Mario Party Journey

By crankymama5452

Phil is seen on a tree.

Phil: I am here at the Towering Treetops, where ten teams will set off on a journey across Plit.

Phil is seen at the tree base with eleven sets of two people.

Phil: The teams are:

Mario - Luigi
Peach - Daisy
Yoshi - Birdo
Wario - Waluigi
Dry Bones - Boo
Toad - Toadette
Iggy - Lemmy
Roy - Morton
Bowser - Wart
Clawdia - Wendy
Larry - Ludwig

Phil: In a few minutes you will enbark on a journey across Plit. The rules are simple, you will find clues using other clues. There will be nine legs, eight elimination legs where the last to finish the leg will be booted off. That is prety much all. Break a leg, break some bones, waste your money in one spot- you only have $900... GO!

The teams run to the bags with the clues on them.

Dry Bones: Go to the slide's bottom.

Roy: There you'll find your next clue

Phil: Teams must now make their way to the slide at the lower right side of the base of the tree.

Mario: JOG! JOG!

Luigi: RUN! RUN!

Mario: TROT! TROT!


Mario: Taki bus!

Luigi: TAXI!

Birdo: TAXI!


Ten taxis pull in.

Iggy: How convenent!

The teams jump in and drive off.

Mario: Shell Mart!

Luigi: No, idiot! We want to go to the slide!

Mario: I like dancing!

Luigi: O_O

Boo: To the slide!

Roy: To the slide or I'll crack your shell!

Driver: Okay.

Wart: To that slide thing!

All teams eventually begin heading to the slide, but a race begins.

Peach, Wario, Dry Bones, Toad, Clawdia, Bowser, Yoshi, Roy, and Iggy: FASTER!

Mario: How slow can you go?

Driver: Let's see.

Luigi: $1,000 if we reach the slide first.

Driver: LET'S GO!

They shoot towards the slide.


Roy slaps some tape over his mouth.

Roy: I see my five minutes of peace and quiet.


Wendy and Clawdia, Iggy and Lemmy, Boo and Dry Bones, and Larry and Ludwig get out and run to the clue.

Ludwig: Roadblock.

Phil: I am only saying this once so get it through your head! A Roadblock is a task that can only be done by one player!

Larry: Climb the slide... and get your next clue

Ludwig: Larry.

Larry: I know.

Iggy and Boo: I'll go.

Wendy: ME! I WANNA GO!

Clawdia: Okay, okay!

They begin fighting their way up the slide when Mario and the other teams pull in.

Luigi: We are here sixth so you get $400.

Driver: Good enough.

They run over and read the clues.

Roy: Oh really?

The teams grin and Luigi, Peach, Toad, Roy, Wario, Yoshi, and Wart begin climbing, but all eleven people get stuck.

Yoshi: Yoshi say move!

Wart: You move, you old fossile!

Yoshi begins eating the people and spitting them over the side, but Luigi, Larry, and Boo get up with him. They grab the clues and slide down.

Luigi: COME ON!

Yoshi trips him with his tongue and he falls into Mario, who falls into Peach, and they all fall in domino-like formation.

Yoshi: Go to the acorn swing.

Birdo: Yes!

They run off but are followed by the others.

Dry Bones: To the swing!

Driver: Okay.

They eventually stop at a stairway.

Drivers: This is where we stop.

Peach: %&$%#^@ stairs.

They all get off and run up the stairs.

Wart: Come on!

Wario: Can you go faster?

Waluigi: I'm scared of speed, though.

Wario: FINE!

Wario picks up Waluigi and runs.


Wario: I don't care!

Clawdia: A woman like myself shouldn't be doing this.


Clawdia: How is that possible?

Wendy: I got so nervous I begin biting them.

Larry: Come on!

Mario: I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener...

Luigi: I wish I were dead.

They all fight for the clue box.

Larry: I got one! Detour!

Phil: LISTEN UP! A Detour is a choise between two tasks, and only one can be completed.

Roy: I got one!

Ludwig: Swing or Sting.

Roy: Swing- Swing across the acorn swing and grab the orb, then bring it all the way back to the top of the swing.

Wendy: Sting- You must run back around and get stung by a bee twice.

Mario, Roy, Iggy, Wart, Boo, and Yoshi: STING!

The other five teams: SWING!

They run in different direction.

- - - SWING - - -
Peach and Toad grab the swing and swing down, followed by Lary and Wario, then Wendy. The other half of their teams then go. They then get together, grab an orb, and head around.

- - - STING - - -
Mario: Oh wow! Black and yellow... Hi there, little buggy! You're just a little wittle... OW!

Luigi punches Mario out.

Wart: Sting me, you pint-size idiots!

The bees go on a stinging spree.

- - -SWING- - -
Roy: I see it!

Toad: Come on!

They all run up and place their orbs on the ledge.

Peach: The clue!

- - -STING- - -
Boo: Sting me!

The bee stings him twice.

Dry Bones: GO!

Bowser: READ IT!

Wart: Open your orb and take the contents to the store closest to the top.

Yoshi: Let's see...

They open them to reveal $100.

- - -SWING- - -
Wario: I see the clue!

Peach grabs one.

Daisy: I'll read it!

Toadette: Let's see! Take the contents to the store.

They get the $100 and run on towards the store.

Eventually all teams are in a taxi driving to the store.

Mario: Let's see! $50.

Luigi: I know you have the other fifty.

Mario: I'm poor.

Luigi: Idiot.


Wario: I'm not at all scared.


Larry throws some spikes out on the road.


Toad, Peach, Wario, and Yoshi's taxi hit the spikes. The teams get out and run while Boo, Dry Bones, Mario and Luigi pull in at the store.

Mario: RUN!

Mario goes to run with the money but Luigi kicks him and he falls down. Luigi takes the money and gives it to the store owner.

Dry Bones and Luigi: Here!

Owner: Okay, here is your clue and a refund of $50, since I only need $50.

Luigi: Take the $50 to the treetop and the Pitstop.

Boo: Come on!

Toad, Peach, Wario, Yoshi, Larry, Iggy, and Bowser pull in. The teams hand their money in and get 50 percent of it back. Wendy and Roy pull, take the $50, and run off along with the others.

Dry Bones: We have to go as fast as we can!

Mario: Let's do a slow motion run.

Luigi: How about we just run?

Mario: Okay.

They run and the others in taxis begin to catch up until Mario throws fireballs in the middle of the road and the taxis crash trying to avoid the flames.

Boo: Come on!

The other teams get out of the taxis and run.

Dry Bones and Luigi: I see him!

The two teams begin running.

Roy and Wario: COME ON IDIOT!

Phil: If you ask me, you're all idiots.

Dry Bones and Boo jump on the mat, followed by Mario and Luigi.

Phil: Dry Bones and Boo, you're team number one. Mario and Luigi, you're team number two.

1st - DRY BONES and BOO
2nd - MARIO and LUIGI

The teams remaining plow through each other until Wart, Bowser, Larry, and Ludwig jump on the mat.

Phil: Lary and Ludwig, you're team three. Bowser and Wart, you're team four.

3rd - LARRY and LUDWIG
4th - BOWSER and WART

The girls stop due to broken nails and cry.

Toad and Yoshi: Come on!

Wario jumps on the mat and struggles to pull the Philaphobic and mataphobic Waluigi onto the mat. He eventually gets him on but Iggy, Lemmy, Roy, and Morton get on as well.

Phil: Morton and Roy are team five, Wario and Waluigi are team six, and Iggy and Lemmy are team seven.

5th - ROY and MORTON
7th - IGGY and LEMMY

The Toads and Dinos jump on after talking over making a nail growing machine.

Phil: Yoshi and Birdo are team eight and Toad and Toadette are team nine.

8th - YOSHI and BIRDO


Daisy and Clawdia: Come on already!

They get up and run.

Phil: Hmmmmmm.

Peach and Clawdia: COME ON, GIRLS!

Phil: UH OH!

The teams run onto the mat, plow over Phil, and crash into the tree, knocking the two teams back off the mat.


They struggle to get back to the mat.

Phil: Finally!

A team jumps on.

Phil: Okay! You're team number ten.


10th - CLAWDIA and WENDY

Phil: Don't bother coming on the mat! You are the last team to arrive so... you are the weakest link! Goodbye!

Phil kicks the princesses and they fall over the side and get their heads stuck in bees' nests.

Phil: That's all for this leg! See you next time! Have a bad night!

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