Mario's Koopamon Adventure

By crankymama5452

Chapter 13: Her Name is Cackletta

Mario and friends are in the local Koopamon Center on the PC system, talking to E. Gadd

E. Gadd: Well, boys, I got a treat for you!

Mario: What?

E. Gadd: There is a gym right here in the town you started off at.

Mario: And why didn't you say so earlier?

E. Gadd: The leader holds a huge amount of power in his Koopamon, and your Cheep Cheep wouldn't have been able to fend even one of for half a minute.

Mario: Sounds tough.

E. Gadd: Well I don't know what you're doing, but I know I gotta go.

Mario: Bye! Now to go get the others.

Mario leaves to see Peach and Roy talking to a witch.

Roy: Hey Mario, guess who this is!


Cackletta: Ah, it is so nice to know the youth knows of me. Where are you off to?

Mario: Toad Town and gym 5.

Cackletta: Come, we can use my blimp.

A while later Mario and friends are with Cackletta on the roof of a moving blimp.

Mario: Can I see your Koopamon?

Cackletta: What is the use of just showing?

Mario: Wha...?

Cackletta: How about a battle?

Mario: Okay, that would be an honor!

Cackletta: We're almost there, so how about one on one?

Mario: Let's-a go!

Cackletta: As you probably know, a match with me has the same rules as if you're battling a gym leader.

Mario: Good to know.

Cackletta: I'd like to say you'll not win.

Mario: Miracles do happen...

Cackletta: Oh, they do, but not here.

Mario: Let's begin!

Cackletta: Let's.

Chapter 14: Peek-a-Boo

Cackletta: I'll choose Boolossus.

Mario: Go P Cheep!

Cackletta releases an enormous Boo.

Cackletta: You go first.

Mario: Bad move but... P CHEEP, USE POISON STING!

Cackletta: Transparency!

Boolossus fades out and the needles go right through him.

Roy: Amazing!

Mario: Water Gun!

Cackletta: Stock Pile!

Boolosus inflates and glows. The inflating causes the water gun to just soak it without harm.

Cackletta: A Puffer Cheep is fast, and when you go against a fast Koopamon you must make a sneak attack! Transparency!

Boolosus fades out and becomes invisible.

Mario: Where is it?

Cackletta: SPIT UP!

Boolosus reappears behind P Cheep and shoots a large beam, knocking P Cheep out.

Mario: Wow! Return!

Cackletta: Mario, you fought well. Your skill is above most I have seen, and I know in the future we'll battle again. For now, I'd like to watch your gym match.

Mario: Mamamia!

Peach: We're here!

Roy: Let's get off!

A few minutes later Mario and friends, along with Cackletta, are outside the gym.

Mario: I'm ready!

They enter to see a Koopa resembling Lemmy in a large room sitting on a chair.

Mario: Are you the leader?

Iggy: I am. And you are...?

Mario: Mario, your next challenger.

Iggy: Hello Mario. This may hit as a surprise, but I hold my battles there.

Iggy points to a room that is designed like a city with buildings all along the side and a fountain in the middle.

Peach: What the?

Iggy: My Koopamon can last in any terrain, but I'd prefer a normal town square field.

Cackletta: Mario, looks like you got a strategist

Mario: I know the rules already.

Iggy: Three-on-three.

Mario: Fine. Let's-a go!

Chapter 15: An Average Day and an Unaverage Battle

Mario and Iggy are scene on the balcony of two fake houses.

Iggy: Mario, I wish you luck, as you'll definitely need it.

Mario: You'll need it too!

Iggy: I'll choose first! GO, SHY GUY!

Mario: GO, ICE PUFF!

Iggy releases a mini human-like Koopamon with a mask on.

Mario: Okay then, use your Hail!

Hail begins falling.

Iggy: Protect!

Shy Guy forms a barrier around it, causing the hail to bounce off.

Mario: Grrrrr, Ice Puff, use your Slam!

Iggy: Time for a knockout!

Mario: What?

Iggy: Shadow Ball!

Shy Guy forms a large black energy ball in its hands and Ice Puff flies into it, taking heavy damage.

Mario: NO! Use your Whirlwind!

Iggy: Protect!

Shy Guy forms the wall again to prevent being blown back.

Mario: Now close in on it!

Ice Puff closes in and eventualy Protect wears off and Shy Guy is slightly blown back, then Ice Puff slams it into a telephone pole.

Iggy: Grrrrrrr. Not bad, but one hit won't end Shy Guy.

Mario: Snowflake Razor!

Ice Puff launches ten snowflakes at Shy Guy. Eight hit and two slice the telephone pole, knocking it down to crash onto a bench.

Iggy: NO! Use your Double Team!

Shy Guy creates nine clones of itself.

Iggy: Try to win now!

Mario: Fine. Whirlwind in spin mode!

Ice Puff spins around at high speed, blowing away the Shy Guys until the real one is found when it is knocked out after hitting another telephone pole.

Iggy: Amazing... Return! You know, Mario, I think you have what it takes to go far in the world of Koopamon, but you just won't beat me if you use what you did just then as it is all classical.

Mario: Hmm...

Iggy: Go, Baseball Boy!

A Bandit with a bat and glove appears.

Mario: Looks easy. Use Slam!

Iggy: Pitch!

Baseball Boy catches Ice Puff and pitches it into the fountain, knocking it out.

Mario: Return! Go Para-Worm!

Iggy: Oh, that's easy...


Iggy: Heh, use you Agility!

Baseball Boy runs in a circle behind Para-Worm.

Mario: Hmmmm...

Iggy: Use Fire Ball!

Baseball Boy lobs and bats a fireball at Para-Worm.

Mario: Spin and Gust!

Para-Worm spins around and blows the fireball back, knocking Baseball Boy out

Iggy: Time for my most powerful of all. GO, CLUBBA!

A Clubba appears.

Mario: Okay then! Use your-

Iggy: Flamethrower!

Clubba scorches Para-Worm, knocking it out.

Mario: Fine then. GO, P CHEEP!

Iggy: Hmmmmm...

Mario: Use Water Gun!

Iggy: Use Detect!

Clubba protects itself against the water gun.

Mario: No!

Iggy: Bat!

Clubba uses its club as a baseball bat and bats P Cheep through a window.

Mario: Stay in there!

Iggy: Get in after it!

Clubba jumps into the house and is seen chasing a bouncing P Cheep up some stairs.

Iggy: Mario, do you think you'll win?

Mario: Yes I do!

Iggy: Why is that?

Mario: That is why!

Mario points to P Cheep and Clubba, who have just reached the roof of the highest building.

Iggy: Grrrrrrr, Thunderbolt!

Clubba shoots a bolt of lightning just missing and crashing through the roof.

Mario: Too close!

Iggy: Grab it and crush it!

Clubba grabs P Cheep.

Mario: Tackle!

P Cheep rams Clubba, knocking both of them off the side of the roof. They crash through the roof of the building beside it.

Iggy and Mario: NO!

Peach, Roy, and Cackletta: Wow! They are fighting very well!

Iggy: Flamethrower!

The building P Cheep and Clubba crashed into gets set on fire.

Mario: NO!

Iggy: Heh, no win for you today, Mario.


After several seconds the fire becomes smoke and Cluba and P Cheep fly out a window and roll across the field, crashing through the door of another house.

Peach: That is one wierd field.

Cackletta: It may seem so, but Iggy made it for the advantage of his Koopamon, which are from the start used to the city. His normal-type Koopamon have an advantage in a field that matches something they are
used to.

Roy: Oh, wow!

Smashing is heard.

Iggy: Bat!

Mario: Water Gun!

Another smash is heard as Clubba's club flies out the window of the house they are in.

Iggy: NO WAY!



Needles shatter windows and a needle-covered, knocked out Clubba flies through a window and lands outside.

Iggy: No... No way...


Iggy: Mario, you won! You won even when the opponent had the advantage. You took the advantage anyway and won. You deserve this.

Iggy hands Mario the Average Badge and Mario and the gang say their goodbyes.


Mario: I did it!

Cackletta: You did, Mario, and you should be proud.

Mario: Cackletta, are you going back to the Koopamon League?

Cackletta: I have to. Goodbye... for now...

Mario: Goodbye!

With that, Mario heads off to the next gym.

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