Baby Troubles

By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

"I don't know what you want with our boss, or why on Plit you shrunk him, but you're going to have to get through US first!" Snifit #1 tells Hinopio.

"I didn't shrink 'im," says Hinopio, "but I still won't let you ruin all the money I'm about to rank in! *weird popping noises*"

Suddenly four Podoboos appear in the room and charge the Snifits.


Karma and Wendy walk into Ludwig's room, finding no one there.

"I wonder where he is," says Wendy, who is holding the toddler-ized Toadette.

"I bet he's in that dungeon thing he's been spending all his time in lately."

The two walk over to the dungeon and walk inside, seeing all of the toddlers but not seeing Ludwig or Yellow T.

"What in the world..." asks Wendy, but she is cut off by two voices yelling, "Got ya!"

The two find a strange liquid being poured on them and then start to get younger. Ludwig and Yellow T. then realize their mistake upon seeing Baby Karma and Baby Wendy on the ground, along with Toadette.

"I think we made a mistake," sighs Ludwig.

"Oh no!" the Koopaling then realizes. "I've got to find a way to get these two back to normal before King Dad gets back!"

Ludwig then rushes out of the dungeon, and heads towards the room the Mr. I is being kept in. Quickly unlocking the door, he grabs the creature and heads back into the dungeon.

"What on Plit is that thing?!" Yellow T. asks, pointing at the monster in Ludwig's hands.


"How much farther do we have to go, boss?" Crook 1 asks Croco.

"Just a bit farther... I hope," Croco answers.


Back with Bowser, who was previously Doopliss, and the shadow formerly known as Bowser...

"Argh!" the shadow yells as another blast of fire hits him.

How am I supposed to beat this stupid ghost?! he thinks while dodging a few attacks from Bowser/Doopliss.


"I'm a Mr. I," replies the red eye. "So, whatcha want me to do this time?" asks the Mr. I of Ludwig. "It's been forever since I had anyone drop by here."

"Well, I have accidently turned my sister and my friend into infants, so can you change them back to normal?" Ludwig asks.

"Fine, fine, as long as I'm good for something," the Mr. I replies. The Mr. I then shoots out a red beam at Wendy and Karma, which turns them back to normal. However, the beam manages to hit somebody else, too....

"What on Plit just happened?!" Toadette, now back to normal, asks as she takes a quick look around the room. But, quickly spotting Ludwig, Wendy, Karma, and the Mr. I, she quickly dashes past them and hurries out of the castle before they can catch her.

"Well, that may be a problem," Ludwig comments as Wendy and Karma get their senses back.


"You may not have done something to Booster yet, but that doesn't mean we're going to let you!" Snifit #5 yells. As the other four Snifits fight the Podoboos, Snifit #5 manages to hit Hinopio right in the stomach. The boss is hurt for a second, but then returns to normal.


At that exact same time, "Bowser" is about to swipe at the shadow with his claws, but he suddenly reverts back to Doopliss! This only lasts a second, though, and Doopliss automatically transforms into Bowser again.

I have the strangest feeling that quick transformation is connected to something else, the shadow thinks as he dodges a swipe from his foe.


"Okay, Ludwig, you've got some explaining to do!" Karma yells at the eldest Koopaling as she grabs him angrily.

"Yeah, what's been going on?!" demands Wendy.

"Well, you see, I sorta spied on King Dad via camera and used this Mr. I to turn numerous villains of Plit into babies in hopes of re-raising them to make a super-army. Then Roy found out, and began blackmailing me. Anyway, I kidnapped this yellow Toad to get him to help take care of the infants, and he brought along the baby-fied Mario, Yoshi, Toad, and Peach. We've been taking care of them and we attacked and turned you two into babies, thinking you were Roy coming in again to make us do even more."

"You mean I changed TOADETTE'S diaper?!" Wendy moans. "As though I didn't feel sick enough about it already!"

"Wait a second... How about you cut us in on this plan?" asks Karma. "As long as we get use of this army as well."

"Fine, but you'll have to get rid of Roy first!" Ludwig answers.

"Forget it!" Wendy yells. "Either you let us use this army, or we'll tell King Dad-"

"Hold it, Wendy," Karma interrupts. "We've got nothing better to do today, so we may as well get rid of Roy anyways. Besides, he shouldn't be too hard to get rid of!"

And so, Karma and Wendy head over to Roy's room. However, in mere seconds, they are thrown straight back out and into the hall.

"This could be more difficult then I thought," Karma mutters.


"Ah, here we are!" Croco tells the others as they finally reach the end of the cave.

There, the five see a small pedastool with the piece of the compass lying on it. They pick it up and nothing happens.

"That was anticlimatic," Croco says. "I was expecting some huge fight or a thrilling escape scene."

The crocodile is cut off by the ground starting to rumble. Suddenly out from the ground emerges a giant blue Triclyde.

"Folks call me Snake Eyes!"

"Too soon, perhaps you spoke," says Bowyer to Croco.


Luigi, Geno, Twink, Gonzalez Jr, Flurrie, and Punio reach the castle and, just when they are outside it, Toadette runs into them, causing all seven to be knocked down.

"Man, that hurt... Wait, is that you?" Luigi asks, now realizing that Toadette has turned back to normal.

"Luigi? I'm glad to see you again! I can't remember what happened since I suddenly fainted back at the tea party at Peach's Castle, but when I awoke, I was inside Bowser's dungeon!" Toadette tells the main heroes of this tale. "I looked around, and I saw that various babies that looked like our enemies and our friends were crawling all over the place! I then quickly saw Yellow T, but right beside him were Wendy, Ludwig, and Karma! By luck, the door was still open, so I quickly dashed out. I then ran out of the castle, and that's when I collided with you."

"So, Bowser also has baby-fied our villains and kidnaped Yellow T?" Luigi asks himself. "This is getting more mysterious as time passes."

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Credit goes to Martin, Antwan, Croshi, Noxious Koopa, Dylan, Phil the Koopa, Kevin Koopa, Sparky, Ice Toad, Sparky, corbin the crazy yoshi, MetalYoshi, and Waluigi's Twin for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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