Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi have made it to the part of Earth where the Pikmin are.

Luigi: I still wonder what kind of game is on Earth. Earth is pretty much too normal to have strange creatures.

Just then, a Grubdog approaches Mario and Luigi. It's larger than Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi start fighting the Grubdog. The Grubdog's attacks are biting Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi use a fuel barrel to blow this monster to smithereens, but he survives the attack to bite Mario. This causes damage to Mario. Luigi shocks the Grubdog and does a great amount of damage to it. Mario and Luigi win the battle. The defeated Grubdog lies on the ground. Just then it spits out two men in spacesuits.

Luigi: Are you guys ok?

The men get up.

Man 1: We are ok. Thanks to you.

The first man has some red on his spacesuit, and the other man has some blue on his.

Mario: Who are you guys?

Man1: My name is Olimar M. and his name is Louie G.

Luigi: Louie G? That sounds a lot like my name, Luigi.

Mario: What does the M stand for?

Olimar: Mario.

Mario: My name is Mario.

Just then, a fat man in black clothes and a helmet similar to Louie's comes to where Mario, Luigi, Olimar, and Louie are.

Man: Olimar! Louie! I finally found you two!

Luigi: Who's he?

Olimar: He's the esteemed president of Hocotate Freight, Wario.

Mario and Luigi: WARIO?!

Mario: This day is just getting weirder and weirder by the hour.

President: And what is wrong with a name like Wario?

Mario: Oh nothing…

President: Where did you two go?

Olimar: This Grubdog ate us, but these men saved us.

Luigi: Wait a minute. I know what kind of video game can be on Earth. It's Pikmin!

Olimar: I could really use some right now.

Mario: What happened?

Olimar: A while ago, this strange creature kidnapped all my Pikmin.

Mario: What does the creature look like?

Olimar: I don't know. I didn't really get a good view of it. If I don't give it Ultra-Spicy Spray, it will throw all of my Pikmin into a bottomless pit.

Luigi: That's terrible!

Olimar: Do you have any Ultra-Spicy Spray in that suitcase of yours?

Mario: Let's find out.

Mario opens the suitcase. He finds pellets (Mushrooms), yellow nectar (Mushroom Drops), spacesuit restorer (1-Up Mushrooms), and Ultra-Spicy Spray (Refreshing Herbs).

Olimar: That's Ultra-Spicy Spray! Can I have it?

Mario: Sure. We barely use it anyway.

Luigi: Why did Nintendo make a useless item such as Refreshing Herbs? We rarely use them.

Mario: Who knows?

Mario gives Olimar all the Ultra-Spicy Sprays they have.

Olimar: Thank you, but this really isn't enough. We need a few more sprays to get all my Pikmin back. I know where to find some.

Olimar goes off to some other area and Mario, Luigi, and Louie follow him after finding two beans.

Luigi: Are you coming with us, Wario?

President: You go on. I'll just watch the rocket.

Rocket: But President, I am capable of handling my-

President: Up, up, up. We don't want a word out of you right now.

Rocket: ...

Luigi: Ok.

Luigi runs off with Mario, Olimar, and Louie.

President: Whew. That was a close one.

Just then, a red Pikmin, a yellow Pikmin, a blue Pikmin, a purple Pikmin, and a white Pikmin come to where the president is.

President: You must be some of those kidnapped Pikmin. How did you escape from that creature?

Just then, the Pikmin lift the president and take him away.

President: Hey! Where are you taking me?! I'm the president of Hocotate Freight, you know! You better put me down! ... HELP ME! I'M TOO RICH TO BE TURNED INTO PIKMIN!

Meanwhile, Olimar and Louie are showing Mario and Luigi a creature floating in the air. It is transparent with a pink line in its center. The line branches out to form eyes and a mouth. The creature is holding an egg-like sack.

Olimar: This is a Honey Wisp. Inside the sack that it's holding is either nectar or Ultra-Spicy Spray. You can keep any nectar you find in the sacks while we get to keep the Ultra-Spicy Spray.

Mario: Sounds fair to me.

Olimar: Usually, I have to throw a Pikmin to get the sack down, but because of that creature, I don't have any. Not even a single Bulbmin.

Luigi: What's a Bulbmin?

Olimar: It's a cross between a Pikmin and a Grubdog. It can survive any of the planet's hazards.

Luigi: Wow, that's amazing. Did the creature take those?

Olimar: No it didn't, but I can't go to where they are because I'm no match for the hazards of the cave they live in. Even if I do get them, they just stay in the cave for some reason.

Luigi: Oh.

Olimar: Got any ideas to get the sack down?

Mario: How about this?

Mario jumps up and hits the sack like a floating block. The sack drops to the ground and shatters to pieces. All that's left of the sack is a glob of red goo.

Olimar: That's Ultra-Spicy Spray. You did a great job of getting it down. Keep going.

Mario and Luigi do the same thing to the other sacks. Half of the sacks have
nectar, and the other half have Ultra-Spicy Spray.

Olimar: Thank you very much for getting all this Ultra-Spicy Spray for me. Now I can get my Pikmin back.

Brighton: Hold on for a minute!

Twila: We need to tell you something!

Just then, Brighton and Twila come to where Mario and Luigi are.

Mario: What are you guys doing here?

Brighton: We need to teach you very important hand techniques that are very important to your quest.

Twila: Let's go and show them, Brighton.

Brighton: Are you kidding me?! We can't show them! Remember the last time we did that?! I was so numb, I couldn't feel my lips for a week!

Twila: You're right. If we show them our hand techniques, I'll just get blisters like last time.

Olimar: Why don't Louie and I show them those hand techniques?

Brighton: That's a great idea! I'll give you the power of fire hand.

Brighton gives Olimar fire hand.

Twila: And I will give Louie the power of thunder hand.

Twila gives Louie thunder hand.

Twila: First, we will teach how to use thunder hand in a special way. Here's how to do it. First, Luigi charges up thunder hand on Mario's back.

Louie charges up thunder hand on Olimar's back.

Twila: Then you release the power.

Louie then shocks Olimar with electricity.

Twila: Then you walk around in the direction you're facing.

Olimar and Louie walk around together without changing the way they are facing.

Twila: Try it out.

Mario and Luigi imitate what Olimar and Louie just did.

Twila: Nicely done! You can use this move to push objects with your back or slip through rolling bars.

Brighton: Now it's my turn to teach you guys a move. First, Mario goes to Luigi's back and charges up fire hand on it.

Olimar goes behind Louie and charges his fire hand on his back.

Brighton: Then you do your thing.

Olimar burns Louie's back with fire.

Brighton: This is when you guys run as fast as you can.

Olimar and Louie are running as fast as the wind.

Brighton: Now to see you do it.

Mario and Luigi imitate the move they just saw.

Brighton: Sweet! Try this move to dash very quickly and slip through rolling bars.

Twila: These moves will help you out if you’re in a pinch.

Brighton: See you guys around!

Brighton and Twila go away.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario, Luigi, Olimar, and Louie leave the area.

Luigi: Olimar, can Louie talk? He is pretty silent since we met him.

Olimar: Louie can talk. Sometimes.

Luigi: Ok.

Meanwhile, the president has been taken to a cave with a bottomless pit. There is a lot of Pikmin in the cave as well as a mysterious person. It's hard to tell who the person is because the cave pretty dark.

Person: So, you must be the esteemed president of Hocotate Freight.

President: I am. Why am I here?

Person: To see if you got my Ultra-Spicy Spray. Hand it over!

President: Well, the funny thing is, I don't have a single bottle of that stuff. Olimar and Louie went out with two men named Mario and Luigi to-

Person: So, my two worst enemies are here. I do not want them to ruin my plans for a super Pikmin army!

The person holds the president over the bottomless pit.

Person: Olimar and Louie must give me that spray or the Pikmin won’t be the only ones to take the fall!


Back with our heroes, they are now near an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva that is shooting out rocks.

Olimar: If I had my Pikmin here, I would beat that thing to a pulp.

Mario: Maybe we should use thunderhand to slip through that monster's rock attack.

Luigi: How would that help? Shocking those rocks would not get us anywhere.

Mario: I don't mean like that.

Luigi: You mean…?

Mario: Yes.

Luigi: But Twila said that move only works on rolling bars.

Mario: Rocks, bars, same thing.

Luigi: Ok.

Mario and Luigi do the thunderhand trick to get through the rolling rocks.

Mario: Go on ahead, guys!

Olimar: Ok.

Olimar and Louie do the trick Mario and Luigi did to get through the rocks. They are now at an area with a switch sticking out of the wall. Olimar is trying to push it into the wall and Mario is trying to hit it with a hammer.

Olimar: I guess we need Pikmin for a job like this job. Too bad that creature took them all.

Mario: We could try pushing that switch with our back.

Olimar: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Do it anyway.

Luigi: What was that all about?

Mario: I have no idea.

Mario and Luigi push the switch with the thunder move. Just then, the wall crumbles.

Olimar: You guys are like super Pikmin! Let's keep going.

They are now at the area behind the wall. An Armored Cannon Beetle Larva is shooting out rocks at a very fast pace.

Luigi: Not another one…

Olimar: I don't think that thunderhand trick will work this time.

Luigi: How about fire hand?

Olimar: That seems to work.

Mario and Luigi do the fire hand trick to get through the speeding rocks.

Mario: It worked! Try it out, guys!

Olimar and Louie use their fire hand trick to get through the rocks as well.

Olimar: That was a close one.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario, Luigi, Olimar, and Louie go past the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. They are now near a sleeping Grubdog.

Olimar: This Grubdog would sleep for a really long time if-

Luigi: Don't say the "p" word!

Mario is trying to wake him up with his hammer, but with no luck.

Mario: He's one heavy sleeper!

Luigi: I think a good dash is needed here.

Mario and Luigi dash into the beast with the fire hand trick. This causes it to wake up and run away.

Luigi: That was easy!

Olimar: Come on! The cave is just ahead!

Mario and Co. are walking down the path to the cave. Just then, Luigi sees two red eyes watching him from the ground.

Luigi: What's this?

Just then, the creature that has the eyes emerges from the ground. It has a tan face, a big purple tongue, a green back, and tan elephant-like legs.

Mario: What is that thing?!

Olimar: It's Emperor Bulblax!

Mario and Luigi start fighting Emperor Bulblax. His attacks are licking Mario and Luigi with his tongue and pounding the ground to do shockwaves. Mario attacks with fire hand and does a great amount of damage to him. Luigi jumps on him, but he only does a small amount of damage. Emperor Bulblax attacks by licking Luigi. This not only hurts Luigi, it also heals Emperor Bulblax.

Luigi: I think we need to weaken his defense if we want to get anywhere with our jumping and hammering.

Mario: Good idea.

Mario and Luigi sohot some seeds at Emperor Bulblax, but he eats the seeds and heals more of his damage.

Luigi: Let's try that again.

Mario: Good idea. I think we shot them too close to his mouth.

Mario and Luigi try it again. Emperor Bulblax eats the seeds again and heals the rest of his damage. Emperor Bulblax attacks with a shockwave that doesn't harm Mario or Luigi.

Mario: Bad idea!

Luigi: How should I know this monster eats everything?!

Mario: That's it!

Luigi: What's it?

Mario explains his plan to Luigi.

Luigi: I get it now.

Mario and Luigi attacks with a fuel barrel. This causes Emperor Bulblax to eat the barrel. Just then, an explosion is heard inside Emperor Bulblax. He gets damaged and he can't get up.

Mario: It worked!

Mario and Luigi shoots some seeds at him to decrease his defense and speed. Luigi hits him with his hammer and does a fair amount of damage to him. Just then, Emperor Bulblax gets up. However, he doesn't attack. Mario does a fire hand attack to do a great amount of damage, then Luigi ends the battle with a mighty jump attack. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

Olimar: You guys are better that Pikmin! We are now at the cave.

Mario and Co. go to where the cave's entrance is. It's a mound of dirt with a hole in the top.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Just then, Louie walks away from Mario, Luigi, and Olimar.

Luigi: Where's he going?

Olimar: My guess is to get some food.

Luigi: Why?

Olimar: Because he's always hungry.

Luigi: He's just like Mario.

Mario: That's nice.

Mario, Luigi, and Olimar jump into the hole. Before they enter the cave, they find a bean. Inside the cave they find the president, the Pikmin, and the stranger.

Stranger: So you come at last. Hand over the spray, or the Pikmin and the president get it.

Olimar: You'll hurt the president too?! That's lower than low!

Stranger: Just hand over the spray and everything will be all right.

Olimar gives the stranger all his spray.

Stranger: Thank you so very much. Here's the president.

The stranger hands over the president.

Olimar: Thank you. What about my Pikmin?

Stranger: You want them too? No way!

Olimar: But you said that you would give them back!

Stranger: I said I wouldn't harm them. Why did you think I wanted Ultra-Spicy Spray?

Olimar: Good point.

Mario: I have a question to ask you.

Stranger: What is it?

Mario: Who are you anyway?

Olimar: I can help you with that. Rocket, would you please come here?

Just then, the top of the Rocket comes into the hole.

Rocket: What is it?

Olimar: We need you to-

Rocket: Rocket do this! Rocket do that! You always misuse me in all sorts of ways! Who was the one who flew you to Earth?! Who was the one who made all those sprays?! Who was the one who held all those treasures?! Who was the one who made all those inventions?! Who was the one who held all those yucky insects?! Sheesh! You don't even know my name! You keep on calling me Rocket! My name is Toad!

Mario and Luigi: TOAD?!

Mario: This has got to be some dream!

Olimar: Could you please turn on the Solar System?

Rocket: Fine. But this is the last time!

Just then, the Rocket's top glows a bright light that lights up the entire cave. The stranger is actually Larry.

Mario and Luigi: LARRY KOOPA?!

Larry: So it took you that long to find out who was behind this plan.

Mario: What is your plan, Larry?!

Larry: If you really must know, I'm planning on using the spray to make an army of super Pikmin. With this new army, all of Earth will be mine!

Mario: You got one problem.

Larry: What's that?

Mario: Pikmin are small.

Larry: That may be so, but I used Iggy's grow wand to make all of Pikmin land big.

Luigi: That explains the giant weeds.

Larry: Since you’ve come this far, I will challenge you to a battle. If you win, I'll not only give back the Pikmin, I will also give you another key.

Luigi: If you win?

Larry: All of Earth is mine, and you must give me all four of the keys you stole from my brothers and sister.

Luigi: How did you know about that?

Larry: I have cameras that keep track of all my brothers and sister, but I couldn't have one for Lemmy because he found out about his camera and destroyed it.

Mario: Can we get this over with or what?

Larry: Fine by me.

Mario and Luigi start fighting Larry. Larry's attacks are throwing Pikmin and breathing fireballs. Mario attacks by jumping on his head and doing some damage. Luigi attacks by shocking Larry with thunderhand.

Larry: BRAGLE FRAGLE STAGLE HAGLE! That really did hurt! Try this on for size!

Larry spits out a fireball.

Mario: Is that all you got?

Mario hits it back with his hammer. Just then, Larry hits it back with a tennis racket and knocks Mario out.

Luigi: You still have that thing?

Larry: I never go into battle without it.

Luigi revives Mario with a spacesuit restorer. Larry gets to attack with his fireball attack. Luigi hits it back.

Larry: Big mistake!

Larry hits it back with his tennis racket. Just then, Luigi hits it back with his hammer.

Luigi: Nice try.

Larry: Grrrrrrr.

They keep hitting the fireball back and forth until Larry misses his chance to whack it back and gets hit. Mario and Luigi then do a Warpstar attack on Larry. This causes some damage to him. Luigi shocked him again.

Larry: BRAGLE FRAGLE STAGLE HAGLE! It's time to end this silly battle!

Larry throws some Pikmin at Mario and Luigi. It doesn't do damage to them.

Luigi: Why did you do an attack that doesn't do any damage?

Larry: You'll see.

Mario and Luigi kick a barrel at Larry and do a nice amount of damage to him. Luigi attacks with another thunderhand.

Larry: BRAGLE FRAGLE STAGLE HAGLE! Will you stop that?!

Just then, the Pikmin pound on Mario and Luigi to do a great amount of damage to them.

Larry: I think you know why I did that attack by now. Since I'm a nice Koopa, I won't attack this turn. After all, my Pikmin would do the job for me.

Mario: It's no use. I can't get them off.

Luigi: It was nice knowing you. By the way, I used your shaver to make shaved ice.

Mario: WHAT?!

Olimar: Mario and Luigi are in deep trouble! I must help them!

Olimar whistles to form a ring around Mario and Luigi. Just then, the Pikmin that coated Mario and Luigi go to Olimar.

Larry: How did he do that?!

Olimar: It's a Hocotate secret.

Larry: Grrrrrrr. EAT THIS!

Larry spits fireballs at Mario and Luigi.

Luigi: You said you wouldn't attack!

Larry: I'm not called Cheatsy for nothing!

Mario and Luigi hit the fireballs back with their hammers and Larry hits them back with his racket. They keep on hitting them back until Larry gets hit with both fireballs and loses the battle.

Larry: Grrrrr. I can't believe I lost despite my army of Pikmin.

Olimar: Don't you mean my army?

Larry: Stupid spaceman. You're the reason the Marios won.

Olimar: Do I get my Pikmin back?

Larry: Here.

Larry gives Olimar all his Pikmin back.

Mario: And the key?

Larry: You want my key? Fat chance!

Luigi: But you said you'd give use one after we defeat you!

Larry: I'm not called Cheatsy for nothing! All you get is one last attack!

Larry is charging up a fireball.

Louie: ATTACK!

Larry: Huh?

Just then, an army of Dweevils drop from the ceiling. Every type of Dweevil surrounds Larry. There is even a Titan Dweevil that's armed with a Fire Flower, a Thunder Rage, a FLUDD, and a Poison Piranha. Louie is riding on top of the Titan Dweevil.

Larry: Nice spiders... Nice spiders… PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

Louie: Sorry, but if you mess with my friends, you must be punished!

The Dweevils attack Larry with fire, water, poison, and electricity.


Just then, a Volatile Dweevil blows up near Larry. This sends him flying out of the cave, dropping his key.

Mario: Finally! The next key!

Mario and Luigi pick it up.

Luigi: We just need one last key to get on the quest for Peach.

Olimar: Louie! You did a great job of getting rid of that creature!

Louie: Thank you.

Luigi: Louie can talk!

Louie: I guess you’re wondering what I did.

Olimar: Yes.

Louie: You see, I was thinking that you guys were in trouble. Since I'm the King of Bugs, I got some Dweevils to help you guys. I even found a Titan Dweevil. It was hiding in the Den of Dreams. I gave it these weird items I found at the other side of some portal.

Mario: That reminds me! We need to get back to the portal!

Just then, the cave, Olimar, Louie, the president, the Pikmin, the Rocket, and the Dweevils start to shrink.

Luigi: Are we getting bigger?

Mario: No! The land is shrinking! The spell must have worn off!

Olimar: Get out of here before you squish us all! You can use the geyser to get out of here. Please hurry!

Mario and Luigi jump on the geyser and leave the cave.

Luigi: There is no way we can reach the portal in time! The land is shrinking too fast!

Mario: We can if we do the fire trick.

Mario and Luigi dash to the portal with the help of fire hand. When they step through the portal, all of Pikmin land is back to its own size.

Olimar: Pikmin land is back to normal! Let's go home, Rocket.


The top of the Rocket comesf of and shoots laser beams at Olimar, Louie, and the president.

President: RUN FOR IT!

Olimar, Louie, and the president ran away.


The Rocket chases them.

Meanwhile at the lab, DeDeDe is about to hammer Toadsworth into the ground.

DeDeDe: If you think you can take over my kingdom, you got another thing coming, pal!

Toadsworth: But I just wanted to take back Princess Toadstool.

Just then, Mario and Luigi get out of the portal.

Mario and Luigi: Mamamia!

They hammer DeDeDe into the portal.

Mario: What are you thinking?! You can't go into the other Nintendo worlds! That's dangerous!

Toadsworth: I was looking for Princess Toadstool.

Luigi: Just leave the princess saving to us.

Toadsworth: Fine.

E. Gadd: I see that you have returned, fellas. Got the next key?

Mario: We did.

E. Gadd: Good job, boys. I found out that the next key is found on Pokemon Island.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi step through the portal again. Just then, Dixie and Zelda come out of the portal.

Dixie: I hate your world. They believe in magic triangles.

Zelda: I hate your world. They try to feed me bananas.

Dixie: So?

Zelda: I'm highly allergic to bananas!

Dixie: Oh, want a banana?

Zelda: I said I'm allergic.

Dixie: I know. I just wanted to see what would happen.

Zelda: I'll never eat a banana!



While Zelda is screaming, Dixie puts a banana in Zelda's mouth.

Zelda: Ah man!

Just then, Zelda's skin gets red and irritated and she swells to the size of a tuna.

Whale: That's whale!

Ok. She swells to the size of a whale.

Whale: That's better.

Dixie: You look funny! I can't wait to show you to all of Hyrule!


Dixie: Duh.

Dixie pushes Zelda into the portal. Just then, Olimar, Louie, and the president come out of the portal.

Olimar: We finally escaped that killing machine.

Just then, Olimar's wife comes out of the portal.

Olimar's Wife: There you are. We’ve been worried sick about you.

Olimar: How did you know I was here?

Olimar's Wife: I put a tracking device on your suit.

Olimar: Oh.

Toadsworth: Princess! You're here!

Olimar's Wife: Princess? Am I pretty?

Louie and the President: Uhhhhh…

Olimar: You are!

Olimar's Wife: Thank you.

Toadsworth: But you are so small and old…

Olimar's Wife: WHAT?!

Olimar's wife beats Toadsworth up.

Olimar: Women.

Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Bowser is looking at Larry. He is cowering in the corner.

Kammy: Are you going to punish him?

Bowser: Nah! He suffered enough today!

Larry (in fear): S-spiders. S-spiders. S-spiders.

Bowser: We only have two keys left. If both of those keys go to the Stupid Mario Bros, we lose!

Kammy: Don't worry. Ludwig and Lemmy won't lose. How about some cookies?

Bowser: COOKIES!

Bowser runs to the kitchen.

Kammy: Wait for me!

Just then, Roy straps Larry in an electric chair.

Roy: You get this because I'm in a bad mood!

Roy uses the chair to shock Larry.


Roy: Now I want you to eat this spider!

Roy shows Larry a spider.

Larry: SPIDER!

Larry runs out of the castle.

Roy: What did I do?

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