Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi are at Thorntail Hollow. The Mushrooms are Dumpadage Pods, the Mushroom Drops are Puk Puk Eggs, the 1-Up Mushrooms are Bafomdads, and the Refreshing Herbs are White Grubtubs. A Thorntail walks up to Mario and Luigi.

Thorntail: Hello strangers! Welcome to Thorntail Hollow! We would give you two much more hospitality, but King and Queen Earthwalker and their son, Prince Tricky, were kidnapped by this very strange dinosaur!

Mario: What did he look like?

Thorntail: He is this turtle with brown skin and a star on his eye.

Mario and Luigi: Morton Koopa Jr!

Mario: He must have the next key!

Luigi: Where is he?

Thorntail: The dino took them to the Volcano Force Point Temple.

Luigi: Why would he take King and Queen Earthwalker and Prince Tricky?

Meanwhile, King and Queen Earthwalker, Tricky, Fox, Krystal, Falco, Slippy, and Peppy are in the Spellstone chamber with Morton. He is reciting one of his very long speeches.

Morton: I, Morton Koopa Jr, am a very good Koopa because I blaw, blaw, blaw, blaw.

Tricky: Can we leave now? Your speech is getting boring.

Morton: No, veto, refusal! You eight will keep on listening, hearing, inquiry my speech! Where was I? Oh yes. Blaw, blaw, blaw, blaw.

Back with our heroes.

Thorntail: You better help us get the royal family back to Thorntail Hollow. Who knows what kind of evil will take over the planet!

Luigi: Don't worry. We'll get your rulers back.

Mario: Is there a shop near here so we can get some supplies?

Thorntail: There is. Just cross the river and go into that cave.

Mario: Thanks!

Mario and Luigi go to the shop. On the way, they find three beans. In the shop they find a floating dinosaur.

Shopkeeper: Welcome to my store. Do you have some money?

Mario: We sure do!

Mario pulls out a sack of coins from the magic suitcase. To his surprise, the coins are now bugs. Luigi faints.

Mario: I guess Diddy forgot to mention that the suitcase changes coins as well.

Mario gives a Bafomdad to Luigi. This revives him.

Luigi: I needed that! Thank you, Mario!

Shopkeeper: Before you buy something, feel free to explore around my shop. You may find some useful items.

Mario and Luigi take a good look around the shop. They find ten bugs, three Puk Puk Eggs, and a Bafomdad in floating crates that are behind a red switch gate. They also find five beans.

Mario: What do you have for selling?

Shopkeeper: All sorts of things.

Mario and Luigi finish  their shopping. They bought seven Dumpadage Pods, five Puk Puk Eggs, nine Bafomdads, and twelve White Grubtubs. All of that cost 367 bugs, but they did get a discount for their mustaches. They had to pay 320 bugs.

Thorntail: I see that you are done with your shopping. Want to know how to get to the temple?

Mario: Sure.

Thorntail: First, take that road that is by the old well. Then you go through Moon Mountain Pass. That is how you get to the temple.

Luigi: Thank you!

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi go by the old well and go down the road by it. They now make it to a part where the road leads over a bottomless pit. The bridge is out.

Luigi: How will we get across?

Mario sees some whirlwinds floating where the bridge was.

Mario: We can spin jump across by using the whirlwinds.

Mario and Luigi spin jump across the chasm using the whirlwinds. They are now on the other side.

Luigi: I thought we weren't going to make it.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi continue down the path. When they reach Moon Mountain Pass, some Sharpclaws saw Mario and Luigi coming.

Sharpclaw 1: Someone's coming!

Sharpclaw 2: Let's get them with our barrel machine!

The Sharpclaws start up their barrel machine.


Mario and Luigi see some barrels rolling down the hill. Mario jumps over one but Luigi gets hit. The barrel explodes on Luigi.

Mario: LUIGI!

Luigi: These barrels are painful! Let's go home!

Mario: Luigi! We can't give up now! We braved many dangers in the past, and we didn't give up on those adventures! If we give up now, we won't see Peach again! Plus, we’ve already gone through a lot of trouble to get here! Do you  ant to give up now?

Luigi: Ok.

Mario: Great! (Works every time.)

Mario and Luigi climb the hill. They do a very good job of dodging the barrels, but they do get hit a few times. They make it to where the Sharpclaws are. Mario and Luigi each have a point of health remaining.

Sharpclaws: They made it up the hill! We must run away!

Mario: Aren't you guys going to fight us?

Sharpclaw 1: We can't fight without our weapons.

Sharpclaw 2: You guys will win.

Luigi: Who took your weapons?

Sharpclaw 1: Morton.

Mario: Why did he do that?

Sharpclaw 2: We must help defend the temple. If we do a good job, we will get our weapons back.

Sharpclaw 1: If you're going after Morton, you need these.

Sharpclaw 1 gives Mario some fuel barrels.

Sharpclaw 2: Get our weapons back! We need them!

The Sharpclaws run away.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi eat some Puk Puk Eggs, got the bean that is by the barrel machine, and go into the cavern that leads to the Temple. It has lava in it.

Luigi: It's too hot in here! I'm getting out!

Mario: Luigi, we can't get out now. We need to save Peach!

Luigi: Fine.

Mario and Luigi continue down the path. The way to the temple is on a series of very high ledges.

Luigi: How do we get up there?

Mario: We can try a high jump.

Mario and Luigi do their high jump on all of the ledges. They make it to the entrance to the temple. The temple is built inside the volcano.

Mario: That must be the temple! Morton must be inside!

Luigi: Not another hot place!

Mario and Luigi are at the temple door. It's blocked by a gate.

Luigi: Let's drill under it!

Mario: This floor is made of steel too!

Luigi: What's with the switches?

A group of switches is by the door to the temple. Mario hits them and they turn red and blue.

Luigi: Mario, look at this.

Luigi shows a pattern of red and blue marks on the wall to Mario.

Mario: Maybe this has to do with those switches.

Mario makes the switches look like the pattern on the wall. Just then, the door opens.

Luigi: The door opened!

Mario: Now we can go get the next key from Morton!

Mario and Luigi enter the temple. Inside the temple, they see none other than Bowser.

Bowser: This place is great! It's blazing, smelly, old, dangerous, crumbly, and one big fire hazard! I could turn it into a second castle!

Bowser notices Mario and Luigi.


Mario: We want Peach back!

Bowser: Too bad! I don't have her!

Luigi: We also want Morton's key!

Bowser: You want another key? TOO BAD!

Mario: We want one now!

Bowser: You really want me to hurt you! Don't you?!

Mario and Luigi are fighting Bowser. Bowser's attacks are fire breath, claw slash, and shockwave, and he can hide in his shell. Mario and Luigi start the battle by kicking barrels at him. Bowser attacks by breathing fire at Mario and Luigi. They both get hit for some reason. Mario and Luigi attack again by shooting seeds at him. The seed does some damage, but none of his stats change.

Bowser: You pests. All your attacks are doing little damage to me! You might as well give up.

Mario: We'll never give up!

Bowser: Fine by me!

Bowser attacks Luigi by slashing with his claw. He fakes one to make Luigi flinch, and then hits him with a real one. This knocks Luigi out.

Mario: Luigi!

Mario tries to revive him with a Bafomdad, but before he can give it to Luigi, Bowser swallows it.

Bowser: Tasty! Nothing like rabbit meat with the defeat of Mario and Lo… Lu… Le… What's his face!

Bowser pounds the ground, and a chunk of the ceiling falls on Mario. This knocks Mario out. Bowser wins the battle, with the Mario Brothers lying on the temple floor.

Bowser: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Foolish Marios! Did you think you would beat me this time?! After all those times I lost to you, I came up with the best plan to get you!

Bowser pulls out a barrel of heated tar.

Bowser: With this tar, you two will be stuck there forever! With the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom in a state of uselessness, there will be nothing to stop me from marrying Peach!

Bowser is about to pour the tar on Mario and Luigi. Just then, volcanic activity blasts the piece of the floor Bowser is standing on. Because of this, Bowser is blasted to another part of the temple.


The explosion wakes up Mario and Luigi.

Luigi: Mario, what happened?

Mario: I think we lost to Bowser.


Mario: It's ok, Luigi. I think something happened to Bowser.

Luigi: What makes you think that?

Mario points to the smoking hole in the floor that marks the place Bowser was.

Luigi: YEEEEH! Bowser exploded!

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi continue through the temple. They find five beans, six Puk Puk eggs, three Bafomdads, and 300 bugs while exploring every nook and cranny of the temple. In one of the chambers of the temple, the find a room full of lava bursts.

Luigi: This room feels awfully hot!

Mario: We need to find Morton before…

Just then, one of the lava bursts burns Mario's hand.


Luigi: MARIO!

To their surprise, Mario's hand is ok, but, for some reason, his glove has a
flame-shaped mark on it. Just then, Brighton comes into the chamber.


Luigi: Hey Brighton!

Mario: We haven't seen you since Mario Party 6!

Brighton: I have been on this planet to practice my hand power. That blast must have given Mario some of my hand power. Want to learn my hand power?

Mario: Sure!

Brighton: To use my hand power, just stick out your hand, charge the fire, and release the fire!

Mario follows all of Brighton's instructions and performs his hand power.

Brighton: Great job! Try using it on torches and ice. You'll get great results if you do this!

Mario uses his hand power on the torches in the back of the chamber. This causes a warp to appear.

Luigi: I wonder where that warp leads to?

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario steps into the warp.

Luigi: Mario, is it a good idea to... WAIT FOR ME!

Luigi runs into the warp. The warp takes Mario and Luigi to the Spellstone Chamber. Morton is still reciting his speech.

Morton: This is why I, Morton Koopa Jr, am a very good Koopa.

Tricky: Finally! He's done with his speech!

Morton: Now for the speech about my family.

Tricky: Ah man!

Luigi: So this is why he took King and Queen Earthwalker and Prince Tricky.

Mario: We’d better get them back along with those other people!

Morton: Blaw, blaw, blaw. Hey! Who's there, present, nearby?

Morton turns around to see Mario and Luigi.


Mario: We're here to get the next key and the people in this chamber!

Morton: No, refusal, veto! You will not, never, by no means steal, take, confiscate my audience, addressees, listeners! It is also a bad, awful, terrible idea to steal, take, confiscate my key!

Morton absorbs the two fire Spellstones that are in the chamber. He is now covered in flames.


Mario and Luigi are fighting Morton. Morton attacks are flame breath, fireball throw, and a wave of fire. Morton attacks first by throwing fireballs. Mario and Luigi use their hammers to bounce them back to Morton. This causes damage to him. Mario attacks with his hand power, but it only heals all of Morton's damage.

Brighton: Mario! Don't use fire hand on fire enemies! It will only heal them!

Morton attacks by breathing fire. Luigi tries to dodge it, but he timed it early and gets hit. Mario used a Dumpadage Pod to heal some of Luigi's damage. They then use one of the fuel barrels from the Sharpclaws to hurt Morton. Morton sends a fire wave to harm Mario and Luigi, but Mario and Luigi dodge it. Mario and Luigi use another fuel barrel to hurt Morton.

Morton: Time for my best, greatest, powerful attack!

Morton is charging up a giant ball of fire. Just then, Bowser lands in the Spellstone Chamber.

Bowser: Morton! We're getting out of here!

Morton: But Dad, Father, guy who gave birth to me, I was about to-

Bowser: There is no time to recite a speech! We need to get out of here!

Bowser drags Morton out of the temple. They drop a key, the two Spellstones, and weapons.

Mario and Luigi: We got the third key!

Fox places the two Spellstones on the alter again. Just then, the two Sharpclaws came into the chamber.

Sharpclaws: Our weapons! Thanks Mario and dino green!

Luigi: Even on another planet! Why do people do this to me?!

Mario: Never mind that! We got bigger problems!

The ball of fire falls into the lava. This causes a volcanic eruption.

Mario and Luigi: MAMAMIA!

Fox: We better get out of this temple! I know a shortcut!

Fox leads Mario, Luigi, the Sharpclaws, King and Queen Earthwalker, Tricky, Krystal, Falco, Slippy, and Peppy out of the temple. Then Fox takes all but Mario and Luigi to Thorntail Hollow. Mario and Luigi stay behind to watch the destruction of the temple. The volcano spews a ton of lava and the temple crumbles to pieces. A flaming rock almost hits Luigi.


Mario and Luigi leave the temple. They are now back at Thorntail Hollow.

Queen: Thank you, Mario and Luigi. We're in your debt.

Mario: You're welcome.

Luigi: Do you know where Fox and his friends went?

Tricky: They left as soon as they made it back to Thorntail Hollow.

Mario: Don't worry, Luigi. I think we'll see them again. Where's Peach?

King: Who's Peach?

Mario: Oh no.

Luigi: Let's go back, Mario.

Mario and Luigi step back into the portal that leads to E. Gadd's Lab.

Sharpclaw 1: When you guys come back, we'll have that battle we didn't have at Moon Mountain Pass!

Sharpclaw 2: We'll show you guys how good we are at battling!

Just then, Falco's girlfriend, Katt, lands her spaceship near the portal. Katt came out of it.

Katt: Hey dinos! Do you know where my little Falco went?

Thorn Tail: He went into space with the-

Katt: Oooo. What's this?

Katt steps into the portal.

Meanwhile at E. Gadd's Lab. Toadsworth is standing in front of Zelda and Dixie (all that running made her thin again).

Toadsworth: You two are not Princess Toadstool? Why did the monkey say she was her?

Dixie: Mario made me do this just so you wouldn't feel bad that Peach is still issing.


Toadsworth knocks himself out.

Toadsworth: (quietly) Princess…

Just then, Mario and Luigi come out of the portal.

Luigi: Did Toadsworth find out the truth?

Dixie: Yes.

Luigi: We need to get Peach so we can get him on his feet.

Mario: We got another key, E. Gadd!

E. Gadd: That's great, fellas! I found out that the next key is in a nice sounding place called Dreamland.

Luigi: We finally get to go to a nice place for a change.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi step into the portal again. Just then, Katt comes out of
the portal.

Katt: Hey girls! Do you know where my little Falco went?

Just then, Toadsworth wakes up.

Toadsworth: Princess! You’re back! But you are now a pink cat girl.

Katt: Ok, what is he talking about?

Dixie and Zelda: Here we go again.

Meanwhile on Bowser's spaceship…

Bowser: I can't believe those Marios used a sneaky fire blast to stop me from pouring my tar!

Morton: But Dad, Father, guy who gave birth to me, was that the Marios' attack or the volcano's attack?

Bowser: I don't care! We failed! Now let's go home!

When Morton and Bowser go back to the castle, they are surprised to see that all of their minions are throwing a wild party.

Bowser: (If this party keeps up, I'll have to live in a pigsty for a castle.) STOP THE MUSIC! PARTY'S OVER!

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