Mario and Luigi: Partners in Short Time

By Emerald Shroob

One day, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi go to Peach's castle to play with her.

Young Toadsworth: Perfect timing! Peach needs someone to play with or I'll have to keep dealing with her ******* crying!!!!

The Babies give Young Toadsworth a weird stare.

Baby Mario: You said *******!!!

Baby Luigi: So did you! WAHHHHHH!!!

Baby Mario: Oops.

Baby Bowser comes in, kidnapping... err... babynapping Baby Peach!

Baby Bowser: Heheheheheh!!! I got the princess! Now I'll ride on that Gween donkey for sure!!!

Just then, some random Shroob takes Baby Peach from Baby Bowser and puts her down somewhere and blows up the castle.

In the present, just after Peach left on the time machine...


Mario: You just-a said ****** and ******** and ****** and ***** and ****** and ******* and *******!

Luigi: So did you!

Mario: CHEESE!!!

Toadsworth: I think I'll just knock myself out now.

Toadsworth knocks himself out and Mario is sent to get a Refreshroom for him. He does just fine until...

Mario: I wonder what this-a cheese tastes like...

Mario is just about ready to eat it, when Emerald Shroob comes in.

Emerald Shroob: Hey! You can't just eat that!

Mario: You copycat-a!

Emerald Shroob: *sigh*

Emerald Shroob takes Mario where Toadsworth was knocked out and gives it to Toadsworth.

Emerald Shroob: Now if you'll excuse me, I must do Shroob stuff.

Emerald Shroob then flies away.

Toadsworth: Aww, man... I woke up! I liked it better when I was knocked out!

Toad: Me too! ********!!!

Jr. Shrooboid then appears out of nowhere, blows up for no reason whatsoever, and a timehole appears in the garden. Mario and Luigi then go check it out.

Mario: Ooooh! Shiny-a!

Mario starts running and is about to jump into the timehole when...

Luigi: (slow motion) NOOOOOOO!!!

Luigi lunges at Mario but he steps to the side and Luigi unwittingly jumps into the time hole.

Luigi: (normal) Mario, you idiot!!!

Mario: So long-a, Bowser!!!

Mario jumps into the timehole after Luigi for no reason. They then appear in some meadow and Stuffwell falls out of the sky.

Stuffwell: Now to jump you do this. Now, jump on these blocksous. Now these are custom blocks blahous blahous blahous. Now, here's how to fightous...

Much Later...

Stuffwell: Now, I have these bombsous to fight the dastardly Shroobsous...

Luigi: Nooo! Those are gonna blow!!!!

Stuffwell blows up, propelling them to the mayor's house.

Mayor: Help me!

Mario: SANTA!!!

Mario takes the mayor and throws him out a window.

Luigi: What was that for?!

Mario: For honor, family, tradition, doughnuts and coffee, and cheese!!!

Luigi: But don't you hate coffee?

Mario: I don't-a know what-a you’re talking about-a!

Luigi: You don't-a know anything!

The mayor then gets abducted by Shroobs and some random Shroobs blast Mario and Luigi with an energy bomb but Mario was too stupid to get hurt.

Mario: Cheese-a!!!

A Shroob takes out a ray gun.

Shroob: $#^&%^$%^#$^%&!!! (Die, you idiot!!!)

Meanwhile in the Koopa Cruiser...

Baby Mario: I can't believe he said ******!!!

Baby Luigi: Stop saying ******!!! Oops.

Baby Mario: Why are all the curse words blocked like this? ******! *****! ******! *****!

Baby Luigi: Stop-a that!

Baby Mario: WAHHHHHH! ALL I WAS SAYING WAS *******!!!

Baby Peach laughs and says her first words.

Baby Peach: Hee hee hee!!! *******!!!

The alarm then sounds, and they start crying.

Toadsworth: Stop crying! Your ****** father is here! Oops. Gotta stop that...

Baby Bowser (on PA system): Shut off the alarm! You! Red and Green! Merry Christmas!!! What? You're red and green! Well, save those stupid villagers that look like you!!!

The Babies fall out of the Koopa Cruiser, and find Mario and Luigi.

Shroob: $%^&*$^%*%$&^%*$&^*!!! (Hey! Those babies are rescuing those plumbers!

Another Shroob: $%^$^&%! #$^&%&^#&^%&!? (Yeah! How can we get those drains unclogged now?!

ANOTHER Shroob: %#$&^*%^&$%(%^&$%*&%*&%!!! (Let's kill them just for that!!!

The Babies then touch the Shroobs.


The Shroobs explode for no reason and the Babies, while holding the plumbers, fly back to the Koopa Cruiser.

Baby Bowser: You! Tell me how you did that!!!

The adults wake up.

Mario: Babies!

Baby Mario runs over to Mario.

Mario and Baby Mario (at the same time): Copycat!!!

Mario: Jinx! Get me-a cheese!

Baby Mario: ***********!!!

Young Toadsworth: Great. I taught Baby Mario how to curse... *********!!!

The Koopa Cruiser blows up for no good reason and the quartet gets blown to Bowser's castle.

Mario: Everything's-a red!

Stuffwell: Let's findous that new timeholeerous! Waitous! It's rightous in fronterous of usous!

Luigi: Yeah, but where's that shiny pyramid?

Luigi wets himself.

Luigi: CUT!!!

Please stand by...

They jump into the new timehole with the first Cobalt Star Piece in their hands.

Back in the present, Professser E Gadd is researching that stupid Shrooboid thing.

Cobalt Star: I think I'll get the next portal open so you can restore me.

Maro and Luigi go to the timehole and go to Toadwood Forest.

Toadiko: They're sucking away our energy... to build up the drama...

Toadiko then gets turned into a Mushroom.

Mario: Just what I-a need! I have to try out these matches-a!


Mario lights a match and burns down the forest. He also ignites Luigi's caboose again.

Stuffwell: What does he meanous by igniting caboosesous?

Emerald Shroob: It means his rump caught fire.

Stuffwell: Oh! Lookous! It's the factoryorus!

Luigi: This is getting annoying-a.

Mario: CHEESE!!!

Stuffwell: Hey look! Some random saucer! Let's ride itous! BACK TO ADVENTURE!!!

Mario, Luigi, and Stuffwell ride the saucer to the Vim factory. Right before they get in, Mario bites the Shroob's head, thinking it was cheese, which makes his saucer blow up.

Shroob: (__&#$!?!?!?*^@#*@&$_ (mailto:_&#$!?!?!?*^@#*@&$) _(!@&#(! (Hey! Who burnt down the forest?! We have no vim left! Swiggler's gonna die now!)

Because of this, Swiggler gets mad and blows up because of the heat of his fury, sending Mario and Luigi back to the timehole.

Shroob: @#$%&#(_%&@%&($%_ ))&!!! (****************!!!)


Mario and Luigi, along with the Babies, who are airsick from the earlier experience, go to Professor E. Gadd and see where the next timehole is.

Professor E. Gadd: There's a portal upstairs leading to Yoshi's Island.

Mario: I'm-a Mario!

Stuffwell: Whatever happenedous to the resterous of Dinosaur Landous?

They take the timehole to Yoshi's Island, where Yoob is attacking the village and eating the Yoshis.

Mario: Barney!!!

Luigi: That's not Barney!!!

Mario: Kirby!

Emerald Shroob: That's Yoob, you idiot!

Luigi: Mario, I hate you.

Kylie Koopa comes over. She snaps a photo of Mario and Co.

Kylie Koopa: I'm gonna get the biggest scoop on this Yoob thing!

Kylie Koopa then takes out an oversized scooper and runs over to Yoob, who tries to eat her.

Yoob: WROAHHHHHHRRRR!!! (Yich! I HATE Koopas!)

Yoob comes over.

Yoob: WROAHHHHHHHH!!! (You look yummy! And don't make fun of me like that!!!! I'm gonna eat you for that!)

Mario: Hiya! You are-a so cute-a!

Yoob blushes at the compliment. He then walks away, not wanting to destroy the village anymore.

Kamek: I have to get these snacks to the prince right now! Wait, if he's a prince then who's the king? Oh well.

Mario: COOKIES!!!

Luigi: Let's go onto the cliff and see the view.

So they make their way to the cliff and see a fantastic view, and Baby Bowser eating tons of cookies.

Mario: I want the-a cookies!!!

Baby Mario: Oh boy! Let's feast, whatever that means!!!

The Babies eat all the cookies.

Baby Bowser: Hey! My cookies...  :(

Kamek: You'll pay for that!!!

Mario throws Kamek off the cliff for no reason.

Luigi: Mario! I know he tried to kidnap us once, but that...


Luigi: That's-a new...

Yoob is rock climbing on the cliff when...

Some Random Shroob: $#&*@! @#&*^$(__#&%@^#&$(@%_ (mailto:_#&@^#&$(@) _!!! (Finally! I found him! Let's make him grow for no good reason!!!)

Emerald Shroob: But hey. He has to work out more!

Shroob: #%^&! %*$^&%&!!! (Hey! You can't be here now!)

Emerald Shroob: Fine. But this is MY Scribble!

The Shroobs make Yoob grow, and his head reaches just enough to see everyone
on the cliff top. He then eats them, thinking they were cookies.

Yoob: ROARHHHHHH!!! (Yummy! Wait! Where's Red and Green? The red guy complimented me! Oh well.)

In Yoob's belly...

Mario: Mario!

Luigi: Do you know what just happened?!

Mario's lying down on the floor.

Mario: Ahhh... Comfy!

Luigi: Well, a little rest won't hurt...

Five hours later...

Stuffwell: Okay, we have to getous out of this spookyous placeous!!!

Mario: Hey! Look what I found!

Mario picks up a Dry Bones's skull.

Luigi: MARIO!!! NOOOOOO!!!

The Dry Bones skull bites Mario, but he's too stupid to notice.

Mario: Dwy Dones is funny!!!

Baby Mario: That's me when I grow up?!

Luigi: Unfortunately, yes it is.

Baby Luigi: Let's jump on that spring, Brother! WAHHHHHHHH!!!

They jump up, and eventually, a huge boulder comes along. Following is a bunch of Yoshis and the Babies.

Baby Mario: Let's go!

They continue on, avoiding the RC Shroobers and Dry Bones. Soon...

Luigi: Okay, Mario! Let's go in this pipe! Mario?

Mario lights a bomb next to the "wall".

Luigi: MARIO!!!

The bomb blows up, making an opening in Yoob's "wall".

Luigi: Let's go out this way!!!

Mario: What? And ruin the plot?

Luigi sighs and they go in the pipe. Soon, in Yoob's lower body...

Yoshi: Ugh! Yoshi feel like Yoshi gonna hurl!

Yoshi gets stuck into a Yoob egg.


Mario: Yummy breakfast!

Mario starts drooling on the egg, making it break.

Yoshi: Mario save Yoshi's life! Yoshi is eternally grateful!

Luigi: You got that from the movie with all those toys in it!

Stuffwell: Let's fight that egg monsterous and get outta hereerous. BACK TO ADVENTURE!!!


Toadbert: I can't remember a darn thing! But check out my professionally drawn and totally clean picture!

Toadbert gives them his drawing.

Luigi: Errr... that's a great drawing?

In Yoob's Bowels... yick...

Sunny Scide: ROAR!!!

Mario: CHEESE!!!

Mario pushes Sunnycide into the errr... hole. Then, the Mario Bros. along with the Yoshis jump into that same hole.

Mario and Luigi fall into the timehole and see where they have to go next.

Mario: But I-a wanted to ride on the pwink donkey!!!

Luigi: I hate you.

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