Mario's Koopamon Adventure

By crankymama5452

Chapter 7: Mario and Peach Catch a Koopamon

Mario and friends are walking down the road with Mario bragging about his latest victory over Morton.

Mario: I won, I won, I won! Where to next?

Roy: Shock City.

Peach: Can we catch at least one Koopamon first?

Roy: Well over there is is a tunnel going to Shock City. It has some Koopamon in it.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Co. are going through the cave and are almost through when they are jumped by a Paragoomba and a Spiked Goomba.

Peach: Go Starkiss!

Mario: Go Cheep!

Peach and Mario: Tackle!

Both Koopamon hit Spiked Goomba but Paragoomba dodges and goes in for a gust, but Cheep takes it down with water gun.

Peach and Mario: KOOPABALL, GO!

Peach gets Paragoomba and Mario gets Spiked Goomba.

Mario and Peach: WAHOO!

Roy: Now I want one!

Mario and Peach laugh and they enter into the city and are greeted by a Koopa.

Ludwig: Do you know?

Mario: Eh?

Ludwig: DO YOU KNOW?

Peach: YES!

Ludwig: You do know about the runt who is apparently coming to challenge me?

Roy: Runt?

Mario: I'm no runt!

Ludwig: It is you, then.

Mario: Yes.

Ludwig: Right here and now, you and me.

Roy: Should the battle be at the gym?

Ludwig: Yes.

A while later Ludwig and Mario take their places on the floating platforms in a room with a grating on the floor leading to a large pool of water.

Mario: I'm ready!

Roy: It must be water Koopamon.

Ludwig: The battle will be three on three. BEGIN!

Chapter 8: Shock, Drop, and Roll

Ludwig: I choose you!

Ludwig throws a Koopaball, releasing an Amp.

Ludwig: Meet Amp!

Mario: Electric... Who cares? I choose Cheep!

Roy: This is bad.

Peach: I know. Two of Mario's Koopamon are weak to electricity.

Mario: Water Gun!

Ludwig: Amp, use Charge!

Amp begins releasing sparks and Water Gun. The pressure of it begins blowing the floating Amp towards the wall.

Ludwig: Now that the water touches both Koopamon and electricity's power has been boosted, AMP, SPARK!

Amp shoots a spark that zaps down the water stream and knocks Cheep out.

Mario: Already?!

Ludwig: Give up now!

Mario: I will not! GO, PARA-WORM!

Ludwig: A flying Koopamon?

Ludwig begins laughing hysterically.

Ludwig: Very well! AMP, SHOCK WAVE!

Amp lets loose a blue stream of lightning.

Mario: Dodge constantly!

Para-Wiggler begins dodging all the blasts when the roof blows off and Team Magikoopa enters.

Kamek: HA!

Kammy: YA!


A black Shy Guy comes out.

Ludwig: I'll handle this! AMP, USE SPARK!

Amp shoots sparks, zapping Anti Guy!

Kamek: Mega-

Kammy: Kick

Anti Guy breaks through the electricity and kicks Amp into a wall, knocking it out.

Ludwig: How did it...? What the...? Go Spark!

An oversized Spark comes out.


Spark fires a large spark which hits Anti Guy and Team Magikoopa, throwing them over the horizon.

Mario: Wow!

Ludwig: Now it's time we really fight!

Chapter 9: A Shocking Water Fight

Ludwig: Should we redo the fight?

Mario: Yes.

Ludwig: Two-on-two because Amp was seriously injured.

Mario: Can I reuse Cheep?

Ludwig: I don't know why, but sure.

Mario: Okay! GO SPIKE G!

Ludwig: Go Spark!

The two Koopamon are released out to the field.

Ludwig: Spark, Charge!

Spark charges up electricity.

Mario: Use your Horn Attack!

Spiked Goomba colides with Spark horn first, knocking them both out.

Ludwig: Ah yes, very well...

Ludwig hits a switch and the grating opens to the enormous pool.

Mario: What the?


A giant Blooper enters the field into the pool.

Mario: Go Cheep!

Cheep is released into the pool.

Ludwig: Whirlpool!

A whirlpool emits in the pool, spinning Cheep about.

Mario: No!

Ludwig: Give up! Electro Blooper, use Ice Beam!

Mario: What?

Electro Blooper's blast misses and hits the side of the pool, freezing it to ice.

Ludwig: DRAT! Use Ice Beam and combine it with an aerial whirlpool!

Electro Blooper makes an ice whirlpool above the pool, then shatters it, causing piles of ice to drop down and hit Cheep.

Mario: NO!

Ludwig: Your Cheep Cheep is almost done!

Roy: It may be electric but it is also part water, so electricity will hurt it.

Mario: How will that help?

Ludwig: Shock Wave!

Electro Blooper releases a blue lightning bolt, just missing Cheep.

Mario: I think I know...

Mario begins looking around Ludwig.

Ludwig: Admire me, eh?

Peach: What is he doing?

Ludwig: Now use Whirlpool!

The whirlpool tosses Cheep about more.

Mario: I see it!

Ludwig: Hmm?

Ludwig looks to see that Mario is eyeing the switch to close the grating.

Ludwig: Oh really?

Mario: Cheep Cheep, splash and hit that switch!

Cheep springs towards the switch.

Ludwig: Not yet! Rain Dance!

Electro Blooper causes rain to fall and rust the switch so Cheep can't
push it.

Mario: Dang!

Ludwig: You're sneaky, Mario...

Mario: Oh well, get some of this! CHEEP, hit the switch with all your might!


Cheep heavily pounds the switch, closing the grating over the pool and trapping Electro Blooper. The electricity is attracted to the metal and redirects to the grating an inch above Electro Blooper. The electricity conducts and zaps the pool and puts Electro Blooper into full zapping position.

Ludwig: NO!

The grating blows away and bars with electricity flowing through them fly to different parts of the room. Electro Blooper surfaces with Xs in its eyes.

Ludwig: Wha... Wha... No...


Outside the gym...

Ludwig: That was an unbelievable battle, Mario, and I am proud to award you the Bolt Badge.

Mario takes the badge and from excitement dashes over the hills.

Peach: I'm sorry, he's just a little out there.

Peach runs off.

Roy: Did you know I'm a gym leader- Gotta go!

Roy runs after them.

Chapter 10: To the Snow Mountains

Mario: I know where to go!

Roy: Oh?

Mario: To the next gym!

Peach: And where is that?

Mario: Up in the mountains.

Roy: Yuppers!

Mario and friends head to the mountains. Meanwhile, back in Shock City...

Ludwig: Yes, he's coming to your gym... Don't let him win... Give him all you got and know a high amount of punishment will be dealt if you lose... Goodbye.

Ludwig hangs up.

Ludwig: Mario, I'll never let you win because the Elite 4 Champ will lose if you reach him.

Back on the mountain trail...

Mario: I see the city on the mountain!

Peach: Yes, you do.

Roy: I fear the leader may hold ice.

Peach: You think?

In Frost Town...

?????: He's coming, but I'll beat him, then freeze him. I can never let Mario gain the championship.

Outside of Frost City...

Mario: There it is!

Peach: The snow and ice everywhere!

Roy: My rock Koopamon would never like this type of place.

Mario: There!

Mario points towards a large mountain in the center of the city leading to the gym on top.

Mario: Let's go!

Peach: Yes.

Roy: Ready to go for badge number 4?

Mario: I couldn't be more ready.

Roy: Let's go then!

Mario and friends run to the mountain but a figure watches from the gym above.

?????: Yes, come to me, Mario, and feel the harsh and glorious power of ice...

Chapter 11: Lemmy Snows Best

Mario and friends are seen on the path to Frost City Gym when they approach a wild Koopamon.

Mario: OH COOL! It's an Ice Puff!

Peach: Well, catch it!

Mario: GO, SPIKE G!

Mario releases Spiked Goomba.

Mario: Spin Kick!

Spike G jumps and spins around, kicking Ice Puff multiple times and knocking it to the ground.


The Koopaball hits and captures Ice Puff.

Mario: WAHOO!

At the gym...

????: Yes, a spin kick. Lemmy knows best and Lemmy knows to study Mario's Koopamon's moves. Well, there are two Koopamon I know of that he owns... but the other two...

Outside the gym...

Mario: Well, here we are.

A Koopa exits the gym.

Lemmy: Welcome, all!

Mario: And you are...?

Lemmy: The gym leader.

Peach: You are?

Lemmy: Yes.

Mario: So you are my-

Lemmy: Challenge.

Mario: How did you-

Lemmy: I have my sources.

Roy: I have a bad feeling-

Lemmy: Roy... What are you doing with him?

Roy: I chose to follow.

Lemmy: You what?

Roy: I chose-

Lemmy: You are a disgrace to the like of a gym leader!

Mario: What?

Lemmy: I know you get help with your fights.

Roy: Just tips

Lemmy: Mario, I want just you to enter the gym and leave them out.

Mario: Mama-

Lemmy: Mia, I know... Get in. I don't want you to meet the Champ.

Mario: Why?

Lemmy: He... is my dad.

Mario: And...?

Lemmy: He cheated his way up there. He was helped, and if you must win over all I want it fair.

Mario: Let's... Let's-a go!

Chapter 12: An Arctic War

Mario and Lemmy are on floating platforms in a large room with snow covering the floor and falling down the walls.

Lemmy: Is three on three good for you?

Mario: Very well. I have-

Lemmy: Four Koopamon, so pick well.

Mario: You're a spy, aren't you?

Lemmy: I guess... You go first.

Mario: GO, SPIKE G!

Lemmy: Good... GO, BUMPTY!

Lemmy releases a penguin to the field.

Mario: Okay... Spin Kick!

Lemmy: I knew it! Bumpty, Slide!

Spike G jumps to spin kick but Bumpty slides underneath and bounces up under Spike G, sending him up and sticking his helmet in the ceiling.

Lemmy: I am a spy.


Lemmy: If you're truly good you'll win no matter how much I cheat. This battle will test your skills more then any other will.

Mario: Grrrrrr... SPIKE G, USE SPIN KICK!

Lemmy: Why?

Spike G spins at high speed, cracking the roof and dropping Spike G to the ground.

Lemmy: See? You are better than I thought! Keep up the stategy.

Mario: Fury Attack!

Lemmy: Very well... Use Fury Attack!

Spike G rapidly jabs Bumpty with its spike and Bumpty rapidly jabs Spike G with its beak.

Mario: All-out jabbing fun!

Lemmy: So true, but Bumpty will prevail.

Eventually Bumpty jabs Spike G hard, sending it into a wall.

Mario: NO!

Lemmy: I said strategy wins all.

Mario: Spike G, use your Spin Kick on the wall!

Lemmy: Hmmmmmm.

Spike G rapidly kicks a hole in the wall.

Lemmy: I don't know why but... SLIDE!

Mario: JUMP!

Bumpty slides across the floor and gets stuck in the hole.

Mario: Ha!

Lemmy: Good... but, Bumpty, use your Ice Ball!

Bumpty breaks through the wall with Ice Ball and slides outside and back in.

Mario: Darn!

Lemmy: Ice Ball!

Bumpty knocks Spike G out with a larger ice ball.

Mario: Return... I need to use a Koopamon that'll last.

Lemmy: Well, use Ice Puff then.

Mario: Oh god, he knows everything...

Lemmy: Well, I tend to know a lot.

Mario: ICE PUFF, GO!

Mario releases the cloud to the field.

Mario: Ice Puf, use Whirlwind!

Lemmy: Fine!

Ice Puff blows a huge blast of wind, blowing Bumpty across the room.

Lemmy: Ice Beam the ceiling!

Bumpty freezes the roof, forming icicles that hang from the roof.

Mario: What...? ICE PUFF, USE SLAM!

Lemmy: Hmmmmm.

Ice Puff rams Bumpty, knocking it into the wall and knocking it out.

Lemmy: Return! Well, well, well, Mario. That was supurb, but if I let you win as easy as 1, 2, 3 then I wouldn't have used my all! GO, FREEZIE!

Lemmy releaces a middle-sized mound of ice with a face.

Mario: What the? It can't even move!

Lemmy: Does that matter?

Mario: No, I will not let you screw up my mind. There must be a trick to this. Ice Puff, use Slam!

Lemmy: Fine!

Ice Puff rams into Freezy but the ice it is made of is so hard it knocks Icee Puff back.

Lemmy: You won't win.

Mario: Grrrr...

Lemmy: Strike all you want.

Mario: Fine! Use your Hail!

Lemmy: Wha?

Hail falls, hitting Freezy hard.

Lemmy: Oh! You expect the hail to crack Freezy... Hahahahah. Nice one, but again it won't work.


Lemmy: Wait...

Ice Puff gets super close to Freezy for a high-powered slam.


Mario: WHAT?

Freezy shoots a high-powered beam, blasting and knocking Ice Puff out.

Lemmy: You should have figured I was waiting for you to get close enough for the attack to be able to hit precisely.

Mario: Grrrrrr... GO, CHEEP!

Lemmy: A fish?

Mario: A fish.

Lemmy: Fine! Use your DEEP FREEZE!

Freezy shoots a super cold blast of ice at Cheep.

Mario: YES, use your Splash!

Cheep bounces over Freezy's head and comes down, smashing Freezy and knocking it out.

Lemmy: Wow! Return! Time for a big one, GO MR. BLIZZARD!

Lemmy releases a snowman.

Mario: Fine! Use your Water Gun!

Cheep squirts at Mr. Blizzard not doing much damage.


Mr. Blizzard punches the wall and the icicles fall on Cheep.


Cheep evolves to a Puffer Cheep.

Mario: Oh cool! I just got a P CHEEP!

Lemmy: Oh wow! USE YOUR ICE BALL!

Mr. Blizzard shoots a large ball of ice.

Mario: Tackle!

P Cheep hits it back and Mr. Blizzard hits it back with his glove. They start hitting the ice ball back and forth. and back.

Lemmy: Very good!

Mario: Splash to the side and Poison Sting!

P Cheep bounces to the side and shoots many needles, poisoning Mr. Blizzard.

Lemmy: NO! One final chance at this...

Mario: Oh god...


Mr. Blizzard shoots a large wave of ice, freezing over the room and barely missing P Cheep.

Mario: What the? Use Tackle!

P Cheep slides on the ice and into Mr. Blizzard.

Lemmy: Not done now and not done ever! Use your Focus Punch!

Mario: This is it... Get ready and... Splash!

Cheep bounces over Mr. Blizzard and it keeps sliding and gets its fist stuck in the wall.

Lemmy: NO!

Mario: I used the effects of your Sheer Cold against you!

Lemmy: NO!


P Cheep knocks out Mr. Blizzard by repeatedly hitting it with poison needles.

Lemmy: ... Return! ... Take your badge and know that you went against all odds and won on your own. You truly deserve this.

Seconds later, Mario and Lemmy exit the gym.

Peach and Roy: Well?

Lemmy: He did it.

Peach and Roy: YOU WON!

Mario: Wahoo! I got it!

Lemmy: Mario, you deserve this.

Lemmy hands over the Frost Badge.

Mario: WAHOO!

And with that, Mario and friends say their goodbyes and head on.

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