Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi are in Hyrule Castle Town.

Mario: Where do you think the next Koopa Kid is?

Luigi: Never mind him! We got bigger problems!

Three Octorocks approach Mario and Luigi. They attack by spitting rocks. Mario and Luigi jump on them and they win the battle. The Octorocks run away. Just then, another Octorock approaches Mario and Luigi.

Luigi: Not another one.

Mario: I'll handle this one!

Octorock: Wait! Don't attack me!

Luigi: You can talk?

Octorock: If you read the Interview about Baby Peach, you will find out about how I began to talk.

Mario: Are you the same Octorock that is in E-Man and Doopliss' Interviews?

Octorock: I'm the same Octorock.

Mario: Cool!

Octorock: Now's not the time to talk about Interviews! Zelda and the Smith have to see you! I almost forgot! The E-Man asked me to give this to you.

The Octorock gives Mario a Pep Badge.

Octorock: You can equip badges by using your suitcase. Just drag the badge to the Brother who wants it.

While equipping his badge, Mario finds out that the Mushrooms are hearts, the Mushroom Drops are red potions, the 1-Up Mushrooms are fairies, and the refreshing herbs are green potions. They follow the Octorock to the Smith's Shop. Inside the Smith's Shop, The Smith and Zelda are standing near an anvil.

Octorock: Zelda, I got the Mario Brothers.

Zelda: So you are Mario and Luigi! It's great to see you two! The E-Man told many stories about your adventures. You guys are great! Can we ask you a favor?

Mario: You sure can.

Zelda: Some turtle guy with glasses and rainbow hair kidnapped Link. He will give him back if I give him some magic lessons. If I do that, he will take over Hyrule in no time!

Luigi: I think the turtle guy is Iggy Koopa!

Mario: Let's get him so we can get the next castle key!

Zelda: I don't think that's a good idea. This guy beat Ganon in a heartbeat. You better take these weapons!

The Smith gives Mario and Luigi some swords.

Mario: This is very nice, Zelda, but we don't think that this is the right weapon for this game.

Luigi sees some hammers that are next to the anvil.

Luigi: We can use those hammers to fight the bad guys.

Smith: Using hammers as weapons? That is very odd.

Zelda: It's not odd to the Mario Brothers. They use hammers as weapons in some of their adventures, and Link used a hammer on some of his adventures.

Smith: If that's so, we should teach the Mario Brothers how to use their

Zelda: Let's go to the basement. It's the perfect place to learn how to use hammers.

Zelda and Smith take Mario and Luigi to the basement. The basement is littered with boxes and grates.

Zelda: Let me teach you how to use Mario's hammer. You just swing it like any other hammer.

Zelda swings her hammer.

Zelda: This is very useful if you want to break certain barriers. Try it.

Mario uses his hammer to break all the boxes.

Smith: Let me teach you how to use Luigi's hammer. Luigi jumps on Mario's head while holding his hammer.

Smith jumps on Zelda's head.

Smith: Then he must spin around.

Smith spins around on Zelda's head. This causes Zelda to spin as well. The spinning makes them tunnel into the ground. They pop out of the ground. Zelda is now wearing a brown dress.

Zelda: Thanks a lot, Smith! Now I have to change my dress!

Zelda gets out of the basement. She comes back with a new dress. It's the same as the dress she wore before it got dirty.

Luigi: And I thought Peach was the only one that had alike dresses.

Zelda: Hey! This one is different from the other dresses I have!

Luigi: Her response is something like that every time we say something like that.

Zelda: Just do the move to get under the grate.

Mario and Luigi do the move to get under the grate.

Smith: Very good! You can use the move to get under all gates, but you can't go under the steel floor or places that have not so much ground like bridges.

Zelda: Now that you know how to use hammers, you can go to Hyrule Castle to put a stop to Izzy Koopa!

Mario: That's Iggy Koopa.

Zelda: Right.

Mario and Luigi get out of the Smith's basement. They go to the entrance to Hyrule Castle. It's blocked by a gate.

Luigi: Hey Mario, want to try out that move Zelda and the Smith taught us?

Mario: Sure.

Mario and Luigi perform the move to get under the gate. Inside the castle, there is a floating chest with a question mark on it.

Mario: That looks like one of the chests I found in Super Mario RPG.

Luigi: Let's hit it to get something good!

Mario hits the floating chest, and the floor beneath Mario and Luigi opens up. The Brothers fall down the hole, and Iggy Koopa approaches the hole.

Iggy: Ha, ha, ha! You fell for my trap! I knew that you guys are that greedy! Have a nice stay in my dungeon! Ha, ha, ha!

Later, Mario and Luigi are in the dungeon of Hyrule Castle.

Luigi: How are we going to get out of here?

Mario: We can try drilling under the bars.

Mario and Luigi try to drill under the floor, but for some reason, they fail at it.

Mario: Why aren't we drilling under the floor?

Luigi: The floor of this cell is steel.

Mario: How will we get out now?

Luigi feels part of the wall.

Luigi: This wall is different from the rest of the wall. Mario, can you use your hammer on this wall?

Mario swings his hammer on the wall and it breaks open.

Luigi: We found a way out of the cell!

Mario: Now we can teach that Koopa a lesson he'll never forget!

Mario and Luigi follow the tunnel to another cell.

Luigi: Not another cell!

Mario: Don't worry, Luigi. This cell has no steel. We can get out of this one!

Luigi: That's not the only thing I'm worried about.

Luigi points to a short guy in a red cloak.

Guy: I have boredom. Guests? Fawful has guests?

Fawful turns around.


Luigi: Don't we know you from somewhere?

Fawful lifts his hood.

Mario and Luigi: FAWFUL?!

Fawful: Yes. Fawful back. I came to big building to look for beans because badge shop didn't get too much customers. The only people that gave Fawful beans and got rare badges are babies in red and green. Red and green give Fawful fury. Fawful see red and green. I HAVE FURY!

Luigi: What if we give you some beans?


Mario: Are you ok?

Fawful: Bad men give good beans to Fawful? Bad men are good men now. Beans hide everywhere. Dig under X to give beans to Fawful.

Mario: We'll give you any beans we find on our quest.

Fawful: BEANS!

Mario and Luigi leave Fawful's cell by drilling out. They are now walking down a corridor. Just then, some guards come towards the Mario Brothers.

Guards: How on Plit did you guys escape? We have to put you back in jail.

Luigi: Oh no.

Mario: Luigi, this is an RPG. We don't have to go back to our cell every time a guard gets us. We do that in adventure games.

Luigi: Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

Guards: You want a fight?

Zelda: Before you fight those guys, hit them with your hammer!

Mario hits one of the guards with his hammer. They begin fighting, with one guard being dizzy.

Zelda: If you smack an enemy with a hammer before you begin the battle, one of the enemies will be dizzy. I will teach you guys how to use hammers in battle. First, you must pull out your hammer. Then you swing it behind you. Then you wait for the head to shake. After that, you swing it at your enemy. Try it!

Mario attacks with his hammer.

Zelda: Very good! Now you try it, Luigi!

Luigi attacks with his hammer. It makes the guard dizzy.

Zelda: Good job! You can sometimes make enemies dizzy by attacking with your hammer!

One of the guards charges at Mario.

Zelda: You must counter with your hammer to dodge this attack! Swing your hammer back and swing it at the guard!

Mario counters the attack with his hammer.

Zelda: Hammer attacks are the best way to kill spiked enemies.

Mario and Luigi continue the battle with their hammer attacks. They win the battle.

Zelda: I'll meet you guys at the throne room! That's where Iggy is.

Zelda runs out of the dungeon.

Mario: Let's follow her.

Mario and Luigi follow Zelda out of the dungeon. Mario and Luigi are faced with a path that has lots of boxes.

Mario: These boxes are not a problem to me. I'll use my hammer to destroy them all.

Luigi: Mario, take a look at this.

Mario and Luigi see an X on the ground.

Luigi: I think we should dig under it.

Mario and Luigi dig under the X. They get a bean.

Mario: Is this the bean Fawful wants?

Luigi: We should always dig under any X we see on our adventure.

Mario: Good idea.

Mario and Luigi continued through the dungeon after breaking all the boxes. After breaking all the boxes, they found two more beans. They are now at this gate.

Luigi: We should dig under this gate.

Mario: We can't. This gate has steel flooring!

Luigi: What should we do now?!

Mario sees a big, red button on the wall.

Mario: I wonder what will happen if I hit that button?

Mario hits the button and the gate opens up.

Luigi: We're free!

Mario and Luigi walk out of the dungeon. Mario and Luigi are back in the castle. They enter the throne room. Inside the throne room, Link is in a cage, Zelda is lying on the floor, and Iggy is laughing like a maniac.

Iggy: She must be the dumbest girl on Plit! She knows that she will never beat me!

Mario: I think you caused enough problems for one day, Iggy Koopa!

Iggy: How on Plit did you escape my dungeon?! No matter. I WILL KILL YOU!

Mario and Luigi start fighting Iggy. He attacks by doing all kinds of spells, breathes fire, and hides in his shell.

Link: If you want to fight that loon, you need these!

Link gives Mario and Luigi seed shooters. They shoot seeds that lower enemy status. Mario and Luigi use the shooters like Fire or Ice Flowers. The seeds cause damage to Iggy and decrease his attack, defense, and speed. They keep fighting Iggy with all the attacks they’ve got. They also dodge all of Iggy's attacks. They win the battle.

Iggy: NOOOO! I lost to those plumbers again! I had very powerful magic and they still beat me! That's not fair!

Iggy runs off to his airship and drops a key. Mario picks it up.

Mario: I got another key!

Luigi: Mario, why do we need all these keys when Bowser doesn't have Peach?

Mario: I have my reasons. Let's free Link!

Luigi: Good idea.

Soon, Mario and Luigi are outside Hyrule Castle with Link and Zelda.

Link: Thank you for saving me! You did something that I had a hard time doing! You did so much of a good job, that you could be the new heroes of Hyrule!

Zelda: We will be in debt always. How can we repay you two?

Luigi: You can start by telling us where Peach is.

Zelda: I haven't seen her, but I will let you guys know.

Link: Hey, what's that?

A pirate ship is blasting cannon balls at Mario, Luigi, Link, and Zelda.

Zelda: That ship is going to destroy our land! Mario and Luigi! Will you put a stop to that ship's fire?

Mario: We'll do it!

Link: Take my raft! It will help you guys cross the sea!

Mario and Luigi ride Link's raft to the ship. On the ship, they see K. Rool in a pirate outfit. He is also carrying a big pirate gun.

K. Rool: I told you two that I would get my revenge!

Mario: We beat you once, K. Rool! That means we can beat you again!

K. Rool: I was weak the last time we battled. Now I'm Kaptain K. Rool!

Mario and Luigi battle K. Rool. He attacks by shooting musket balls and status decreasing goo. He also swings his gun. Mario shoots some seeds at K. Rool. This decreases his defense. Luigi hammers a blow on K. Rool and makes him dizzy. Mario and Luigi kick barrels at him to win the battle.

K. Rool: I'm defeated again?! I will get you the next time we battle, Mario Brothers!

Mario and Luigi leave K. Rool's ship. Once they leave his ship, the ship sails away.

Link: You saved the land again! You guys must be the heroes of Hyrule!

Mario: Thanks for the offer, but we like being the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Zelda: Speaking of which, don't you guys have a princess to save?

Mario: You're right! Thanks for reminding us, Zelda!

Luigi: Let's hope you guys can visit us someday!

Mario and Luigi use the portal to go back to E. Gadd's lab.

Zelda: Uh oh! I forgot to repay them for fending off that crocodile!

Link: You always have to reward someone.

Zelda: What? I'm just being kind.

Zelda steps through the portal. Mario and Luigi are back with E. Gadd. Toadsworth is next to a now plump Dixie Kong.


Toadsworth: But Princess Toadstool, you’ve eaten 300 bananas already. Why do you need more?

Dixie: I'm a monkey and monkeys need lots of bananas. GIVE ME MORE!

Toadsworth: FINE!

Toadsworth keeps feeding Dixie more bananas.

E. Gadd: Good job, fellas! You got another key!

Luigi: We did, but we got through a lot of trouble to get it.

Mario: Any idea where the next key is?

E. Gadd: Our next key is on this planet somewhere in the Lylat System. People call the planet Dinosaur Planet.


Mario: Don't worry, Luigi. We battled Bowser and he's like a dinosaur. We can kill the dinosaurs if they try to harm us. Plus, I think some of those dinosaurs are friendly. They might be as friendly as Yoshi, and he's a dinosaur.

E. Gadd: What are you gabbin' at, fellas? You got a key to get!

Luigi: Sorry.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi go through the portal again. Just then, Zelda comes out of the portal.

Toadsworth: Princess! You've returned! But you are now younger and you also have elf-like ears. You must return to the castle at once!

Zelda: I don't know what you're talking about, Mushroom Head, but something tells me I have to run!

Zelda runs away.

Toadsworth: PRINCESS!

Toadsworth runs after Zelda.

Dixie: What about my bananas?

Dixie runs after Toadsworth. Meanwhile in Bowser's Castle, Bowser is yelling at Iggy.


Iggy: I'm sorry, King Dad! They had these hammers and seed shooters that they hurt me with, and I almost had them in my dungeon!

Bowser: Now you will go to my dungeon for two months!

Iggy: But why?!

Bowser: You lost to the Mario Brothers and you lost one of my keys!

Iggy: Wendy did the same thing and she didn't go to the dungeon!

Bowser: She was working too hard in the past, she's a girl, and it was before we had to get those Marios! GO NOW!

Iggy: Yes, King Dad.

Iggy goes to the dungeon.

Bowser: I now lost two of the seven keys. If Mario and what's his face gets the other keys, I'm done for! Strange, I now have this craving to go to Dinosaur Planet. I think I'll go there.

Bowser takes his spaceship to Dinosaur Planet. Kamek pokes his head out from Bowser's throne.

Kamek: I knew that craving spell would come in handy!

Kammy walks into the throne room.

Kammy: Did you get Lord Bowser out of this castle?

Kamek: I sure did, and you know what they say!

Kammy: When Bowser's away…

Kamek and Kammy: THE BAD GUYS CAN PLAY!

All of Bowser's minions throw a big party in Bowser's Castle.

Kamek: HIT IT, DJ BRO!

A Hammer Bro. with headphones on turns on some music. As soon as the music turns on, all the minions dance!

Goomba: I never had this much fun in my life!

Koopa: Look at me! I'm raising the roof!

Kammy: This is a good idea, Kamek!

Kamek: I always come up with the best ideas!

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