ARG! KOOPA PIRATES! 2: The Cloned Captain

By Axemblue4

Prologue: Setting Sail

Recently, Bowser, now as a pirate captain, kidnapped Princess Peach and robbed the Mushroom Bank. The Mario Brothers and Jonathan Jones's crew of Shark Pirates teamed up to get back the princess and a stolen ship known as the Black Koopa Shell. The stolen money was returned by some of Johnny's crew... or so we thought. They eventually got back the ship and rescued Princess Peach; and somehow, after an explosion, all of the money the Koopas had ever robbed happened to end back up with their original owners (yes, I know that's weird but it happened). Afterwards, Mario and Luigi were back at their home when they got a letter from the Mushroom Bank. Apparently they still didn't have their money back. Strange. Those Shark Pirates must have kept it. This explained their disappointed faces when the Koopa Sailor sunk, they must have left it somewhere in there.

A new story begins. Bowser has fried all of his crew members for mutiny; Mario and Luigi are looking for a ship to buy; Jonathan Jones has no idea that his crew did this; and a battle is going on between Cortez's ghostly crew and some others that you will find out about in the story.

So now we go to Toad Town...

Mario: Mamamia! Look at that small, expensive ship!

Mario pointed to a large ship that didn't cost much. Luigi shoved Mario's pills down Mario's throat.

Mario: Gack... What was that for?

Luigi: You forgot to take your pills today. Do you ever remember being stupid?

Mario: Maybe. So let's get that large, cheap ship.

Luigi: Wait. There must be something bad about it. It's cheap.

Mario: Or maybe this Ship Store can't wait to sell it.

Luigi: Good point. Let's get it.

After they buy the ship...

Luigi: Okay. So where is the money?

Mario: Probably in the Koopa Sailor.

Luigi: What? You mean we have to go underwater?

Mario: Yes.

Luigi: ...

Mario: Let's go.

So they went to the port and took off... but they hit something.

Whale: OW!

Mario: Look! The Tuna!

Whale: Do you want me to sink this?

Mario: No, Tuna.


Mario: Calm down, Tu-

Luigi: Don't encourage it to-

Whale: Hey! I'm a "he"! Not an "it"!

Mario: So, can I call you Tuna, Tuna?

Whale: No.

Mario: Okay, Tuna.


The Whale died, unfortunately, and was soon replaced with a new Whale.

Luigi: If you took those pills, why are you acting stupid?

Mario: Well obviously, I am not acting stupid.

Luigi: ... Okay.

And so the ship set sail.

Chapter 1: The Sunken Sailor and the World of Boos

The Mario Sailor (the name of Mario and Luigi's ship) was now above the Koopa Sailor. The Marios put an anchor down to stop the Mario Sailor. They jumped down into the water in Frog Suits to keep them from drowning.

Mario: Wow. This doesn't look any different.

Luigi: Yeah. Let's just get the money and get out of here.

Mario: There should be about 100 Bags of Money.

Luigi: K.

They swam around. Luigi noticed something. He got closer....


Mario: Calm down. It's just an eel.

Luigi: It's getting out of that room... it's coming for me!

Mario: Calm-

Luigi: I should have never stolen your pasta!

Mario: ... You stole my pasta? So that's what happened to it.

Luigi swam back to the Mario Sailor, leaving Mario to get the cash.

Mario: Heh. Why don't I just keep it?

The eel followed Mario into the submerged ship.

Up top…

Luigi: Mario might keep the money for himself. Well... gulp....

Luigi swam back down.

Down below…

Mario: Where's all of the money?



Luigi: Eek! Mario! Eel!

Mario: ... What?

???: Gwee hee hee!

Luigi: I don't like that laugh.

Eel: ... What was that?

Mario: It was a laugh.

Eel: I knew that but-


Mario: I think it's getting closer.

???: GWA HA HA HA!

Mario, Luigi, and Eel: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

A dark portal appeared and sucked them into another dimension.

Mario: Where are we?

???: You’re in... THE WORLD OF BOOS! HA HA HA!


Luigi ran and then tripped.

Eel: A little help here. I NEED TO BE IN WATER!

The Big Boo tossed him into a fish tank with Cheep Cheep Skeletons.


Big Boo: We have your money. BUT YOU'LL NEVER GET IT! HA HA HA!

Mario: What a terrible laugh!


Mario: I said "What a terrible laugh!"


The two Brothers ran, with Boos chasing after them.

Eel: This creepy fish tank isn't exactly the right size.


Eel: HELP!!!

Big Boo: You’re just an eel.

Back with the Mario Brothers...

Mario: Up that ladder!

They climbed up the ladder with the Boos following them.

Mario: Look...


They grabbed them and jumped over to a platform. The platform moved up to a pathway and the two Brothers hopped on. The Boos were still chasing them. Mario and Luigi ran through the dark world and ran into an old castle.

Mario: Split up!

The two split up. The Boos entered the large door that none of the two Brothers entered. Meanwhile, with Mario....

Mario: Five Money Bags! Great!

Mario grabbed them.

Meanwhile, with Luigi...

Luigi: Five Money Bags!

Luigi took them.

Meanwhile, with the Boos…

Boo 1: Hey look. Twenty Bags! I bet those two plumbers want them. We each take one!

Each of the twenty Boos took one. Mario and Luigi entered the room.

Mario and Luigi: Uh oh.

Boo 1: Attack!

Mario and Luigi jumped on them all, getting all of the Money Bags they had.

Mario: 60 more to go!

Luigi: Let's-a go.

The two entered another room. As they entered, a creepy Thwomp came down, barely missing them. It created a hole in the floor.

Mario: A vault! Look!

The two entered and grabbed 59 Money Bags.

Luigi: Heh. I guess they got lazy when they were scattering these around.

Mario: We still need one more. We only have 99.

Luigi: Hm...

The two exited the castle and went back to the Big Boo.

Mario: Where's the 100th Money Bag?

Big Boo: What? Oh. We didn't find one. Only 99.

Luigi: (whispering to Mario) I bet he has it!

Mario: ATTACK!

Big Boo: Uh oh.

Mario jumped on the Big Boo three times. But no Money Bag.

Luigi: Now what?

Eel: I took it before they got the other 99.

Mario: Oh.

Eel: For saving me from that Big Boo, you can have it!

The Eel spat the Bag over to the Brothers.

Mario: That's all 100!

Luigi: Uh... Mario?

Mario: What?

Hundreds of Dry Bones started to surround them.

Dry Bones: Weeeee... willll... getttt... youuuuu...

Luigi: How do we get out of here?

Mario: Look! A lever!

Mario pulled it. A portal appeared.

Luigi: Let's go.

Eel: What about me?

Mario: You’re just an eel.

Eel: But I gave you your money back!!!

Luigi: You’re just an eel.

Just as the Dry Bones was about to take them away into the unknown, the two Brothers jumped through the portal back to the Sunken Sailor.

Mario: That was fun.

Luigi: FUN? It was scary!

Mario: Whatever...

Back in the World of Boos....

Dry Bones: Yooooouuuuur coommmming wiiiiiith usssss...

Eel: No! This is the World of Boos, not Dead!

A slimy, bony hand grabbed the Eel.

Dry Bones (the one grabbing the Eel): Youuuur ccccccoooooming wiiiiiith usssssss...


Chapter 2: Mario Sailor/Yoshi Sailor

Mario and Luigi were back on the Mario Sailor, heading back to Toad Town to return the lost money. There was suddenly darkness on the ship.

Mario: There's sunlight on the ocean. Why is the ship dark?

Luigi pointed to the sky and Mario looked up. A flying ship was hovering over the Mario Sailor.

Mario: Uh oh...

Ropes came down and several pirates climbed down.

Random Yoshi Pirate: Arr... They got treasure! Get it!

Luigi punched a pirate off the ship.

Random Goomba Pirate: They be fighting! We not lose without fight!

The pirates pulled swords out.

Luigi: We have swords too.

Mario and Luigi pulled out theirs.

Captain (from the floating ship): ATTACK!

Mario and Luigi fought several pirates. More came down from the floating ship. Mario and Luigi climbed up the rope on to the floating ship.

Blue Yoshi Captain: Har har! Ye be killed, boarding the Yoshi Sailor!

Luigi: What's your name?

Blue Yoshi Captain: I'm Yoshi. Yoshi Blue... the Fourth.

Mario: That name sounds familiar.

Yoshiblue4: Ye be right...

The two plumbers… heroes... whatever they are fought Yoshi Blue. After about half an hour of fighting, Yoshi Blue slashed Mario's sword out of his hand.

Mario: No fair!

Luigi and Yoshi Blue fought for another half of an hour. Mario just watched, going by some cheap rule that kept him from getting his sword. Finally, Luigi decapitated Yoshi Blue.

Luigi: Ew... I thought he'd block the attack.

A random pirate picked up the head.

Pirate: You... murderer! You murdered...

Several pirates surrounded the two.

Pirate: -A CLONE! HA HA HA!

Real Yoshi Blue: Make them walk the plank!

Mario and Luigi were forced to walk the plank. The pirates tied a bunch of ropes to the Mario Sailor and managed to drag it away as the Yoshi Sailor floated away.

Mario: Now what?

Luigi: I don't know...

A tidal wave came and dragged the two Brothers onto an uncharted island.

Chapter 3: Uncharted Island

Mario: So... um... let's make a big fire and maybe a plane or something will see the smoke!

Luigi: Maybe there are people on the island and we just don't know it.

Mario: Maybe there's an old boat.

Luigi: Maybe there will be aliens.

Mario: And maybe... uh... I can't think of any more ideas.

Luigi: It's strange, a bunch of random pirates just flew over our ship and robbed us. There's no logic to it at all. In fact, this story and the last have no logic! We just happened to end up on some island!

Mario: Calm do-


Luigi fainted for no reason.

Mario: Well, I guess that leaves me to make a fire.


Yoshi Blue was talking to Captain Koopa (Bowser) over an intercom...

Yoshiblue: We have the money!

Captain Koopa: Good, good... I'm glad I sided with you. Now where are the two plumbers?

Yoshiblue: Somewhere in the Flood Sea.

Captain Koopa: Idiot!

Yoshiblue: What?

Captain Koopa: Sorry, I just felt like saying that. Hurry up and bring me that money! Every bag of money has bunches of coins in it and there's 100. Did you get 100?

Yoshiblue: I'll get someone to count.

Yoshiblue looked down at his crew.

Yoshiblue: You there, Goomba! Go check and see how many bags of money there are.

Goomba Pirate: Yes, Captain!

Yoshiblue turned back to the intercom.

Yoshiblue: I guess we just wait now.

Back with the Mario Brothers...

Luigi woke up and saw a fire.

Luigi: Fire! Fire! Someone put it out!

Mario: Don't worry, I made it.

Luigi: You idiot! The house is going to burn down!

Mario: Er... Luigi? You do remember, we're stranded on a deserted island.

Luigi: Oh, that's right. Do you have any idea what we should do now?

Mario: We could always explore the island for civilization!

Luigi: Good idea.

Back with Yoshiblue4 and his crew.

Goomba Pirate: I counted 96!

Yoshiblue: What?!

The Goomba went back inside the treasure room and then came out.

Goomba Pirate: Whoops! I missed 4!

Yoshiblue turned back to the intercom.

Yoshiblue: We'll bring the money right over. But what DOES your ship look like?

Captain Koopa: Er... well, you see. One sunk and the other was overrun by pirates. So we're stuck here in our castle at Dark Land until a new one is built. So come to Dark Land!

Yoshiblue: Yes, Captain!

Captain Koopa: Oh, and is your army ready?

Yoshiblue: We still have hundreds of clones that need to grow up, but growing up the clones only takes a few days!

Captain Koopa: Hurry up! I hate waiting.

Yoshiblue: Yes, Captain!

Back with the Mario Brothers... again...

Mario: Well, there doesn't seem to be any civilization her-

???: Arg! The cheese is attacking! Kill it! Kill it!

A crazy, red Yoshi jumped up from behind some bushes.

Mario: Luigi, do you know what he's talking about?

Luigi: No.

Crazy Red Yoshi: Sorry. I become crazy every 30 minutes.

Luigi: Are there others on the island?

Crazy Red Yoshi: Yes! There are nine others! We have all gone crazy from being on this island for so long.

Mario: Do you know how long you've been here?

Crazy Red Yoshi: No. It just seems like a long time. Follow me! You can join us!

The two Mario Brothers followed the red Yoshi. Eventually, they went down a hole and entered a cave lit by candles.

Crazy Red Yoshi: We live here. When we're about to go crazy, we're kicked out of the shelter and forced to run around as crazy people for 25 minutes. You encountered me, just when my 25 minutes were up. Look! There goes Minn T!

A purple-shelled Koopa and a blue-spotted Toad throw a green-spotted Toad (Minn T) out. The Toad could be heard screaming random stuff while running around outside.

Mario: So... what if he comes back in?

Crazy Red Yoshi: Then we throw him back out!

Mario: Oh. I hope I don't go crazy.

Crazy Red Yoshi: Unfortunately, you two probably will.

Luigi: Do any of you even try to find a way to get off of this island?

Crazy Red Yoshi: Er... no, actually.

Luigi: Do you have a name we can call you?

Crazy Red Yoshi: "Crazy Red Yoshi" is fine, but my real name is Roshe.

Mario: So, Roshe... do you have any ideas on how to get off the island?

Roshe: Well, there is a bridge with no particular name floating above the island with a ladder leading up to it, but it's too scary.

Mario: Well, I'm going.

Luigi: Er... I'll go, I guess.

Roshe: Well, if you're going, then so am I! Let's see if everyone else wants to go.

Roshe walked to the other eight castaways (the 9th was still running around the island).

Roshe: Two new castaways are going to cross the nameless bridge that floats in the sky! Will anyone else come? I'm going, too!

Purple-Shelled Koopa: If you are going then so am I!

Blue-Spotted Toad: I agree!

The two stood up.

Green-Shelled Koopa: So am I!

He stood up as well.

Roshe: Anyone else coming should stand up!

The other five stood up.

Roshe: We will go, when Minn T. gets back!

20 minutes later, Minn T. returned. Others would have gone crazy in that time but the thought of getting off the island kept them sane. A long ladder stood up from the middle of the island. It was hard to notice, since it was now 10:00 PM. The 12 castaways climbed up. After a while, they all reached the top. They crossed the long bridge, keeping away from the edges. After a while, they reached a strange building that looked abandoned. They entered and eventually reached a desk. A Hammer Brother sat behind it.

Hammer Bro: Hello! Are you looking for flying boat repairs, plane repairs, fuel...?

Roshe: Um... no. We crossed a scary, wide, long bridge and we've been stranded on an Island.

Hammer Bro: Woah, are you the group that screams all day? We never climbed the ladder down to the island because we thought you were insane monsters!

Roshe: Well, we were insane.

Hammer Bro: So, you need a ship? Easy, we'll just give you one free!

Roshe: Free? Thanks!

Hammer Bro: Enter the docking bay and you can leave. You can have Airship #882.

The 12 castaways entered the docking bay and boarded Airhip #882. They flew away.

Roshe: Uh oh! The ship isn't steering the right way! Noooooo!

The ship began to tear apart. It eventually caught on fire, making it worse. Mario and Luigi fell through the air.

Meanwhile, back at the Flight Building...

Worker: Did you get rid of that cheap Airship #882?

Hammer Bro: Yeah! Those twelve who got it didn't even think twice about why it was free! Ha ha ha!

Worker: Ha ha ha ha ha...

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