Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi are now in Dreamland. They are near Cappy Town.

Mario: So this is Dreamland. Peach would love to go to a place like this.

Luigi: Forget about what Peach likes, we have bigger problems!

Luigi points to a guy wearing a blue cape that is on the path.

Guy: So, are you who I think you are? If so, I challenge you to a battle.

Luigi: Who are you anyway?

Guy: They know me as

The guy pulls off his cape. The guy is a blue ball wearing gloves, a gray mask with a slot that has two yellow eyes peeking out of it, purple feet, and he is holding a golden sword.


Mario and Luigi are fighting Meta Knight. His attacks are slicing with his sword. Mario and Luigi jump on him, but it doesn't do too much damage. Meta Knight attacks with a sword slice, but Mario dodges the attack. Mario and Luigi try using their hammers, but it just ends up like the jump attack. Meta Knight attacks again, but he misses like last time.

Mario: Can anything defeat this guy?!

Luigi: You can try using your firehand.

Mario: Ok.

Mario uses a firehand on Meta Knight, and it does a fair amount of damage on him.

Meta Knight: I knew it! You are the Mario Brothers!

The battle stops.

Meta Knight: That jumping and hammering can be only be done by Nintendo's greatest heroes! You must help us!

Mario: What is it this time?

Meta Knight: This time? What do you mean?

Luigi: Before we got here, we saved DK Island from K. Rool and Wendy, Hyrule from Iggy, and Dinosaur Planet from Morton.

Meta Knight: I see. So you saved other lands from evil. Very interesting. You must save our land from a strange creature known as Roy Koopa.

Mario and Luigi: ROY KOOPA?!

Luigi: Why would he go here?! He hates girly places!

Meta Knight: That is so, but he banned a group together to make it so Dreamland is not so "girly".

Mario: That Roy Koopa needs to be stopped! Where is he?!

Meta Knight: He is hiding in DeDeDe's Castle. It's very dangerous now that he took it over. This woman will help you on the way to the castle.

Twila approaches Mario and Luigi.

Twila: Hello, Mario and Luigi. It's great to see you again. You got a hand power from my brother, Briton?

Mario: I have it.

Twila: Then Luigi will be the one to learn thunderhand.

A lighting bolt hits Luigi's hand. The back of his glove gets a thunder symbol on it.

Twila: You now have the power of thunder. To use my hand power, just stick out your hand, charge the thunder, and release the thunder!

Luigi follows all of Twila's instructions and performs his hand power.

Twila: Excellent work! You may use this move to operate certain machinery. Try it on the gate that is barring your progress.

Luigi goes up to the gate and uses his hand power on the blue orb near it.
The gate opens up.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi go down the path to DeDeDe's Castle. They stop at Cappy Town to get some supplies from the store.

Cappy: Are you here to buy something?

Mario: We sure are.

Mario buys six power drinks (Mushrooms), 4 Maximum Tomatoes (Mushroom Drops), five Mario and Luigi head things with 1-Ups on them (1-Up Mushrooms), and seven pieces of candy (Refreshing Herbs). This all costs 403 DeDeDe Coins, but the discount makes it 370 coins.

Luigi: Finally! A currency that isn't alive!

Mario: But I just don't like those faces on them.

Cappy: Thank you very much!

Mario and Luigi leave the store. They see DeDeDe and Escargoon trampling the flowers in the garden that is next to the store. Tiff is trying to stop them.


DeDeDe: Listen, kid! If you know what's good for ya, ya better buzz off!

Escargoon: Yeah! Do as the king said!

Mario: We better stop them!

Mario and Luigi approach DeDeDe and Escargoon.

DeDeDe: Hey! What are you looking at?!

Mario and Luigi are fighting DeDeDe. His attacks are stomping on Mario and Luigi and swinging his hammer. Mario and Luigi attack with hammers of their own. DeDeDe stomps on Mario. Mario and Luigi kicks a barrel at him. DeDeDe tries to hit Luigi with his hammer, but Luigi blocks the attack with his hammer, knocking DeDeDe's hammer out of his hands. Now DeDeDe can only attack by jumping on Mario or Luigi. Mario jumps on DeDeDe and Luigi hammers him, causing him to be dizzy. Mario and Luigi finish the battle with a barrel attack. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

DeDeDe: You plumb scum! I'll get you some day!

DeDeDe runs off.

Escargoon: SIRE! WAIT FOR ME!

Escargoon chases DeDeDe.

Tiff: Thanks, guys! You sure did help me out of that one! Wait a minute, are you the Mario Brothers?!

Mario: We sure are! What's your name?

Tiff: My name is Tiff.

Luigi: Are the flowers ok?

Tiff: The flowers will be just fine. They just need a little love.

Luigi: I can do that.

Luigi does some gardening on the flowers. In no time, the flowers are as good as new.

Tiff: Wow! You must be a gardener!

Luigi: Thanks, I do a lot of gardening when Mario's on adventures.

Tiff: I'm glad that you guys are here! Ever since this turtle named Roy came to Dreamland, thing are not the same as they used to be.

Mario: Don't worry, we'll take care of Roy for you.

Tiff: That's great! Roy is at DeDeDe's Castle. It's pretty dangerous since hes lived there.

Mario: We can handle it.

Tiff: Good luck!

Mario and Luigi continue on the way to DeDeDe's Castle.

Tiff: One more thing.

Mario and Luigi fall down on their faces.

Tiff: While youre there, will you keep an eye out for a friend of mine? His name is Kirby.

Mario: We'll do that!

Tiff: Great!

Mario and Luigi continue their journey to DeDeDe's Castle. On the way, they find seven beans. They finally make it to DeDeDe's Castle. The castle is closed off by a big, wooden door.

Luigi: So this is DeDeDe's Castle. It gives me the creeps.

Mario: How do we get inside?

Luigi sees an unlit torch on one side of the gate and a blue orb on the other.

Luigi: Should we try our hand powers?

Mario lights the torch with firehand and Luigi shocks the orb with thunderhand. Just then, the door opens up.

Mario: Now we can get inside! Good job, Luigi!

Luigi: Thank you.

Mario and Luigi enter the castle. They go down a long corridor decorated with portraits of DeDeDe. At the end of the corridor, they find a slightly cracked wall.

Luigi: Is this the end of the castle?

Mario: I don't think so. This wall is cracked a bit.

Mario shatters the wall with his hammer. Behind the wall, they find a room with blocks that have stars on them.

Luigi: Let's hit them to see what happens.

Mario and Luigi hit all the block in the room. They get three Power Drinks, five Maximum Tomatoes, eight Mario and Luigi head things with 1-Up on it, two pieces of candy, three beans, and 50 DeDeDe coins. At the end of the room, they find a blue orb.

Luigi: I wonder what would happen if I shocked this orb?

Luigi uses thunderhand on the orb. Just then, the floor opens up to reveal a fan. The fan spins around and blows Mario and Luigi to the next floor of the castle. There is a door on the next floor. Mario and Luigi enter the door. It is very dark in the room that is behind the door.

Luigi: I can't see a thing in this darkness!

Mario: I should use firehand to light the room.

Mario makes a fire in his hand. This lights up some of the room. They now see some unlit torches.

Luigi: I think you should light those, Mario.

Mario sets fire to all the torches in the room. Just then, a door in the back of the room opens up.

Mario: What's in there?

Mario and Luigi go through the door. In the room, they see Roy sitting on a throne. He is beating the stuffing out of a pink ball guy with red feet.

Mario: That monster! We need to stop him!

Luigi snatches the creature out of Roy's hands.

Luigi: Are you ok?

Creature: Poyo! Poyo!

Mario: What did he say?

Roy: Thanks a lot, Mario Brothers! You just stole the only fun thing to do in this dump! I'm going to crush you just because of that. Or rather, Cracko will do it!

Mario and Luigi: Cracko?

Just then, a cloud with spikes surrounding it drops from the ceiling. The cloud has a blue eye in the center of it.

Roy: Id like you to meet Cracko. ATTACK!

Mario and Luigi are fighting Cracko. Cracko's attacks are thunder strike and he can ram into Mario or Luigi. Mario tries to jump on it, but he gets hurt by the spikes. Luigi tries to hit Cracko with his hammer, but the attack misses because Cracko is flying in the air.

Tiff: Hey guys! I think you need these!

Tiff gives Mario and Luigi Warp Stars. Mario and Luigi can jump on the speeding stars that match their color. If one of them jumps on the wrong star or they miss a star, the attack ends.

Mario: Let's try it out!

Cracko rams into Luigi, but Luigi blocks the attack by hitting Cracko with his hammer. Mario and Luigi use the stars. They do a nice amount of damage to him. Cracko is charging up for his thunder strike. This charging costs his turn to attack, and he also must stay on the ground until he uses the attack.

Mario: I wonder what would happen if I use firehand on him?

Mario uses firehand on Cracko. It does a lot of damage to Cracko. They then use seeds to weaken his attack and defense. Cracko uses the thunder strike he was charging up. The attack hurts Mario and Luigi, but since his attack was weakened, he causes less pain to Mario and Luigi. Cracko is back in the air. Mario heales most of the damage Cracko did with a Maximum Tomato. They then use Warp Stars to hurt him again. Cracko tries to ram Mario, but Mario blocks the attack with his hammer. The damage from the hammer defeats Cracko. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

Roy: So you got tougher, eh? How about a knuckle sandwich?!

Mario and Luigi: Here we go again.

Mario and Luigi are fighting Roy. Roy's attacks are breathing fire, pounding the ground to make earthquakes, and giving Mario or Luigi a knuckle sandwich. Mario attacks by jumping on Roy's head. Luigi attacks by giving him a jolt of thunderhand that does lots of damage. Roy attacks by giving Mario a knuckle sandwich. Mario dodges it by jumping over Roy. Mario and Luigi shoot some seeds at him to lower his defense. Luigi attacks by shocking him again. Roy pounds the ground and hits only Luigi. Mario usea a Power Drink on Luigi to ease his pain. Luigi uses the thunder yet again. Roy attacks with a fire breath on Luigi. Luigi dodges the attack successfully. Mario and Luigi kick a barrel at him to do a lot of damage. Luigi uses anther shock attack.

Roy: Try this on for size!

Roy hides in his shell. He can only attack by ramming into Mario or Luigi. Mario tries to jump on him, but he gets hurt by the spikes. Luigi hits him with his hammer but only does little damage. Roy rams Luigi and does some damage to him.

Mario: Let's try hand attacks now.

Mario uses a firehand attack to do some damage. Luigi does a thunderhand on Roy and it does an extreme amount of damage because it was a lucky hit. Roy is defeated. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

Roy: You guys are tougher than the last time we battled! I'm out of here! This place is too girly anyway!

Roy leaves the castle. On his way out, he drops another key.

Mario: We got the next key!

Tiff: Kirby!

Creature: Poyo! Poyo!

Tiff holds the creature in her arms.

Luigi: That's Kirby?

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo!

Tiff: I'm so glad that I have Kirby back. Take that hall that is behind that gate to get out of this castle.

Mario: Thanks!

Mario and Luigi drill under the gate that is blocking the shortcut. They walk down the hall to exit the castle. Outside the castle, Meta Knight is waiting for them.

Meta Knight: Did you dispose of the monster?

Luigi: We did.

Meta Knight: Very good. I heard that you are looking for a princess by the name of Peach.

Mario: We are. Do you know where she is?

Meta Knight: When you are on the quest for the seventh key, you will get an idea about where she is.

Mario: Thank you.

Mario and Luigi go back to where the portal is.

Luigi: We need two more keys until we can get to the seventh one.

Mario: Yes, Luigi. When we get that seventh key, we can finally get Peach and end our quest.

Luigi: But what will we do about the keys?

Mario: I'll have a use for them.

Mario and Luigi enter the portal. Just then, Tiff and Kirby go near the portal.

Tiff: Too bad I can't have a chance to say goodbye.

Just then, a butter fly comes near Kirby.

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo!

Kirby is now chasing the butterfly. Just then, the butter fly goes into the portal. This causes Kirby to go into the portal as well.


Tiff goes into the portal. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are with Professor E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Are you saying that the princess is at the location of the seventh key?

Luigi: That's what Meta Knight told us.

E. Gadd: Who's Meta Knight?

Mario: We don't know. Do you know where the next key is?

E. Gadd: You bet I do, fellas! It's on Earth.

Luigi: What kind of Nintendo game is on Earth?

Mario: Let's find out as soon as we get there!

Luigi: Okey dokey!

Mario and Luigi go into the portal once again. Just then, Katt, Zelda, and Dixie go to where the portal is.

Dixie: Girls, I think we overstayed our welcome at this lab. Wed better go home.

Katt: So I can see my little Falco!

Dixie: Whatever.

Katt goes through the portal.

Dixie: Now it's our turn!

Dixie and Zelda go through the portal. Meanwhile in Hyrule, Link is with Dixie.

Link: Hey Zelda, since when did you become a monkey?

Dixie: Oops! Wrong world!

Meanwhile on DK Island, Diddy is with Zelda.

Diddy: Hey Dixie, since when did you become a human?

Zelda: Oops! Wrong world!

Back in the lab, Tiff and Kirby come out of the portal. Tiff gets Kirby back in her arms.

Tiff: Got you, Kirby.

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo!

Toadsworth: Princess! You've returned, but you are now a strange girl.

Tiff: What are you talking about?

Tiff goes back through the portal.

Toadsworth: PRINCESS!

Toadsworth goes through the portal. Meanwhile at Bowser Castle, Bowser is making all his minions clean up the mess from the party.

Bowser: You think it's a good idea to throw parties while I'm away?!

Kamek: I'm sorry, Bowser. I wasnt thinking.

Bowser: Throwing wild parties without me is a bad idea! I'm the life of the party! No magic for a month!

Bowser steals Kamek's wand.

Bowser: Go to the dungeon NOW!

Kamek: That's not fair!

Bowser: Want to make it two months?

Kamek: I'm going.

Kamek goes to the dungeon.

Bowser: As for you, Roy, you must sit in this sticky chair while you listen to Morton.

Morton comes into the room. Roy is forced to sit in the chair.

Roy: I'm stuck!

Morton: I, Morton Koopa Jr, am a very good Koopa because I blaw, blaw, blaw, blaw.


Bowser: You will also watch Barney!

Bowser puts in a Barney tape. The TV is showing Barney.

Barney: I love you. You love me. We're a happy family.


Bowser: While I make your hand a waffle!

Bowser places Roy's hand in a waffle iron.


Morton: Blaw, blaw, blaw.

Barney: With a great, big hug and a kiss from me to you.

Waffle Iron: Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.


Bowser: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I love being evil! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!


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