Mario's Koopamon Adventure

By crankymama5452

Chapter 16: The Biggest Wave of All

After winning his fifth badge, Mario heads to the next gym.

Mario: Where to, Roy?

Roy: Aqua Town.

Peach: A place I can get used to!

Mario: Let's-a go!

Roy: Let's get the boat there.

Ten minutes later, they are on a moving pirate ship.

Mario: Are we on the right ship?

Captain: Of course you are, matey!

Roy: Are you a pirate?

Captain: Yeah, I am. Wanna battle 'til we get to the town?

Mario: Sure!

Captain: 3-on-1.

Mario: What?

Captain: I'll use one Koopamon and you'll each use one.

Mario: Fine! GO SPIKE G!



Captain: Very well, then. I choose Bulk-omb.

The captain releases an oversized pink bomb.

Mario: Fury Attack!

Peach: Water Gun!

Roy: Sandstorm!


They look to see the town.

Captain: Let's wrap things up! EXPLOSION!

Bulk-omb knocks everyone out with an explosion, including itself.

Mario, Peach, and Roy: O_O  Return...

Captain: The leader is a master of water Koopamon, and because I'm nice, you can have this Crazee Dayzee.

Mario: Oh! Super cool!

Ten minutes later they are seen walking through town.

Captain: I am rarely on land, so may I temporarily join yo?

Mario: Sure~

Captain: Just call me Smithy.

Peach: Okay.

Roy: I heard that name before...

Smithy: I'm sure you have.

A while later they are seen outside a building.

Roy: This is the place

Mario: Let's-a go!

Chapter 17: A Pre-Trainer Match

Mario enters to see two girls talking to each other.

Girl 1: Oh hello, I am Wendy and this is Susan.

Mario: Hello. One of you wouldn't happen to be the leader, would you?

Wendy: That would be me.

Mario: Great, I am here to challenge you, Wendy.

Susan: I'm not the leader, but can I fight you?

Mario: Why not?

Susan: I don't want to hold you up, so 1-on-1.

Mario: Okay! I choose Spike G!

Susan: OH, SUPER CUTE! I choose you, Diver Goom!

Mario: Horn Attack!

Susan: Spin Kick

Both Koopamon collide sending each other backward into a wall.

Susan: Not too shabby!

Mario: Thank you!

Susan: Water Gun!

Mario: Spin Kick

Spike G twirls through the air avoiding the water gun, and knocks Diver Goom out with five multiple kicks.

Susan: Oh, cool!

Wendy: I see you are definitely ready for me! Well then, look there...

Wendy points to the back wall, being a giant aquarium tank.

Wendy: That is the battlefield

Mario: 3-on-3.

Wendy: I was going to go 4-on-4, but if you want...

Mario: 4-on-4... LET'S-A GO!

Chapter 18: I Sea You

Wendy and Mario are side by side in front of the tank.

Wendy: Shall I choose first.

Mario: Ladies first!

Wendy: Okay, then I choose Lava Lotus!

Wendy releases an odd plant into the water and watches it sink to the bottom.

Mario: I choose P Cheep!

Wendy: Ember Spread!

Mario: Tackle!

P Cheep goes in for a tackle but embers shot in different directions throw it back.

Mario: I can't get close so Poison Sting!

Wendy: Use Absorb!

Lava Lotus absorbs energy from the surrounding plants on the bottom of the tank to reduce damage from the needles.

Mario: Keep up Poison Sting!

Wendy: Yes! Wear it out! Knock Lava Lotus out and prepare for straight knockouts!

Mario: Keep it up!

Wendy: Absorb!

The same results continue to happen.

Wendy: Nah... ICE BEAM!

Several needles knock Lava Lotus out and P Cheep is knocked out due to being frozen.

Mario and Wendy: RETURN!

Mario: Go Para-Worm!

Wendy: Go Jelectro!

Wendy releases a small jellyfish.

Wendy: Ice Beam!

Mario: Use Silver Wind!

The attacks collide and explode on contact.

Mario: Gust!

Wendy: Chain Lightning!

A bending bolt fires out and knocks Flying Wiggler out.

Mario: Return! Go, Ice Puff!

Wendy: How will that win?

Mario: This is how... ICE BALL!

Ice Puff freezes all the tank's water and Jelectro with it.

Wendy: No way!

Mario: Slam the tank!

Ice Puff shatters the tank and ice falls everywhere and so does Jelectro.

Mario: Hah!

Wendy: Return!

Mario: Down to two Koopamon each.


Wendy releases a stone crab on the ground.

Mario: Ice Ball!

Wendy: Rock Blast!

Ice Puff's ice ball is shattered by a rock.

Mario: Whirlwind!

Wendy: Quickly, Pinch!

Crusty latches onto Ice Puff as it is blown into a wall and they both take damage

Wendy: Mud Shot!

Crusty covers Ice Puff in damaging mud.

Mario: Oh no! Use your Slam!

Ice Puff slams Crusty into a wall.

Wendy: It isn't going down that fast!

Mario: Grrrrrrrr! USE SLAM over and over again!

Ice Puff slams Crusty repeatedly until it knocks itself out on slam number twelve.

Mario: Return and go, Crazee Dayzee!

Wendy: *gasp* No!

Mario: Petal Dance, C Dayzee!

C Dayzee knocks out Crusty with repeated sharp petals.

Wendy: Return! Just 1-on-1, Mario.

Mario: I know.

Wendy: Who do you think will win?

Peach: Go, Mario!

Roy: You can do it!

Smithy: That boy isn't too bad... I do believe he'll pose a threat to the Elite Four... GO, MARIO!

Wendy: Dumb cheerleaders...

Mario: Choose your Koopamon!


Wendy releases a giant toxicated Blooper to the field.

Mario: This looks tough.

Wendy: Use Sludge Bomb and kill that flower!

Mario: Sunny Day!

The sun gets overly hot. Gooper sucks in for the sludge bomb.


The solarbeam colides with the sludge bomb and sludge splatters everywhere as the solarbeam is stopped.

Mario: How can I win?

Wendy: Hydro Pump with Ice Beam!

Gooper shoots a frozen hydro pump, blasting C Dayzee into a wall.

Mario: No... One chance to do this...

Smithy: Use Petal Dance, Mario!

Mario: Why?

Mario looks around.

Wendy: Time's up! Use Whiplash!

Gooper swings a tenticle at C Dayzee.

Mario: I see it! Jump now!

C Dayzee just dodges the tenticle in time.

Wendy: Whiplash with each of your four tenticles, quickly! Don't let that flower stop you, Gooper Blooper!

Mario: Petal Dance on the hanging bar!

Sharp petals chop the string holding a hanging bar above Gooper, and it falls on Gooper, stunning it.

Mario: Sunny Day!

The sun gets overheated again.

Wendy: How about that Whiplash, Gooper?

Gooper Blooper lashes C Dayzee so hard it is thrown into a wall.

Wendy: I say one more attack shall do the trick!

Mario: NO!

Wendy: Sludge Bomb!

Mario: Solarbeam with all your power!

Wendy: NOOOO!

C Dayzee fires a high-powered beam, hitting Gooper.

Wendy: NOT NOW!

Gooper is thrown into a wall.

Smithy: How about that fourth attack, Mario?

Mario: Right! Attract!

Wendy: NO!

C Dayzee shoots Gooper with a heart and it falls in love with C Dayzee and chases it around the field.

Mario: That wasn't supposed to happen!

Wendy: Attract worked a little too well...

Mario: Jump!

C Dayzee jumps and comes down on Gooper.

Wendy: Oh no!

Mario: Bend down and fire Solarbeam into its mouth!

Wendy: O_O

C Dayzee inflates Gooper by firing an endless beam in its mouth until it shoots backwards and knocks itself out by crashing into a wall.


Wendy: How?


Wendy: Take the Aqua Badge, Mario.

Mario: Thank you!

Wendy: I never saw a challenger as tough as you.

Mario: Thank you again, and bye!

Smithy: Mario, you have two more badges to go, right?

Mario: Yup!

Smithy: Can I tag along for the journey to see if you can become Champ?

Mario: Of course!

And with that, Mario and friends set out to the next gym.

Chapter 19: P Cheep Evolves

After both finding a new friend and getting badge number 6, Mario is heading to Tree Top Town.

Mario: Wahoo! Two more to go!

Roy: Yup!

Smithy: Don't mind me asking, but I noticed you had a pre-evolved Boss Bass.

Mario: What?

Smithy: Your Puffer Cheep.

Mario: You want it to evolve?

Smithy: Give it this item, which is called Rare Candy. By eating this candy it'll be closer to evolving.

Mario takes and feeds P Cheep the candy.

Mario: There you go!

Roy: How much farther?

Peach: The map says we are close, so I say maybe twenty minutes or so.

Mario: Is that it?

Mario points to an enormous tree with houses on it in the distance.

Mario: I want that Koopamon!

Smithy: Oh that thing... Those are originally weak.

Mario is seen pointing at a Boomerang Bro.

Mario and Roy: Those aren't weak!

Mario: P Cheep, go! Use Poison Sting!

P Cheep poisons it as it prepares for a bomberang attack, knocking it over.

Smithy: Now is your chance!

Mario throws a Koopaball and catches it!

Mario: COOL! I GOT IT! Are you happy, P C... Huh?

Mario turns around to see a big fat fish with a giant mouth.

Mario: Where is P Cheep?

Smithy: That is your P Cheep. You got so distracted you didn't see it become Boss Bass.


Smithy: You are one odd guy.

Peach: Let's go already!

Mario: Okay!

Smithy: Umm, Mario?

Mario: You ask a lot of questions.

Smithy: Do you know what the gym leader has?

Mario: Grass, obviously.

Smithy: Most likely. Who will you use?

Mario: I don't know.

Smithy: It is always good to plan ahead.

Roy: He is right.

Mario: Fine, I know who I'll pick. Let's go!

Chapter 20: One of Fire and One of Water but Both of Grass

Mario and friends arrive at Tree Top Town.

Mario: There is the gym!

Smithy: Ah, memories...

Mario: What?

Smithy: Oh nothing... Nothing at all, heh.

Roy: You're acting odd...

Peach: Let's go in then.

They enter the gym to a hall lined with plants.

Mario: Come on!

They go down the hall and into a door to a huge greenhouse.


Mario: Wow...

Roy: Where do we go?

Peach: So many paths...

Smithy: Take two lefts and three rights, then up the stairs.

Mario: You work here, don't you?

Smithy: No, I just fought the leader once.

Mario: Did you win?

Smithy: There is the door.

Mario: I asked a question...

Smithy: I'll tell you after your match.

Mario: Fine.

They go onto an elevator to the next floor and enter a room with a door at the other side with a sign saying "Battlefield" hanging from the door.

Mario: THERE!

A Koopa exits.

Larry: Welcome!

Mario: Are you the leader?

Larry: Yes.

Mario: I challenge you!

Larry: Ah, this way...

Larry takes them into a room with an opening in the roof,

Larry: Do you know what a double battle is?

Mario: Yes.

Larry: We're going to have one of those.

Mario: WHAT?

Larry: One of you three must aid him... not the old guy.

Smithy: I resent that.

Peach: I will.

Larry: Begin, then.

Larry hits a switch and two holes open in the floor, one a pit of lava and the other a pit of water.

Mario: Whoa!


Larry releases two huge Pirahna Plants, one in the fire pit and one in the water pit.


Larry: BEGIN!

Chapter 21: Teamwork Solves All

Larry: Lava Piranha, use Sunny Day!

A huge amount of sun rays come into the room.

Mario: Bomberang!

Peach: Wing Attack!

Larry: Both use Solar Beam!

Naval and Lava Piranha fire huge beams that hit and send Paragoomba and Boomerang Bro. into a wall

Larry: Done already?

Smithy: (whispering to Mario) I won.

Mario: What?

Peach: Use Sky Dive!

Paragoomba swoops up and comes down at Lava Piranha.

Larry: Fire Blast!

Mario: Bomberang!

Lava P scorches Paragoomba and Bomberang explodes on both enemies, shaking them up.

Larry: Hmmmm...

Peach: Continue Sky Dive!

Larry: Bite!

Lava P bites Paragoomba, knocking it out.

Peach: Return!

Mario: One weakened Koopamon against two barely harmed Koopamon...

Larry: It is all in my favor.

Mario: Flamemerang!

Boomerang Bro tosses a high-speed boomerang with a trail of fire behind it, hitting Lava P hard.

Larry: NO!

Mario: Slam!

Larry: Both of you, Bite!

Mario: Jump!

Boomerang Bro. jumps and Lava and Naval's heads collide and Boomerang Bro. slams into Lava.

Larry: How can he hold off so long?

Mario: Use Boomerang Cutter!

Larry: Fire Blast, Lava, and hurry!

Lava Piranha scorches Boomerang Bro. but it still lands the slash.

Larry: NO!


The Bomberang strikes them both, knocking out Lava Piranha.

Mario: Yes!

Peach and Roy: ONE MORE!

Smithy: He can do it...

Larry: Naval, use Rain Dance!

Mario: Slam!

Larry: Hydro Pump

The hydro pump sends Boomerang Bro. flying into a wall.

Larry: HAHAHA! Pathetic.

Smithy: Although Boomerang Bro. is freshly caught, I can tell it holds more power than they expect.

Mario: SLAM!

Larry: Solarbeam!

Due to no sun, Naval must charge up. In the process the slam hits but Solarbeam does too.

Mario: NO!

Larry: NO!

Mario: Flamerang!

Larry: Bite!

Naval bites through the boomerang and bites Boomerang Bro.

Mario: NO!

Larry: Yes!

Mario: Boomerang Cutter!

Boomerang Bro goes in for the hit but Naval goes under the pit of water and Boomerang Bro falls in.

Smithy: NO! Larry just got the advantage... maybe...


Boomerang Bro knocks out Naval by slicing it.

Mario: WAHOO!


Larry: I don't know what to say...

Mario: Well?

Larry: Take the Leaf Badge.

Mario: Thank you!

Larry: Good luck in the future.

Mario: Goodbye!

With that, Mario and friends once again set off on their journey.

Chapter 22: A climb to the Sky

Mario: Where to?

Roy: Well...

Smithy: Sky City.

Mario: Ummm...

Peach: Let's go!

Mario: Okay!

Smithy: We must climb the beanstalk - yes, beanstalk - to the sky.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Peach: Is that it about ten or so miles away?

Roy: That would be it.

Mario: Let's run!

A while later they are beginning the climb.

Mario: Wow...

Peach: High!

Roy: No kidding...

Smithy: Climb, everyone!

Mario: My hands are tired, though.

Roy: We've only been climbing ten minutes.

Mario: So?

Peach: Keep going or admire the Paragoombas following us at high speed to knock us off.

Mario: WHOA!

Mario zips up the beanstalk.

Peach: Ummmmm...

At the top...

Mario: This place is cool... THERE IS THE GYM!

Mario runs to the gym.

Chapter 23: An Airborne Fight

Mario enters the gym.

Jr: Who's there?

Mario: Your challenger.

Jr: Another loser...

Mario: Battle me!

Jr: Fine!

Mario: Good.

Jr: Come with me...

Mario and Jr. are seen on platforms floating 50 feet above the roof of the gym.

Jr: How about 4 on 4?

Mario: Very well!

Jr: A trick to it, though. One double battle and two separate.

Mario: Mamamia!

Jr: I choose Lakitu and Lakipea!

Mario: Go Para-Worm and Ice Puff!

Jr. releases two clouds with a Koopa on them, but Lakipea has vines on the cloud.

Mario: Ice Puff, use Ice Ball, and Para-Worm, use Silver Wind!

Jr: Dodge!

Lakitu and Lakipea dodge the attacks!

Jr: Get ready Sunny Day!

The sun gets bright.

Jr: Weather Ball!

A flaming ball comes from them both.

Mario: Para-Worm, Gust!

Para-Worm blows the fireballs back into Lakitu.

Jr: Use your Vine Whip, Lakipea!

Mario: Para-Worm, Iron Tackle!

Para-Worm turns to iron and rams Lakitu.

Jr: Grrrrrr. USE HYPER BEAM!

Both Lakitu and Lakipea fire high-power blasts that strike Para-Worm.

Mario: NO... Hail!

Ice Puff creates hail, pelting every Koopamon, which eventualy drop and begin a dive towards land.

Mario and Jr: NO!

The three falling Koopamon are knocked out.

Mario and Jr: Return!

Jr: Go Para-Bomb!


Jr: Use Slam!

Para-Bomb smashes the ice ball and slams Ice Puff, knocking it out.

Mario: GO, SPIKE G!

Spike G is released on Mario's platform.

Mario: BEGIN!

Chapter 24: An Airborne Battle, Part 2

Mario: Spin Kick!

Jr: Use your Slam!

Spike G repeatedly kicks Para-Bomb until it gets knocked out, then Spike G falls.

Mario and Jr: RETURN!

Mario: Go Boss Bass!

Jr: Go Sky Guy!

Mario: Time to win!

Jr. Try if you must!

Mario: Hydro Pump!

Jr: Bomb Toss!

Sky Guy is hit with Hydro Pump and Boss Bass is hit with the bomb.

Mario: Do the same!

Jr: You do the same too!

After so many repeated strikes, they both go down.

Mario and Jr: O_O

Jr: We need to each use one Koopamon, winner gets the badge.

Mario: Go, Boomerang Bro!

Jr: Go, Angry Sun!

Mario: A flying-fire combo. Tricky, but-


Mario: Use Bomberang and jump to Jr's platform!

Boomerang Bro jumps to Jr's platform and the fire misses. The bomberang explodes on Angry Sun.

Jr: NO!

Angry Sun drops towards land.

Jr: Fire Blast!

The stream of flames pushes it back up to level with the others.

Jr: HAH!

Mario: Bomberang!

Boomerang Bro knocks Angry Sun out with an explosion and the platfoms lower to the front gate.

Jr: Take the badge and leave and never come back.

Mario: Okay.

Jr: I'll follow you instead and challenge you again in a while, okay?

Mario: Okay!

With that Mario and Jr. go to the beanstalk, climb down, get the others, and run toward the Koopamon League.

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