By Joshua

All right, party recap time!
P Weed (Putrid Piranha)
H Bro (Hammer Bro)
Rocky (Moon Cleft)
Skyboy (Sky Guy)
Dark Boo (Dark Boo, funnily enough)

Chapter 27: Excessive Boredom

Joshua: Last time, I beat Cortez in a double battle and claimed my Ocean Badge. Now we’re heading to Poshley Heights to claim my Strategy Badge. Also, I want to apologize for the large delay between the last two parts. I had school and stuff. I’m only 14; you can’t expect me to work hard at this EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The group are waiting for Chef Shimi to make them pork chops for dinner. Doopliss approaches them.

Doopliss: Hey, Slicks.

Joshua: Doopliss… Great. Long time no see.

Doopliss: Wait… Those pigs look awfully familiar…

Clawdia: Hmm… If it worked on the Shroobs, it COULD work…

Doopliss: Yeah… You thinking what I’m thinking?

Clawdia: Yep.

Doopliss: Let’s do it.

He transforms into a baby and starts crying. Clawdia collects his tears in a bottle. He transforms back and pours some of the tears on a pig. It turns into a Twilighter.

Joshua: What?

Doopliss pours the tears on pigs for about 10 minutes.


Doopliss: Aw man.

Maguskoopa: My joke!

Joshua throws Maguskoopa out the window before going to his cabin. Everyone else follows suit.

Cabin 3 (Ms. Mowz and Clawdia)…

Ms. Mowz: What type will the Gym Leader use?

Clawdia: I beat him before. He battled me with two Normal Types and two Psychic Types.

Ms. Mowz: Should we tell Joshua?

Clawdia: No, he’ll figure it out once he sees who the leader is.

Cabin 4 (Koops and Bobbery)…

Koops: You were going to replace me, right?

Bobbery: No one likes you. You’re Joshua’s least favorite PM2 partner.

Koops: Who’s his favorite?

In Cabin 5 (Joshua, with Doopliss visiting)…

Joshua: It’s a tie between Bobbery, Vivian, and Goombella… I have no idea why I just said that.

Doopliss: Slick, I wanna give you something if you beat the leader at Poshley. Wanna know who the leader is?

Joshua: I already know. Pennington.

Doopliss: … Killjoy.

Joshua: Shut up.

Doopliss: Mind if I follow you guys around for a while?

Joshua: If you must.

Chapter 29: Riverside Station Stop Off

Joshua: Last time… I threw Maguskoopa out a window, Doopliss joined the group, and… that’s about it.

Everyone is stretching their legs at Riverside Station. Doopliss closes the switch so the bridge goes up.

Joshua: Why?

Doopliss: Because I can.

Everyone: …

He goes to flip it back, but it breaks.

Doopliss: Oops.

???: I’ll take care of this, Zap Cannon.

Joshua: Um… I’m Joshua. Zap Cannon’s my brother… and he’s a Lakitu. I don’t think it’s possible to confuse us.

???: Silence, non-believer! Smorg (Normal/Bug), come out and use Strength!

Smorg pushes the bridge back to the way it should be.

???: Hah! Bet you don’t know who I am.

Joshua: Pennington, gym leader of Poshley Heights. Your gym is in Poshley Sanctum, and you intend to battle me with two Normal Types and two Psychic Types.

Pennington: … You’re good.

Joshua: Better than you.

Pennington: Your overconfidence will be your downfall.

Joshua: Your stupidity is yours.

Pennington: Let’s settle this with a 1-on-1 battle right here. I’ll use Smorg, and you can use whoever. You win, you get a badge; you lose, you admit that you’re arrogant and we battle again, in Poshley Sanctum.

Joshua: Deal. Go, H Bro!

H Bro comes out.


Pennington: Hey, Author, can we stop this stupid running gag?

Author: No! I like it!

Joshua: (Psycho.) Use Fire Drive!

Pennington: Miasma Defense.

Smorg blocks the fireball with a Miasma.

Pennington: Minion Cannon.

Smorg launches little Smorgs at H Bro.

Joshua: Send them back with your hammer!

Pennington: Hyper Beam.

H Bro is hit with a large beam. It weakens him heavily, but doesn’t KO him.

Joshua: He can’t move for a while now! Use Fire Drive combined with Power Smash!

H Bro doesn’t move.

Joshua: What the? Oh, I see… You’re too hurt to move. I… forfeit. H Bro can’t move.

Pennington smiles. Everyone gets back on the train, which head for Poshley Heights. H Bro is nursed back to health by the train’s nurse.

Chapter 29: Team Broomstick Back Again!

Joshua: Last time I lost to Pennington. H Bro was heavily injured, and is now being healed in the hospital wing.

Koops: They have one here?

Joshua: Sure, why not?

Joshua is standing beside H Bro, who is lying in bed. P Weed comes out of its ball and tucks the Hammer Bro in.

Joshua: Aww… You want your friend to get better.

H Bro begins to sleep. Kamek and Kammy come in through the ceiling.

Kamek: Team Broomstick blast off at the speed of light!

Kammy: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Both: That’s right. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!

They start breakdancing.

Both: MY HIP!

Well, I said BREAKdancing.

Kamek: Ow… Go, Dark Boo.

Kammy: Go, Poison Pokey (Ground/Poison)!!

Ms. Mowz enters.

Ms. Mowz: Go, Spunia! Go, Pyro Guy! Joshua, get H Bro and get out of here!

He does so.

Ms. Mowz: Spunia, Rapid Spin Strike! Pyro Guy, Rapid Fire!

The rapid fire attacks connect.

Kamek: Shadow Punch!

Kammy: Sludge Bomb!

Both connect, and both are knocked out.

Ms. Mowz: Already?!

Pyro Guy evolves to Fryguy.

Ms. Mowz: Yes! Pillar of Flames!

Kamek and Kammy land on the roof of the train.

Kamek: We’ll get you for that!

Ms. Mowz: The roof is talking to me!!

Kamek: …

They run around on the roof, trying to get to where Joshua is (his cabin). Ms. Mowz and Fryguy also run to cabin 5. Spunia has been recalled.

Joshua: You just concentrate on getting better, H Bro…

Kamek: We’re back!

Joshua: Aw, crud. P Weed, use Solarbeam!

It misses.

Joshua: … I hate my life.

Kamek: Shadow Ball!

Kammy: Sludge Bomb!

Both connect.

Joshua: This is bad… Use Crunch on Dark Boo!

Dark Boo is hit, and badly damaged.

Kamek and Kammy: Double Hyper Beam!!!

Joshua: Oh, not again. Warp!

P Weed dodges and then crunches Poison Pokey.

Ms. Mowz and Fryguy enter.

Ms. Mowz: Pillar of Flames!

Joshua: Solarbeam!

Pillar of Flames hits Dark Boo, and Solarbeam hits Poison Pokey. P Weed begins flashing, and evolves to Petey Piranha (Grass/Poison)!

Joshua: COOL! I got a Petey! HE’S ONLY MY FAVORITE BOSS EVER!!! Now, Petey, use Mud Bomb!

Both go down and Kamek and Kammy go flying.

Joshua: Ah, yeah!

H Bro wakes up, fully healed.

Joshua: Yay!

Long Chapter, huh?

Chapter 30: Poshley Heights and Pennington’s Psychic/Normal Team

Joshua: That may be the stupidest title ever.

Just recap already.

Joshua: Ok, ok! Last time, Ms. Mowz’s Pyro Guy evolved to Fryguy, and my P Weed evolved to Petey Piranha. We beat back Team Broomstick and H Bro healed.

The group disembark the train at Poshley Heights, late in the evening.

Joshua: Well, let’s get to the sanctum.

Pennington: Patience, Zap Cannon, my boy. We’ll battle tomorrow. It’s too late now.

Joshua: … How did I lose to this guy again?

Pennington: Overconfidence.

Joshua: … Oh, yeah. I remember now.


Joshua: Use Fire Drive!

Pennington: Miasma Defense.

Smorg blocks the fireball with a Miasma.

Pennington: Minion Cannon.

Smorg launches little Smorgs at H Bro.

Joshua: Send them back with your hammer!

Pennington: Hyper Beam.

H Bro is hit with a large beam. It weakens him heavily, but doesn’t KO him.

Joshua: He can’t move for a while now! Use Fire Drive combined with Power Smash!

H Bro doesn’t move.

Joshua: What the? Oh, I see… You’re too hurt to move. I… forfeit. H Bro can’t move.

Pennington smiles.


Joshua: Hmm…

Pennington: Would you like to know which Plitémon I’ll use in our battle tomorrow?

Joshua: Couldn’t hurt. I’ll show you mine, to be fair.

Pennington releases Smorg, a Spunia, Grate Guy (Psychic) and an Eeker (Psychic). Joshua frowns, thinks, and releases Dark Boo, Petey, H Bro, and Rocky.

Joshua: Well, this should make for an interesting battle tomorrow.

Pennington: Quite.

Chapter 31: Psychic Showdown

Joshua: I’m ready for my battle with Pennington. We’ve decided on our Plitémon. Bring it on…

Everyone is in Poshley Sanctum.

Pennington: Get ready, for victory merits the Strategy Badge! Go, Spunia!

Joshua: I choose H Bro!

Pennington: Ah, the Hammer Bro again.

Both: Let’s go, XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!!!

Pennington: … Spunia, let’s use Rapid Spin Strike.

Joshua: Dodge, and use Fire Drive!

Pennington: Spin right through it!

Basically, none of the attacks connect.

Joshua: Try Hammer Throw!

Pennington: Use Psychic.

Spunia starts beating H Bro about the head with its own hammer.

Joshua: Ah crud. Deflect it with Power Smash, and use Hammer Barrage!

Pennington: Send them back with Psychic.

H Bro throws so many hammers that Spunia can’t control them all, and is hit with a lot. It gets knocked out.

Pennington: All right, return. Go, Eeker! Use Burn Chemical!

H Bro gets burned. This means that he takes damage every so often, and his attack drops.

Joshua: Better take this thing down fast. Use Power Smash!

Pennington: You don’t learn, do you? Eeker, use Psybeam.

H Bro takes the Psybeam head on, but keeps charging and hits Eeker, KO’ing it. H Bro then drops.

Joshua: Dang.

Pennington: Go, my Smorg!

Joshua: I choose Rocky!

Bobbery: Joshua’s winning, but with that Smorg out, it could seriously turn back in his face right now.

Ms. Mowz: Yep.

Clawdia: Bud.

Koops: Wise.

Doopliss: Er.

Joshua and Pennington: …

Joshua: Didn’t I already use that joke in that Interview I did?

Pennington: Yes. Use Hyper Beam!

Joshua: Rocky, defend with Rock Tomb!

The rocks block the Hyper Beam until it breaks through, and hits Rocky a little.

Joshua: It can’t move for a little while now, Rocky! Attack with Mega Kick, Rock Tomb, and Earthquake!

Pennington: No!

Rocky kicks the Smorg, uses a quake attack to hurt it, and causes rocks to fall on it. Since Smorg is part bug, this hurts it badly.

Joshua: Yes… Finish it with Take Down!

Clawdia: Be careful! Smorg has recovered from using Hyper Beam!

Pennington: Miasma Defense!

Rocky’s attack is blocked.

Pennington: Now… HYPER BEAM!!!


Rocky is defeated…

Joshua: Oh, you’ll pay for that. Go, Petey! Use Twister!

Petey launches a Tornado at Smorg.

Pennington: Strength.

Smorg knocks Petey out of the sanctum.

Joshua: No!

It lands in the fountain. Everyone runs outside.

Joshua: That’s it! Petey, use Twister from underwater!

The power of the Twister is amplified by the water inside. It’s a maelstrom that strikes Smorg.

Pennington: Brilliant strategy, young Zap Cannon.


Pennington: Smorg, use Hyper Beam!!!

The two beams collide and explode, knocking out both Plitémon.


Silence, non-believer!!!

Joshua: Go, Dark Boo!

Pennington: Go, Grate Guy!

Both: You’re going down!!!

Pennington: Flash!

Dark Boo is blinded for a little while.

Pennington: And… Meteor Blast! Now, Card Beam, and Psychic!

Dark Boo is seriously weakened from the attacks.

Joshua: And he’s still blind, too… That’s cheap! Use Shadow Punch!

Since you can’t dodge Shadow Punch, it hits Grate Guy HARD.

Pennington: And you said MY attacks were cheap.

Joshua: …

Pennington: Jerk. Show him the true might of Meteor Blast!

Joshua: Transparency!

A still blind Dark Boo doesn’t know where the attack is coming from, so its Transparency kicks in too late.

Joshua: … This is bad.

Doopliss: Slick’s in trouble!

Clawdia: Stop doing that.

Doopliss: What, Slick?

Clawdia: …

Joshua: Stop being blind, already!

Pennington: Ha! Boos are particularly weak to light, so Flash really blinds them!

Joshua: That’s so CHEAP!!!

Pennington: If you want that Strategy Badge, you need to work one out, and figure a way past the blindness! But for now… Card Beam!

Joshua: Oh, no. Please, Dark Boo! Do Shadow Punch!

The attacks collide. Grate Guy starts rolling around on his ball very fast. Not only does this make it harder for Joshua to see it, but it makes things worse for Dark Boo, who has finally got his vision back.

Joshua: Yes! (Dark Boo has his sight back, the type advantage, and the power to beat Grate Guy, but he can’t even see it now. I need to find a way to slow it down somehow…)

Bobbery: This is so cheap… I’M SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!

Bobbery explodes and destroys one of the sanctum’s walls.

Author: Heh, I LOVE this gag.

Pennington: Card Beam!

The beam hits Dark Boo from a random location.

Joshua: Well, I don’t have any better ideas, so Shadow Punch!

Pennington: Ha! Send it back with Psychic!

It works.

Joshua: I hate this guy SO much right now…

Pennington: Meteor Blast!!!

Joshua: Transparency!

Dark Boo executes it perfectly. Joshua notices that Grate Guy stops whenever it uses one of its attacks.

Joshua: That’s it!

Pennington: No matter what you try, you can’t slow down my great Grate Guy (yes, the repetition was intended).

Joshua: Try me.

Pennington: Card Beam!

Joshua: Use Transparency, and charge in!

Dark Boo charges at Grate Guy.


The paralyzed Grate Guy is now very vulnerable.

Joshua: SHADOW BALL!!!


Grate Guy goes down.

Joshua: YES!!!! I WON!!!!

Pennington: Well done, Zap Can- I mean… Joshua.

Joshua: That’s better.

Pennington: Take your Strategy Badge. You truly deserve it.

Koops: Yeah, after your toughest battle so far.

Joshua: No kidding.

And so, after his hardest battle so far, Joshua claims the Strategy Badge. So, what awaits him at Fahr Outpost, and the 8th gym?

Chapter 31: Doopliss’ Gift

Joshua: Last time, I got my Strategy Badge.

Doopliss: Ok, that was the longest chapter of this FF so far, so we need to keep this one short to even things out. Here’s what I promised you: a new Plitémon… sort of.

Doopliss thrusts a Plitéball into Joshua’s hand.

Joshua: Go!

Tribal Guy comes out.

Joshua: Cool.

Doopliss: You told me to purify it. I have. He’s yours now.

Joshua: All right! I got Spear!

Doopliss: Unimaginative name.

Joshua: Silence, non-believer!

Doopliss: Do you realize that we just finished the chapter in… 13 lines?

Joshua: Cool!

Chapter 32: Homesick and Lovesick

Joshua: Last time, Doopliss gave me back the Tribal Guy I snagged. I named him Spear! : )

Doopliss: I still say that’s unimaginative.

Joshua: Silence, non-believer!

Doopliss: …

Joshua’s group is heading towards Fahr Outpost.

Ms. Mowz: It’s so cold!

Bobbery: You get used to it.

Koops: Oh, yeah, you know this area.

Bobbery: Yes, my beautiful Scarlette was from Fahr Outpost…

Clawdia: How sad. I met my Bowser on Isle Delfino, so many years ago…

Koops: My Koopie Koo… I’m so far from home…

Ms. Mowz: I remember my old flame, Mouzer…

Joshua: Shouldn’t that be Mouser?

Ms. Mowz: No, it was his brother.

Joshua: …

Doopliss is reminiscing about the times he shared with Vivian. (See my FF, Vivian’s New Boyfriend. SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISEMENT ROCKS!!!)

Joshua: … I HAVE NO OLD FLAMES OR PARTNERS TO THINK ABOUT!!! (singing) I’m so lonely, I’m so lonely… I have nobody… I’m on my own…

Chapter 33: Frosty Reception

Joshua: Last time, we reminisced about home and partners, old and current. Also, I sang a song! Don’t you just love my voice?

Doopliss: No.

Joshua lunges at Doopliss, but the camera cuts to show that “We’re experiencing technical difficulties, and man, are they wild!” sign shows.

Everyone enters Fahr Outpost.

Joshua: … I remember when I was here during Paper Joshua 2.

Ms. Mowz: You’ve told that story 1,000 times. Let it go.


Bobbery, Koops, and Ms. Mowz: Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Koops puts on a T-shirt with the words “I flew to the moon from Fahr Outpost” on it.

Joshua: … I never got a T-shirt…

Bob-omb: Da. Welcome to Fahr Outpost. Home of eighth Plitémon Gym. Gym Leader General White. He use Ice Type. Double Battle and three Single Battles. 5-on-5 match. I let him know you here. One of you must battle in Double Battle with challenger.

Clawdia: I’ll do it.

Bob-omb: Da. I let General White know. Which one of you challenger?

Joshua: I am.

Bob-omb: You wait here. Do not sleep. Otherwise…

Joshua: We die. Got it.

The Bob-omb goes to get General White. Joshua kicks Doopliss in the shin for no reason. Clawdia and Ms. Mowz both beat up Koops for no reason. Bobbery explodes for no reason.

Bobbery: Don’t be dumb, there was a reason.


Bobbery: Everyone else was doing stuff for no reason.

… The Bob-omb returns with General White.

General White: Hello, Joshua, are you ready to challenge me for the Snow Badge?

Joshua: Bring it.

Chapter 34: The Wizard of the Blizzard

Joshua: Last time, we went over the rules of my final gym match. Wish me luck, everyone. I want to thank everyone who’s been a fan of this FF and waited patiently for the updates. Thank you for your loyalty.

The group is in a snowfield outside of town.

Joshua: I choose my Skyboy!

Clawdia: Go, Fire Bro!

GW: Go, Frost Piranha and Ice Puff!

Joshua: Use Bomb Toss!

Clawdia: Fireball!!

GW: Send the bomb back with Blizzard, Frost Piranha; and Ice Puff, use Ice Ball!

Ms. Mowz: Interesting strategy, using Blizzard as a shield.

Bobbery: Hmm…

Joshua: Meteor Headbutt!

Clawdia: Use Flamethrower!

GW: Ice Beam, and Slam!

Frost Piranha blocks Flamethrower, and Ice Puff counters Skyboy.

Joshua: This is bad.

Clawdia: We haven’t landed a single attack yet.

GW: Double Blizzard!

The doubly powerful snowstorm strikes the Plitémon hard.

Joshua: No!

Koops: And Skyboy being a Flying type, he takes more damage from ice…

GW: Heh, you haven’t even seen my best combination yet. Frost Piranha, use Blizzard. Ice Puff, use Psychic.

Koops: It can use Psychic?!

GW: Yep. You see, the Psychic focuses the Blizzard into a sort of beam. I call it the Snowstorm Beam. Watch and learn.

Skyboy is struck with the focused Blizzard for massive damage.

Joshua: No! Use Shroob-omb!

GW: Oh, sweet dairy queen.

Bobbery: Take cover!!!


When the dust clears, everyone is down.

Joshua: My last resort attack. It’s exceptionally powerful, but brings down Skyboy. It’s sort of a risk.

GW: Sit down, Clawdia, it’s three Single Battles now.

Joshua: I choose Spear!

GW: A Tribal Guy? Fine, I choose my Bumpty Penguin (Ice/Water).

Joshua: It’s water, so use Lightning Dance!

Spear dances, and lightning strikes Bumpty.

GW: Fight back with Ice Beam!

Joshua: Dodge, and use Hurricane Spear!

Bumpty is blown back.

Joshua: Now, Rain Coins Dance!!!

GW: Tackle!!!

Bumpty dodges the coins by using Tackle and slams into Spear.

Joshua: Hmm… Spiking Strike!

Bumpty is hit with the spear’s pointy end.

Joshua: Lightning Dance!


Clawdia: “FULL POWAH”?

Both hit, knocking each one out.

Joshua: I choose Petey!

GW: I choose Ice Snifit (Ice).

Joshua: Bullet Seed!

GW: Bullet Hail!

The seeds and hailstones collide in midair, neither getting through.

Both: No!

GW: Ice Ball!

Joshua: Mud Bomb!

Again, they collide, but Mud Bomb passes through to damage Ice Snifit.

Joshua: Mud Bomb again!

GW: Ice Ball.

They collide but this time, neither gets through. The Ice Ball was bigger.

GW: Ice Ball again.

Joshua: It’s getting stronger! Mud Bomb won’t stop it… Leaf Blade!

The Ice Ball is cut by the blade.

GW: Ice Ball again!

Joshua: Dodge it!

Petey can’t get high enough to dodge it.

Joshua: No!

GW: Now, the most powerful. ICE BALL!!!

Joshua: TWISTER!!!

The Twister sends Ice Ball back, KO’ing Ice Snifit.

Joshua: Yes!

GW: I won’t lose. Go, MR. BLIZZARD (Ice)!!!

Joshua: A snowman?

GW: Blizzard!

Joshua: Not again… Wait, I can make use of Blizzard! Petey, use Mud Bomb!

The Mud Bomb freezes in midair.

GW: Get rid of that obstacle with Take Down.

The frozen Mud Bomb breaks.

Joshua: Just as I planned. Now, use that ice to jump!

Petey jumps up the falling ice, using it as platforms. He gets very high above Mr. Blizzard.

Joshua: Now, Leaf Blade!

GW: Use Ice Beam.

Petey is downed.

GW: Excellent strategy. I can see how you beat Pennington. But it’ll take more than that to beat ME.

Joshua: I see. I choose Rocky!

The Moon Cleft looks like he’s pumped up.

GW: Well, he’ll go down just like the rest.

Joshua: No. We worked hard to get this far, and we won’t lose! Rocky, are you ready to rumble?! USE ROCK TOMB!!!

GW: Hyper Beam.

Joshua: OH, COME ON!!! Dodge, and use Mega Kick!

Rocky kicks the snowman hard.

GW: Grr… We still haven’t recharged.

Bobbery: Brr… It’s still cold.

Bobbery explodes to warm himself up, and somehow destroys a wall somewhere.

Everyone: …

Joshua: Rocky, use your Earthquake, and send Mr. Blizzard flying!

Mr. Blizzard flies into the air, but…

GW: Ha! You can’t reach me now! Use Hyper Beam!

Joshua: Use Hyper Beam too!

The beams go into a beam struggle (Dragonball Z Budokai 3), but eventually, Mr. Blizzard’s beam overpowers Rocky’s, causing an explosion.

Joshua: No!

But there’s a bright white light through the smoke, and when it clears, Rocky has evolved to Iron Cleft!

Bobbery: Pokémon cliché #23: Evolution through a cloud of smoke.

Joshua: Shut up, and respect my new Steel!

Everyone: …

Joshua: Use Hyper Beam!

It doesn’t need to recharge thanks to evolution. Mr. Blizzard is hit hard. But now he does have to recharge.

GW: We still aren’t fully charged…

When both charge…

Joshua: Time for Earthquake, Steel!

GW: Use Earthquake as well!

The two quakes manage to level most of the town.

GW: Crud.

Joshua: Yay! Mindless violence!

Both: TAKE DOWN!!!

The two crash into each other.


The bright orange beams collide again, but this time, Steel’s breaks through and KO’s Mr. Blizzard!!!

Joshua: I win!

GW: Congratulations. Here’s your Snow Badge. Now take it, and go to the Palace of Shadows… And the Plitémon League.

Joshua: Finally… It’s been such a long journey… Let’s go, mindless slaves!

Read on!

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