Mario and Luigi: Partners in Short Time

By Emerald Shroob

When they finally returned to Professor E. Gadd, he told them where to go next.

Professor E. Gadd: Your next destination is the Gritzy Desert!

Luigi: But...

Stuffwell: We'll do itous!

They take the timehole there and realize that they can't go up the stairs fast enough.

Mario: We can't-a go up-a the CHEESE stairs fast-a enough-a!

Toadsworth: Try rolling in a ball!

Luigi: Okay.

Mario and Luigi do that and reach the timehole fast enough. Then they go in and get to the desert.

Mario: Ahhh... It's nice and cool here-a...

Luigi is seen practically sweating a waterpark, and the babies are playing in it.


Just then, a stampede of Shroobs come down on them.

Everyone except Mario, who is too stupid to get squashed: OUCHIE! OOH! ACHEHHHH! EEECH!!! OOF! OWWWWWW!!!

Mario: I don't get-a it!

Baby Luigi: Hey! Maybe there's air conditioning in that building over there! WAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Baby Mario: Yeah! But we have to activate those towers first!

They do that and go inside. And the babies were right. There is air conditioning inside.

Mario: Man, I'm most definately-a hot-a!

Luigi is frozen and there's snow coming down on him, which the babies are playing in.

Luigi: IT'S CO-O-O-O-O-O-OLD!!!

The door opens to the stage.

Princess Shroob: ^&%&^! %^&^(*&^%&&&^!!! (And now, it's Hillary Shroob!!!)

Shroobs in audience: %^&%&^%&*^%^!!! (YAYYYYYYYYY!!!)

Music starts playing when Mario and Co. come along.

Mario: Oh-a baby-a baby-!

The Shroobs cover their ears, but then realize they don't have any.

Princess Shroob: %&^? $#&^^%^$%^&$$^%, %&^%? (So, you think you can save your stupid princess, huh?)

Mario: $^&%^&%^&! (Yes!)

Luigi: You speak Shroob language?

Mario: No.

Emerald Shroob: Please, no more cursing. There's more than enough if it in the story.

Princess Shroob: $^&%&! #^$^%&^&$&^%&^! (Petey, eat this princess NOW!!!)

Peach gets eaten by Petey.

Peach: It's most unpleasant in here!

Princess Shroob: &^%&^*%&^%&!!!! (Send out the Shrooboid Brat!!!)

Shrooboid Brat: $^%%&^^! (You're in for it now!)

Mario: Yay! Candy-a!

Mario takes the candy from the Shrooboid Brat. He then starts crying.

Baby Luigi: Awww... here. You can have my lollipop.

SHrooboid Brat: %*&^&! $%&^%&$&^%&^%^&!!! (No! I'm allergic to sharing!

The Shrooboid Brat blows up and the quadruplets gets dropped into a hole.

Monty Mole: Check to our store!

Mario: Hiya!

Monty Mole: Never mind.

They continue on and finally reach the last chamber.

Petey Piranha: Guhhhhhh!

Mario: Thingie!

Mario takes FLUDD and puts it on.

FLUDD: Hey. I’m not supposed to be in this game.

FLUDD squirts ice at Petey Piranha and he faints. Kylie Koopa then flies out.

Kylie Koopa: Man! I almost got a scoop bigger than that Bo- I mean Yoob thing! Oh yeah, the Cobalt Star looked right at me.

Luigi: That's-a nice.

Kylie Koopa: I saw Princess Peach. She's over there.

They walk over to where Peach is.

Baby Mario: Hey! What happened to her face?

Mario is about to eat the Mushroom covering her face.


Mario: What's a story-a? CHEESE!!!!

Kylie Koopa: You can keep this thing. It's starting to creep me out. I'm gonna get a HUUUUUUGE scoop on the Cobalt Star as soon as it's whole!

They travel back to their own time and see where they have to go next.

Professor E. Gadd: Thanks for rescuing Peach. But now we have to get the Shroobs out of the picture.

Emerald Shroob: Ahem.

Professer E. Gadd: Except you, oh dear Narrator.

Emerald Shroob: That's better.


Mario: Cheese!

They go to Peach's rooom and see Bowser's trying to steal Peach.

Bowser: Gwahahahaha! I'm going to finally fulfill my goal of kidnapping the princess and ruling the world! Wahahahahaha!

Bowser runs off, carrying Peach with him.

Professor E. Gadd: Now he's heading off to a place where there's a mountain entirely made of Thwomps!

Stuffwell: It must haveous taken themerous atous least five secondsous to come upous withous thaterous placous.

Toadsworth: Now, here's how to make the babies flat...

Hours pass...

They go to Thwomp Volcano and see the view.

Luigi: Well, this place is cool.

Mountain Toad: I'll say. EXTREEEEEME!!!

Random Thwomp: Get offa my head! Grrrrrr!!!!

He blasts the Brothers to the professor's old house.

Professor E. Gadd: Check out my Hydrogush 3000! I'm gonna blast the water into the volcano because I feel like it!

Stuffwell gets fat from the water.

Stuffwell: Glubous...

Stuffwell spits out the water into the volcano.

Everyone except Mario: Eeeew.

Mrs Thwomp: C'mon, there's some fire left!

Thwomp: No fun. Why fire out? Why everyone step on heads?


Mario's seen writing "Mario wuz hre" on Mrs. Thwomp's back.

Luigi: Mario! Stop it!

Mario: Fun!

Mss. Thwomp blows up and grows another body.

Mario: We have-a to do something-a inside-a the volcano, but I forgot-a what it-a was-a!

Luigi: We have to save Peach like we’ve done for over 25 years-a.

They jump inside the volcano and miss the thwomp that takes them between levels and instead go straight to the bottom.

Luigi: Owwwwww... My leg...

Mario: Mario!

Luigi: I wish I was to stupid too get my leg broken...

Luigi's bone heals.

Luigi: That-a was fast-a.

Bowser: Mwahahahaha. I have Peach!

Baby Bowser: Yeah! And we finally get to see if she really DOES taste like a peach!

Mario: I like-a cheese!

The mothership comes in and abducts Peach and the Brothers.

Inside the mothership...

Mario: This is fun-a!

Baby Mario: We have to get to the center of the ship!

Luigi: I agree. But we'll have to go around because this wall's blocking us.

Baby Luigi: Why can't we just blow it up? WAHHHHHHH!!!

Luigi: Because blowing up the wall of Yoob's belly was a joke. Now let's go.

One second later...

Luigi: Okay! We're here!

Princess Shroob: $^%! $%^&%&&^!!! (Ha! I'm not your Peach!)

Shroob: $%^&. $%$^&%&^&&! (Yeah. Now SURRENDER!!!)

Princess Shroob: Can I have mustard on that hot dog? Oops, I mean, %^$%&^%^&^,
%&^^%$^!!! (Goodbye, losers!)

The Brothers fall into the timehole. Meanwhile, Baby Bowser's at the window.

Baby Bowser: Are they eating cookies in there? Those cookies are good!!!

Baby Bowser breaks in.

Shroob: %#^%? (What was that?)

Baby Bowser: (I'd better hide from these tongueless freaks.)

Baby Bowser hides behind some sort of machine.

Shroob: #%^$%^%$%^^… (I could have sworn I heard something there…)

Guardian Shroob:  #$^%$%^%. %^&%$^%$%&! (It was just your imagination. Now keep serving the princess!)

Shroob: ^%&%$%$^? %$&^%^&%^... (You know what? I need a vacation...)

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