Mario's Amazing Koopamon Adventure 2: Journey Through the Island Kingdom

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: A New Journey and New Koopamon

Mario Mario is a person who one day got his wish to be a trainer. Mario challenged and beat all eight Mushroom Kingdom gym leaders and even the Elite 4. Mario was crowned the champ of that kingdom. Little does Mario know, that the Mushroom Kingdom isn't all.

Mario: Haha! Yippee!

E. Gadd: What?

Mario: I am a  world champ!

E. Gadd: At what?

Mario: Koopamon

E. Gadd: Hmmmmmm. Go talk to Peach on that.

Mario: Uhhhh... Okay.

Mario zooms out and down the road.

E. Gadd: I swear that kid is on some powerful juice

Mario eventualy gets to Peach's to see her and Roy.

Mario: Hi!

Peach: Oh, hi, Mario.

Roy: Sup?

Mario: When did you learn that talk?

Roy: I learned online at

Mario: Okay.

Peach: What brings ya, Mario?

Mario: E. Gadd told me to come here and ask if I was a champ yet.

Peach: Oh no. There are lot's of kingdoms out there.

Mario: Mamamia! Where?

Peach: You seem persistant so... The closest is the Island Kingdom.

Mario: Let's-a go!

A while later they are seen on a ship sailing off.

Captain: Where to, Mate?

Mario: SMITHY!

Smithy: You bet your biffy it's me. How's it been fo ya?

Mario: Oh, just peaches and cream.

Peach looks at Mario.

Peach: What was the last thing you ate?

Mario: Corn, why?

Peach: Just wondered.

Mario: Anyway, I want to go to the Island Kingdom.

Smithy: Which island?

Mario: What?

Smithy: Well, there are several of them.

Mario: How many gyms?

Smithy: Here there's four and an Elite 4.

Mario: That's it?

Smithy: For this area of the kingdom. There are two parts, each with four gyms. The nearest is on Metal Isle. It is the island where steel Koopamon roam.

Mario: Let's go!

Smithy: Do you have Koopamon?

Mario: Just Boss Bass and C Dayzee.

Smithy: Want one of mine?

Mario: If it'll help.

Smithy: Take my Buzzy Beetle.

Mario: Okie dokie.

Smithy: There it is!

Mario: YES!

They dock after a few minutes.

Mario: LET'S GO!

Chapter 2: The Gym of Steel

Mario: Run, people, run!

Peach: We're coming!

Roy: Don't be so pushy and in a tizzy.

Mario: But it's right there!

Mario points to a sign with JIM on it.

Smithy: No, over there.


They turn and run to and into the gym.

Mario: Here we are!

The others are too busy panting to talk.

Mario: Hello?

?????: Mwahahaha!

Mario: Is anyone there?

?????: Maybe. What's it to you?

Mario: I want a battle.

?????: Oh... Okay then.

Tolstar comes out.

Tolstar: I'll take ya on.

Mario: Okie dokie!

Tolstar: Three on three.

Mario: Okay!

Smithy: Remember: You have three Koopamon but you have no clue on his.

Mario: I'll figure him out through time.

Tolstar: If you're done, I'd like to start today.

Mario: Why you li...


Peach slaps Tolstar.

Peach: You fresh meanie. Mario, KICK HIS BEHIND!

Mario: With pleasure. BEGIN!

Chapter 3: As Solid as Steel


Tolstar releases a golden cannon to the field

Mario: Go C Dayzee!

Smithy: *sigh*

Tolstar: Use Bullet Shot!

The cannon fires rapidly at C Dayzee.

Mario: Dodge!

C Dayzee jumps out of the way.

Mario: Petal Dance!

The petals bounce off.

Tolstar: Haha! Can you actually think that grass will work?

Mario: Then try this new move. Sludge Bomb!

The hit does nothing.

Tolstar: And poison does nothing at all to Steel.

Mario: Then I have one chance.

Tolstar: Oh?

Mario: You can evolve now!

C Dayzee evolves to Amazee Dayzee.

Mario: I didn't want it to evolve when it tried earlier.

Tolstar: O_O

Mario: Pounding Notes.

The plant sings and huge music notes pound down on B Bill Blaster.

Tolstar: NO!

B. Bill Blaster falls down and out.

Tolstar: Return! Go Iron Cleft!

Mario: Use Sing!

A Dayzee sings it to sleep.

Tolstar: O_O

Mario: Mega Punch!

A Dayzee punches the Iron Cleft until A Dayzee drops down and out.

Mario: The body must have been too hard for the punches. Return! GO BOSS BASS!

Tolstar: Uh oh.

Mario: Hydro Pump!

The blast wakes up the Cleft but in huge pain.

Tolstar and Mario: HYPER BEAM!

The blast knocks out Iron Cleft but also heavily hurts Boss Bass.

Tolstar: Oh lordy. I choose Robirdo. Rapid Egg Bomb.

The giant machine fires explosive eggs at high speed that close in on Boss Bass.

Mario: Ice Beam!

The blast hits but does little.

Tolstar: Use your Hyper Beam!

The blast knocks out Boss Bass.

Mario: No! Return! Go Buzzy Beetle! Use Shell Launch!

The beetle launches through and knocks over Robirdo, but it gets up.

Tolstar: Stomp!

The Robirdo begins trying to step on Buzzy Beetle.

Mario: Use Rapid Spin!

Tolstar: Uh oh.

Buzzy Beetle retreats to it shell and spins so fast it forms a twister and rockets up into the bottom of Robirdo's foot knocking it over onto its back.

Tolstar: HYPER BEAM!

Robirdo shoots the roof and it begins falling in on them.

Mario: Mamamia!

Smithy: Do something, Mario!

Roy: Hurry!

Mario: Use Rapid Spin!

Tolstar: How did you know to use that?

The twister forms as Buzzy Beetle rises. The falling metal bars fall bounce off Buzzy Beetle and into Robirdo.

Tolstar: NO WAY!

Smithy: He figured it out!

The bars bury Robirdo.

Tolstar: Not done yet!

Mario: Oh?

Tolstar: Hyper Beam!

The blast shoots the bars in the air but one at a time. They all come down on Robirdo's face, knocking it out.

Mario, Peach, and Tolstar: O_O

Roy: Whoa, total wipeout.

Mario, Peach, and Tolstar: O_O

Tolstar: You... You won...

Mario: WAHOO!

Tolstar: Come outside.


Tolstar: You won this fair and square

Mario: Thank you for the nut and bolt badge.

Tolstar: You're welcome. If you continue with the gym challenge, I recommend Isect Isle

Mario: Let's-a go!

And with that, Mario has already got badge one of eight. Mario and friends head to the ship, not knowing what's ahead.

Chapter 4

Smithy: I think I need us to make a pitstop.

Mario: Why?

Smithy: I gotta go bad.

Mario: Ah yes. Okay.

Peach: Hurry, please.

Roy: Shake a leg, man.

Smithy: ... Ummmmmm, okay.

They eventually dock. Smithy makes for the nearest gas station with due speed.

Mario: I heard of this place. There is a maze in that mountain over there. Once a year they hold a competition where three people venture in the maze but only one gets a Koopamon and that person is the only to leave the maze in one piece.

Peach: You join up, then.

Mario: Okie dokie, I guess

Smithy returns.

Smithy: All better!

Mario: I'm participating in the maze competition.

Smithy: Let's go get you signed up.

A while later, they are at the south entry.

Lady: Hello!

Mario: I'd like to join.

Lady: Last participant is here.

Mario: Yeah... Where are the others?

Lady: They enter at the west and east. You enter at the south. When I blow the buzzer all three will enter.

She rings the buzzer.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario runs in.

Peach: Good luck, Mario!

Inside, Mario finds himself in dark and dank corridors.

Mario: Hmmmmm. All these mazes have secret passages as well as obstacles. I must look around.

A shadow is seen.

Mario: Who is there?

????: Mario... It's me.

Mario: Wart?

Wart: Wahaha! I figured when Smithy and Cackletta left for a vacation I'd go too.

Mario: I met up with Smithy.

Wart: I think if one of us is going to live we should go at high speed, and now.

They both run in different directions

Mario: That was a nice surprise... Let's see... a dead end with three torches, one pointing left, the second straight, and the last has writing saying "Three each from that which is different" on it.

Mario begins examining the wall until he sees a different-colored brick and follows the pattern three over and up, then punches the brick. The wall then opens up, revealing a new hall.


Mario runs along the path. Outside...

Peach: Where will it lead?

Lady: Two islands south.

Roy: Hmmmmmmm... Insect Isle.

Peach: There is a gym there.

Smithy: Let's sail there and wait for him.

They go to the boat and set sail. Meanwhile, in a hallway in the mountain...

Mario: Hmmmmmmmm. Another odd thing...

Mario looks at three paths; above each is a picture.

Mario: A green shell, a red shell, and an orange shell. And a note saying

We the troopas have shells
We the troopas have colored shells
One of these colors don't pair with us

Mario: Hmmmmm. I got it!

Mario runs through the orange hall and finds a sky walk to the Insect Isle mountain part. He runs through to the next hall.

Mario: A little more to go. I wonder where Wart is?

Meanwhile with Wart...

Wart: Hrmmm.... Three paths with colored shells above them. SO WHAT?!

Wart runss down the red hall.

Meanwhile with Mario...

Mario: There it is. The exit.

Mario goes to exit but he and a Troopa crash into each other.


Mario: Tough Ptooies!

Mario throws aside the Koopa and exits.

Lady #2: Congrats!

Mario: What do I get?

Lady#2: A rare Koopamon known as Glurp. Glurp is a slimy, sluggish Ice type originating in Jokes End.

Mario: OH, COOL!

He takes it and leaves.

Chapter 5: Where Oh Where Have My Friends Gone To?

Mario exits and begins climbing down the mountain.

Mario: Where are they?

Mario looks all over, not knowing that they haven't arrived yet.

Mario: Where is Wart?

In the cave...


Back with Mario...

Mario: I see the gym of Insect Isle. Maybe they are there.

Mario goes to the gym.


Yoshi: Oh, hiya, Mario.

Mario: Wha?

Yoshi: Yoshi leader here.

Mario: Ohhh, ahhhhhh.

Yoshi: Mario waNna battle?

Mario: Okay.

Mario observes the place and identifies it as a big room designed like a forest.

Yoshi: Three on  three... Yoshi have idea. Yoshi hold all special fights down at dock. We fight there.

Mario: Wow! Let's-a go!

Down at the dock...

Mario: I'm-a ready!

Yoshi: Goodie goodie! Yoshi get to see Mario in action.

Mario: Are you ready?

Yoshi: Yoshi always ready!

Mario and Yoshi: LET'S DUEL! ... WRONG LINE... LET'S DO IT!

Chapter 6: An Annoying Battle

Mario: GO, GLURP!

Yoshi: Yoshi choose Buster Beetle!

Mario: Ice Breath!

Yoshi: Block Throw!

The Buster Beetle hits Glurp with a block and the icy breath freezes Buster Beetle.

Yoshi: Yoshi not done. Use Heat Up!

The ice melts and Buster Beetle is seen with flames on its shell.

Mario: A fire attack. Use your Poison Gas!

Glurp poisons Buster Beetle with gas.

Yoshi: Oh no. Yoshi all panicky. Use your Heat Up and combine with Shell Shot!

Buster Beetle ignites in flames and shoots at Glurp.

Mario: Dissolve!

Glurp disolves into the ground. Buster Beetle shoots over Glurp and into the sea.

Yoshi: NO... Return! Yoshi choose Pider!

Yoshi releases a large spider on a string that extends up into the sky.

Mario: A spider?

Yoshi: A tricky spider!

Yoshi hums the Spider Man theme.

Mario: Poison Gas!

Yoshi: Rise up!

The Pider moves up the string and stops as the gas moves under it.

Mario: Icicle Spear!

Glurp fires icicles that keep missing when Pider climbs higher.

Mario: I need to destroy it somehow... I know! Use Icicle Spear above it!

Yoshi: Climb and Rock Throw!

Pider climbs the string while throwing rocks. Half the rocks hit and knock Glurp out, but the spears slice the string and drop Pider 86 feet to land, which knocks it out too.

Yoshi: Return! Yoshi have one more.

Mario: Go A Dayzee!

Yoshi: GO SPINY!

Yoshi releases a cute-looking mini-Koopa on all four feet with a spike-covered shell.

Yoshi: Spark Spike!

Negatively charged and positively charged spikes fire out. The spikes close in on each other and hits A Dayzee, paralyzing it.

Mario: NO!

Yoshi: Heat Spike!

Spiny fires several spikes with fire coming from them. The spikes hit and knock out A Dayzee.

Mario: Return! Go, Boss Bass!

Yoshi: Oh wow! Boss Bass look tough. You started with him, didn't you?

Mario: Yes! As a Cheep Cheep... Ah, Cheep, I remember the good times...

Yoshi: Frost Spike!

Spikes with frost coming from them shoot from Spiny.

Yoshi: Combine with Aqua Spike!

Needles with water emitting from them fly at Boss Bass.

Mario: Ice Beam and Hydro Pump!

An ice beam fires out with the hydro pump spiraling around it. They crash and blow Spiny, back but all the needles hit.

Mario and Yoshi: NO!

Both Koopamon stumble around a bit but get back up.

Mario: Good!

Yoshi: Yoshi say Mario better get with the program.

Mario: Oh... A bring it on threat...

Yoshi: You betcha!

Mario: Splash!

Boss Bass chases Spiny around.

Mario: Hah!

Yoshi: Spark Needle!

The needles come out, close in on each other, and move toward Boss Bass.


The water blast hits the needles, which collide and blow up. The remainder of the hydro pump knocks Spiny backwards.

Yoshi: Just use Spark Needle! They are more effective if they hit!

Spiny prepares but Mario notices the sparks emit from Spiny first.

Mario: Hmmmmm. Dodge!

Boss Bass bounces away from the spikes.

Mario: Now! Use Hydro Pump on it lightly!

The blast drenches Spiny and it gets covered in dripping water.

Yoshi: FINISH IT! Spark Needle!

Spiny emits electricity but because it is soaked it gets caught in a huge electrical current and gets zapped.

Mario: Yes!

Yoshi: No!

A boat is seen coming.

Peach: Is that Mario having a battle?

Smithy: He got out first... HE DID IT!

Roy: Yo! He's fighting Yoshi... Yoshi's the gym leader, though.

Smithy: Let's watch from here using telescopes.

They begin watching...

Mario: I'm-a gonna win!

Yoshi: Noooo! Aqua Needle!

Water-emitting needles are fired. Electricity courses through the needles and the electified needles hit Boss Bass.

Yoshi: Ha!

Mario: Use your Hydro Pump!

The blast hits and the electricity begins causing more damage to Spiny.

Yoshi: Gotcha!

Mario: What?

Yoshi: Spiny has adjusted to the shock and can now survive having his body zapped. That is good because the electricity is really zapping him.

Mario: Then a bigger shock is needed!

Yoshi: What?


Yoshi: NO!

Spiny is pushed into the sea and the electricity zaps at full power and blows Spiny into a knockout.

Yoshi: Return... Take the Bug Badge.

Mario: WAHOO!

Yells are heard.


Mario: No prob! Time to cheat... Ready, Boss Bass?

Mario hops on Boss Bass and shoots for the boat, ending the second part of his journey.

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