Mario's Koopamon Adventure

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: And So It Begins

One morning Mario wakes in bed ,excited because he can finally become a Koopamon trainer.

Mario: Today's the big day

Mario looks at his clock to see he has ten minutes to get to Professor E. Gadd's lab.

Mario: Mamamia, I gotta go!

Still in his pajamas, Mario races out and to E. Gadd's lab. Mario gets scared because he is .1 second late.

Mario: Hello, Professor.

E. Gadd: Why hello there, Mario. Are you thinking of being a trainer in your pajamas?

Mario: No. May I have my Koopamon?

E. Gadd: Sure! Unfortunatly, in the last .1 second, two of the Koopamon were taken, so
you get the water Koopamon, Cheep Cheep.

Mario takes his Koopamon and, without a word, dashes out. Meanwhile, Peach is fishing when Mario runs by and plows through her bike, knocking it in the river.


Peach chases after Mario and eventually catches him.

Peach: You're paying for my bike and no buts about it.

Mario: Later, I have to catch Koopamon as I just became a trainer!

Peach: Tell you what, if you beat me I'll pay for a new bike instead.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Peach: Being you have only one Koopamon, it'll be one-on-one. BEGIN!

Mario releases Cheep Cheep.

Peach: Okay! GO STAR SLAP!

A pink star comes out of Peach's Koopaball.

Peach: Star Slap! Pound attack!

Star Slap jumps at Cheep Cheep but without Mario's command, Cheep Cheep performs Splash. It bounces up and comes down on Star Slap.

Peach: NO! Star Slap, use Rapid Spin!

Star Slap falls down and spins at a high speed. It spins so fast it lifts of the ground in a twister it made. Star Slap darts from the twister still spinning but Cheep Cheep, on its own decision, uses Splash again and bounces out of the way, and Star Slap knocks itself out by flying into a tree.

Mario: WAHOO! I did it!

Peach: Congrats! Too bad for me, it was my first time too.

Mario: I got an idea. Why don't you come with me?

Peach: Why not?

And with that Mario begins his adventure. Along with him is Peach, a new trainer as well. How will Mario fare in his upcoming encounter with a trainer?

Chapter 2: Mario Catches a Koopamon

Mario and Peach are seen walking to the next city, where Mario will have his first gym battle. But first Mario is taking a stop in the Bug Woods.

Mario: Wohoo! Peach, do you think I'll catch a Koopamon?

Peach: Eventualy you will. Hey, in the meantime, wanna see my other Koopamon?

Mario: I got a good idea. Why not find a Koopamon? If I catch it we'll battle my second Koopamon against your second.


Mario looks to see a small Wiggler.

Mario: Oh, goodie goodie!

Mario releases Cheep Cheep.

Mario: Cheep Cheep, use your Water Gun!

Cheep Cheep sprays Wiggler, flipping it over. Mario then throws his only Koopaball and catches it.

Mario: I caught Wiggler! I'm first gona rename Cheep Cheep to Cheep instead.

Peach: It is battle time! Now to battle.

Mario releases Wiggler and in turn Peach sends out a Blooper Baby.

Peach: Water Gun Wiggler

Mario: Wiggler, use Tackle!

Blooper Baby squirts a small stream of water at Wiggler as Wiggler tackles right through it, taking little damage from the water. Wiggler rams Blooper Baby into a tree, knocking it out.

Peach: O_O  Already?! I knew I should actually train them.

Mario: I'm gona call Wiggler, Worm.

Peach: Ummmmmmmm...

Mario: Return, Worm!

Mario calls Worm back to the Koopaball.

Mario: Are you coming?

Peach: Yup.

Mario and Peach head out and reach the new city.

Mario: This is the place with the gym

Peach: Yes.

Mario: Where is the gym?

Peach: There.

Peach points  to a building no more then ten steps in front of their faces.

Mario: That says G-Y-M, but gym is J-I-M.

Peach: Here it is, gym.

Mario: Okay.

They enter, not knowing what awaits

Chapter 3: Roy and the Rock-Hard Koopamon Battle

Mario and Peach enter to instantly see Roy Koopa sitting in a corner with a Koopamon. The Koopamon is small and barely visible behind Roy.

Mario: Roy, are you the gym leader here?

Roy: Yup.

Mario: I challenge you, then!

Roy: Not now. I have to go to the square.

Peach: Can we come?

Roy: Why not?

Later, Mario, Peach, and Roy are seen in the town square.

Mario: Why are we here?

Roy: Because.

Peach: I see a nice Goomba hot air balloon.

Kamek and Kammy jump down to the square with a Goomba.

Kamek: We challenge you to a battle for your Koopamon!

Peach: For our Koopamon? No way!

Mario: It's on!

Peach: O_O

Kammy: Okay! Double battle!

Mario: Peach, you have to help then.

Peach: Fine...

Mario sends out Worm and Peach sends out Blooper Baby while Kamek sends out Bob-omb and Kammy sends out a Goomba.

Kammy and Kamek: TACKLE NOW!

Mario: Worm, use Tackle!

Peach: BB, use Water Gun

Both the Magikoopas' Koopamon dash forward but Worm knocks aside Goomba and Blooper Baby squirts Bob-omb into Goomba, knocking Goomba out.

Kamek: I'll stop them! Bob-omb, use your Slam now!

Bob-omb slams into Worm and bounces off into Blooper Baby, knocking them both to the ground.

Kamek: Good one! Now use your Slam again!

Bob-omb slams into Worm and bounces off into Blooper Baby, knocking them around.

Kamek: And to make sure they're out, BOB-OMB, USE YOUR-

Roy jumps in with his small Koopamon.


A large rock comes down and flattens Team Magikoopa and their Koopamon.

Roy: There! Now Mario, how about that battle?

Mario: WOOHOO!

A while later Mario is on a floating platform on one side of the gym and Roy is on a floating platform on the other side of the gym.

Roy: This is an official Koopamon match! Each trainer will use two Koopamon and the victor will be decided when both of the opponents' Koopamon are unable to battle. There will be no timer and the battle begins NOW!

Mario: GO, WORM!

Roy: Go, Cleft!

The two familiar Koopamon are released onto the field


Mario: TACKLE!

Worm and Cleft ram each other, but due to the size difference Cleft is thrown into one of many large rocks on the field.

Roy: No! Cleft, use your Rock Tomb!

Mario: Worm, dodge!

The rock drops just as Worm manages to escape from under it.

Mario: Pound!
Roy: Another power move... Okay, CLEFT, JUMP BEHIND A ROCK!

Worm slams its tail into the rock, damaging it and smashing the rock.

Roy: Hah!

Mario: NO!

Roy: Never underestimate me just because the first hit was right on Cleft. Now, Cleft, use your Tackle!

Mario: Worm, use your Growl!

Cleft is about to ram Worm when Worm's growl slightly scares Cleft, slowing him and weakening the tackle. The tackle still sends Worm flying through a rock, however.

Peach: MARIO! Remember, the challenger can switch out.

Mario: Right! Come back!

Mario recalls Worm.

Mario: Go Cheep!

Mario releases Cheep.

Roy: A Cheep Cheep, eh? Well in that case... Horn Attack!

Mario: Water Gun!

Cleft, head sticking out, dashes towards Cheep but Cheep's water gun sends Cleft flying into a wall, knocking it out.

Roy: NO... *sigh* Return!

Roy recalls Cleft and Roy throws another Koopaball, revealing a green Cleft.

Roy: Say hello to Hyper Cleft!

Mario: Mamamia!

Roy: OKAY! Hyper, use Rock Tomb!

Mario: Splash!

Cheep bounces away from the falling rocks.

Mario: Water Gun!

Roy: Go figure! Sandstorm!

Cleft kicks its feet at high speed, blowing sand all around the area and causing the water gun to miss

Roy: Hyper Cleft, use your Rock Tomb

Mario, not being able to see through the remaining sand, can't see the rock falling beside Cheep and commands it to splash to the side. It bounces under the rock and is crushed.

Mario: Missed!

Roy: Oh?

The sand clears, revealing a flattened and knocked out Cheep Cheep.

Mario: DARN... Return!

Mario recalls Cheep and sends out Wiggler.

Mario: Worm, I know you're damaged but I need you to give this your all. TACKLE!

Worm charges at Hyper but is knocked aside due to a tackle.

Mario: WORM! Please, I know you can do it, I just kno... Wwhhhhaaaaaa?!

Worm is seen glowing! Worm raises to the air, grows wings, and becomes Flying Wiggler!

Mario: COOL! Now I got Para-Worm!

Roy: Hmmmmmmm... Well, well, well...

Mario: Now you're going down!

Roy: I beg to differ! Hyper, use Sandstorm!

Hyper fills the room completely with sand.

Mario: GOT YA!

Roy and Peach: What?

Mario: Para-Worm, USE GUST!

Roy: NO!

Flyuing Wiggler flaps its wings super fast, blowing the sand to the sides of the gym and forming a blast of wind that shoots down and and sends Hyper Cleft into the wall, knocking it out.

Roy: No... Hyper, return! Mario... you won the match. Never have I seen such a challenger.

Mario: WAHOO! Let's-a go!

Later, Mario and Peach are seen walking down a road.

Peach: So, you really did it!

Mario: Yup!

Roy: WAIT!

Mario: Wha?

Roy: You forgot this!

Roy hands out the Gravel Badge.

Mario: Oh, cool!

Roy: If you plan to challenge the Koopamon League, you'll need this.

Peach: Wow, Mario!

Roy: Can I come? Staying at the building becomes a literal pain.

Mario: Sure!

And as this chapter ends Mario gets a new friend and a badge. Mario has seven badges to go.

Chapter 4: Peach, Roy, and Mario vs Team Goomba

After winning the first badge, Mario also earned a new friend and an evolved Wiggler. Mario and friends are heading to the next gym.

Mario: Where to, Roy?

Roy: Sand Town.

Peach: Is it in a desert or on a beach?

Roy: I believe it is in a desert.

Mario: No matter, I got Para-Worm.

Peach: Yes, you do.


Mario: What?

A Goomba hot air balloon drops two Magikoopas.

Mario: You again!

Kamek and Kammy: WE CHALLENGE YOU!

Roy: Very well!

Kammy: 3 vs 3! I'll use two Koopamon and Kamek will use one, and each of you use one.

Peach: Very well! GO BB!

Mario: Go Para-Worm!

Roy: Go Hyper!

Kamek: Go Bob-omb!

Kammy: Go Goomba and Fuzzy!

Roy: Now... BEGIN!

Kamek and Kammy: TACKLE!

Mario and Peach: Tackle!

Roy: Rock Tomb!

Para-Worm swoops in and plows Goomba over, and Baby Blooper rams Bob-omb, making the two collide. A rock drops on Bob-omb, knocking it out, and Fuzzy knocks BB out.



Hyper kicks sand up everywhere.


Para-Worm blows a blast of wind down on the blinded enemies, knocking them out.

Kammy: Ummmmm...

Kamek: We aren't done!

Kamek and Kammy dash at Mario but Para-Worm blows them far away with Gust.

Mario: We win!

Peach: I still don't like that I lost.

Mario: Gym time!

Roy: Yeah, let's go.

Mario, Peach, and Roy continue on as Kamek and Kammy land in Sand Town.

Roy: There is the desert.

Roy points to a large area of sand cacti.

Mario: The city is there in the middle.

Mario and Peach walk on and Roy runs ahead

Mario: Active, are we?

Roy: Yup~

Peach: Well we're at the gate, so let's enter the city.

With that, they enter the city, and badge 2 is on the way.

Chapter 5: Moton Says I Don't Have Time

Mario and friends have just entered the city gym to see a large sand platform hanging over a concrete floor. Morton Koopa sits on the sand glaring at Mario.

Morton: Here to challenge me?

Mario: Yup.

Morton: I have no time.

Mario: Why not?

Morton: If you are a good trainer you must help me.

Mario: How?

Morton: A little Koopa is trapped in a well and I have no Koopamon that can reach all the way down.

Peach: Mario has a flying type that can help.

Morton: Let's go, then!

A while later they are seen in front of the well.

Morton: I don't know how she fell in but she did.

Mario: Para-Worm, get down there!

Para-Worm goes down into the well and brings the Koopa out. Without a thanks, the Koopa runs off

Morton: Short and sweet is how I like it.

Roy: Yup.

Morton: You run a gym, don't you?

Roy: Yes.

Morton: I got an idea. Why don't you battle me before Mario?

Morton and Roy enter the gym and exit five minutes later.

Mario: That was quick.

Roy: He is unbelievable!

Mario: A challenge, eh?

Morton: Let's enter.

Chapter 6: A Battle of the Sands

Morton is seen on a floating platform to the back of the gym and Mario is on one by the door.

Mario: Same rules as Roy, I guess.

Morton: Sorta. Look...

A hole opens in the ceiling on each corner and sand fills in.

Morton: The Koopamon will battle below the sand platform. When the sand fills the battle ends. It will be 2 vs 2 though, but if I have two Koopamon and you still have one when the sand fills, I'll win for holding more Koopamon.

Mario: Mamamia!

Morton: I'll begin! GO MONTY MOLE!

Mario: Para-Worm, go!

A small mole appears.

Mario: That looks easy.

Morton just grins.

Mario: Pound!

Para-Worm goes to pound its fist on Monty Mole.

Morton: Ready... and... SAND ATTACK!

Monty shoots a small stream of sand in Para-Worm's face.

Mario: No!

Peach: He just should have used Gust.

Roy: Right!

Mario: I know. Para-Worm, use Tackle!

Peach: Another contact move... but why?

Morton: Hah, okay then, use Rock Throw!

Mario: Good, Gust!

Monty Mole throws a rock but Para-Worm blows it back into Monty.

Morton: I know you think you can win, but you can't.

Mario: Why?

Morton: I can switch without breaking the rules.

Mario: What?

Morton: Baton Pass!

Monty disappears and is replaced with a Dry Bones.

Morton: Heh... Curse!

Dry Bones does nothing and Para-Worm drops, knocked out.

Morton: It must have have very little power to fall to Curse that quickly.

Mario: I don't know what happened, but I choose Cheep.

Morton: Pathetic... Bone Club!

Mario: Water Gun!

Cheep's water gun knocks the bone from Dry Bone's hand.

Morton: Uh oh!

Mario: Water Gun!

Cheep's water gun knocks Dry Bones down to pieces, only to have it reform.

Mario: WHAT?!

Morton: Baton Pass.

Dry Bones is switched with Monty Mole.

Morton: Dig!

Mario: Splash!

Monty digs under the raising sand with Cheep falling after.

Mario: Water Gun!

A flash is seen.

Morton: Finally!

Roy: Could it be?

Cheep is thrown out of the hole followed by Mega Mole.

Morton: I knew it!

Mario: It evolved!

Morton: Mud Shot!

Mario: Water Gun!

Cheep's water gun passes through the mud shot and hits Mega Mole, tossing it into the high above hanging sand platform, knocking it out. Cheep bounces away from the mud shot.

Morton: It was injured already, so no wonder he went down so fast. Go Dry Bones!

Dry Bones reappears.

Morton: Mud Shot!

Mario: Now use your-

Before the command was completed Cheep is hit by mud moving at a high speed.

Mario: Water-

Another mud shot hits.

Mario: Gun!

Cheep squirts a small stream of water that hits and breaks Dry Bones down, only to have it rebuild again.

Morton: You cannot win. BONE CLUB!
Mario: Splash!

Cheep dodges repeated Bone Clubs.

Mario: I must think fast!

Peach: Cheep has to have at least a forth move beside Splash, Water Gun, and Tackle.

Mario: What was it?

Mario has a flashback...

Mario: Cheep Cheep it is!

E. Gadd: Okay! It has Water Gun, Splash, Rain Dance, and Tackle.

Mario: I remember! But how will it work...? I know!

Morton: BONE CLUB!

Mario: Rain Dance!

The rain dance softens up the floating sand platform and it falls down on Dry Bones, knocking it out.

Morton: No... No... How...? Return!

Roy and Peach: He won!

Mario: I... I... I WON! WAHOO!

Morton: Wow! Well, here is your badge.

Mario takes the badge and leaves to continue on to the next gym.

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