Mario's Amazing Koopamon Adventure 2: Journey Through the Island Kingdom

By crankymama5452

Chapter 7: Terror of the Seas

Mario and friends are sailing along when a huge storm begins.

Mario: What the?

Smithy: We must have entered the part of the sea called Sormalot.

Mario: Oh.

Smithy: That is bad though. A Water/Ghost-type gang roam here.

Peach: Oh god.

Roy: Total bummer.

Smithy: We must be alert for Ameboids. These ghosts look like shrooms of water but are ghosts of water made in my land.

Mario: I want to catch one!

Smithy: I... I can't believe it... The next gym is on Shipwreck Isle...

Mario: So?

Smithy: Shipwreck Isle is an island formed when a ship collided with a large rock. This island is a large ship about 50 times the size of mine. People make a living in there.

Peach: Wow.

Smithy: Yeah... The ship is rocking too much... Here comes Ameboid!

Mario: Go A Dayzee! Petal Dance!

The petals hit it and throw it into a sail.

Peach: Keep it up!

The ghost gets up and performs Bubble Lob, firing lobs of bubbles at A Dayzee.

Mario: Solarbeam!

The blast knocks out Ameboid.

Mario: Go Koopaball!

Mario catches Ameboid.

Mario: WAHOO!

Peach: Good job!

Smithy: Just ahead!

Roy: Totaly groovy!

They sail on to the ship.

Chapter 8: The Ship's a Maze

Mario: Hurry, let's get on board!

They enter a fancy room.

Mario: Wow!

Roy: Totally!

Peach: Wow!

Smithy: Let's go.

Mario: Look at the map. There are 600 rooms on six decks. The gym is on the bottom deck.

Smithy: Water trainer, I guess.

Peach: Let's go.

They go down the stairs and into another room to be faced with multiple halls.

Mario: Which one?

Roy: Woah nelly, this kind of place is hard to navigate.

Mario: Split up.

They each pick a hall.

Mario: Let's see... A stairway going down.

Mario goes down.

Peach: Wow, so big.

Roy: Peach?

Peach: Awww! The halls connect to each other!

Smithy: Hmmmmmm... Well well, this is a biggy.

Smithy goes down some stairs.

Mario: A wall... A dead end.

?????: Mario?

Mario: Smithy?

Smithy: How are you on the other side of the wall?

Mario: I don't know. Help!

Smithy: Look for a switch.

Smithy hits a switch and falls in a trapdoor.

Mario: Here's one!

Mario hits it and the wall falls over where Smithy was.

Mario: Must have kept on going.

Mario continues to move on and down stairs.

Mario: Where are they?

Peach: This way!

Roy: Are you sure?

Peach: Just keep moving.

Roy: Down the elevator.

Mario: Three doors... a note... in list formation...

The list is as follows:

Mario: What the? ... Hmmmmm. Wait, I can cancel letters out, maybe. Let's do this and this:






Mario: Perfect... Let's connect them.


A door to the right swings open and Mario enters to a stairway.

Mario: Almost done. We didn't enter at the top so this should be it.

Mario enters a room with a hole in the wall and water flooding the floor. Tubba Blubba is standing there

Tuba Bluba: Welcome, Mario?

Mario: You're the leader?

Tubba Blubba: Yes.

Mario: Well, I challenge you!

Tubba Blubba: Three on three!

Mario: Good enough. GO A DAYZEE!

Tubba Blubba: Go Malibut!

Mario: Petal Dance!

Tubba Blubba: Icy Wind!

The Malibut spits a cold wind that turns the petals into snowflakes that then cause less damage to Malibut.

Mario: Grrrrr. Solarbeam!

Tubba Blubba Endure!

The blast hits but Malibut still stands.

Mario: How?

Tubba Blubba: Reversal!

Malibut knocks A Dayzee out with a high-powered slam.

Mario: Whoa! Return! Go, Boss Bass!

Tubba Blubba: Hyper Beam!

Mario: Ice Beam!

The ice overcomes the weakened beam and knocks Malibut out.

Tubba Blubba: Return! Go, Blooper Nnany

A Blooper with five smaller ones behind it is released.

Tubba Blubba: Use Slam!

All six Bloopers hit and knock out Boss Bass.

Mario: Return! Go Ameboid!

Tubba Blubba: Oh?

Mario: Ice Ray!

Rays of ice freeze and knock Blooper Nanny out,

Tubba Blubba: Return! Go, Big Bertha! The rules are different here.

Blubba gestures to the hole in the wall.

Tubba Blubba: They'll be fighting out in the sea, alone, without our commands.

Mario: Okay! Ameboid, the Big Bertha wants to hurt you. You must take it out.

Tubba Blubba: GO!

Chapter 9: A Battle in the Deep Blue Sea

Mario and Tubba Blubba release their Koopamon.

Mario: Good luck!

Ameboid begins firing rapid ice beams. Big Bertha dodges and comes in for a slam but Ameboid swims away. They swim through seaweed and into a cave. Mario and Tubba dive in and swim after them. Big Bertha goes in for hydro pump but Ameboid swims up and slams Big Bertha. It then uses gulp and eats Ameboid.

Mario: (using a device for underwater talking) Ice Beam!

Tubba Blubba: Spit it out!

Both take damage and swim away. Big Bertha is on Ameboid's tail when a group of fish swim by and plow through Big Bertha.

Tubba Blubba: Use Whirlpool!

The whirlpool fills up the room and both Koopamon are sucked to the center, but the whirlpool explodes, throwing them into rocks.

Tubba Blubba: NO!

Mario: NO!

Tubba Blubba and Mario: HYPER BEAM!

The fish and ameboa begin blowing things apart.

Mario: Use Ice Beam!

Ameboid fires a beam and the sea begins to freeze over very, very slowly.

Tubba Blubba: Uh oh... Hyper Beam!

The blast sends Ameboid into a rock mound. The blast contiues until the rock smashes and it and Ameboid fall to the see floor.

Mario: NO!

Tubba Blubba: YES!

Mario: Ice Beam if you can!

All of a sudden a beam pelts Big Bertha, blowng it away and into a cave.

Tubba Blubba: HOW?

Mario: Wow! Use Ice Beam on the sea floor!

The pressure rockets Ameboid up and out of the water with a glitering stream of ice trailing it in a rainbow formation. It crashes down into Big Bertha, the pressure sending them both down into the much lower part of the sea.

Tubba Blubba: NO!

Mario: UH OH!

A blast of ice is seen and two frozen fish rise up.

Mario and Tubba Blubba: HYPER BEAM!

The blasts shatter the ice and the Koopamon are blasted. Ameboid is just hanging.

Mario: Hydro Pump!

Tubba Blubba: HYPER BE...

The blast sends Big Bertha into a cave side, knocking it out.

Tubba Blubba: No... Follow me...

On Smithy's ship...

Smithy, Peach, and Roy: YOU DID IT!

Tubba Blubba: Take the Ocean Badge.

Mario: I DID IT!

Tubba Blubba: Now.... I must go.

Tubba Blubba dives into the sea and fades out of view.

Mario: LET'S-A GO!

They sail off and all is good.

Chapter 10: Wart Lives... Shortly

Mario: Where to?

Smithy: Well, I think it is Pirate Isle. Pirate Isle is a round island with a beach along it and a city around the beach. A lake is in the center with a ship in it. The gym is actually that ship.

Peach: Wow.

Roy: Wow. How did you know?

Smithy: I know because... that was my ship fifty years ago. I handed it to my brother and his dragons.

Mario: Dragons?

Smithy: Yes.

Meanwhile, in an underground cave...

Wart: Where am I? I was in the maze tournament and I fell in a hole. I just don't know where I am.

Wart walks up a stairway and onto an island.

Wart: What? Where am I?

????: I challenge you!

Wart: You. You're Smithy's brother, Yaridovich.

Yaridovich: Well done at stating the obvious. This battle's outcome is just as obvious.

Wart: Oh?

Yaridovich: Oh.

Wart: Challenge accepted.

Back with Mario...

Mario: How much farther?

Smithy: I think a pitstop at Farerock Isle is in order.

Mario: Okay.

Peach: What is that island like?

Smithy: It has a bridge we can walk across to Pirate Isle.

Mario: Oh.

Roy: Groovy!

Peach: You have to stop that talk.

Roy: Why?

Meanwhile with the battle...

Yaridovich: That was fun. Now, to clean the trash.

Yaridovichbegins loading stuff into a dump truck, Wart's body and Koopaballs included.

Chapter 11:  From Farerock to Pirate Isle

Mario: There it is!

Smithy: Let's dock.

Peach: Let's go!

They dock.

Smithy: Let's go.

They get off and begin walking.

Roy: I need a new Koopamon.

Lady: I can help there.

Roy: How?

Lady: Well, each month is the annual Koopamon givaway. The mountaintop is home to thousands of Koopamon and we give ten away each month.

Roy: Cool!

Lady: But, you must win a game.

Roy: Oh! Of what?

Lady: A simple guessing game. We show you the ten Koopamon and retreat them to their Koopaballs. We'll them throw them into the water and you go after the one you want if you can guess which one it's in.

Roy: Okay.

At the top...

Lady: Okay, here they are.

Roy: Mario, Smithy, Peach; go to Pirate Island now

Mario: Okay.

They run off.

Roy: Okay.

Lady: K. Here they are.

Roy takes a look.

Roy: I'm done.

Lady: K.

The lady throws them in. Seconds later, Roy jumps in.

Roy: Where is it? ... I think that could be it.

Roy snatches the Koopaball.

Roy: Let's see... I got him!

Meanwhile, Mario, Peach, and Smithy are running across the bridge.

Mario: I see it!

Smithy: Hurry!

Chapter 12: A Rough and Tough War

Mario: There is the ship!

Smithy: Oh god. I wonder how he'll act.

Peach: He's your brother. Happy, obviously.

Smithy: We didn't have that good a relation with each other.

They go on the deck.

Yaridovich: Well well!

Smithy: Hello, Yarido.

Yarido: Yes, hello Smith.

Smithy: What did I say about that?

Yarido: You said not to call you Smith, Smith.

Smithy: Mario, beat him.

Yarido: Oh, a challenger?

Mario: Yes.

Yarido: A fat plumber shouldn't be hard. Three on three.

Mario: Good.

Yarido: BEGIN!



Yarido releases a giant red and black dragon.

Mario: A fire dragon... USE HYDRO PUMP!

The blast hits but Behamat doesn't budge although the blast continues.

Mario: What the?

Yarido: It's gonna take more than brute force to win this match!

Mario: Grrr.

Yarido: Growl all you want! This battle is mine! Use Flamethrower!

The flamethrower blasts through the water and sends Ameboid flying into crates on the ship.

Mario: Grrrrr. Hydro Pump the ground!

The blast forms pressure that rockets Ameboid overhead.

Yarado: Bad move! Use your Dragonbreath!

Bahamut fires a stream of green flames and hits Ameboid, but Ameboid comes down and hits Bahamut on the head, causing damage.

Yarido: Ugh, persistant brat. HYPER BEAM!

Mario: Ice Beam!

The ice beam freezes over the hyper beam and hit Bahamut, but still, little damage is done.


Ameboid slams it, sliding the long ice piller across the deck and into Bahamut, sending him and ice chunks everywhere. The hit knocks Bahamut out.

Yarido: OH, a challenge at last. That last one was too dumb. Smithy, you should know him. The frog guy.

Mario, Peach, Roy, and Smithy: WART?!

Yarido: Yup. Bahamut took him down easily.

Mario: Grrr.

Yarido: Return, Bahamut! Now it's time to get serious. I CHOOSE REX!

Mario: Oh really. Ice Beam!

Yarido: Thunderbolt!

The blast knocks Ameboid out.

Mario: Whoa! GO, BOSS BASS!

Yarido: Oh, a fish. USE SOLARBEAM!

Mario: Bounce!

Boss Bass bounces high over the beam and crashes down on Rex.

Yarido: God you're annoying.

Mario: Ice Beam rapidly!

Yarido: Please! Use Ember Wave!

The embers burn and melt the ice.

Mario: Grrr! USE HYPER BEAM!

Yarido: YOU TOO!

The blasts collide and both Koopamon fly through the ship and are knocked out.

Mario and Yarido: RETURN!


Mario: Go Buzzy Beetle!

Mario looks in awe at the massive dragon.

Yarido: Pretty amazing, isn't she?


Buzzy Beetle spins from ship mast to mast and rams Hooktail's nose for no damage.

Mario: How?

Yarido: Pathetic... Pathetic...

Buzzy Beetle becomes a Parabeetle.

Mario: YES! Steel Wing!

Yarido: You too!

They colide and, oddly enough, both are thrown back.

Yarido: How is that possible?

Mario: Flame Shell!

Parabeetle ignites in fire and rams Hooktail multiple times.

Yarado: Dragon Claw!

Hooktail's claws glow and it claws Parabeetle, sending it into the ship.

Yarido: That one was a doozy.

Mario: Aerial Ace!

Yarado: Crunch!

Parabeetle goes to hit but disappears and reappears to hit HooktTail, yet the crunch still hits.

Mario: No!

Yarido: ...

Mario: Flame Shell!

Yarido: ...

Parabeetle closes in.

Yarido: ...

Parabeetle is about to hit.

Yarido: CRUNCH!

Hooktail eats Parabeetle.


Hooktail spits Parabeetle into the air.

Yarido: Shock Claw!

Hooktail's claw emits sparks and closes in on Parabeetle.


Yarido: NO!

Parabeetle turns to steel and Hooktail claws it. Due to metal conducting electricity, Hooktail is zapped.

Yarido: Steel Wing!

Hooktail goes in for the move.


Parabeetle rams Hooktail.

Yarido: NO! Use your Dragon Claw!

Hooktail's claw glows and shoots at Parabeetle. Mario looks behind Parabeetle to see a huge mountain.

Mario: Ready...

Hooktail gets closer.

Mario: Get set...

Hooktail closes to only inches away.


Parabeetle disappears and Hooktail flies through and crashes into the mountain. Parabeetle reappears and crashes into Hooktail, knocking it out.

Yarido: ...

Yarido throws the badge on the ground and runs below deck. Mario picks up the badge and they leave.

Mario: I did it!

Smithy: I know, but I don't think Yarado is happy about it...

Mario: Ahh, Ptooies on him.

They run over the hills. Meanwhile...

Yarido: You may have won now, but I'll never rest until you LOSE!

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