Baby Troubles

By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

Back with K. Rool...

K. Rool stands in front of a monitor, watching a list of artifacts similar to the one the X-Nauts have at their base.

"Hmm... this 'Croco' has quite a lot of these. What shall I do with him? Hmm... KAOS!"

The mechanical Kremling known as KAOS rolls up.

"Go find and destroy this 'Croco' person."


Elsewhere, with Diddy and Dixie...

"Pull my finger," Diddy says to Dixie.

"Oh, come on! It wasn't funny the first time it was used in this story, and it isn't funny now!" Dixie tells him.

"How do you know that we're in some kind of story?" Diddy asks.

"Um..." Dixie begins, but thankfully for her and the fourth wall, Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky come just in time!


"Quick! Use those arrows to get rid of this guy!" Croco tells Bowyer. Following orders, Bowyer grabs an arrow and uses himself to shoot Snake Eyes, ironically, right in his snake eyes. The creature is immediately petrified, and Croco and the others quickly escap.

"Now what, boss?" Crook III asks.

"Well, if I'm right, this piece will point in the direction of the next piece. We'll just keep collecting pieces until we find them all and create one big mega artifact!"

"A mega artifact? What's that?" Crook 1 asks.

"Well, from what I've heard, certain artifacts make even greater artifacts once you have them all. Those Star Spirit cards, for example, give you the power of the Star Beam. Those Rods of Nib, for another example, create a medallion called the Treasure of Vanquishment. As for these compass pieces, they come together to create one big magic compass!" Croco explains.

Croco then holds out the compass piece in front of him. It immediately points to the north, and so that is the way Croco and his crew then head.


Back to Goombella and Goombario...

"I'm still wondering," Goombella says to Goombario, "how we can do our part to help out. I mean, as you said, we can't even talk or take care for ourselves in any way, shape, or form."

"I've been thinking, and maybe that's how we could help," replies Goombario. "We could distract him somehow."


Meanwhile with Hinopio and the Snifits...

"Take THAT, you weak little fireball!" Snifit #3 yells as he and the others defeat the Podoboos. Now without any more distractions, the five Snifits all aim themselves at Hinopio. Firing at the exact same time, they deal enough damage to harm Hinopio greatly. Booster himself then runs up to the creature and performs a powerful punch... or at least as powerful as a baby can.

"I... can't believe... that I lost... to... such... insignifigant... people!" Hinopio mutters before he finally falls for good.


"Face it, Shadow! You're never gonna-" 'Bowser' begins to say, but is cut off when his magic fails altogether. The shadow is given his name and body back, while Doopliss reverts back to normal.

"As you were saying?" Bowser says, claws extended. Doopliss lets out a pitiful gulp before he is quickly defeated with one slash.

"Lord Bowser, should we head back to the castle and stop Luigi?" a random Koopatrol asks, not wanting to get involved in the previous fight because he couldn't tell which was which.

"We'd never get back in time to stop him, so we may as well takeover the Beanbean Kingdom while we're here," Bowser tells him.


Back to Kamek, Kammy, and Croup...

The three are onboard the doomship, talking.

"I find it likely that Luigi will be at the castle when we get there," Kamek says to his two companions.

"We'd better go ahead and get together a plan to beat him then," says Croup.

"I bet we don't even need a plan," says Kammy. "Luigi cannot possibly take on us, King Bowser, the Koopalings, and all of our minions. Plus, it's not as though there are any others Bowser forgot.


"GET US OUT OF HERE!!!" Dixie and Diddy scream at the other Kongs.

"I have no idea what you're saying, but I'm gonna get you out of there!" Lanky tells them as he looks for the lock on the cage. Finding it quickly, he picks up a nearby twig with his feet and uses it to pick the lock. Soon, Diddy and Dixie are free, and the five Kongs hurry back to Cranky's Cabin.


"I hope those whippersnappers get back soon," Cranky says to himself. "I can't stand taking care of that baby version of Donkey for much longer. Plus, I've got to get back to guarding the Golden Bananas from K. Rool!"

"Did I hear somebody call my name?" K. Rool asks as he, Klump, and Krusha barge into the cabin. Quickly, K. Rool's two henchmen capture Cranky and the baby-fied DK.


"Let's see," Crook 1 mutters as he examines the compass piece. "According to this, the next piece is... directly in front of us!" Crook 1 then looks up from the compass piece, and sees KAOS staring him in the face. The compass piece is imbedded in his chest, giving the creature energy.

"A problem, this might be..." Bowyer comments as KAOS knocks Crook 1 to the side and heads straight for Croco.


By now, Yellow and Green Ninjakoopa have been knocked out, as have X-Periment and X-Citing.

"Hmm," says Grodus. "This is starting to look pretty close. You know what to do, Crump."

Crump raises one finger into the air and right afterwards a large golden orb floats down toward him. Crump jumps in it and it reforms into... Magnus Von Grapple 3.0!

"It's about time I gave this new upgrade a test run," says Crump.


"Hey, Cranky! We're ba-" Lanky yells as the five Kongs enters the cabin, but is interrupted when Krusha knocks him out with a single punch. The four other Kongs look around. Cranky and DK are tied up in a corner, and staring right at them is none other than K. Rool!

"Show me where your Golden Bananas are, or else nobody's going to like what I'll do with your pals!" K. Rool threatens. Seeing no other choice at the time, the Kongs surrender and begin to lead K. Rool to the hidden vault. It is quite far away now, though, because it had been re-located since the last time K. Rool took their bananas. However, somebody happens to be watching them at this very moment...

"Yo, chimpette!" Funky Kong calls to his assistant, Candy. "Check dis out, man! I was looking at some sweet-colored birdies using dis pair of binoculars, when I spotted K. Rool kidnappin' the others and forcing dem to lead them to the banana vault! We've got to stop dem!"

"For DAD's sake, read a dictionary! This isn't Jamaica, you know!" comes Candy Kong's reply. "But, we'll worry about your grammar later. Let's stop those crocs!"


"So, Ms. We-have-to-get-Roy-now-because-of-my-big-mouth, what are we going to do now?" Wendy asks.

"Simple. We begin Operation: Trapdoor Kaboom!" Karma replies.

"That sounds like the kind of thing you'd here on the Super Show or something."

"It's supposed to."


Croco tackles KAOS, not doing any damage, then is grabbed by the neck and raised into the air. The mechanical Kremling begins to leave, but Bowyer fires an arrow through the center of it. KAOS drops Croco, then turns around, grabs Bowyer, and throws him straight through a wall in the cave, obviously taking out the fifer. When it turns back, Croco and his Crooks are retreating. The Kremling-bot merely gives chase.


"So, you've got that big machine to fight against us with? Well, we've got a surprise of our own!" Red tells the X-Nauts. He then pulls out the Diamond Star and the Speed Rod, the two artifacts that the X-Nauts had come for in the first place.

Red uses the Rod on the Crystal Star, powering up its Supernova attack even quicker. However, because Red is currently power-hungry, he charges it too much! The powerful attack misses its target and hits the Koopa Bros. themselves! They shoot straight up from the blast, and land back down unconscious right into the jail!

"Well, that takes care of that, I guess," Crump comments as he packs away the Magnus von Grapple 3.0. "Now, let's get our artifacts back!"


"Now, just keep quiet, you guys," Luigi whispers to his partners, now including Toadette, as they sneak through the castle. "We don't want to set off any traps."

Luigi and the crew continue walking silently down the hall. However, as they walk in front of Roy's room, they immediately fell down a hidden trapdoor. Luigi turns on a flashlight to see where they landed, and is shocked to see the faces of 1,000,000 Bob-ombs staring him in the face and about to explode.


Bowser stands on the deck of his ship, looking at the kingdom his troops are now occupying as the ship itself heads back home.

"I'll just come back with the Clown Copter later," says Bowser to himself while watching the chaos going on below.


"Glad to see you're okay, boss," Snifit #2 tells Booster as he brushes off the dirt that had landed on him. "Don't worry, we'll get whoever shrunk you like this!"

"What should we do about these two?" Snifit #4 asks while pointing at Popple and Chomp Bro.

"Bring them along," Snifit #1 tells him. "It seems that they have some kind of friendship with the boss. Besides, what kind of trouble could they get us into that we haven't seen already?"

"Good point," Snifit #5 remarks. "By the way, while we were running over here, I picked up this weird shiny thing hidden in the bushes. It looks like a piece of a compass, and it seems to be pointing back towards the tower."

"We may as well get out of here now," Snifit #3 comments. The five Snifits then grab ahold of the baby-fied characters, and escaped through the hole they made in the wall.


"Darn thing isn't even slowing down yet! Quick, into that tower over there!" Croco tells his crooks. They quickly dive in, and lock the door tightly before KAOS can get in. Somehow, the mechanical monster can't break through the door. Relieved, Croco and his crooks turn around, only to find that their troubles aren't over yet.

"Who are you, and what on Plit are you doing here?! I should have you arrested for trespassing, breaking and entering, and invading personal space!" Valentina yells.


"Well, we finally... WHAT ON PLIT IS THAT THING?!" Snifit #1 yells as they approach their tower. KAOS is pounding on the door, attempting to bust in. "We've got to get rid of that guy before he knocks the whole place down!"


Luigi and the gang look around at the Bob-ombs.

"This isn't good," says Geno. "I don't recall this trapdoor being here any other time though..."

"Well, Bowser does remodel frequently," replies Twink. "Almost as much as Peach."

"Now REALLY isn't the time for a discussion like this," Luigi tells the two stars while nervously watching the Bob-ombs.


Meanwhile, Grodus and the others have just been pardoned and given their artifacts back, as well as the Diamond Crystal Star and the Speed Rod. It is just then that Lord Crump receives a transmission on a radio he had brought with him.

"Good news, Sir Grodus!" Crump tells his boss as he put away the radio. "It seems that some of the rare and valuable Compass pieces have been spotted around Booster Hill. However, there have also been sightings of a powerful robot there recently, and personally, I don't want to die in the line of duty!"

"Nonsense! What robot could possibly be better than I?" Grodus gloats. "We will head there immediately, and show that piece of scrap metal a thing or two!"


"Just stay really, really calm, and maybe we can get out of here with our lives," Luigi whispers to the others. All of the others act as calmly as possible. They believe this includes Punio, though in actuality he is so terrified that he is simply unable to move or speak.


Karma and Wendy stand behind a corner, talking while occasionally glancing at the trapdoor.

"Well, we didn't quite take care of Roy, but we did get rid of Luigi!" says Karma to the Koopaling.

"That still doesn't get us out of this mess, even if it helps."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Karma replies. "I can't believe what I've gotten us both into! The only way we could probably get rid of Roy is if we had the sneakiest, most cunning, and yet simplest plan to pull off! The question is, where are we going to get a plan like that?"


"Larry!" Karma and Wendy shout at the same time as they rush to the youngest Koopaling's room.


"This boat should reach Marrymore in no time," Crump tells his boss as they sail on a ship from Delfino Island to their next destination. "From there, it's only a hill away to the tower where the pieces have been located!"

"Good, very good," Grodus simply comments as devious thoughts flow through his mind about how to rule the world once the artifacts are his. He would start by demolishing Peach's castle entirely, and having his slaves build a gigantic monument of himself in its place. He would be the only and complete ruler of the planet, as he would have to kill Crump and his other two lackeys in order to stop any chance of rebellion. It would all be a matter of time...


"Hurry it up, you idiot apes! Take me to that storage area of yours within the hour, or else I'm going to seriously damage all of you!" K. Rool orders as the Kongs are forced to lead him to their treasures.


Meanwhile, in the far-away kingdom of Sub-con...

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" King Wart whines at a glass-shattering volume. Meanwhile, Nick and Susan, who had luckily avoided being baby-fied, are trying to figure out how to change his diaper.

"Let's see... What on Plit is a Tab A?" Susan wonders out loud. "And why do you insert it into Slot B instead of Slot A? This is so confusing..."

"No sweat; I heard of a guy at Peach's castle that knows how to do this kind of thing," Nick tells his sister. "But, rumors have been going around that our cousin Ludwig has already taken him. I don't know why he'd do that, but let's steal that Mushroomer for ourselves!"

"In a minute; I just have to figure out which one of these things is Tab A," Susan replies. "They all look the same to me..."


"I'm bored," Captain Cortez tells himself from within his secluded area of Pirate's Grotto. "Bored, bored, bored. Bordey bored, bo-bored, bo-nanza bored, and etc. I hate my afterlife."

One of Cortez's Ember lackeys suddenly materializes in front of him. Instead of speaking, however, it performs a series of odd movements which Cortez translates into words.

"So, you're saying some of the baddest enemies on Plit, as well as a common thief, are attempting to take over the world using artifacts?" Cortez somehow deciphers. "Well, not on my watch! Alert the others; we're going to find those things before they do!"

The Podoboo then disappears.

"And I thought this day would never get interesting!" Cortez tells himself as he goes to his pile of treasure. Picking up the Sapphire Crystal Star, a Compass piece, and his best cutlass, he then leaves the room and prepares to set sail.


Back with Goombario, Goombella, and the adults who are still standing around in the bar for no apparent reason whatsoever... Goombella and Goombario are sitting on a table, plotting how they can help.

"All we have to do," says Goombella to Goombario, "is get out of here, make it to Bowser's Castle, and return ourselves back to normal. From there, we need to trick the Mr. I into turning himself into a baby, via what I call the "Typical good-guy revenge plot". We then just need to find Luigi and offer our help, and see how it goes from there."

"Right. But how should we escape?"

"You leave that to me," answers Goombella.


"So, this is Marrymore. It's much too cheerful for my liking," Grodus comments as they get off the boat. "Quick, let us hurry to those pieces! I refuse to waste any time when I could be one step closer to world domination!"

"Right, Sir Grodus. The pieces have been located just south of here. We should be there within the next hour or so." Lord Crump tells his master, wondering to himself what will happen once they become the rulers of Plit. Things would probably be okay for them all, but he has a strange feeling that Grodus has something else in mind...


"First off, you nasty croc, wipe your feet on the mat! I just scrubbed there this morning! You'd better be careful, or your hide will become my new purse!" Valentina orders.

"Right, like anybody actually carries around crocodile-skin purses anymore," Croco comments as he purposely doesn't wipe his feet.

"You meatball head!" Valentina yells in disgust. "If you break any more of my rules, that robot banging on the door will have nothing left to pummel once I get through with you!"


"We made better time than I thought," Crump comments as they spot Booster's tower nearby. However, they also noticed KAOS trying to barge through the door.

"That's it?! GACK ACK ACK ACK!" Grodus laughs, obviously not scared by the robot's appearance. "That thing will be nothing but loose springs and gears by the time I'm through with him!" Grodus then runs towards the robot, staff in hand.

I just hope that same fate doesn't come to him, Crump thinks to himself as he sees his boss approach the monster.


"Hey, some big-headed guy with a staff is approaching that robotic lizard thing!" Snifit #3 comments as he sees Grodus approach.

"You think they're working together?" Snifit #5 asks. "They're both robots, after all."

"Very unlikely," Snifit #1 answers. "That big-headed one looks more like he's going to beat the other one up!"

"Well, shouldn't we help him?" Snifit #4 inquires. "I mean, we're both fighting the same guy, after all."

"Good idea, #4!" Snifit #2 compliments. "Let's kick some robo-lizard tail!"

The five Snifits then temporarily leave Booster, Popple, and Chomp Bro. to help Grodus beat KAOS.


Back with Karma, Susan, and now Larry...

"So, let's get this straight: you two want me to take out Roy, and in return I get to use this army without having to help take care of it?"

"That's right," replies Karma.

"Isn't it Ludwig's army though? Wouldn't you need approval from him?"

"We've got Ludwig right where we want him. He'll agree to anything we want," answers Wendy.

"All right then!" the youngest Koopalings replies. "I'm gonna nab us a Koopa!"


"What are a bunch of weaklings like you doing here?!" Grodus asks as the five Snifits run up to help him.

"Well," Snifit #1 explains, "we just knew that you wanted to get rid of that robot. Well, we want to get rid of it, too! So, why not work together and blow the thing up?"

"I must admit, you'd make excellent distractions. But, you must agree that whatever the robot drops is mine! You got that?" Grodus asks.

"Agreed!" the five Snifits answer together. Then, they all get ready for battle and approach KAOS.


"Anybody else wondering what we're all doing standing around in this bar?" Beldam asks the other adults.

"No," they all reply.


"Mario's been turned into a baby, huh?" Jr. Troopa says to himself as he reads a newspaper. "Great! Now's my chance to get revenge!"


"*sigh* I'm so lonely now," Princess Eclair tells herself as she looked out of a window. "I wish something would happen to spice up my life."

And her wish is immediately granted, as two Piantas grab her from behind and start carrying her away! The castle's guards were already knocked out, so it would be useless to scream for help.

"Where are you taking me?!" Eclair demands.

"Well, da boss wants that compass thing on your crown. He plans on using its power to take control of Rogueport entirely, or somethin' like that," one of the Piantas explains.

"Well, if you're kidnapping me, then the least you can do is answer one question: Who's your boss?" Eclair asks.

"His name's Frankie, son-in-law of the former Don Pianta," the Pianta answers as he and the other Pianta carry her out of the castle.


"Yo, Candy! The K-Rock has been spotted at 11 o'clock!" Funky tells Candy through a radio system. Funky is currently in his Barrel Plane, about to stop K. Rool from discovering their vault. "The mission is a-go, yo!"


Croco meanwhile is sitting at Snifit 1's desk with his feet propped up on it.

"What are you doing here?" asks Valentina once more of Croco and his Crooks (and yes, she has her cocktail in hand like always). "Don't make me call in Dodo!"

"Relax. There's a large robot Kremling out front that wants to kill us, so we're just lying low until he's gone."

"What?! Argh! Fine! Hmph."

"Hey," asks Crook 1 of the woman, "got any more of them cocktails around?"


Just outside the tower, the combination of the Snifits' bullet blasts and Grodus's lightning has finally attracted KAOS's attention. Turning around to see the attackers, KAOS then begins to attack them back.


"What's this all about?!" Eclair asks after being rushed to Rogueport's West Side from her own kingdom in a hurry. She is strapped to a chair, and a blue-skinned Pianta is looking straight at her. A yellow-skinned female Pianta is also standing nearby.

"Yo, how's it hangin'? Name's Frankie, and right now, I'm runnin' this joint. Now, hand the thing over!" the blue-skin Pianta demands.

"Oh Frankie, you always know just when to take charge!" the yellow-skinned Pianta compliments.

"Thanks, Francesca. Now, back to da matter at hand here. Eclipse, was it?" Frankie asks.

"Eclair," the princess simply answers.

"Right. So, Eclair, your crown is imbedded with a piece of da Magic Compass. I figure somethin' like dat ought to be powerful enough to blast Ishmael over on the East Side to smithereens! That ought to make da Don proud!" Frankie explains. "So, hand your piece over, and you can go back to ya kingdom. Deal?"

"No deal," Eclair replies. "This piece may not be too powerful by itself, but it still gives me enough power to help all of my subjects who need me!"

"Fine. If that's the way you want to play, so be it. Guys, escort the princess here to 'Da Room'. We'll get her to hand over dat piece one way or another!" Frankie orders. Eclair, still strapped to the chair, is then dragged by the two Piantas that brought her here down a hallway.


Back with King Goomba and his troops, last seen handing Yellow T. over to Ludwig...

"Goombas, the time has come for us to rise up against Bowser and prove why we are the superior race to the Koopas!"

"AWWWWW..." they all reply, groaning.

"What's wrong with that?"

"Well Goom- wait, is your name Goomboss or the Goomba King?" asks Red Goomba.

"To be exact it's Goomboss the Goomba King, but you know."

"Oh. Well, King, the Koopas are superior to us in every way!"

"Not anymore. For I have this!" the Goomba King says as he withdraws a Rod of Nib. "This is the rod that has the powers of all of the others combined! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

"You mean the Unification Rod?" Blue Goomba asks.

"Well, DUH!" the Goomba King answers. "What, it's not like any OTHER Rod can have the powers of all the others!"


"Man, I wish that us run-of-the-mill X-Nauts could get a part in this tale," a random, regular X-Naut tells another as he breaks the fourth wall.

"I know," the other one replies. "How come only the head of the PhDs and the head of the Elites get all the attention? There's a head for us regular guys, too!"

Just then, TEC-XX 2.0 starts to beep.

"After much processing, I have downloaded information of all current artifacts," the computer tells them. "Here is the complete list..."

"Excellent," one X-Naut says as the information appears on screen.


Cortez's ship docks in Toad Town. There, he comes off the boat, looking around and finding absolutely no one.

"Aye, this don't look good. I wonder where everyone is...


Meanwhile, in Peach's Castle, a certain Koopa is searching for the heroes.

"Where are they?" Jr. Troopa asks himself while looking throughout the castle. "It's not as though they were, say, taken by a giant Goomba in red and white pants or something."

The Koopa continues searching and finds a Rod lying on the ground.

"Hmm, what's this? Might as well give it a try..."

Jr. Troopa points the Rod into the air and a blast of fire comes out, then dissipates.

"I see... this must be one of them Rods I've heard so much about."


"You sure we have to go through here?" Susan asks, pointing at an open window in Castle Koopa.

"Yeah, it's that whole 'element of surprise' thing," Nick tells her. "Because, if we get caught, WE'RE going to be the ones raising Pops instead of the other way around!"

"Good point," Susan comments. "If I stand on top of your shoulders, I might be able to get up there."

And so, Nick lifts Susan onto his shoulders. Susan looks into the room, and falls right in! She brushes the dust off of her shell, and then realizes that she has landed inside a room completely filled with Goombas!

"Well, look at that. It's Target Practice time," the Goomba King remarks as he aimed the Unification Rod at Susan.


"You see that?" asks Syrup of the Wicked Bros. "There's our answer to how to turn back! Now we just gotta figure out this: how do we trick it into turning us back?"

"No clue," replies Wario. "You know that after this we're still going to be enemies, right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way."


"Oh yeah! I rule! I must be the greatest guy in the world now!" Jr. Troopa gloats to random Toads, oblivious to the fact that others, such as Croco, have already collected more than a single Rod. However, as he isn't paying too much attention to where he is going, he accidentally runs into a certain giant living skeleton.

"Arr! Watch where ye be going, boy!" Cortez sneers, upset about the run-in with the young lad. However, he then notices the Rod of Nib Jr. Troopa has tucked into his eggshell.

"Arr, give me that Rod, you little land-lubber."

"Um... no. How about I show you what it can do instead?"

Jr. Troopa whips out the Rod, points it at the skeletal pirate, and fires (literally). The pile of bones falls apart after the huge blast.

"Was that it? Heh heh..."

Jr. Troopa walks away, snickering. He doesn't notice, however, that the bones are moving towards each other...


"Hey, it looks like Sir Grodus is winning!" X-Citing comments as he watches the fight. He, Crump, and X-Periment take cover in a nearby bush.

"Hey, get out of dis shrub! This be our hidin' spot, see?" Popple tells the X-Nauts, as it is the same bush that he and his two rookies had taken cover in.

"Oh look, a semi-understandable munchkin. Listen, you little toddler, either we all take cover in this bush, or we're all open targets out there. And since I'm stronger than a baby like you, I'd rather we share this bush than fight for it," Crump tells the baby-fied thief.

"Fine, fine," Popple agrees, realizing that he'd obviously lose in an argument.


"Ha ha, guess I showed that pile of bones a thing or-" Jr. Troopa tells himself, but then hears something behind him.

Jr. Troopa turns around, seeing that Cortez is reassembling right at this very moment. The Koopa merely decides to run, hoping to conserve energy for later. However, the skeleton follows him...


Valentina sighs angrily as Dodo gives some cocktails to Croco and his Crooks.

"Dodo, you weren't supposed to actually give it to them! I'm docking your pay for this..."

"Not again!" Dodo mumbles in response.

"You know, if you worked for me, you wouldn't be treated as rough as you are now," Croco tells the flightless bird, knowing an opportunity when he sees one. With that bird on his side, Croco knows he could collect the loot cluttered throughout the entire tower with ease.

"Don't talk like an idiot, alligator! Dodo would never turn against me, right?" Valentina replies.

"Well, actually...." Dodo begins to tell her.

"WHAT?! STOP THAT NONSENSE TALK RIGHT NOW!!! IF YOU DARE EVEN THINK ABOUT SWITCHING SIDES, I'M..." Valentina yelled. She then realizes that yelling isn't helping her right now, so in a sweet and innocent voice she adds, "Um, what I meant to say is that you would never ever leave sweet little me all alone with someone like that stinky winky Booster, would ya?"

Dodo responds by beginning to look at Valentina, then at Croco. As soon as he looks out at Croco, he walks over and stands next to him and the Crooks.

"Dodo, you traitor!" Valentina yells. "You really could've chosen a better time than when somebody's attacking the tower, ya know!"


Luigi and his partners are still looking at the many Bob-ombs that they are surrounded by.

"So... can I interest you all in a bribe? 'Cause we would prefer not to die via explosion at this time."

"Why would we hurt you?" asks one of them. "How do you think we got down here? Wendy and Karma tossed us into here!"

"You'd think they would've at least thought of using their own minions instead of random Bob-ombs... unless there aren't any here," Geno says insightfully.

"Okay, okay," says Luigi. "They're not angry, so all we gotta do is not aggravate them at all."

"Aggravate?" says one of the Bob-ombs. "What's that supposed to mean? I have a short temper or something?"

Luigi and his party disagree with worried thoughts.

"You're lying! I know you are! That... makes... me... so... ANGRY!!!" The Bob-omb turns red in fury, already lit from the fuse.

"Nice going," says Geno.


"So, you two have to tell me something," Larry comments to the two girls. "What happened to make you come to me?"

"Well, no matter what happened, Roy didn't fall into any of our own traps," Karma tells him.

"Yeah! We even wasted a good million Bob-ombs on our last one, and then Luigi came and messed things up!" Wendy comments.

"WAIT! Did you say a million Bob-ombs could be exploding at any minute?" Larry gasps.

"Yeah, why?" Wendy asks.


"RUN FOR IT!!!" Larry yells as he jumps out of the nearest window.

"What's his problem?" Karma asks herself.


"Oh... my... DAD!" Luigi gasps as every last Bob-omb surrounding them turns red.


And with that, the entire castle blows up. Luigi and his comrades aere sent a surprisingly small distance, to somewhere in the middle of Toad Town. Karma, Wendy, and Roy are blown all the way to the middle of Dry, Dry Desert. Ludwig and the babies fly quite a distance, all the way to the Waffle Kingdom. Susan, Nick, and the Goombas land in the West Side of Rougeport. Bowser is still making his way back from the Beanbean Kingdom, and Kamek and Kammy are still invading Rogueport, though they haven't yet captured the West side. And, Larry has already run into the bushes and is completely unharmed.

"Ow... That was one big blast," Luigi comments as he gets up and starts to brush the ashes off of him. Thankfully, he didn't receive as much damage as the others in his group did.

"At least you aren't in a body made of wood," replies Geno, who is reconstructing himself.

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Credit goes to Martin, Antwan, Croshi, Noxious Koopa, Dylan, Phil the Koopa, Kevin Koopa, Sparky, Ice Toad, Sparky, corbin the crazy yoshi, MetalYoshi, and Waluigi's Twin for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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