Mario Party Journey

By crankymama5452

Leg 2

Phil: This is the Towering Treetops. Eleven teams set out on a journey here and have reached a twelve hour pitstop at the top of the tree. Teams were givin food, water, rest, and relaxation. Peach and Daisy were booted out after coming in last. Dry Bones and Boo came in first and will set out before everyone else. Mario and Luigi follow six seconds behind.

Boo: Head to the zip line to the far upper right side of the tree and ride it to the clue.

Dry Bones: RUN!

Mario: Swing or Sting!

Luigi: NO, YOU IDIOT! We are going to the zip line.

Mario: A zipper... or a line of zip codes?

Luigi: Idiot! Come on!

Boo: Keep running!

Dry Bones is seen trying to hold his hand on his arm while running

Larry: Come on!

Ludwig: Let's see!

Bowser: Come on, Wart!

Wart: Coming!

Ludwig: We have to go to the zip line.

Bowser grins.

Bowser: Ludwig, let's compromise.

Wart grins.

Ludwig: Let's go! Tell me along the way.

They run off.

Boo: There it is!

Luigi runs in front of them when Boo steps in.

Boo: We're both obviously good teams. If we work together we can wipe them out.

Luigi: An alliance!

Dry Bones: Good idea.

Roy and Morton, Wario and Waluigi, Iggy and Lemmy grab their clues and run off.


Lemmy: FUN!


Wario hits Waluigi with a baseball bat.

Iggy: Thank you for doing that.

Iggy and Lemmy run and roll off with the other two teams behind.

Bowser: An alliance is formed.

Larry: YES!

Mario and Luigi with Boo and Dry Bones get off the zip line and get the clue.

Dry Bones: Go to Fluff Airlines and catch a flight to Faire Square. The clue is at the spot of the landing.

The two teams run off when the Wart and Larry teams come up, get the clue, and go.

Meanwhile, Yoshi and Birdo, Toad and Toadette, and Wendy and Clawdia get their first clue and go to the zip line.

Yosh: After the last leg, I want alliance.

Wendy: OHHHHHH! Goodie goodie!

Toad: How about a three-way team?

Clawdia: All of us together against them?

Toadette: We'll destroy them!

Birdo: Now we're getting somewhere!

They run.

Boo and Dry Bones, Mario and Luigi, are seen flying on fluffs through the air.

Bowser and Ludwig's team arrive at the fluff airlines.

Bowser: Four tickets.

Koopa: Okay.

The Koopa hands them the tickets.


Wario, Roy, and Iggy's teams arrive and get tickets.

Iggy: We caught up!

Bowser: You little $&%^ $*%&%&$ %$*%&&# %&%&%*&$&$& *pant, pant, pant* $^#^#^ #^#%@#$^!!!

Lemmy: Ummm... Okay, calm down, Dad.


Wario: Shut up, %&$^.

Waluigi crouches down and cries.

Wario: He finally shut up!


Wart: O_O

Morton: I say shut up, be quiet, zip it, keep it closed, put a lid on it.

Roy: Why don't you try that?

Yoshi, Toad, and Clawdia's teams arrive as the flights come in and take all but those three teams.

Yoshi: Six tickets.

Koopa: There you go.

Wendy: Thirty minutes...

At Faire Square, four fluffs land at the entryway.

Boo: Come on!


Mario sings the Authur theme song.

Luigi: There is the clue!

Dry Bones: Detour!

Boo: Trot or Slot.

Luigi: Trot, walk all the way to the right to the hat match house and play the match game to find the clue.

Boo: Slot, go to the slot machine and match three pictures of Phil for the clue.

Luigi: We'll risk it at Slot.

Mario: What about Sting?

Dry Bones: That's over with! Come on!

They run off and Iggy, Roy, Bowser, Larry, and Wario's teams arrive a while later.

Wart: I say Trot.

Wario: Okay.

Waluigi: Trotting is walking, which is moving, which scares me.

Iggy: What doesn't scare you?

Waluigi begins to think.


Roy: Come on!

Larry: Go! Go! Go!

Luigi: We'll play the slots.

Koopa: Okay.

The Koopa gives them each ten coins.

Boo: What?

Koopa: You must pay a certain amount of coins to play, one to three coins at a time. The more you pay, the higher your win chances. If you lose all your coins you need to go to Trot.

Mario: Mamamia!

Mario and Luigi: Two coins.

Boo and Dry Bones: Two as well.

They hand over the coins and spin the wheel.

Meanwhile, the trailing teams land.

Clawdia: Come on, yall!

Toad: Don't talk southern-like, please.

Wendy: Come on!

Yoshi: Oh wow! We go Slot.


They go.

Toad and Toadette: Uhhh... Slot.

They follow them.

Wario: I see it ahead!

Iggy: Run!

They run to the house.

Koopa: You here to play?

Wart: Yes.

Koopa: Okay.

The Koopa puts five clues in different hats and put out ten more. The hats then shuffle up at a speed so fast the hats could barely be seen.

The Teams: O_O

Dry Bones: %&^$!

Koopa: One coin left each.

Luigi: Okay.

Both teams put in the coin and spin the slots.

Toad: Where are the slots?

Yoshi: Yoshi no know.

Boo: YES!

Mario: I got it!

Koopa: Yes, you won, and here's the clue.

Dry Bones: Come on!

They run.

Boo: Go to the large chimneys down the back of the town to get your next clue.

Luigi: Come on!

Koopa: Turn fifteen! Pick your hat!


Waluigi flips a hat and gets a clue.

Iggy: Whoa!

Iggy and Roy flip hats and get clues.

Wart: Hah!

Wart and Larry flip hats but fail.

Larry: Just go!

The other teams go.

Koopa: Shuffle 'em up!

The hats shuffle.

Yoshi: We each put in three coins.

Koopa: Okay.

Toad: OKAY!

Yoshi spins the wheel with his tongue and the slot matches Phils twice but then Yoshi and Birdo mess up.


Koopa: Okay.

Koopa: Pick your hat

Wart and Larry flip a hat, getting the clues, then they run.

Boo: There's the clue!

Dry Bones: Roadblock.

Luigi: Three seeds will be thrown into the pots. One player must pick a pot that they think has the seed that'll grow the highest plant.

Boo and Luigi pick one and plants begin growing.

Yoshi: YES!

The slots stop on Phil + Phil + Phil.

Birdo: Move move move!

They run.

Toad: There!

Toad, Toadette, Wendy, and Clawdia get to the Roadblock.

Mario: Mamamia! Mamamia! Mamamia!

Dry Bones: Shut-a up-a.

Boo: YES!

Dry Bones: You got it!

Luigi: I got it!

Boo: You... did... My bad.

Dry Bones: O_O

Luigi gets a key and clue.

Mario: A key....

Luigi reads the clue

Luigi: Use the key to open your team's gate and follow the path to the Pitstop... GO GO GO!

Mario: Let's-a go... Oh! Gotta tie my shoe.

Mario begins to tie his shoe.

Toad: YES!

Toad and Toadette win and get the prize.

Boo and Wendy: This one!

Koopa: ANNNNNDDD incorrect, both of you. Pick again.

Yoshi, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi, Iggy, Roy, Bowser, and Wart arrive.

Koopa: Pick your pot.

They all pick.

Koopa: AND GROW!

They grow.

Ten grows later, everyone but Yoshi, Birdo, Iggy, Lemmy, Roy, Morton, and Bowser and Wart are gone.

Koopa: Pick!

Mario and Luigi run to the matt but Toad and Toadette do too.

Phil: Mario and Luigi, you're team number one. Toad and Toadette, you're team two.

Mario and Luigi - Team #1
Toad and Toadette - Team #2

Dry Bones, Boo, Wario, Waluigi, Wendy, and Clawdia are seen running to the matt.

Koopa: And you may go.

The other teams get their clues and key and run.

Wendy and Clawdia jump on the matt. followed by Boo and Dry Bones.

Phil: Wendy and Clawdia, you're team three, and Boo and Dry Bones are team four.

Wendy and Clawdia - Team #3
Dry Bones and Boo - Team #4

The rest of the teams race each other and begin a fight.

Wart and Wario: I WANT TO WIN!

Wart grabs Bowser. Meanwhile, Wario finds Waluigi standing a few feet away from the fight crying and drags him off.


Yoshi: Over my dead body you will!

Phil goes to see what happens but is stopped when Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, and Wart jump on the mat.

Phil: Finally! Wario and Waluigi are team five, and team six is Bowser and Wart.

Wario and Waluigi - Team #5
Bowser and Wart - Team #6

Larry and Ludwig leave the fight with Iggy and Lemmy and run.

Roy and Birdo: Get off my foot!

Iggy and Larry's teams become lost.

Iggy: Where are we?

Ludwig: I don't know, but Phil is over there.

Lemmy: Uhhhh, we aren't lost.

Iggy and Larry's teams become unlost and run to Phil.

Phil: Larry and Ludwig are team seven, and Iggy and Lemmy, you're team eight.

Larry and Ludwig - Team #7
Iggy and Lemmy - Team #8

Roy and Morton are thrown aside and both teams get up and run as fast as  they can to Phil. The screen cuts to Phil and it speedily closes in on him as it spins to reveal... drumroll...

Yoshi and Birdo jump on the mat.

Phil: Yoshi and Birdo...

Yoshi: Yes?

Phil: You're team number nine.

Birdo: YEAH!

Yoshi and Birdo - Team #9

Roy and Morton jump on.

Phil: You are the last team to arrive.

Morton: ...

Roy: He's speechless.... We should have come in last in the last leg!

Phil: You are the weakest link! Goodbye!

Roy and Morton are flown away on a broom and dropped into the sea.

Morton and Roy - ELIMINATED

Phil: Well, that settles another leg of the race. Until next time, go pick a fight you can't win.

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