Baby Troubles

By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

The Goomba King and his forces are meanwhile in the Kero Sewers, looking for a Crystal Star that is located there. "Hey, King, how did we get here all the way from Rogueport?" Red Goomba asks.

"A warp pipe, how else?" King Goomba replies. "But, now isn't the time for questions! Go and guard those two Koopas we caught!"

Red Goomba then walks over to a cage that the other Goombas are carrying. Inside the cage are Nick and Susan.

"I blame you, Nick," Susan mutters as she tries to ignore the awful stench of the sewers.


"Wow, what a blast!" Larry comments as he examines the remains of Koopa Castle.

Larry then remembers something. "The Mr. I! I hope it's still there!"

The youngest Koopaling begins searching through the rubble until he finds the eye, then picks it up. It is conscious.

"Heh heh," Larry says to the eye, "I could take out Roy to get partial control of the army... or I could use you to take the army, and even the entire kingdom to myself! Hahahahaha!"

"Oh, goody," the Mr. I replies sarcastically.


Speaking of Roy, he has recently awoken.

"Man, whoever did that is gonna get a poundin' when my fists get a hold of him!" Roy tells himself. He then looks around, and notices that he has landed in Dry, Dry Desert. Spotting Karma and Wendy on the ground nearby, he quickly abandons them and runs to the east.


"We've almost got that bot!" Snifit #2 comments as he, the other four Snifits, and Grodus manage to knock KAOS's health down to a minimum level. However, the bot has enough energy to fire one last attack before it explodes.

KAOS fires a powerful beam at Grodus, hitting him in the side of the dome thingy and cracking it. The X-Naut leader falls to the ground, as does KAOS. Crump runs over to his leader.

"Crump... we need to... get back to the base."

Crump pulls Grodus to his feet and drags him out of the area. The two X-Nauts follow. While Grodus is being dragged, however, he drops the artifacts that the group has collected.

Snifit #2 then notices the artifacts himself. "Hey, you guys left behind your..." he calls out, but the X-Nauts are already too far away to hear him by now.

"You know, these things are kinda shiny... How about we keep them for now, and if those guys show up again, we'll just give them back?" Snifit #5 suggests.

"Smart thinking," Snifit #4 compliments. "Not only would it be a good thing to do, since he saved our lives and all, but maybe we can find something to do with them while we wait for them to return!"

The Snifits walk into the tower and see Croco, who is sitting at Snifit 1's desk watching Dodo and the Crooks beat up Valentina.

"Hey, leave her al- ah wait, nevermind. Can we help?" asks Snifit 1 over Booster's protests. Of course, they don't understand him.

"Sure," replies the alligator. "I can show ya a way to make them babies grow up quicker too. Just hand me that Rod," says Croco while pointing to the Body Modification Rod.


Meanwhile, in the X-Naut base on the moon, Lord Crump and X-Citing are waiting outside of the medical ward. X-Periment is operating on Sir Grodus, trying to see if he survived the attack.

Some very stressful moments later, X-Periment comes out. He would have a sad look on his face, but nobody can really see what an X-Naut's face looks like under his uniform. "Sir Grodus... He wants to talk to you, Lord Crump," the X-Naut PhD tells them.

Lord Crump, obviously very scared at this moment, enters the room where Grodus is being held. "You... wanted to see me, sir?" the Lord asks.

"Crump, I have something important to tell you," Grodus tells Lord Crump with a tear in his mechanical eye. "I have become unimaginably weak from that robotic crocodile's attack. My life support systems are near failing, and I have little time before my hard drive has a complete and total meltdown. I wish for the X-Nauts to continue to grow strong and proud, even if I am not the one leading them. Crump, I promote you to Sir, and deem you worthy of leading the X-Nauts."

"Grodus..." Crump replies, a tear in his eye as well. He then reaches for Grodus's hand, and holds on to it with much emotion. Grodus also feels the emotions Crump is feeling, and tells him how great the X-Nauts will be under his control. In mere seconds, Grodus completely shuts down, and Crump leaves the room.

"How did it go, Lord Crump?" X-Citing asks, having not seen the events for himself.

"You should now call me Sir Crump, but that is not the most important matter I have to tell you. Our former leader has been terminated, and I regret to say there's no hope in trying to revive him," Crump regretfully tells him. "But, under his final command, I am to command you with the same power and respect that he had over you, and lead this army with the memory of Grodus in our hearts and minds forever."


Back on DK Isle...

"Ah ha ha ha ha!!!" K. Rool laughs as he opens the vault, looking inside at all the bananas.

"Heh heh... yes..."

The Kremling turns around toward the Kongs upon seeing all of the Golden Bananas within, and is promptly nailed into the vault by Chunky, who looks worried while doing so. Cranky Kong then slams the door shut.

"I'll get you Kongs!" K. Rool yells out loudly enough for them to hear outside the vault.

Klump and Krusha, seeing this, rush the Kongs, but Tiny sticks her foot out, sending them both tripping head-first into a tree.

"Well, that settles that!" says Tiny. "But now we gotta get Donkey, Diddy, and Dixie changed back to normal!"

"That ain't the only changing we gotta do!" adds Lanky while looking at Diddy and Dixie, before beginning to hold his nose. The two baby-fied Kongs realize what this means, and their faces turn red with embarrassment.


Meanwhile with Jr. Troopa...

"Get out of here, ya pile of bones!" the toddler yells out as Cortez gives chase. However, the pirate king isn't stopping at all, and is only catching up to him. Jr. Troopa even tries to knock him off course with his Rod of Nib, but Cortez only dodges the fire that comes from it with the Crystal Star he has.

"You won't get rid o' me that easily, ya landlubber!" Cortez yells as he picks up even more speed. Jr. Troopa suddenly makes a sharp left turn. His stalker does the same, falling for the Koopa's trick, and falls apart once more.

"Ha ha, sucker!" yells the Koopa as he walks off. Once again, the bones regroup...


"Ow... what happened?" asks Susan.

"How should I know?" Nick replies. "I'm betting Bowser got mad and blew up the castle... again.

"Shut up, you twerps!" the Goomba King yells at the two. "You're our prisoners, and I won't stand for prisoners that complain as much as you do!"

"Hey! As King Wart's little girl, I demand that you release me! Oh, and Nick too, I guess," Susan demands.

"No way, you brat! Doing that would easily get me killed from the attacks you'd hit me with, and I'm no idiot!" the Goomba King tells her.

"Who said we were going to hurt you? I just merely thought that your troops would have more energy for battling enemies on your way if they didn't have to carry us!" Susan explains with a sneaky look in her eye.

"Oh. In that case, I'll let you out!" the Goomba King says. He then aproaches the cage the Goombas are carrying, unlocks it, and lets Nick and Susan out.

"Sucker," Susan mutters as she stomped on top of the Goomba King's head. Nick follows the attack with a swift kick, which knocks the leader of the Goombas into the sewage water nearby. The Goomba King is merely carried by the current a long distance away, and isn't going to be coming back any time soon.

"Okay, you Goombas!" Nick barks at the Goomba King's former army, taking personal control of them. "That Goomboss the Goomba King or whatever you guys call him was down here looking for something, and if you don't find it, you will receive the same fate as your fallen leader!" Immediately, the Goombas hurry along past Nick, searching for the Crystal Star before they are knocked into the sewage as well.

It is then that Nick notices something laying on the ground that the Goomba King dropped. Looking down he realizes it's... a Rod. The Unification Rod to be exact.

"Hmm, I wonder what this does," says the Koopa as he picks it up and looks at it with an evil glint in his eye.


Larry sneaks slowly upon Wendy and Karma, Mr. I in hand. The two female Koopas are still asleep.

"Hmm... It is time I take care of two fourths of the problem keeping me from having the army to myself," he says to himself whilst approaching the sleeping Koopas evilly.


"Savages, pure savages," Kammy mutters while looking at the remains of the Keep.

"I told you Luigi could stop us," Kamek says to the witch in one of them gleeful yet insane kind of ways.

"Oh, just shut up! For all we know this could've been the work of one of those wretched kids of his!"

"Would you two Magikoopas just stop bickering for one moment? We're never going to catch Luigi if we do nothing but argue all day!" Croup yells.

"He's right; it is our duty to protect the Koopa Empire from various heroes that are out to eliminate it," Kammy tells the other Head Magikoopa.

"Fine," Kamek agrees. "But, how are we going to explain this mess to King Bowser?"

"Just leave that to me," Croup tells the two.


"Ouch..." Wendy moans, finally waking up. She then makes her way towards Karma, and nudges her until she awakes as well.

"Ow... What happened?" Karma asks.

"Operation: Trapdoor Kaboom literally backfired," Wendy answers.

"Ah. But, why are we in the desert?"

"I guess we got blasted all the way over here."

"Yes, that would make sense."

"... Hey, I feel kinda weird. Could you check my diaper?"

"Oh sure, why... DIAPER?!" Karma yells in shock. Quickly looking at themselves, Karma and Wendy immediately realize that they have been baby-fied. In the distance, the two girls can just see Larry running away with the Mr. I tucked under his arm.

"That crook! He must have done this to us!" Karma tells Wendy.

"Yeah! Oh, when I get my hands on him, I'll... wait, how are we going to get out of this desert, anyways?" Wendy asked.

"That, I'm not so certain of," Karma replies.


Roy walks into the Dry Dry Outpost, heading for the warp pipe so that he can get home quicker. Larry follows, being careful to avoid being seen, planning to attack when Roy reaches the Toad Town Sewers.


Ludwig wakes up and looks around, seeing that all the babies are there (with the exeption of Syrup, Wario, and Waluigi, who have snuck away), as is Yellow T.

"Ugh, what happened?" he asks of the Toad.

"I don't know," Yellow T. replies. "I heard an explosion, then I woke up here. Three of the babies are missing, though."

"Hmm... we'd better find them," Ludwig replies. "They're probably just busy looking at a bug or something."


Wendy and Karma sit in the middle of the desert, still trying to figure out what to do. Okay, they've actually kind of drifted off to other matters, but you know.

"So, did you check?" asks Wendy.

"Yeah. No wonder you feel funn... Umm... Could you check my diaper real quick?"


"Darn those Kongs," K. Rool mutters to himself as he paces back and fourth in the vault. "However, they did miss one vital fact: they left the Golden Bananas in here with me!"

K. Rool then approaches a Golden Banana and attempts to bite it, thus gaining temporary super abilities. However, the only thing he gets after he eats the entire thing, is potassium.

"WHAT?!" K. Rool yells out loud.


"Da plan worked! We switched the treasure with regulars in time, man!" Funky tells Candy as they make their way back to their businesses.

"Yeah, those cousins of ours did a great job of distracting him and his crew as we put on the finishing touches," Candy replies, hiding a can of gold-colored paint in the bushes.

"You said it, girl!" Funky compliments.

However, that is the last sentence either of them ever heard again, as a blast is immediately fired at them. When the smoke clears, all that ss left of either of them is Funky's bandana.

"Excellent shot, Sir Crump!" X-Periment compliments as the former lord puts away his laser gun and examines the remains of the two Kongs for himself.

"They were related to DK, all right," Crump comments as he examines the bandana. "This means that we're hot on the trail of obtaining the Golden Bananas!"

"Hey, did you two notice that we're speeding along to different places unimaginably fast, while some of the other villains in this story are more or less stuck in the same place they were before?" X-Citing wonders out loud.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, GAS PRICES HAVE INFLATED AGAIN?!" Bowser booms as his doomship pulls into a truck stop halfway to where his castle is.


"That is interesting, but we have more important things to think about right now," Sir Crump tells the head of the Elites. "Such as, where on Plit did those artifacts that we dropped end up?"


"Okay, so the castle's completely destroyed. However," Luigi tells his team, "our job isn't done until we can retrieve that thing which is baby-fying all of the heroes that aren't in this group right now. But, I don't think we should have many problems doing that."

"What are you talking about? We don't even know where it is anymore!" Toadette replies.

"And we're tired, hungry, and broke!" Gonzales Jr. complains.

"And I'm guessing those other villains are stealing the multiple ancient artifacts like Tatanga did before we beat him!" Flurrie adds.

"Yeah, but except for all that, I don't think we should have many problems," Luigi says.

"But-" Geno is about to add, when Jr. Troopa dashes right into him.

"Augh! Of all the times for someone to be in my way!"

The Koopa then stands up and sees Luigi. "It's you, the stupid brother of that stupid plumber! Well, no time for revenge, so I'll be back! Just get out of my way!"

The Koopa runs past them, and Cortez soon comes following. The heroes stop him to ask what is going on.

"Arr, that tyke be posessin' a Rod o' Nib! I was goin' to stop him usin' my Crystal Star an' help out in tryin' to defeat dem evil blokes!" Cortez explains. Luigi then gives the pirate king his explanation on what they are doing. Cortez is greatly impressed, and decides to join Luigi's team himself.

"It's great to have somebody like you with us," Luigi tells him. "Now, let's get that Troopa!"


"Hey, we finally found it!" Lanky shouts as the Kongs finally make it back to Cranky's Cabin. However, when they open the door, they find that somebody is already waiting for them.

"How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us!" Sir Crump tells the Kongs. "Man, I've always wanted to say that! Now, show us where your treasure is, or you'll face the same fate as Funky and Candy did."

Crump then proceeds to pull out Funky's bandana from his pocket and hand it to the Kongs. Yet again, as they once more have no choice in the matter, they agreed to show the X-Nauts the vault where the REAL Golden Bananas are being stored.


"HURRY UP, FOR DAD'S SAKE!" Bowser booms again. This time, it is because it is taking too long to refil the gas tank of the doomship. "Pick up the pace! At this rate, the castle could be blown up entirely by the time we get back there!"


"How is the search for the artifact going?" Nick asks Red and Blue Goomba after waiting a fair amount of time.

"We have an idea," answers Red Goomba, "and we have sent a party to investigate to see if it is where we think it is."

"Excellent," Nick replies, still looking at the Rod evilly.


Meanwhile with Goombario and Goombella...

"So, why haven't we escaped from this bar yet?" Goombario asks Goombella, still in baby-talk.

"All good plans take time. You just wait a while longer, and we'll be out of here in no time!" Goombella tells him.


"Finally!" Bowser comments as the gas tank finishes filling up. Bowser then gets into the doomship, but is stopped by a Boom Boom working at the station.

"Here's your bill for the gas," the Boom Boom tells the Koopa King as he hands him a long piece of paper.



"Come on, I don't think we've checked over here yet!" says one of the Goombas who is searching for the artifact. The others follow him, and immediately spot the item on a pedestal. However, they suddenly hear the sound of something licking its lips behind them. The last things that those Goombas ever saw was a large tongue.

"Meh, that was the most bland meal I've ever had," the yellow dog-like creature which had just eaten the Goombas alive comments as he searches for more food.


"What's taking them?" Nick asks impatiently of Red Goomba, who is shaking with fear.

"I d-dunno," the Goomba replies. "M-maybe they ran into some p-p-problems."


Luigi and the gang chase after Jr. Troopa, who eventually dives into a warp pipe, hoping to find himself as far away as possible. The group, sans Cortez (he wouldn't be able to fit), follows.


Roy walks through the Toad Town Sewers, hoping to find a pipe that leads him back to Dark Land. As he walks, he hears a voice saying, "Roy..."

The Koopaling turns around only to see Larry pointing the Mr. I at him. Larry fires, reducing the Koopa to a toddler, and then turns to leave the way he came when he sees several figures fall out of an overhanging warp pipe: Luigi, Geno, Twink, Punio, Flurrie, Gonzalez Jr, and Toadette. The Koopa runs off, and as he runs the heroes barely make out the Mr. I in his arms.

"Let's follow him!" Twink yells.

"It'd be a waste of time," Geno replies. "He could easily go through just about anywhere via the pipes. We could spend the rest of our lives searching and never find him."

It is then that the seven notice Roy.

"What should we do with him?" asks Toadette while pointing to the infant.

"Well, we might as well take him with us," Luigi answers. "I'd love to see the look on Bowser's face if we dumped a baby-fied Roy off on him."


"Now, hand dat piece over nice and easy-like, got it?" Frankie Pianta demands of Princess Eclair for the 368, 105th and final time.

"Never! I would rather die than sacrifice the item which gave my subjects happiness! And take a grammer lesson! You really need to talk in a more civilized way!" Eclair tells him.


"Did we really have to eliminate them all?" X-Periment asks Sir Grodus. "You could have just let them live once we obtained the Golden Bananas!"

"It was something that Grodus would have done if he was the one leading this mission," Crump tells the head PhD. "Word could have leaked out, and then there would be even more trouble for us. No, we had to eliminate all of those Kongs for the good of the team."

Crump's communicating system then starts to beep, and he immediately answers it. "Sir Grodus, we have managed to collect almost every artifact left!" a random X-Naut tells him. "However, I'm sad to inform you, certain pieces have already been collected. One Crystal Star is in posession of the guardian of Kero Sewers; 30 Power Stars, a Crystal Star, and Mamar are in one Luigi Luigi's ownership; a Compass Piece is still imbedded in Princess Eclair's crown; Nick Koopa has a Rod of Nib; Jr. Troopa also has a Rod of Nib; and pretty much everything else belongs to Croco now that he's formed an alliance with Popple and his rookies."

"That is excellent news," Crump comments. "Now we know the exact location of the remaining artifacts! Quickly, we should head to the Waffle Kingdom! Eclair should be there protecting the kingdom. I mean, where else could she be?"


"How on Plit are we going to get out of this mess?" Yellow T. asks Ludwig, forgetting the fact that he was kidnapped. The two characters and all of the babies they have in their posession are currently stuck in a tree near Eclair Castle.


"This is taking too long," Susan complains as she, Nick, and the two remaining Goombas look for the Crystal Star themselves. "Nick, I demand that you search faster for me!"

"THAT'S IT!" Nick snaps. "Even when I'm the one in charge, you are always barking commands at me! I've had it up to HERE with you!" Nick, in a blind fury, then pushes Susan into the sewage water. As Susan's body floats the same way King Goomba's had, and as Red and Blue Goomba zre completely startled that Nick hax just killed his own sister, Nick merely continues searching.


Luigi and Co. walk through the sewers of Toad Town while carrying Roy, looking around for anything that might be there before returning to Cortez. As the two walk on they see a small island lying in the center of the water. The Goomba King lies on the island, soaked and appearing to have been swept there by the rapids. As the two watch, Susan washes up onto the same island.

"I wonder what the deal with that is," Luigi wonders.


Larry walks through the jungles of Lavalava Island, having gone there to lie low for a bit. He is still carrying the Mr. I.

"You know," starts the eye, "you could've just used my powers on them."

"Wouldn't it have taken too long? Plus, then we'd either have to leave them there, which would be in extremely bad taste, or take them with us, and do you really want to have to deal with seven babies coming with us?"

"True," replies the Mr. I.

"Say, what did you do with intruders in that temple thing once you turned them into babies?"

"Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about that. Basically there was a button to a trapdoor situated underneath me, and whenever someone would invade I'd turn them into babies, then use the button to cause the floor, except the part I was sitting on, to open up, dumping them through a system of pipes that deposited them into the woods."

"Who exactly built all that anyway?"

"You know, I never thought about that."


Croco, the Crooks, Popple, Booster, Chomp Bro, the Snifits, and Dodo all walk out of the tower, all with one goal in mind: to attack the X-Nauts and take everything they have.

"So, Crook B, did you check on the location of the X-Nauts?" asks Croco of his second Crook.

"Yes sir. Apparently they are in the DK Isles, getting ready to steal the Golden Bananas."

"All the better," Croco replies before the large group sets out.


Back with Wendy and Karma...

"Remind me to respect King Dad more for raising seven children when we get back to normal," Wendy reminds Karma as they start walking through the desert.

"Tell me about it," Karma replies. "If you guys had as much stink in your diapers as the two of us do now, I'm surprised that he even lasted a second."

The two babies continue to walk eastward. However, their little legs can't support them for long, and they fall down onto the sand-like bricks. However, a certain green Nomadimouse is passing through at the time, and decides to help out the poor babies.

"They'll be much safer under my roof then out here," Moustafa tells himself as he heads towards the Dry, Dry Outpost.


"Why do I sense an inconvenient plot hole?" Croco mutters as he sees that all of the boats to the DK Isles have all been rented, sold, or mysteriously vanished.

"Guess we're going to have to find another way there," Crook B tells him.

"Duh... Maybe we could take the Toad Town Sewers?" Dodo asks.

"Hmm... You may be two sandwiches short of a picnic, see, but you've got a good sense of basic thinking," Popple tells the flightless bird. "Taking the sewers would be the most obvious and best bet for us, see?"

"You're right!" Croco agrees. "Let's head into the Toad Town Sewers!"


"WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF THESE SEWERS!" Red Goomba yells as he sees the giant yellow dog-like creature we all know as Belome directly in front of them.


"Wait a second..." Booster starts out. "Didn't they drop everything they had and then the Snifits picked it up?"

"Yes," replies Croco, "but they found more stuff since then. In fact, everything that hasn't been found by someone else. Plus, we gotta take them out anyway because they've been the main villains for way too long."

"Ah, okay."

What's he mean by "main villains"?, wonders Dodo.


"Quickly; we are almost there!" Sir Crump tells the other X-Nauts. They are currently riding on Blade, which they had recently salvaged from the location where Smithy's group was last seen before they were short-circuited. The X-Naut troops are now piloting the Axem Ranger's former ship towards the Waffle Kingdom, where Princess Eclair is believed be located. Soon, as the ship has immense flight power, they fly down to the city in mere minutes after they had departed.

After a smooth landing, Sir Crump and a force of regular X-Nauts rush towards the castle and explord it. However, after an hour searching the place from top to bottom, the only people they find are a Koopaling, a Toad, and a few babies stuck up a tree.

"Could you please get us down from here?" Yellow T. politely asks as Crump wonders where Eclair could have vanished to.


Croco and his allies walk through the sewers, looking for a warp pipe they can take to the DK Isles.

"All right, when we get there, I have a plan," Croco says to the others.

"What is it?" asks Crook 1.

"Well," answers the crocodile, "what we are going to do is let them shoot us with that beam thing of theirs, as I'm betting that they grabbed some type of teleportation gun by mistake, and will send us straight into their fortress."


And sure enough, Croco and Co. have just found the warp pipe and appeared outside of the fortress walls.

"Now we let my little plan fall into action," says the wily crocodile.

And before they know it, the guards are upon them.

"Well well well, you thought you could sneak in here unnoticed, hmm? Well, looks like you're in for a rude awakening," snickers an Elite X-Naut.

"Do with us as you wish, but please don't shoot us with those ray guns," replies Croco, who is about to pull a Buer Rabbit.

"You'll get the worst we have!" scoffs a regular X-Naut.

Popple decides to add his two cents. "You can whip us, burn us, and beat us, but please don't shoot us with those ray guns!" whimpers Popple.

"Silence while we decide your fate," the Elite X-Naut snaps.

"You can push us off a cliff or drown us in a lake, but please don't shoot us with the ray guns," pleads Dodo. The Elite X-Naut catches the bait.

"I know what we'll do! We'll blast them with our ray guns!" exclaims the Elite X-Naut.

"NO" all the Crooks yelp with deceit.

"Yes!" the Elite X-Naut chortles and they foolishly blast them into the fortress.


"Don't you think that was just plain mean, Frankie?" Francesca asks as she looks at Eclair. She was recently beaten up by Frankie's goons, and is now unconscious

"Don't worry, sweetie! She's gonna be fine, except for a slight headache!" Frankie tells her. "Now, let's head over to da West Side, now dat we've got this Compass Piece from her!"


"Ah, I see that the toddlers are awaking," Moustafa tells himself as he watches the still baby-fied Wendy and Karma wake up.

Wendy and Karma's eyes open, and they begin looking around at their surroundings, then see the mouse. Not recognizing Moustafa or where they are, the two begin yelling. Of course, the Nomadimouse doesn't understand what they're saying and merely replies with, "Don't worry. I'll see if I can find your homes soon enough. I do have to wonder who would leave two babies lying in the middle of the desert, however."


Meanwhile with Larry and the Mr. I...

"I'm really starting to hate these Piranha Plants," Larry mutters to himself as he turns another one into a mere sprout with the Mr. I's help. The two then continue onwards, not knowing exactly what they were looking for. "So, how exactly were you created?"

"Ah, that's a very interesting story," the Mr. I tells him. "You see... Mr. Is are created through a real basic process; a Magikoopa will often cast a spell on his or her eyes just before dying, making them come out and become Mr. Is, basically leaving some minions to their family. Mr. Is gradually grow larger as time goes on, but we only have a lifespan of 90 or so before we start to fade into the ground, after which we'll become Boos or, in rare occasions, Pandorites."

"Aren't you much older than 90, though? Plus, why is it you can use this age-reversing stuff when most Mr. Is use fire? And, if there are two, then does that mean there is another Mr. I out there like you?"

"Well, to answer your second question, the Magikoopa that created me specialized in age-altering magic, and thus he had me do the same. As for the third, he was one-eyed, so no, there's only one of me. About that first one, well, what do you think I did to stay alive for so long? Or rather, what would you do if you had the power to make things younger?"


"This is just pathetic," Bowser mumbles to himself as one of the doomship's engine malfunctions. Thankfully, the other engines powering the aircraft are keeping it in the air, but two Koopatrolls go back to inspect what has happened.

The Koopatrols come back a few minutes later carrying what appears to be a chestnut, though it is burnt due to being in the engine.

"Ahg, not again!" Bowser yells. "We must be getting attacking by that stupid Duplighost again!"

On the ground below, Croup merely stays hidden, planning to keep Bowser busy long enough for Kamek and Kammy to solve everything.


"WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" Blue Goomba yells as Belome approaches them. The creature is getting closer and closer to them, and the two Goombas and Nick have nowhere else to run. Just when the beast is about to eat them, it is suddenly hit by a laser!

"Take that, you monstrous sewer guardian!" Geno yells at the giant pooch.

Belome roars and charges Geno, who rolls out of the way, causing Belome to charge into a pit that, though small, is enough to contain him for the time being. Geno hops down into the pit, as do Flurrie and Gonzalez Jr, the plan being to take the dog-thing out.

While Nick is distracted by this, Luigi jumps on him and pins him down. "All right, where's Larry?" Luigi asks the Koopa.

"I have no idea!" Nick answers. "But I do know that if you don't get off me you're going to regret it!"

While Luigi stares at Nick's face, Nick begins to pull out the Rod with his tail...


"How much longer do we have to wait?" Goombario asks Goombella again, still wondering why they haven't done a thing about getting out of this bar in over an hour.

"Not much longer," Goombella replies. "Just wait a few more seconds..."

Just then, Beldam picks up Baby Vivian and takes her up to bed, and the bartender carries a few babies up the stairs himself, and a few (but not all) of the adults do the same. Goombella yells, "Now!" and the two rush out. Outside, Goombario looks amazed.

"How did you know that none of them would follow?!"

"You ever notice that the only things any of them besides Beldam and the bartender have done is yell "Yeah!" and scream when Beldam started to sing? That's how I knew that."

"Oh. Well, let's get going for Bowser's castle, then!"

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Credit goes to Martin, Antwan, Croshi, Noxious Koopa, Dylan, Phil the Koopa, Kevin Koopa, Sparky, Ice Toad, Sparky, corbin the crazy yoshi, MetalYoshi, and Waluigi's Twin for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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