By Joshua

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

(Author’s note: If you want to do an é like this, put Num Lock on, hold ALT and type in 130 on the keypad, then release ALT. I have mad computer skills! Also, if I put a word in brackets after a Plitémon’s name, that shows it’s type. E.g. Piranha Plant (Grass) The word Plitémon is pronounced Plit-ay-mon.)

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Narrator: Meet Joshua, a 13-year-old boy who is now legally able to go on a Plitémon journey around the Mushroom Kingdom, collecting the eight Plitémon badges AND defeating the Elite 4. He starts in his hometown of Rogueport.

The badge locations are:
Plant Badge: Petalburg
Forest Badge: Great Tree
Sky Badge: Glitzville
Creepy Badge: Creepy Steeple
Machine Badge: Rogueport Casino
Ocean Badge: Keelhaul Key
Strategy Badge: Poshley Sanctum
Snow Badge: Fahr Outpost
Plitémon League: Palace of Shadows.

Joshua wakes up and discovers a note in front of him.

Note: Dear Joshua, I’m sorry you didn’t wake up in time for breakfast. I left you some sausages. They’re thawing in the sink. Don’t forget to go to Professor Frankly’s for you Plitémon at 2PM because we’ll all be there for you. Love Mom.

Joshua: Stupid talking notes. I better get some breakfast then.

He heats the sausages, eats them, and changes.

Joshua: What time is it? 1.30, huh? I better get going.

Joshua walks to Frankly’s house only to find his rival Luigi triumphantly striding out with a Plitéball, used to catch and transport Plitémon.

Luigi: I got the best Plitémon! Smell ya later, Joshy boy!

Joshua: Don’t EVER call me that!

He beats the crud outta Luigi and goes to get his Plitémon.

Frankly: Sorry, Luigi took the first one. But I have two other choices for you. You can have Piranha Plant, the Grass Plitémon, or Blooper, the Water Plitémon.

Joshua: I’ll take… Piranha Plant and call him Weed!

Frankly: …

Joshua: Got a problem with Weed, Goomba?

Frankly: No…

Joshua: Good! I’m outta here!

Joshua exits the house to find his friends and family waiting for him.

Mom: Hi, sweetie! I packed all your stuff last night into one tiny bag!

She reveals a bag about 30 centimeters long.

Joshua: How little did you pack?

Mom: I put everything you’ll need into those Super Smash Bros. Melee capsules.

Joshua: Nice. ^_^

Ms. Mowz: Josh, don’t forget, we’re all here for you. Except me. I’m coming.

Ms. Mowz, Joshua’s 2nd cousin, has decided to travel with Joshua too.

Joshua: Duhhhhhhhh.

Ms. Mowz: I’m sure my Plitémon will be of some use. On to Petalburg!

Chapter 2: The Toad That Cried Dragon

Narrator: Joshua and Ms. Mowz are bound for Petalburg and Joshua’s first Gym badge, the Plant Badge. First, they must pass through Rogueport Sewers.

Joshua: It stinks in here.

Ms. Mowz: It’s the only way to get to Petalburg.

Joshua: Dang.

A Goomba (Normal type) runs into Joshua.

Ms. Mowz: Now would be a good time for you to battle that thing.

Joshua: Go, Weed!

Weed comes out and Goomba tries a Headbonk.

Joshua: Weed, use your Bite!

Weed eats Goomba.

Joshua: 0_0  Okayyyyyyy…

Ms. Mowz: Meh, you won.

They pass through the pipe to Petal Meadows.

???: Not so fast!

????: Now, we take your Plitémon!

Joshua: You’ll have to battle for ‘em!

???: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kamek.

????: And I am Kammy! And we are…


Joshua: OMG, that’s an awful name.

Kamek: SILENCE! Battle now! A double battle. You and Mowz vs us.

Joshua: Let’s go!

All: XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! D’OH! I mean… Plitémon Battle!

Joshua: Go, Weed!

Ms. Mowz: Go, Pyro Guy! (Fire type)

Kamek: Go, Gloomba! (Dark)

Kammy: Go, Shy Guy! (Normal)

Weed starts the battle by using Razor Leaf at Gloomba. Shy Guy throws his mask to block them.

Ms. Mowz: Ember!

Joshua: Vine Whip!

The two attacks hit Shy Guy but Gloomba gives him time to recover by distracting them with Headbonks.

Joshua: Bite!

Kammy: Mask Toss!

Ms. Mowz: Headbutt!

All the attacks hit. Gloomba is knocked out and Weed takes heavy damage.

Joshua: Crud.

Ms. Mowz: Fire Spin!

Flames surround shy Guy.

Kammy: Jump out!

Shy Guy can’t jump high enough and is KO’d.

Kamek: FLY AWAY!

Kammy: Looks like Team Broomstick’s flying off this time! BUT WE’LL BE BACK!

Joshua: Let’s get to Petalburg. Weed is tired.

The two reach Petalburg without any more incidents. They make for the Plitémon Center, where they heal and rest. When they leave they hear a Toad running down the lane.


Joshua: ?

Ms. Mowz: Let’s see the mayor about this.

Joshua and Ms. Mowz go to Kroop’s house to discuss this matter.

Kroop: Yes, that Toad does this every day. We’re all bored of it by now. Say, are you here looking for a Plant Badge?
Ms. Mowz: Did he say badge?

Joshua: Yeah.

Kroop: Oh, good. You should challenge the Gym Leader, Koops, to a Gym Battle.

Joshua: Where is he?

Kroop: He converted his house into the Gym. He’s right next door. How many Plitémon do you have?

Joshua: Just the one.

Kroop: All Gym matches here are 2-on-2. You should head out and catch another Plitémon before you challenge him.

Joshua: Cool.

Ms. Mowz: As far as I know, there are Goombas, Spiky Goombas (Normal), Paragoombas (Flying), and Koopa Troopas (Normal) out there.

Joshua. Let’s-a go!

Ms. Mowz: What?

Joshua: I really don’t want to talk about it.

The pair head east to Shwonk Way. Immediately, a Koopa Troopa attacks Joshua.

Joshua: Go, Weed! Use Vine Whip!

Weed throws Troopa against a tree. He gets up and slams into Weed hard with its shell.

Joshua: Use Warp!

Weed warps under the Troopa and bites it. It counterattacks but misses and hits a brick wall.

Joshua: Plitéball, go!

Joshua catches Koopa Troopa!

Joshua: I’ll call you Trooper!

But a Paragoomba steals the ball from Joshua’s hand.

Joshua: That’s the Paragoomba that took my sandwich!

He chases it.

Joshua: Give me back Trooper!

Joshua tackles it and repeatedly smashes its head against the nearby tree.

Ms. Mowz: *sigh*

Joshua: That was fun. And I got my sandwich back!

He devours it.

Ms. Mowz: Eww…

A dragon then flies west from Shwonk Fortress.

Joshua: Cool. That Toad was telling the truth!

Ms. Mowz: We gotta get to town!

The dragon eats the town.

Joshua: 0_0

Ms. Mowz: !_!

Joshua: Never seen that expression before. ¿Dónde está Petalburg? (Where is Petalburg?)

Ms. Mowz: In that dragon’s stomach!

Joshua: Trooper, use your Shell Shot on that dragon’s stomach!

It hits and the town is barfed back up.

Ms. Mowz: Eeewwwwww!

Joshua: At least I can challenge the Gym Leader now. Maybe I should heal.

Ms. Mowz: And wait for the town to be cleaned up.

Joshua: Whatever.

Chapter 3: The Plant Badge

Narrator: Last time, on the way to Petalburg, Joshua and Ms. Mowz met Team Broomstick. They trounced the pair, Kamek and Kammy, and proceeded. Joshua was told to catch another Plitémon before challenging Koops, the Gym Leader. Joshua caught a Koopa Troopa he named Trooper. A dragon ate Petalburg but
Joshua made it barf it back up.

Joshua: That dude is long-winded and twisted.

Ms. Mowz: Very.

Narrator: Hey! Narrators have feelings too!

Joshua: Don’t care. We’re healed and I’m ready to fight the Gym Leader.

They go to Koops’s house for the battle.

Koops: Hi.

Joshua: Hi. I’m here for my Plant Badge.

Ms. Mowz: BADGE!

Joshua: You’re more twisted than Narrator.

Narrator: Revenge shall be mine!

Koops: 2-on-2.

Joshua: Battle time.

Both: Let’s go! XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! DANG IT! Plitémon Gym Battle!

Koopa: Go Ptooie (Grass)!

Joshua: Go Weed!

Ms. Mowz: Why Weed?

Koops: Ptooie, use Spike Ball!

Joshua: Warp!

Koops: Warp and Spike Ball!

Ptooie warps around the arena using Spike Ball continuously. Each one hits Weed.

Joshua: Weed, use Warp!

Weed warps around biting Ptooie until it is knocked out.

Koops: Return, Ptooie! Go, Flower Fuzzy (Grass)!

Joshua: Same tactics, Weed!

Koops: Flower Fuzzy, PP Drain!

Flower Fuzzy drains all of Weed’s PP when it pops up.

Joshua: Weed, use Struggle!

Koops: Flower Fuzzy, Lightning Discharge!

It knocks out Weed.

Joshua: I choose you, Trooper! Use Shell Shot!

Direct hit. Flower Fuzzy tries to suck PP again but Trooper dodges.

Joshua: Focus Spin!

Koops: Keep jumping on him!

Eventually, Trooper stops spinning in one place with low health and shoots at Flower Fuzzy. And he… Find out after this commercial break!

Who’s that Plitémon?

It’s… Ptooie!

Ptooie: Ptooie!

And he… hits! Flower Fuzzy is knocked out and Joshua takes the victory!

Koops: You won. I confer upon you the Plant Badge.

Joshua: YAY!

Koops: I shall come with you on your journey. Koopie Koo can look after the Gym for me while I’m away.

Joshua: K. To Boggly Woods!!!

Chapter 4: Tree’s a Crowd

Narrator: Last time, Joshua won the Plant Badge. They don’t pay me enough.

Joshua: How much longer will it take to reach the Great Tree?

Koops: Three more days or two chapters.

Ms. Mowz: We should catch some new Plitémon if we’re going to be travelling that long.

Joshua: Well, perhaps we’ll find some in this massive expanse of trees!

Koops: Look, a Pale Piranha (Grass), a Dark Puff (Electric/Flying), and a Cleft (Rock/Ground)!

Ms. Mowz: Heh, tree’s a crowd!

Joshua: I call Cleft!

Koops: Pale Piranha!

Ms. Mowz: That means I get Dark Puff!

Joshua: Go, Trooper! Shell Shot!

Koops: Go F Fuzzy! PP Drain!

Ms. Mowz: Go, Pyro Guy! Ember!

Shell Shot bounces off Cleft, Flower Fuzzy is almost eaten, and Ember misses.

Joshua: Change round! Trooper, attack Dark Puff!

Koops: F Fuzzy, attack Cleft!

Ms. Mowz: Pyro Guy, attack Pale Piranha!

This new combination proves much more successful and soon, the opponents are weakened.

All: Go Plitéball!

Joshua gets Cleft, Koops gets Pale Piranha, and Ms. Mowz gets Dark Puff.

Joshua: You are Rocky!

Ms. Mowz: You are Rainman!

Koops: You are Pale Plant!

Joshua: Lame!

Team Broomstick appears.

Kamek: We return! 3-on-3! I’ll use two and Kammy will use one. You will each use one.

All: LET’S GO! XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! CRUD! Plitémon Battle! Stupid reoccurring jokes…

Joshua: Go, Rocky!

Ms. Mowz: Go, Rainman!

Koops: Go, Pale Plant!

Kamek: Go, Gloomba and Boo (Ghost)!

Kammy: Go, Shy Guy!

Chapter 5: Clawdia, Koopa Evolution Master

Narrator: Last time, our three heroes caught three new Plitémon. Then Team Broomstick showed up looking for a fight. Here is that battle.

Kamek: Shadow Ball on Dark Puff! Multibonk on Cleft!

Rainman takes a bad hit but Rocky’s spikes hurt Gloomba.

Kammy: Maskarang!

Koops: Warp!

Pale Plant dodges and counterattacks. On its return, Maskarang hits Shy Guy in its face.

Shy Guy: Guy!

Joshua: Rock Tomb on Shy Guy!

Ms. Mowz: Charge!

Dark Puff stores electricity.

Kamek: Secret weapon time! Evolve!

Shy Guy evolves to Tribal Guy (Normal). Rock Tomb still hits but Tribal Guy doesn’t take too much damage.

Kammy: Spear Toss!

Pale Plant is hit from the side and is stunned.

Ms. Mowz: Time for the ace in the hole. Thunderbolt!

Gloomba is knocked out.

Joshua: Cleft, Takedown!

He passes through Boo and does little damage to Tribal Guy.

Koops: Bite!

Pale Plant bites Boo and takes him out.

Joshua: Hah! 3 against 1! You can’t possibly win!

Kammy: Hurricane Spear!

Pale Plant is KO’d. Cleft takes heavy damage and Dark Puff dodges.

Ms. Mowz: Whirlwind!

Tribal Guy stays in place.

Ms. Mowz: How is that possible?

Kammy: Electro Spear!

Dark Puff goes down.

Joshua: It’s up to you, Cleft!

Kammy: Hurricane Spear!

Cleft is knocked out.

Joshua: NO! Weed, Trooper, I choose you! Razor Leaf and Focus Spin!

Ms. Mowz: We have to protect our Plitémon! Go, Pyro Guy! Ember!

Koops: We can take it! Go, Ptooie and F Fuzzy! Spike Ball and Lightning Discharge!

Kammy: Whirlwind Spear!

All the attacks fired are blown back except Focus Spin, which hadn’t been fired, and the Plitémon are knocked out.

Joshua: Ready? FIRE FOCUS SPIN!!!

It is a direct hit which puts Tribal Guy in intensive care.

???: Nicely done.

Kamek and Kammy: Looks like Team Broomstick’s running away again!

???: Your Koopa Troopa is very powerful.

Joshua: Who are you?

???: I am Clawdia. Koopa Evolution Master!

Joshua: Is that a self proclaimed title?

Clawdia: No. I got a certificate from the Elite Four.

Joshua: Then I totally trust you!

Clawdia: I saw your whole battle. Tribal Guy is very powerful. I’m surprised that you beat it. I would like to show you the branched evolution of Koopa Troopa.

She pulls out a chart.

Flight Stone: Paratroopa (Flying) > Parakook (Flying)
Hammer Stone: Hammer Bro (Fighting) > Sledge Bro (Fighting)
Boom Stone: Boomerang Bro (Ground)
Fire Stone: Fire Bro (Fire)
Armour Stone: Koopatrol (Steel) > Dark Koopatrol (Dark/Steel)

Joshua: That’s a lot of evolutions.

Clawdia: Koopa Troopa’s a lot of Plitémon! Would you like a stone?

Joshua: Yes, please!

Clawdia: On one condition. You have to beat another strong Plitémon with your Trooper.

Joshua: For example…?

Clawdia: One of the Gym Leader’s Plitémon. I’ll travel with you to make sure you do it.

Joshua: K.

Chapter 6: Tree Terror!

Narrator: Last time, the party faced a hard battle against Team Broomstick’s Tribal Guy. Trooper defeated it and Clawdia, Koopa Evolution Master, appeared. She told them about the branched evolution of Koopa Troopas. Then, she made a deal with Joshua. If he could defeat one of the Gym Leader’s Plitémon with Trooper, she would give him an evolution stone of his choice. Clawdia chose to follow the party until Joshua had completed or failed his task. They still aren’t paying me enough.

Joshua: And I still don’t care.

At the Great Tree, there is mass panic. Punies are running everywhere and Jabbies are cowering in fear. The tree is in flames.

Joshua: Oh my god…

Ms. Mowz: It’s… horrible.

Koops: Who did this?

Clawdia: (Censored)! It must have been Team Broomstick’s leader, the most powerful person ever. His Plitémon fight like they are pure evil.

Joshua: Who is he?

Clawdia: Nobody knows except he and his subordinates.

Joshua: I’ll destroy him. I’LL KILL HIM!!!

They notice Punio lying in the dirt.

Ms. Mowz: Are you okay, little buddy?

Punio: They’ve still… got… the elder… We need a Flying… Plitémon *cough* to save her…

Ms. Mowz: I’d use Rainman but he’s still knocked out from the last battle. Who did this?

Punio: The… Team… Broo…mstick… le…ad…er…

Joshua: Curse him!

Clawdia: I’d use my Parakook but he’s at my castle in Dark Land.

Joshua: Does ANYONE have a working Flying Plitémon here?

Clawdia: I hear there’s a large nest of Fly Guys (Normal/Flying) nearby.

Joshua: I’ll catch one and rescue the elder! I’m the only one with an ok Plitémon.

Ms. Mowz: I could just use a Revive…

Joshua: To the Fly Guy nest!

Chapter 7: Flying High

Narrator: Last time, Joshua and Co. arrived at the Great Tree, scene of the second Gym. They found that Team Broomstick’s leader had attacked it. To rescue the elder from him, they would need a Flying Plitémon. Nobody had an active one and Clawdia revealed that there was a nest of Fly Guys nearby. Joshua set out to catch one and rescue the Elder. I’m still not being paid enough.

Joshua: I still don’t care, moron. You’re basically my slave.

Our heroes are headed for the Fly Guy nest. Joshua must catch one to save the Elder.

Joshua: How much farther?

Clawdia: It’s right ahead.

Ten minutes later they are at the nest.

Joshua: Fly Guys!

1,000 Fly Guys come down to Joshua.

Joshua: I must catch one of you to save a life. Who wants a battle?

One Fly Guy comes down to the ground and takes a battle stance.

Joshua: Go, Trooper! Use Shell Shot!

Fly Guy dodges and uses Tackle. Trooper dodges and uses Power Shell. It is a direct hit.

Joshua: Yes! Make him dizzy! Spin around him in your shell!

Eventually, Trooper catches fire.


Fly Guy takes huge damage and is burned.

Fly Guy: GAH!

Joshua: Plitéball, go!

Joshua catches Fly Guy!

Joshua: I’ll call you Flyboy!

Clawdia: Does he always do this?

Ms. Mowz: Yeah. Back to the tree!

Chapter 8: The Leader of the Pack

Narrator: Until I get paid more I’m not going to bother. I’m going on strike!

Joshua and friends are back at the Great Tree. It's fire has been extinguished.

Joshua: Where did the leader take the elder?

Punio: I am healed! She’s on top of the tree.

Joshua: Flyboy, fly me to the top of the tree!

Flyboy flies Joshua to the top of the tree.

Joshua: Duhhhhhhhh.

He sees the leader of Team Broomstick. It is… Find out after the break!

Who’s that Plitémon?

It’s… Fly Guy!
Fly Guy: Fly!

The leader of Team Broomstick is… Luigi!

Luigi: So, you’ve come, like a moth to the flame.

Joshua: That line is so clichéd.

Luigi: Who cares?

Joshua: I do. Give back the Elder!

Luigi: Beldam, come forth!

Beldam appears.

Luigi: See to this pest.

Beldam: Yes. 2 on 2.

Both: Let’s go! XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! GONG YEE TEM PAI! What? Plitémon Battle!

Joshua: Why does the author insist on this reoccurring joke? Go, Trooper!

Beldam: Beats me. Go, Ice Puff (Ice/Flying)! Slam!

Joshua: Shell Shot!

Both attacks connect and the Plitémon are sent flying.

Joshua: Use the new move! Fire Shell!

Beldam: Hypothermia!

Ice Puff lowers its body temperature by about 30°C. Fire Shell still does major damage but hurts itself due to the immense cold.

Beldam: Ice Beam!

Joshua: Fire Shell!

Trooper pushes through the Ice Beam and when it connects with Ice Puff, there is an explosion. Both Plitémon are knocked out.

Joshua: Flyboy, you’re up! Headbutt!

Beldam: Frost Piranha (Ice/Grass)! Crunch!

Both connect.

Joshua: Gust!

Beldam: Ice Leaf!

Gust blows Ice Leaf back at Frost Piranha.

Joshua: What was that move Kammy used? Maskarang!

Beldam: Two can play at that game! Leaf Boomerang!

Joshua: Gust!

Beldam: Icy Wind!

Both hit and it is another double knockout.

Joshua: Good job, guys.

Luigi: Not many can draw with Beldam. And with only one badge? Well done! By the way, I am already Champion of the Plitémon League.

Joshua: No… No way!

Luigi tosses Joshua a silver bottle of red liquid and four Max Revives.

Luigi: Drink and heal your Plitémon. Kamek and Kammy are on their way.

Joshua: I don’t get you…

He drinks and heals anyway.

Joshua: What’s in this?

Luigi: Hmm?

Joshua: It’s really good!

Luigi: Thank you…

Chapter 9: The Demon Seed

Joshua: Narrator’s on strike, remember?

Luigi leaves. Kamek and Kammy arrive.

Kamek: 4 on 4!

Joshua: Let’s go!

Both: XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! GONG YEE TEM PAI! Dang it! Plitémon Battle!

Joshua: Rocky! Rock Tomb!

Kamek: Paragloomba (Dark/Flying)! Multibonk!

Joshua: Takedown! Rock Tomb! Horn Attack! Mega Kick!

All of Rocky’s attacks hit and Paragloomba goes down fast.

Joshua and Kamek: Return!

Red lasers come out from their Plitéballs and both are called back.

Joshua: Go, Weed!

Kamek: Go, Boo!

Joshua: Bite!

1 Hit KO.

Both: Return!

Kammy: Go, Tribal Guy!

Joshua: Go, Trooper! Fire Shell!

The same thing happens.

Both: Return!

Joshua: Go, Flyboy!

Kammy: Go, Gold Fuzzy (Bug/Steel)!

Joshua: Maskarang!

Yet again, the same thing happens.

Kammy: ?


Luigi (from afar): So, the Demon Seed works. Taking over the world will be easier than I thought.


Clawdia: What is he doing?

Elder: Thank you, young man.




Ms. Mowz: Joshua…

Koops: What’s wrong with him?

Joshua gives one last roar and passes out.

Luigi: That’s a side effect…

Chapter 10: Revival


Joshua wakes up in the Great Tree, caged in Pungent’s shop.

Pungent: So, here’s the thing. Joshua has ingested what we like to call the Demon Seed.

Ms. Mowz: Sounds bad.

Clawdia: It is. From what I’ve heard, the Demon Seed causes the person to flip out like a monster. Hence the roaring and the… monster-like qualities.

She glances at Joshua. who has grown spikes, massive teeth, and is huge.

Pungent: That’s not all. It also gives the person immense strength and it brings out an evil power in their Plitémon. The only known antidote is a sacred item.

Koops: Where do we get one of those?!

Pungent: I’m kidding. All you need to do is put a crushed Poison Mushroom and a Light Seed in his drink. He’ll lose most of the effects, but his Plitémon will still have the power. It just won’t be evil.

Joshua: No… No power… Regular… Cheating…

He passes out.

Pungent: He wants things back to normal?

Ms. Mowz: I guess so.

Pungent: Then we’ll just give him the Light Seed!

Koops: Since when were you medically adept?

Pungent: I went to medical school. Duh!

He gives him a potion containing the Light Seed.

Pungent: Make Joshua drink it.

Koops does so. Joshua goes back to normal.

Koops: YAY!

Joshua: I am… revived…

He passes out AGAIN.

Chapter 11: You’re Bugging Me!

New Narrator: Hi! I’m Joshua’s new narrator! I earn a pittance and I am a slave but I don’t care as long as I get to narrate!

Joshua: Get on with it…

N. Narrator: Last time, with Pungent’s help, Joshua was cured from an illness granted by the Demon Seed Luigi gave him. YAY! I got to narrate!

Joshua: I may regret this decision…

Joshua prepares to face Punio, the Gym Leader of the Great Tree.

Joshua: 3 on 3!

Both: Let’s go! XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! D’OH! Let’s just fight.

Joshua: Go, Rocky!

Punio: Go, Pider (Bug)! Use String Shot!

Joshua: Use Takedown!

Rocky charges forward but is caught in the String Shot.

Joshua: Rock Tomb!


Joshua: Dang! Return! Go Flyboy!

The author feels it is important to point out that Rocky is NOT knocked out. He is just recalled.

Punio: Rapid Fire!

Pider shoots lots of balls at Flyboy, each causing low damage.

Joshua: Maskarang!

It misses, then on the return, hits.

Punio: NO! String Shot NOW!

Joshua: Just as I expected! Cut through the string with Maskarang!

It cuts the string AND knocks out Pider!

Punio: Return! Go, Spiny (Bug/Rock)!

Joshua: Return! Go, Trooper! Use Fire Shell!

Punio: Defense Curl!

Trooper only does half damage.

Punio: Now that its power has been boosted… Rollout!

Rollout hits Trooper for MASSIVE damage!

Punio: Again!

Joshua: I’m not going to win like this… Dizzy Shell!

Trooper spins round and round Spiny, confusing it and then hitting for a decent amount of damage.

Punio: Defence Curl until the confusion wears off!

Spiny accidentally uses Takedown and gets stuck in a nearby tree! HA HA HA! It is a hilarious sight as Spiny wiggles its legs in a futile attempt to get free.

Joshua: *snigger* Fire Shell!

This knocks out Spiny.

Joshua: YAY!

Punio: Time for my most powerful Plitémon! Go…

Who’s that Plitémon?

It’s Spiny!
Spiny: Spiny!

Punio: Go… Green Fuzzy (Bug/Grass)!

Joshua: Piece of cake! I’m hungry… Fire Shell!

Punio: Double Team!

Green Fuzzy splits and becomes three. Trooper passes through one of them.

Punio: Reform and Multiply!

Green Fuzzy turns into five real Green Fuzzies. Advantage: Punio.

Joshua: No bias! Use Fire Shell on every one!

Punio: Bounce!

Each Green Fuzzy bounces and lands on Trooper, knocking him out.

Joshua: Return! Go, Rocky! Rock Tomb!

Punio: Double Team!

Each Green Fuzzy splits in three, making a grand total of 15!

Joshua: OMG!

Ms. Mowz: Holy Mario and Yoshi!

Koops: You can do it!

Clawdia: It’s hopeless.

Koops: What?

Clawdia: Joshua will never get a hit on any of the Green Fuzzies. They’ll just use Double Team and dodge. Plus, there are five real ones, so the odds are stacked against him.

Koops: Oh, god…

Ms. Mowz: He can still win! I know Joshua and he can come back from any situation.


A beaten and bruised 11-year-old Joshua lies on the ground. He has been fighting bullies.

Bully 1: Give us your lunch money, squirt!

Joshua: N… no…

Bully 2: Stubborn, isn’t he?

Joshua springs to his feet and beats the crud outta the bullies.

Bully 1: Waaaaahhh! We hate you!

End Flashback…

Ms. Mowz: See? He can do this or my name’s not Ms. Mowz!

Rock Tomb misses.

Joshua: Grr! Use Rock Tomb to hit them all at once!

It works and the Green Fuzzies take good damage.

Punio: Leech Life!

They all latch on Rocky and drain all his health, knocking him out and healing themselves.

Ms. Mowz: I could be wrong though…

Joshua: Go, Flyboy! Maskarang!

It hits all the Green Fuzzies the way out and on the return.

Joshua: Gust!

It does nothing.

Punio: Bounce!

Joshua: No! FLYBOY!

Upon hearing this, Flyboy glows white and transforms.

Clawdia: Is it… evolving?

Ms. Mowz: Flyboy evolved to Sky Guy (Normal/Flying)!

Joshua: All right! I got Skyboy! Use Bomb Toss!

It explodes on one Green Fuzzy and they all take damage from the shrapnel that comes out.

Joshua: Use Maskarang!

It hits all of them. Only the original is left.

Joshua: Time for that new move.

Punio: What?

Joshua: Before he evolved, Flyboy and I were trying to learn a powerful move, but Flyboy couldn’t do it. He may have enough power to do it now. So, Skyboy, use METEOR HEADBUTT!!!

Skyboy flies as high as he can and then dives at Green Fuzzy at an incredible speed. There’s an explosion and Green Fuzzy is KO’d.

Joshua: I DID IT!!!

Clawdia: Impressive. He might have a chance…

Joshua: Booyah!

Punio: Joshua, you battled with skill and strategy. That Meteor Headbutt caught me off guard. You really deserve this Forest Badge.

Joshua: YES! I got the Forest badge!!!

Chapter 12: Trooper’s Evolution

Narrator: Me again! Last time, Joshua defeated Punio, the Gym Leader, and Flyboy evolved to Sky Guy! Goody!

Joshua: This dude is sad.

Koops: I concur.

Clawdia: Well, Joshua, I am a Koopa of my word. You may choose an evolution stone for Trooper.

Joshua: Cool! Okay, Trooper, which Plitémon do you want to evolve to?

Joshua holds up flash cards of the five evolutions.

Trooper: Troopa!

Trooper points to Hammer Bro.

Joshua: I’ll take the Hammer Stone then.

Clawdia: Very well.

She hands him the stone. Joshua gives it to Trooper. There is a white light, a flash, and a Hammer Bro stands where Trooper was.
Hammer Bro: Hammer!

Joshua: I’ll call you… H Bro!

Clawdia: I think I’ll join you for a while.

Narrator: And so, this is the end of the first part of Joshua’s journey. Join us next time, when Joshua tries to get more badges and Team Broomstick try to steal his Plitémon.

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