland!

Wario takes an Onion out of his hat. Wart steps away in disgust.

Wart: ACH! Get that thing away from me!

Wario: Sure, whatever, not like I was going to give it to you anyway…

Wart: GIVE IT TO ME?! BLAGH! I HATE VEGETABLES! Just the taste of it gives me gas!

Wario: Same here, but you don't see me complaining.

Wart: Not only that, but they are foul, disgusting foods that nobody likes to eat, especially me!

Waluigi: I eat them.

Wario: Me too.

Wart: Well, you're both weird, so you don't count…

???: Mwahaha!

Wart, Wario, and Waluigi: Huh?

Suddenly, Wart is hit by an unusual explosive. Wario and Waluigi look on to see a tall dark figure standing before them.

Wart: Who do you think you are? Striking the Great Wart in such a way!

???: How dare YOU speak to me in such a way? I am the Shadow Queen! Empress of Evil! And for the record, that wasn't me who struck you, it was my faithful new henchman.

An old man, levitating using a strange-looking jetpack, floats next to her.

Wario: Hey, I know you! You're that wacko scientist, Mad Dr. Scienstein!

Shadow Queen: Well, it seems that the two of you are acquainted with each other. I'll just leave you to catch up on old times. I have more important business to attend to!

The dark figure disappears, leaving the Wario Bros. to deal with Scienstein.

Scienstein: Well, well, well. Wario, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Wario: Not long enough! I know you're a pathetic weakling, so just get lost.

Scienstein: HA HA HA! You're a fool! The Shadow Queen has endowed me with great power and promises more if I aid her in her plans!

Wart: And just what are her plans?

Scienstein blasts Wart with some kind of chemicals.

Wario and Waluigi: WOAH!

Scienstein: I don't find it necessary for I to tell you it, if you're not going to live for long!

Scienstein closes in on the Wario Bros. Time for another battle!

Wario and Waluigi VS

Dr. Scienstein
HP: 20
Attack: 2

Wario: Okay, well, CHARGE!!!

Wario jumps up on Dr. Scienstein.

Dr. Scienstein: THAT SMARTED!

Dr. Scienstein HP: 17

Waluigi: I get it! You're a scientist and-

Dr. Scienstein: Shut up…

Waluigi, angry at the comment, jumps on Dr. Scienstein.

Dr. Scienstein: You fool!

Dr. Scienstein HP: 15

Dr. Scienstein taps his feet-


Wart: He tapped his feet… like you do… Waluigi… Jump to… dodge… it…  For attacks on… Wario… he will clap… his hands… *gag*

Waluigi: OH! I see!


Waluigi jumps. Dr. Scienstein claps his hands-

Wario: Wait! That's not fair!

Too bad! Dr. Scienstein claps his hands and throws a chemical glass at Wario. Wario jumps over it, though.

Wario: Here's some!

Wario jumps on Dr. Scienstein.

Waluigi: Here's some more!

Waluigi jumps on Dr. Scienstein.

Dr. Scienstein HP: 10

Dr. Scienstein: Take these!

Dr. Scienstein twirls like a ballerina.

Waluigi: That must mean both!

They both jump, and Dr. Scienstein throws the chemicals at them.


Dr. Scienstein stops floating and lands on the ground.

Dr. Scienstein: CHARGE!

Dr. Scienstein charges into Wario's stomach.

Dr. Scienstein: Ow…

Dr. Scienstein HP: 7

Dr. Scienstein: Well, my last chemical for battle!

Dr. Scienstein throws a chemical. A parrot pops up.

Parrot: Let's have a FIESTA!

A spore starts shooting out. Mexican music plays and everyone on the ship but Wart and Wario, both with stuffy noses, dances.

Waluigi HP: 10

Dr. Scienstein: Wrong One- HOLA! Como ESTA?


Wart: Gracias is the "T" Word… in… Espanola…

Dr. Scienstein: Son las cinco y media AM!

Waluigi: TU FEO!

Dr. Scienstein: NO!

Dr. Scienstein HP: 5

Dr. Scienstein: Hasta luego!

Waluigi: Much gusto!

Wario: ENOUGH!

Wario takes out the Peeled Onion and everyone smells it and starts to cry.

Waluigi: *sob* That's enough… *sniff*

Nick: I'm not sorry that Susan *sob* is half dead now!

Dr. Scienstein: I have to *sniff* save energy…

Shadow Queen: And I'm sorry I *sob* possessed Peach's *sniff* body! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Wario: Okay! This is weird!

Wario puts the Peeled Onion back in the suitcase and everything goes back to normal.

Dr. Scienstein: I must stop the battle!

Wario: Hey, why were we cut off?

Waluigi: Yeah, are you scared of losing?

Scienstein: HAHA! Please! Although you might be more powerful then I expected, you're still no match for the power of the Shadow Queen and I!

Wart gets up, apparently gaining back some strength.

Wart: Why don't you try fighting me, old man!

Scienstein: Fools! As the Shadow Queen said before, she has important matters to attend to, and I must join her. But before I go…

Scienstein flies a little higher.

Scienstein: HERE'S A PARTING GIFT!!!

Scienstein shoots more chemicals at them. Small explosions go off all over the Wart Cruiser.

Wart: No! My Wart Cruiser! I just finished paying it off, too!

Wario: I'm too young and good-looking to die!

Waluigi: At least I don't have to change my clothes for the monster beans…

Wart's Cruiser begins to go down, then blows up in midair. Everyone on the ship is now falling down; down into the place know as Moondust Fields…

Read on!

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