The War for Peace 2: Revenge of the Mystery Magikoopa

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: The Revival of Evil

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and the gang have been resting up at the Mushroom Kingdom castle thinking of the event that happened several months ago in Toad Town. The King enters.

King: Golf, anyone?

Mario: Sorry, King, but I'm not up to a game of golf.

King: Of course you are.

The King puts a golf ball on the floor and pulls out and pulls back a club.

King: FORE!

The King hits the ball and it flies through a window and an "ow" is heard.

King: That always happens.

Peach: What did I tell you about indoor golf, Dad?

Yoshi: Yeah! You dangerous man with golf club.

King: Oh sorry you old fossil, you.

Yoshi: Yoshi not fossil. Yoshi, Yoshi.

King: I don't get a word you said but okay then.

Luigi: Can't we relax?

Toad: With indoor golf? How can anybody want to relax?

King: See? There is a golf lover out there.

They laugh and lay down in the tanning room for no reason. Meanwhile in the wreck of the flying fortress, a weird noise is heard from the remains. Bricks and stones shake a little and then a hand comes out of the rubble. The body of the evil Magikoopa rises from the rubble and warps to a castle up on the hills. The Magikoopa enters.

Magikoopa: Sorry I'm a little late, people, but I was dead for a few months.

A Bumpty, Cleft, Bandit, and Hammer Bro enter the room.

Hamma: Ah, Master. So good to see you. How was the afterlife?

Magikoopa: Too much fire. Way too much for my icy self.

Slippy: Well you're back now and that's all that counts.

Bandy: Master, perhaps you'd like a little revenge on the Mario and Koopa gang. I know I'd like to destroy them for what they did to Boomer, Sheldon, Booneil, and Goombriel.

Cleftor: They good assistants to you. Cleftor want Marios dead.

Magikoopa: I do too, and that's why we are going to take them down at long last.

They laugh evily for about ten minutes until the Magikoopa coughs.

Magikoopa: Now, who would like to raid Toad Town first?

Cleftor: Oh, oh, oh! Me, Master, pick me.

Magikoopa: Very well. Take what weapons you need and be on your way.

Cleftor leaves. Meanwhile at Castle Koopa...

Ludwig: Last invention didn't go so well, King Dad, so I made a better weapon.

Bowser: Do show then.

Iggy and Lemmy: I'd like to see.

Ludwig: I present to you the Big Ice Generating Machanical Armored Master Annihilator... or for short you can call it BIG MAMA after Queen Mom.

Roy: Now that I like.

Morton: It's great, grand, wonderful, awesome, stupendous, fabulous, magnificent... MMMMPPPHHH!

Wendy: Shut up, you big mouthed idiot.

Bowser: So BIG MAMA is going to kick plumber behind.

Ludwig: Yes, King Dad.

Bowser: Well take it and let's go.

They head towards Toad Town.

Chapter 2: The Raid Begins

Mario and friends are getting ready to go up to the balcony of the castle when a Toad rushes in.

Toad: Master Mario, Master Luigi, Master Yoshi, and Your Majesty, there is a flashing Cleft with drill horns wrecking havoc on Toad Town. You must do something.

Mario: Just a Cleft? No problem, Toad.

Yoshi: It's glowing with drills, though.

Mario: So what? Let's go.

They run from the castle to see the Cleft run at full speed and hit a house, knocking it down.

Luigi: Woah! That's one high-powered Cleft.

The Cleft hears Luigi and looks at them.

Cleftor: Ah, you must be the famed Mario team I heard so much of.

Mario: Got that right, puny Cleft.

Cleftor: Puny? Oh dear me, you must have me mistaken for some low-lifed piece of rock.

Peach: Nope! You're the one.

Cleft: Well then, by the power invested in me by my master, I Cleftor will rock your world.

Yoshi: Bring it.

Cleftor out of nowhere tunnels underground within a matter of a second.

Mario: The speed...

Just then the ground shakes and holes burst in the ground and lava spews out.

Peach: What the? The lava is burning everything.

Cleftor jumps out of a hole laughing.

Cleftor: Fools! I dug so far under that I hit the core of Plit and caused it to shoot lava. The heat of the core is hot enough to scorch anything that isn't heavily heavily from heat. Now unfortunatly for you I can withstand the hottest flames in existance. No stopping me now.

Peach pulls out a frying pan. Cleftor then gasps.

Cleftor: Oh my god no! It's the dreaded cooking utensil! HAHAHAHA!

Cleftor's horns spin into drills and he dashes at Peach.

Yoshi: YOSHI!

Yoshi throws an egg at Cleftor but he bursts through it and rams Peach into Luigi, knocking them over.

Toad: Oh no!

Just then the doomship goes overhead.

Bowser: It is I, King Bowser, here to take over your kingdom once and for all. Now that we have BIG MAMA, we are all mighty.

Cleftor: Big mama? Now that's a new one.

Ludwig jumps overboard and fires an ice ray at Cleftor.

Ludwig: How dare you insult our big mama?

Cleftor dodges the ice beam and drills into Ludwig, throwing him back.

Cleftor: Foolish! My master informed me of you. I know you all well enough to take you all down.

Yoshi: Who is your master?

Cleftor: Oh, you know. You killed her before. Lucky us she was revived.

Mario: Cackletta?

Cleftor: No, idiot! The Magikoopa Master.

Mario: Wait! You mean the flying fortress thing.

Cleftor: You were the one who destroyed it! Oh, you just made me madder!

Cleftor goes underground and lava comes out faster.

Wendy: King Dad! It's going to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom on us!

Bowser: Not if I can help it.

Bowser jumps overboard and hits land so hard it causes a mini-earthquake. Lava spews out of the cracks in the land.

Mario: Look what you did. You just gave it an advantage.

Cleftor jumps out and lands on Yoshi's back.

Cleftor: Let's go, you prehistoric, fossilized dinosaur! Run them over!

Yoshi rapidly shakes but can't get Cleftor off. Peach gets up and sideswipes Cleftor off Yoshi. Cleftor hits a house and it collapses on him.

Peach: The girl always saves the day lately.

Mario: Get up, Luigi.

Luigi: I'm up, I'm up!

Just then a piece of the house flies out and knocks Peach, Yoshi, Ludwig, and Toad out.

Roy: Woah! Here I come.

Cleftor jumps from the rubble and launches drills into the doomship, causing it to explode and to drop the Koopalings on board.

Cleftor: Bunch of weak fools.

Mario gets fire power and fires flames at Cleftor.

Cleftor: I'm heat proof, you idiot.

Luigi: I know what to do.

Luigi whispers to Wendy, who is trying to get up.

Wendy: What? You need me to help kill that thing?

Luigi: Yes.

Wendy: Okay then. Try some of this, you freak.

Wendy forms a tidal wave that hits Cleftor, soaking him, and the water goes into the holes down to the core to settle the lava shooting out.

Cleftor: Ack! Stupid water! I'll get you for that you little blagidyblagidyblagidy!

Luigi has used Thunderhand on the drenched Cleftor and is zapping him.


Cleftor rams Luigi aside and drills underground, shooting up more lava.

Mario: I know what we must do, but we need BIG MAMA.

Ludwig: What?

Mario whispers to Ludwig as Cleftor shoots out and dashes at Mario.

Ludwig: HA!

Ludwig uses BIG MAMA to freeze over a lava hole and Mario punches Cleftor so hard he flies back onto the frozen hole.


Mario: SHUT UP!

Mario throws a rock at the ice and it cracks.

Cleftor: What? Oh you foolish, foolish LITTLE WEAKLING! I RULE YOU ND... NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

The ice shaters and lava blasts out, rocketing Cleftor into the air so high he can't be seen. Afterwards, the fallen members get up.

Bowser: Before he falls, tell me who sent him.

Mario: The Magikoopa Master.

Bowser: You killed it though.

Mario: I thought so.

Cleftor then drops from the sky and lands in a hole and gets stuck.

Cleftor: No! Help me please.

Luigi: Why?

Cleftor: Because if you don't the lava pressure will build so high that when I get launched out the lava will come out too much at once and it'll flood the town. No more Toad Town if you don't help me.

Larry: Well! We have to do something.

Cleftor: Righto, kiddo! You better go fast. The lava is building up.

Larry: I know.

Lemmy: What?

Morton: Do tell please. I'm too scared to talk that much if you're wondering.

Roy: Leave him then.

Cleftor: What? No! You can't do that!

Luigi: Why so nervous? You're heat protected.


Cleftor launches drills like mad. They just barely miss and then Cleftor turns red.

Cleftor: No! Not now! Master I'm sorry but I failed you.

The lava pressure gets too high and bursts through Cleftor, blowing him into pieces. Lava barely goes anywhere but up.

Mario: Ludwig! Freeze the holes.

Ludwig uses BIG MAMA and freezes the holes.

Luigi: So he tried to get us to help him through trickery.

Bowser: No matter anymore, since he's dead. Let's go get that Magikoopa.

Mario: Right.

They run towards the mountains where they see the castle.

Chapter 3: To the Castle

Mario and friends along with the Koopa family are seen running through the hills just outside of Toad Town.

Bowser: There is the place where those idiots are.

Mario: It looks like a giant tower sticking out of a snow mountain that has a door in it.

Morton: So the castle is a mountain.

Yoshi: Yoshi nervous.

Larry: It'll be over soon, Yoshi. We just need to get into the castle and take down the Magikoopa again.

Luigi: It'll be hard but we can do it.

Meanwhile in the castle...

Magikoopa: Well they think they can just barge right on in here without a friendly greeting from death. Slippy, you'll have the advantage out in the snow so why don't you go get them?

The Bumpty, which has the appearance of a normal Bumpty only wearing a tuxedo, bow tie, and top hat and holding a walking stick with a diamond on the helded end, nods and slides out of the room.

Bandy and Hamma: Miss Wizrobe, can we....

Magikoopa: Oh, so you use my name, do you?

Bandy: Well we prefer it.

Magikoopa: Well I enjoy that. Tell you what, you two can use a bazooka if they manage to defeat Slippy.

Hamma: It's been my life long dream to shoot somebody with a bazooka.

Magikoopa: Good for you. It would be best if we switched on the outside camera to watch.

They flick a switch and a TV. turns on and they can see Slippy exiting. Meanwhile with Mario and the gang.

Wendy: King Dad, I'm scared.

Iggy, Lemmy, and Peach: It'll be fine. It's thirteen against one.

Toad: Yeah.

Roy: I can take her on my own.

Luigi: We're here.

They look at the huge mountain with the skybreaking tower coming out of the top. Just then Slippy comes from around a corner and looks scared.

Slippy: Oh my! It's the famous Mario. Can you help me?

Mario: How?

Slippy: You see, there is some evil thing out to kill us all. I found out your his next target.

Slippy slides up beside them and then backs up behind them.

Luigi: Do you know anything about this thing?

Slippy: Why yes I do. He's about four feet five inches, fancy looking, has red eyes, and is a Bumpty.

Peach: Sort of like you.

Slippy: Yeah! Just like me! You could say we're one in the same.

Yoshi: Yoshi get feeling...

Mario: We'll go looking then.

Bumpty: (Those people are just a group of idiots.) Thank you very much

They turn from Slippy and start walking.

Bowser: Let's scorch some penguin, eh, kids?

Iggy and Lemmy: YEAH!

Wendy and Morton: YEAH!

Larry and Ludwig: YEAH!

Bowser: How about you, Roy? I bet you wanna kill some penguin. Roy... Roy...?

Bowser turns to see Slippy standing directly in front of Roy, who has turned to face him.

Bowser: Hey Slippy, where's that walking stick of yours?

Slippy smiles and with force pulls the walking stick from Roy's chest and watches him fall.

Slippy: Here it is.


Slippy: So were you just too stupid to speak up then?

Bowser: Why you little! You killed my son and I'm gonna kill you!

Slippy: Oh dear me, what could I ever do now?

Luigi: HA!

Luigi fires sparks at Slippy's face but he slides under them and springs up and sideswipes Luigi across the face with his walking stick.

Luigi: Ow ow ow ow!

Luigi faints.



Chapter 4: A Chilling Battle

Slippy: You think you have what it take to defeat me, eh? Well then we'll just see if you can beat me.

Mario: BURN!

Bowser: BURN!

Mario and Bowser fire a huge amount of flames at Slippym but he forms a wall of ice that take the flames before melting away.

Slippy: So close yet so far off. My turn!

Slippy starts spitting ice balls at them.


Ludwig gets into his shell and breaks through the ice.

Peach: Take this, meanie.

Peach runs up a large mountain and jumps off and opens a parasol and floats overhead of Slippy before flinging the parasol under her and piledriving it into the ground. Slippy however slides out of the way and solidifies her in a glacier.

Slippy: As I always say, if it's frozen, it's the way it should be.

Slippy laughs and then shoots at Iggy.

Iggy: HAYA!

Iggy twirls around and launches at Slippy, shattering the ice balls, yet Slippy ices the ground and Iggy spins on the ice and goes out of control until he crashes into the mountainside.

Slippy: Ow, that'll leave a bruise... that's okay with me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Lemmy: IGGY! NO! You little piece'a junk! You're an insult to Bumpties and all that's ice.

Slippy: Why that's the nicest thing I've heard out of you all so far.

Yoshi: Yoshi think you shut up.


Slippy: Not until I have thirteen frozen people to bring to my leader.

Meanwhile in the castle...

Wizrobe: Slippy, you're doing a darn good job out there, and if you win you're getting a promotion.

Hamma: He just has to win.


Mario: We need to take advantage here.

Slippy: Yeah, but you won't. Take this, you plunger face!

Slippy forms an ice wall and kicks it at Mario.


Mario punches it so hard it shatters.

Mario: Take this!

Mario does a backflip and lands next to a mountain from which Mario grabs a large rock that he throws at Slippy. Slippy slides away but slides into the door headfirst.

Slippy: OW!

Mario: HA!

Mario hits a switch above the gate and it drops down and slams into Slippy's head.

Slippy: OOOOOWWWWWWW! Ah man, you flattened my top hat. For that I'll have to hurt you badly. Sorry but I love my top hat.

Slippy fires an ice beam from the diamond on his walking stick at Mario. Mario jumps over it. Slippy then fires five ice balls at Mario's head and slides at Mario.

Mario: I'm gonna kick your butt!

Mario ducks under the ice chunks but is hit by Slippy and thrown into the mountain.

Bumpty: And at what point of my attack were you planning on kicking my butt?

Yoshi: YOSHI!

Yoshi ignites Slippy by breathing fire on him from behind.


Slippy does the stop, drop, and roll method to put out the snow.


Larry: Exactly!

Larry punches him hard in his face. This causes Slippy to fly headfirst into the mountain wall.

Slippy: OWIE!

In the castle...

Wizrobe: No! Not now! Don't let them take you down Slippy.

Bandy: Could this be it?

Hamma: I don't know.



Mario fires a huge flame at Slippy but he slides behind Mario and springs up and dashes at him with his walking stick pointing out with the diamond at Slippy's chest.



Mario jumps and Slippy goes under him and the walking stick hits the wall and Slippy runs into it so his body goes through the stick, forming a hole. Slippy slowy turns around with the walking stick's diamond side stuck in him.

Mario: Impossible!

Slippy: It's never impossible to live with something stuck in you... huh!

Slippy looks to see the diamond's magic has activated and snowflakes are shooting out of his chest.

Slippy: No! Oh no! No please no!

Slippy starts going slower and slower until he stops moving altogether but remains standing.

Bowser: What...?

Bowser pulls the walking stick from his chest to see it fired ice into his insides and froze every inch of his inside into ice.

Bowser: He's dead.

Mario: Let's go then.

They enter the castle. Meanwhile...

Wizrobe: No! How could this happen? BANDY, GO GET THEM AND MAKE THEM DEAD.

Bandy: Will do.

He leaves the room.

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