Mario Party Journey

By crankymama5452

Leg Three

Phil: Yesterday ten teams set out from the top of Towering Treetops on the next part of their journey for $1,000,000. The race took them to the festive town of Faire Square, where there was gambling, matching, and growing fun. Teams arrived at the center of the town for their 12 hour pitstop and will embark on leg three when I stop talking, which is now.

Mario: It's a clue... Blue's clues!

Luigi: No! Let's see! Make your way to the magic broom airlines and catch a flight to Snowflake Lake.

Toad: When you land, grab the clue.

Toadette: Let's go!

Mario: You mean let's-a go!

They run off and a few minutes later Wendy, Clawdia, Dry Bones, and Boo come out.

Dry Bones: NO!

Boo: What?

Dry Bones: Snowflake Lake!

Wendy: Oh yeah, Dry Bones don't like the cold.

Clawdia: We'll help on one condition.

Boo: Oh?

Wendy: An alliance.

Dry Bones: No problem here.

Wendy: Okay.

They run off.

Luigi: Where is the place?

Toad: How should I know?

Mario: Where is it?

Toad: I don't know.

Mario: Where is it?

Toad: I said I don't know.

Mario: Where is it?


Toad kicks Mario.

Mario: Owowowoowowow!

Toadette: THERE!

Mario: There what?

Luigi: The airlines.

They rush in to see a lady.

Lady: Welcome.

Mario: One ticket to Cheese Land.

Luigi: IDIOT! Four tickets to Snowflake Lake.

Lady: Okay.

She hands the tickets over.

Toadette: AN HOUR?

Clawdia, Wendy, Boo, and Dry Bones arrive.

Clawdia: Four tickets for-

Lady: Snowflake Lake?

Dry Bones: Yeah.

Lady: Okay.

She hands the tickets over.

Bowser, Wart, Wario, and Waluigi come out.

Wart: Go to the Magic Broom Airlines and catch one of two flights to Snowflake Lake.

Wario: Let's go.

Wario and Waluigi leave.

Bowser: Want to make an alliance with them?

Wart: Let's try.

Bowser: What about Waluigi?


Wart and Bowser run out laughing.

Lady: Boarding flight numbers 1 through 5.

Luigi: That's us!

Wario and Waluigi run in. Waluigi runs to the others and Wario get's two tickets. All five teams board the brooms and fly off.

Phil: Flight group one has, Toad and Toadette, Mario and Luigi, Wendy and Clawdia, Boo and Dry Bones, and Wario and Waluigi.

Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, and Ludwig leave, grab the clue, and run.

Iggy: Go to the Magic Broom Airlines.

Lemmy: COOL!

Larry: I get to fly on a broom!

Ludwig: Amazing! What sort of magic is that broom in hold of?

Iggy: ... Let's go.

Wart: Tickets, please.

Lady: Sure thing.

She hands the tickets over.

Wart: Thirty minutes away?

Bowser: No problem... I think.

Yoshi: Get flight to Snowflake Lake.

Birdo: Okay.

They leave.

Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, and Ludwig enter and get tickets.

Iggy: Hello, Dad.

Bowser: Where's your mom?

Larry: I think she is on flight one and already almost at Snowflake Lake.

Ludwig: Good old Mom.

Wart: You know what?

Bowser: What?

Ludwig: Yoshi and Birdo are coming.

Lemmy: ... Yeah, I see them.

Yoshi and Birdo enter, get the tickets, and go over to the others as the boarding call is made. They all get on brooms and fly off.

The first brooms land and teams get off and grab the clues.

Dry Bones: Go to the collosium in the center for the next clue.

Clawdia and Toad: Okay.

Luigi: Come on, Mario.

Boo: Luigi! Are we still in an alliance?

Luigi: Yup. I got Clawdia in the alliance, meaning all five groups are in the allinace.

Wario: Let's-a go.

Mario: That-a is-a my-a line-a!

The teams run

Bowser: Hey... My broom is lowering.

Larry: You ate too much, Dad.

Ludwig: Here.

Ludwig and Wart fly under Bowser and hold him up as they close in on Snowflake Lake.

Wendy: There it is!

They go get the clues as the last group of teams land and get clues.

Wario: Detour.

Toadette: Night Events or Day Events.

Wario: Night Events- Compete in a snowball archery and earn ten points a person.

Toad: Day Events- Compete in a coin fall ice skating game and earn thirty coins each.

Luigi: Both event take place at 8:00 AM.

Dry Bones: Ten minutes.
Mario: Trot!

Luigi: NO, IDIOT! Night Events!

Dry Bones: How about we all do Night Events?

Toadette: Okay.

They run to the Night Events stadium as the others enter.

Yoshi: Day Events.

Wart: I have an idea.

Larry: Oh?

Wart: We'll all take Day Events and the set of teams that win first are guaranteed to get a head start while the losers are still back. I believe skating isn't that hard while hitting targets with snowballs should be

Iggy: Okay.

They run to Day Events.

Ten minutes pass...

----- Night Events -------
The teams grab snowballs and throw at moving targets.

------ Day Events -------
The teams are skating after coins falling at high speed and disappearing on ground contact.

------- Night Events ---------
Clawdia: COME ON AND $&^^$^# HIT!

Wendy: Whoa! Calm down! I hit three!

They all begin hitting the targets.

------- Day Events---------
Koopa: Scores are:
Wart and Bowser: 12/16
Iggy and Lemmy: 20/18
Larry and Ludwig: 25/9
Yoshi and Birdo: 19/19

The teams skate around, crashing into each other.

------ Night Events --------
Koopa: Wow! You're all sort of bad.

Mario and Luigi: 0/6
Boo and Dry Bones: 5/5
Wario and Waluigi: 7/0
Toad and Toadette: 3/3
Wendy and Clawdia: 9/8

Dry Bones: I'll take that as an insult.

He throws a snowball that hits between two targets, one worth two points and the other, one.

Koopa: Oh.

------ Day Events ------
Koopa: Wow! I'm falling asleep.
Wart and Bowser: 20/30
Larry and Ludwig: 30/12
Iggy and Lemmy: 22/30
Yoshi and Birdo: 20/30

Bowser, Larry, Lemmy, and Birdo: HURRY UP!

They each collect four more but Ludwig gets nine.

-------- Night Events ---------
Koopa: And you're all done.

The wall is seen tilting from so many snowballs hitting with hard impact.

Koopa: Here are your clues. If one of you win, come back and pay $875,000.


Koopa: Actually, it's just $452,000, but I like ripping people off!

Mario: I'll give you $999,999.

Koopa: Good enough for me!

Luigi: Mario, we aren't coming back here again.

Boo: Hey! Roadblock!

Clawdia: Ride a Chain Chomp all around the lake to find the key to the ice block with the Mario model in it. Take the minataure statue to the house of the Chomp used to find the key for the clue.

The other teams arrive from a rink with holes in it from repeated skating in circles.

Wart: HAH!

Lemmy: Here's Lemmy!

Clawdia: Hi, honey!

Bowser: Not here, Clawdia.

Dry Bones, Luigi, Wario, Toad, Iggy, Larry, Wendy, Bowser, and Yoshi hop on a Chomp and go off.

Boo: Well... What do we do?

Two minutes later they are at a bar drinking martinis.



Meanwhile, Dry Bones, Luigi, and Toad are going down a road.

Luigi: Where are they?

Toad: I don't know.

Luigi: Hey Bones, do you know anything about this place?

Dry Bones: Well, I do know that Chomps are the transportation method here.

Toad: Oh wow! I see something!

Hanging from the ice on the road are four keys.

Toad: GET ONE!

They grab one each.

Dry Bones: Now to find our way back to the Chomp's houses


Wario: Hey, Bowser and Yoshi, where are we going?

Bowser grins.

Bowser: SPLIT UP!

They go in different directions.


Larry: Okay, Iggy and Wendy, we're off to find a key.

Wendy: I believe you have stated the obvious.

Iggy: Duh! That's his specialty.

Larry: Haha!

Wario: A key!

Wario grabs the key remaining from the four.

Wario: Now to return.

Dry Bones, Luigi, and Toad put in the keys and get the statues, and drive off to the Chomp houses as Wario gets his statue.

Bowser: Where am I?

????, ?????, and ?????: Dad!

Bowser: Larry, Iggy, Wendy, great to see you... Where are the keys?

Iggy: I see three ahead.

Iggy: You guys take them.

Bowser: I insist you take one, Iggy.

Iggy: Nah...

Larry: Okay.

They get keys and head off while Iggy keeps going on.

Luigi, Dry Bones, and Toad find the Chomp houses, followed by Wario. They get the clues and ride towards where they started.

Yoshi meets up with Iggy.

Yoshi: Hello, Iggy.

Iggy: I'm scared.

Yoshi: Why that?

Iggy: Well I had the opportunity to get a key but Wendy, Larry, and Dad were there and I gave them the keys and I just think we'll get bad luck.

Yoshi: Don't worry! Look! There are two keys over there!

Iggy: Really?

They go over and get the keys, and head to the statues.

Yoshi: Good luck, Iggy.

Iggy: Same to you.

Yoshi: Thanks.

Dry Bones, Luigi, Toad, and Wario get back, meet up with their teammate, and run.

Boo: Let's see

Luigi: Go to the Pitstop at the overview ice bridge.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Bowser, Larry, and Wendy get back, get their teammate, and run.

Bowser: The ice bridge.

They look to the upper left side of the lake to see the bridge.

Clawdia: UP THERE, HON!

They run.

Toad: We're going to be first again!

Dry Bones jumps on Boo and Boo floats upwards onto the bridge.

Toadette: D'OH!

Boo and Dry Bones jump on the mat.

Phil: Boo and Dry Bones... You're team number one.

DRY BONES and BOO - 1st

Mario and Toad are talking to each other while Luigi and Toadette yell at them from the mat. Wario and Waluigi run past them and onto the mat.

Phil: Wario and Waluigi... You're team two.


Mario and Toad jump on.

Phil: Mario and Luigi are team three, and Toad and Toadette are team four.

MARIO and LUIGI - 3rd

Bowser and Wart along with Wendy and Clawdia jump on the mat a few minutes later.

Phil: It's a tie between you two teams for fifth.

Bowser and Clawdia: Good enough for me.


Larry and Ludwig come running.

Phil: Good! They are coming fast.

Larry and Ludwig jump on.

Phil: Larry and Ludwig...

Larry: Yes?

Phil: You're team seven.

LARRY and LUDWIG - 7th

Back at the bar...

Yoshi and Iggy: COME ON! COME ON!

Birdo: Finally!

Lemmy: Iggy, us and them are the last teams.

They run at high speed.

Iggy: I see the ramp up to the bridge!

Yoshi and Birdo cut in front of them and Iggy and Lemmy cut in front of them. This repeats until the the bridge.

Yoshi: Just a little farther!

Lemmy: HAA!

Lemmy rams Yoshi over the side but Yoshi grabs Iggy and a fall begins.

Birdo: NO!

Lemmy: It's all over now and...

Birdo: YES!

They look down to see a tongue hooked to the bridge. Yoshi is hanging there with Iggy holding his foot.


Lemmy: Okay.

Lemmy runs to the mat but Birdo does too.

Yoshi pulls himself up but Iggy comes up on Yoshi's foot and a race begins. Yoshi begin's throwing eggs on the ground and Iggy slips on yolk but grabs Yoshi's leg and drags him down. Iggy gets up and runs but Yoshi wraps his tongue around Iggy's leg and trips him.

Phil: Wow!

They look to see the other teams watching. Iggy gets inches from the mat but Yoshi uses his tongue as a rope and wraps up Iggy and unwinds him into the air. Iggy crashes into Lemmy but since Iggy didn't touch the mat, it didn't count and they fly over the side, down onto the collesium's ice rink, and crash through the ice. Yoshi jumps on the mat and everyone cheers.

Phil: Yoshi and Birdo... YOU'RE TEAM EIGHT

Birdo: YEAH!

YOSHI and BIRDO - 8th
IGGY and LEMMY - Eliminated #3

Phil: Well, until next time. Keep unsafe and unhappy. I'm Phil Keoghan, saying bad night.

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