Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi are now on Pokemon Island. The first thing they hear is awful music.

Luigi: That music! It's driving me crazy!

Mario: Tell me about it! It's like 1,000 swords jabbed into my ear!

Just then, they see some Pokemon attacking their trainers.


The trainer is blasted away with Hydro Pump.

Luigi: Mario, did you see that?

Mario: I did, Luigi. Something very odd is going on around here. Pokemon don't attack their trainers! That's not right!

Just then, a Pikachu approaches Mario and Luigi. It is about to shock them with Thunderbolt.

Mario: Is that Ash's Pikachu?

Luigi: Never mind who owns it! Worry about what it's going to do to us!

Before the Pikachu shocks them with a very powerful Thunderbolt, an old man in a white coat comes to where Mario and Luigi are.

Man: Come with me, Mario and Luigi! You'll be a lot safer in my lab!

The man takes Mario and Luigi to his lab. In the lab, Mario, Luigi, and the man are sitting in arm chairs.

Man: It's a good thing I showed up or you two would be in a major pickle.

Luigi: By the way, how did you know our names?

Man: Believe it or not, a letter from my old friend, E. Gadd, came in the mail a short time ago telling me about your adventure.

Luigi: Oh.

Man: By the way, allow me to introduce myself. I am Professor Oak. I'm the researcher of Pokemon.

Mario: It's nice to meet you. Why are all the Pokemon attacking their trainers?

Oak: That's a very good question. You see, they are all attacking because of this dreadful music.

Luigi: That explains that awful music.

Mario: Speaking of awful, I found an X on the floor.

Mario and Luigi dig up a bean.

Oak: That's some odd habit.

Luigi: Sorry.

Oak: That's ok. At least you solved the mystery of that X. By the way, I happen to know who's behind all this.

Mario: I know. It's Ludwig von Koopa.

Oak: How did you know?

Luigi: He's been trying to make a sound machine.

Oak: So you know him. Fascinating.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi leave the lab.

Luigi: Mario, we didn't check our supplies yet. Why don't we do that?

Mario: Good idea.

Mario opens up the suitcase. It has potions (Mushrooms), super potions (Mushroom Drops), revives (1-Up Mushrooms), and antidotes (Refreshing Herbs).

Luigi: When did we get the Refreshing Herbs?

Mario: I checked the floating Pokeballs.

Luigi: We never checked any balls.

Mario: It's a deleted scene.

Luigi: Mario?

Mario: Fine! I had them in my pocket! They go great on pasta.

Luigi: Ok.

Just then, the Pikachu comes back.

Luigi: Not again!

Mario and Luigi fight the Pikachu. Pikachu's attacks are Thunderbolt and Iron Tail. Mario attacks with a jump attack to do some damage. Luigi uses a Thunder Hand attack to try to attack it, but he just ends up healing it. The Pikachu attacks with Iron Tail and Mario blocks it with his hammer. Mario uses Firebrand to do a lot of damage to it and Luigi jumps on it. Pikachu casts a Thunderbolt and does damage to both Mario and Luigi. Mario heals this damage with a super potion and Luigi jumps on it. Pikachu attacks with another Thunderbolt and Mario and Luigi dodge it this time. Mario attacks with another Firebrand and Luigi ends the battle with a jump attack.

Mario: You know, for a Pokemon that belonged to Ash, it didn't last long on the battlefield.

Luigi: Maybe because we are at a super high level. Do you think it will be ok?

Mario: I think so. Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi go up the hill that has Ludwig's Lab on it. Oak goes to where the fallen Pikachu is.

Oak: Oh dear. It looks like Pikachu took a lot of damage.

Just then, Pikachu gets up and shocks Oak with Thunderbolt. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are at the lab. It is surrounded by a fence and has a hard-looking rock in front of it. A sign is by the fence.

Sign: Welcome to the lab of Ludwig von Koopa. You'll not be able to enter because the ground is covered in steel flooring and there is a rock that nothing can break in the way. KEEP OUT! That means you two, Mario and Luigi.

Mario: That Ludwig sure did outdo himself this time!

Luigi: Mario, what's in the cave?

Mario: Let's find out.

Mario and Luigi enter the cave that is by the lab. The cave has two blocks that are both red and green.

Luigi: I wonder what would happen if we hit them?

Mario and Luigi hit one of them, but nothing happens.

Mario: Wait a minute, these are Simi-Blocks!

Luigi: So?

Mario: Let's hit them at the same time to see what happens!

Mario and Luigi hit them at the same time and part of the wall crumbles.

Luigi: Mario, what do you think is in there?

Mario: Let's find out.

Mario and Luigi enter the hole and find a floating Pokeball and another hole.

Luigi: Mario, what's in that ball?

Mario hits the ball and a Voltorb came out.

Luigi: Not another battle!

Mario: Don't worry, Luigi. This one looks friendly.

Luigi: Why is the music not affecting it?

Mario: Maybe because it doesn't have any ears.

Luigi: Ok.

Mario and Luigi got a Voltorb. It works the same way as a Pocket Chomp. Mario and Luigi enter the hole and find another floating ball.

Mario: I bet something good is in there.

Mario is about to hit the ball. Just then the floor crumbles and a giant Gyarados rises from the hole.


Mario: Who are you anyway?


Luigi: We could use those.


Luigi: Sounds nasty.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi are fighting the Gyarados. It has an attack that can kill both Mario and Luigi.

Luigi: How do we defeat a monster like that in just one attack?

Mario: I know! We can use the Voltorb we got earlier!

Luigi: Good idea!


Mario and Luigi pull out the Voltorb. They keep on running away from it while jumping on the Gyarados's head to do a lot of damage to it.

Gyarados: Ugggg.

The Gyarados falls to the floor and is defeated.

Mario: We did it!

Luigi: Mario, look.

Mario and Luigi see that the defeated Gyarados is glowing white light. The light is shaped into a human. When the glowing stops, the Gyarados is now a brown-haired girl wearing a blue dress and a silver crown.

Girl: Thank you for lifting the curse that was cast upon me.

Luigi: Who are you?

Girl: I am Princess Samantha. I'm the princess of Pokemon Island.

Mario: Why were you cursed?

Samantha: The Super Hammers are the island's treasure. The people of the island needed a powerful guardian to guard the Super Hammers so that is why they made me a Gyarados.

Mario: How did they do that?

Samantha: With this magical amulet.

Samantha pulls out a golden medallion with a blue crystal in the center of it.

Samantha: Because you broke the curse that was on me, I can use the amulet's power freely now. I now have the power to change my form at will.

Luigi: You can be anything you want?

Samantha: Yes.

Luigi: Cool.

Mario: Can we have the Super Hammers?

Samantha: It's the least I can do for lifting that curse.

Mario: Thank you.

Mario hits the ball and gets two Super Hammers.

Samantha: With those Super Hammers, you can break the hardest rocks and dig under the hardest floor. I want to live somewhere else because I hate this island. Bye!

Samantha leaves the cave.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi leave the cave after unearthing two beans. Outside the cave, they dig under the fence that blocks off the lab and smash the rock that blocks the entrance.

Mario: These Super Hammers rule!

Luigi: Tell me about it!

Mario and Luigi enter the lab. Inside the lab, they find all kinds of inventions and a giant amplifier that's making awful music.

Mario: So this is the machine that's causing all the trouble!

Luigi: Shhhhh. Someone's coming.

Mario and Luigi hide behind another machine. Just then, Ludwig comes into the room.

Ludwig: Hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Mario: It's Ludwig.

Ludwig: Who knew Pokemon act violently when they hear my music? This is a great experiment! I should reward myself with chocolate! Hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Ludwig leaves the room.

Luigi: That fiend! We better do something about that music!

Mario: I'm way ahead of you!

Mario smashes the amplifier with his Super Hammer.

Luigi: Glad that music isn't playing anymore, but could you try to push the off button next time?

Mario: If I do that, Ludwig would turn it back on again.

Luigi: Good plan.

Just then, Ludwig comes back with a box of chocolates.

Ludwig: What was that?! I was eating my chocolates when I heard a smashing sound! MY SOUND MACHINE! I know it didn't blow up like some of my inventions would because I made it so that it wouldn't blow up. Someone must have smashed it!

Ludwig sees Mario and Luigi.

Ludwig: And those someones are Mario and Luigi!

Mario and Luigi: Uh oh.

Ludwig: Get out of my lab this instant so I can fix my sound machine!

Mario: Why? So you can make the Pokemon go on another rampage?

Ludwig: That's what I'm going to do. Hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Mario: You madman! Get him, Luigi!

Mario and Luigi are fighting Ludwig. Ludwig's attacks are fireball shooting and a shockwave attack.

Luigi: For an evil genius, you have primitive attacks.

E-Man: Are you looking at the attacks?

Luigi: Sorry.

Mario: Since when did you come in here?

E-Man: A little while ago. I just want to see the battle.

Mario: Ok.

E-Man sits on a piece of machinery.

Ludwig: Think my attacks are primitive? I'll show you!

Ludwig pulls out a big bazooka.  He can now shoot fast balls of energy at either Mario or Luigi. He can't use any of his other attacks. Mario attacks with a jump attack, but Ludwig blocks it with his bazooka, causing little damage to the bazooka. Luigi attacks with a hammer attack but ends up hitting the bazooka. It takes little damage.

Ludwig: Hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! My bazooka is highly durable so you should give up on trying to hurt it.

Mario: But we were trying to hurt you!

Ludwig: I know. I was using it as a shield. Hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Ludwig fires three balls of energy at Mario. He is able to dodge them all. Mario tries to use Firebrand on the bazooka, but it doesn't take any damage.

Ludwig: Did I mention it is fireproof? Hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Mario: We’ve tried almost everything!

Luigi uses a Thunder Hand attack on Ludwig's bazooka. Just then, the bazooka short-circuits.

Ludwig: You will pay for that!

Ludwig puts his bazooka down and does a shockwave attack that Mario and Luigi dodge. Mario pulls out a fuel barrel and Mario and Luigi hit it at Ludwig. Luigi does a barrel attack with Mario and does damage to Ludwig. Ludwig then fires some fireballs at Luigi, who is hit by two of them. Mario heals Luigi's damage with a potion and Luigi used the Voltorb to do some more damage to Ludwig.

Ludwig: You two have got on my last nerves!

Ludwig picks up his bazooka.

Ludwig: As soon as it is my next turn to attack, I will fire a ball of energy to wipe you both out!

Luigi: I wonder what would happen if I shocked his bazooka again?

Mario jumps on the bazooka.

Ludwig: Is that your idea of an attack?

Luigi: No, but this is!

Luigi shocks the bazooka again. Just then, the bazooka starts glowing with a strange light.

Ludwig: Uh oh. This can't be good.

Without warning, the bazooka explodes, sending Ludwig flying out of the lab. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

Mario: We did it!

Just then, a key falls from the hole in the ceiling Ludwig made.

Mario: We got the next key! Now we can go on the quest to get the last key and save Peach!

E-Man: I knew you two would do it! Now if you would excuse me, I have to take care of a certain Goomba.

E-Man leaves the lab.

Luigi: I guess we should too.

Just then, the key flies out of Mario's hand.

Mario: Mamamia!

Someone: Ha ha ha! Thought you'd seen the last of me?!

Just then, K. Rool flies into the lab by a backpack that has a propeller on top of it. He is now wearing a white coat.

Mario and Luigi: K. ROOL?!

K. Rool: That's Baron K. Roolstine to you! By the way, are you looking for this?

K. Rool pulls out a magnet with the key on it.

Mario: We are!

K. Rool: You can't have it!

Luigi: Why not?!

K. Rool: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with freeing those pesky Kongs!

Mario: We're so sorry. I think it was the only time we gave you a run for your money.

K. Rool: And does foiling my plans at Hyrule ring a bell?!

Luigi: We're also sorry about that.

K. Rool: This is the last time you mess with me!

Mario and Luigi are fighting K. Rool. He can attack by shooting bolts of electricity from his lighting gun. Mario jumps on him but does little damage to him.

K. Rool: Thanks to my invisible helmet, jump attacks mean little damage to me!

Luigi: Why did you make it invisible?

K. Rool: To give you a hard time.

Luigi: Oh.

Mario: Maybe we should jump on the backpack to get him out of the sky.

Luigi: Good idea.

Luigi jumps on K. Rool's backpack.

K. Rool: It's going to take a lot more hits to break this backpack!

K. Rool attacks with a bolt of electricity. Luigi is able to dodge it. Mario jumps on the backpack and so does Luigi.

K. Rool: It's going to take a lot more hits than that if you want to put my feet on the land!

K. Rool attacks with another bolt of electricity. Mario dodges it. Mario and Luigi jump on the backpack one more time before it breaks. K. Rool is now on the floor. He can now attack by ramming into either Mario or Luigi.

K. Rool: You broke my backpack! Now I'm hopping mad!

K. Rool rams into Luigi at high speed.

Luigi: I think you mean ramming mad.

Mario heals Luigi's damage with a potion and Luigi whacks K. Rool with his hammer, causing a lot more damage than a jump attack. K. Rool does a ram attack towards Mario, but he is able to hammer K. Rool away. Mario and Luigi attack with a barrel attack and Luigi shocks K. Rool with Thunder Hand and does major damage.

K. Rool: I have no time for this nonsense! Time to pull out my replacement backpack!

K. Rool puts on a new backpack and starts flying again. Mario jumps on the backpack and so does Luigi.

K. Rool: What a waste.

K. Rool attacks with another bolt of electricity. Mario dodges it. Mario and Luigi jump on the backpack again.

K. Rool: Jump all you want! You can't break this backpack!

K. Rool attacks with another bolt of electricity. Luigi dodges it. Mario and Luigi jump on the backpack again.

K. Rool: That's it! You asked for it!

K. Rool fires bolts of electricity at Mario and Luigi. Mario gets hit with three and Luigi got hit with one. Just then, K. Rool's gun turns red.

K. Rool: Ah man! I overheated it!

The gun explodes, sending K. Rool flying. Mario and Luigi win the battle.


Just then, the key falls from the hole K. Rool made. Mario picks it up.

Mario: We got the key back!

Luigi: Come on, Mario. Let's go back to the portal.

Mario: Ok.

Mario and Luigi leave the lab. Mario and Luigi are now back at the area where Oak's Lab is. Oak is standing near the portal.

Oak: Thank you, Mario and Luigi. Because of your efforts, you were able to stop that terrible music.

Mario: Thank you.

Someone: Hey Oak! Where's Pikachu?

Just then, Ash comes to where Mario, Luigi, and Oak are.

Oak: Hey Ash! Pikachu is doing quite fine.

Pikachu leaps into Ash's arms.

Ash: Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: I know you two! You're Mario and Luigi!

Mario: We are. Where did you go?

Ash: I went on a vacation.

Luigi: And Pikachu?

Ash: The hotel that I stayed at didn't allow Pokemon. Anyway, I need to go on a quest for the next Pokemon League. See you two later!

Ash leaves with Pikachu.

Oak: That Ash. Always in the mood for a battle.

Luigi: Speaking of quests, we need to go on the quest to go rescue Peach.

Mario: Ok, let's-a go!

Oak: Speaking of Peach, she was here a while ago with Toad.

Mario: Really?

Oak: Yes.

Mario: How did you know their names?

Oak: At first, I thought they were tourists, but the letter told me what their names are.

Mario: Where is Peach now?

Oak: She asked where to go for a fun time. So I sent her on a ferry to Jiggy Country. It's a very fun place to go to.

Luigi: Finally! Someone who knows about Peach's whereabouts!

Mario: Thank you.

Oak: Good luck on your quest!

Mario and Luigi step through the portal to get back to E. Gadd's Lab. Meanwhile, Toadsworth is lying on the ground. He has a lot of bumps and bruises on him. Dixie is rubbing ointment on Zelda. Zelda is now at her normal size.

Dixie: Curse you, Zelda and your blackmailing.

Zelda: That's what you get for humiliating me, a month as my slave.

Dixie: I hate you, Zelda.

Toadsworth: (quietly) Ow. Princess.

Olimar's Wife: Don't call me old again!

Olimar: That's my wife, the karate expert.

Just then, Mario and Luigi come out of the portal.

Olimar: There you two are! I was thinking of a way to reward you two. Here you go!

Olimar gives Mario a Pikmin Cookie. If Mario uses this in battle, a large group of Pikmin will eat it, grow to a large size, and Mario and Luigi can throw them at their enemies like fireballs.

Olimar: Now I'm only going to give you two one cookie. So use it at a time you really need it.

Mario: Ok.

E. Gadd: There you are, fellas! Did you get the next key?

Mario: We sure did.

E. Gadd: That's great! All you need is one more key. Anyway, I got some bad news.

Luigi: What is it?

E. Gadd: I looked everywhere on the Nintendo Map and I couldn't find anymore locations of Koopa Kid activity.

Mario: It's ok. We know where Peach is.

E. Gadd: You do?

Mario: Yes, she's in Jiggy Country.

E. Gadd: Jiggy Country? I didn't see it on the map.

Luigi: Try looking for it again.

E. Gadd looks at the map again.

E. Gadd: Now I see it! It was a little bit faded so I had a hard time seeing it.

Luigi: Why is it faded?

E. Gadd: It must be because it is losing some of its Nintendo energy.

Luigi: Why would it do that?

Mario: Let's ask someone there and find out.

Mario and Luigi step through the portal again. Just then, Samantha comes out of the portal.

Samantha: Hey, this place is pretty cool. I like it here.

Just then, Toadsworth gets up.

Toadsworth: Princess! You've returned! But some of your colors are different.

Samantha: That's odd, I didn't rule this kingdom and I have always had these colors.

Zelda: Run for it!

Samantha: Ok.

Samantha tries to run away, but she runs into the control box for the Nintendo Portal.

Box: BEEP BEEP BOO BOP BEEP BEE DO! Changing destination. New destination, Isle O' Hags.

Samantha: Oops! Sorry about that!

Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Bowser is looking at whatever Ludwig is writing on the chalkboard.

Bowser: Ludwig, what are you writing?

Ludwig: A plan to make it so that Mario and Luigi won't go to where you’d planned to fight them. You see, the Koopa Kids will each have a challenge. If Mario and Luigi succeed in the challenge, they can move on to the next challenge until they reach you. That is doubtful because they are very hard. hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Bowser: Excellent! Keep up the good work!

Ludwig: Ok!

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