Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi ended up at Jolly Roger's Lagoon (not to be confused with Jolly Roger's Bay of Super Mario 64).

Luigi: Wow, I never knew that Jiggy Country was so piratey.

Mario: Me nether. By the way, piratey isn't even a word.

Luigi: Yes it is. It's used to describe something that looks like something from the pirate lands.

Mario: I think you mean pirateish.

Luigi: Whatever.

Just then, a frog guy wearing pirate clothes comes to where Mario and Luigi are.

Frog: Ahoy! How can I help ye?

Mario: We're looking for a princess named Peach who is somewhere here in Jiggy Country.

Frog: Jiggy Country? This may not be Jiggy Country, Mates. This be Isle O' Hags, the small island that is west of Jiggy Country. I be Jolly Roger, the mayor of this fine town, the innkeeper, and the bartender of the inn's ginger beer bar.

Mario: Do you know how to get there?

Jolly: That be a yes, me hartys. Just go up the stairs to leave me town, go along the winding path of the cliff top, climb down the plateau, go through wooded hollow, take a walk through Jinjo Village, and that's how you get to Jiggy Country, Mates.

Mario: Thank you.

Jolly: By the way, did ye take a gander at me pal, Merry Magey?

Luigi: We didn't.

Jolly: That be a shame, Mateys. No one visits me town without seeing the lovely lass. Let me get her.

Jolly runs into the inn. He comes back with a toad (not the Toads found in the Mushroom Kingdom, the toads that are the frogs). She has blond hair and girlish clothes.

Jolly: I like ye to meet the lass, Merry Magey.

Merry: Hey, froggy green. You look kind of cute.

Luigi: Uhhhh.

Luigi runs away.


Jolly: Ye want that silly piece of booty? Take it, I don't want it.

Mario: Ok.

Mario chases after Luigi. After finally catching Luigi and digging up the bean, Mario and Luigi go along the cliff, down the plateau, through the hollow, and reach Jinjo Village. Just then, a Jinjo dressed as a king comes to where Mario and Luigi are.

Jinjo: Yo! The name's King Jingaling and I rule this town, but right now I'm feeling down.

Luigi: What are you? A rapper?

Mario: What's the matter?

Jingaling: Four of my Jinjos are hidden here. All while I was out drinking ginger beer.

Luigi: Maybe we can help.

Jingaling: Thank you Bros, you are cool, you are better than my rappin' school.

Mario and Luigi go around the town to find Jinjos. They find the first on top of a house.

Luigi: How do we get it down?

Mario: We can do a high jump on top of that rock near the house to get to the Jinjo.

Luigi: Good idea.

Mario and Luigi do a high jump on top of the rock and get to the top of the house.

Jinjo: JINJO!

Mario: We got a Jinjo!

Luigi: Hey Mario, there's a Jinjo on the roof over there.

Luigi is making Mario look at the Jinjo that is on the roof of the house next door.

Mario: It look like we can't get to that roof by jumping there.

Luigi: But we can use a spin jump to get there.

Mario: Good idea.

Mario and Luigi do a spin jump to get to the other roof.

Jinjo: JINJO!

Mario: We got another Jinjo!

Luigi: I wonder what's behind that fence?

Luigi is making Mario look at a fenced off area.

Mario: Let's find out.

Mario and Luigi go over to the fence.

Luigi: Looks like the ground is covered in steel here.

Mario: Don't worry, Luigi. We got Super Hammers.

Mario and Luigi dig under the fence and are now at a very hard rock.

Mario: Hard rocks? No problem! The Super Hammers will take care of it.

Mario smashes the rock into little chunks. They are now in a cave with a Jinjo in it.

Jinjo: JINJO!

Mario: We got another Jinjo! We need one more.

Someone: HELP! HELP!

Luigi: Who's that?

Mario and Luigi leave the cave. They then enter another cave that has a sign
next to it.

Sign: Bottles's House.

Inside the cave, Mario and Luigi find a big hill of dirt with a door and two windows. By the hill, they find a Jinjo that's about to be caught by a mole in a red and yellow checkered vest. He is also wearing large glasses.

Mole: You are going to be a very fine dinner for me today.

Mario: What are you doing to that Jinjo?

Mole: My name's Bottles, and I want honey glazed Jinjo for dinner.

Luigi: Why do you eat Jinjos?

Bottles: Jinjos have a very zesty flavor, and they beat me at kickball.

Mario: (Sore loser.) Why don't we give you something else to eat?

Bottles: Ok.

Mario and Luigi open up their suitcase. They find honeycombs (Mushrooms), honey jars (Mushroom Drops), golden Mario statues (1-Up Mushrooms), and refresh eggs (Refreshing Herbs).

Bottles: I don't want any of that stuff! The only way to change my mind is if my wife, Mrs. B, runs out of honey.

Just then, Mrs. B. comes out of the hill.

Mrs. B: Hey Bottles, we ran out of honey.

Luigi: That was strangely convenient.

Bottles: No, that's my bad luck. I would like some honey, please.

Mario and Luigi give Bottles a jar of honey.

Bottles: Here's your Jinjo.

Bottles gives Mario and Luigi a Jinjo.

Jinjo: JINJO!

Mario: We got all the Jinjos!

Luigi: Let's see Jingaling now.

Mario and Luigi leave the cave.

Bottles: Since I gave the Jinjo away, now what am I going to eat?!

Just then, Mrs. B. comes out of the hill with Wizpig (Diddy Kong Racing) tied to a pole.

Mrs. B: Hey Bottles, we're going to have honey baked ham for dinner.

Bottles's children come out of the hill.

Bottles's Children: HAM! HAM! HAM! HAM!

Bottles: That was strangely convenient.

Wizpig: No, that's my bad luck.

Bottles, Mrs. B, Wizpig, and Bottles's children go inside the hill. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are with King Jingaling.

Jingaling: Yo! Yo! Yo! You got my Jinjos back! Now I'll put you right on track!

Just then, the door that blocks a tunnel opens up.

Jingaling: Now you can go to Spiral Mountain! Then victory will shower you like a fountain! Nuf said.

Jingaling heads back to his palace in the center of Jinjo Village.

Mario: Ok. Let's-a go!

After finding the bean that is near the tunnel's entrance, Mario and Luigi enter the dark tunnel. Little do they know, they were being watched by a guy with yellow skin. He is wearing a red robe with a hood and a yellow skull on the back.

Guy: Uh oh, those guys look awfully suspicious. I better tell Mistress Grunty!

The guy runs off. Meanwhile at Gruntilda's Lair, Gruntilda and Peach are in some kind of machine.

Grunty: This is the machine that makes me beautiful and you ugly. In just a few moments, I will be the best-looking witch around.

Just then, the guy from earlier comes where Grunty is.

Guy: Mistress Grunty! Mistress Grunty! Mistress Grunty! I just spot a pair of intruders that might have a bone to pick with you!

Grunty: Is that so? Thank you for telling me this, Gruntling. I'll get the lair ready for their visit.

Peach: (Could the pair of intruders be Mario and Luigi?)

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are at Spiral Mountain.

Mario: We're finally at Spiral Mountain after taking that detour. I wonder where Peach is.

Just then, Banjo and Kazooie come to where Mario and Luigi are.

Banjo: Hey there, what are you doing here?

Mario: We are-

Kazooie: Hey Banjo! It's Mario and Mr. Infamous.

Luigi: Mamamia!

Banjo: Kazooie! It's very rude to say that!

Kazooie: I know, but it's true. Hee hee hee…

Banjo: Please excuse Kazooie. She can be quite rude at times. By the way, I'm Banjo.

Luigi: Can I ask you something?

Banjo: Sure.

Luigi: What is causing this place to be less and less Nintendoish?

Banjo: Well, that's a very sad story. You see, Nintendo isn't the only company to make this game.

Luigi: It isn't?

Banjo: That's right. It worked with another company to make this game. The company is known as Rare. It was a company that worked with Nintendo for a really long time.

Luigi: What's so sad about that?

Banjo: Let me tell you. It happened on one cruel day. Nintendo was just working peacefully with Rare until Microsoft showed up.

Luigi: What happened?

Banjo: Microsoft made a deal with Nintendo. They said they would give them a lot of money if they…

Luigi: If they what?


Banjo sits down, covers his eyes, and bursts into a fit of tears. Kazooie rubs his back.

Kazooie: He always has this reaction every time he tells this story.

Mario: So it must be a very hard impact on you guys.

Kazooie: It is. We love being a part of the Nintendo Universe, but after Rare left Nintendo, our place in the Nintendo Universe slowly drifted to the Microsoft Universe. If our place is fully in the Microsoft Universe, we might not see you guys again.

Mario: That is pretty sad. By the way, did you see Peach somewhere around here?

Kazooie: I did. She's up in Gruntilda's Lair.

Mario: Ok. Thank you.

Mario and Luigi go up Spiral Mountain, across the rope bridge, and into Gruntilda's Lair. It is in the shape of Gruntilda's head.

Mario and Luigi are in Gruntilda's Lair. The walls are plastered in stone carvings of many strange creatures, the corner has many mossy pillars that are stacked together, and a large portrait of Gruntilda is gazing down on our two heroes. The lair has two paths in it.

Mario: All we need to do now is find where Peach is hiding.

Luigi: I wonder where she is?

Just then, Klungo comes down the path that goes up.

Klungo: Hur, hur, hur. Ssssso thessse are the intruderssss that Mistresssss Grunty issssss talking about. They don't look sssso tough. Klungo will ssssmassssh them! Hur, hur, hur.

Mario and Luigi fight Klungo. Klungo's attacks are using his arms to cause shockwaves and throwing status changing potions. Mario attacks by jumping on him to do some damage. Luigi attacks by jumping on him as well. Klungo attacks by throwing status changing potions at Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi are able to deflect the potions with their hammers back at Klungo. Klungo has his attack, defense, and speed down, and he is poisoned. Mario jumps on him to do more damage than before. Luigi also jumps on him. Klungo is hurt by the poison. Klungo attacks with a shockwave that hurts Mario a little bit. Mario heals the damage with a honeycomb and Luigi attacks Klungo with another jump attack. Klungo is hurt by poison. Klungo attacks with another shockwave that Mario and Luigi dodge. Mario and Luigi attack with jump attacks to do some damage to Klungo. Klungo is hurt by poison, and he loses the battle. Mario and Luigi win the battle. Klungo, lying on the floor defeated, then spits out Toad.

Toad: Yuk! I hope I never get eaten again!

Mario: Toad! I'm so glad you're safe! What happened?

Toad: After the princess and I went through the portal, we ended up on Pokemon Island. It was very boring, so this guy named Oak took us to Jiggy Country. Princess was just looking around, and I was looking for aliens. Just then, this witch appeared from nowhere and took us to her lair. She is planning on stealing Princess’ beauty and she fed me to this green guy. After a lot of time and effort, I finally got out. That's when you guys showed up.

Mario: Do you have any ideas where she is now?

Toad: I think so. She's somewhere near the top of the lair.

Mario: Ok. Thank you.

Toad: Be careful. This lair is littered with many puzzles.

Mario and Luigi take the path that goes up. They are on the second floor of the lair. A nook that has walls made of brown stone, a floor covered in sand, and a picture of an island is near our heroes. A high nook that is made of metal and has a picture of a cavern of pipes is across from Mario and Luigi. The center of the room has a mosaic of Gruntilda's face, floating beehives, and a ramp leading up to the next floor. There is also a path that leads down.

Mario: Since Peach is near the top of the lair, we need to take any path that goes up.

Luigi: Ok.

Mario and Luigi hit the floating beehives to get two honeycombs and magic eggs. They work like smash eggs. If you do a good job at hitting an enemy with one, it will break and give you an item. Mario and Luigi go up the ramp only to find the way to the next floor blocked by a door. A sign is by the door.

Mario: I don't know who has Peach, but what I do know is that someone really wants no one to have her.

Luigi: Mario, look at this.

Mario and Luigi read the sign.

Sign: If you find two red and green blocks, what do you have to do?

Just then, two simi-blocks appear.

Luigi: This is going to be easy.

Mario and Luigi hit the two simi-blocks. Just then, another two simi-blocks appear somewhere in the chamber.

Luigi: This will take a while.

After Mario and Luigi hit 50 pairs of simi-blocks, the door opens up.

Mario: I guess Toad wasn't kidding when he said this lair is filled with puzzles.

Mario and Luigi go up to the third floor. It has a river dividing the room. The water is coming from a pipe that's under a hole in the wall. Part of the room is on a lower level, causing the river to be a waterfall. On the lower level there is some stairs, which are covered in sand, that are going down and a lake that the river made. On the other side of the river, the way to the next floor is on top of a small hill.

Mario: I wonder how we cross this river?

Luigi: Maybe we should read this sign that's by the river.

Mario and Luigi read the sign.

Sign: If you hit a blue block, it may turn red or green.

Just then, 10 blue blocks and a red switch appears.

Luigi: I wonder what would happen if we hit those blocks?

Mario hits one of the blocks and it turns red. Luigi hits one of the blocks and it turns green.

Luigi: Could these blocks be used to make some kind of a code?

Mario: Maybe we can get some answers if we hit that switch.

Mario hits the red switch with his hammer and the wall by the switch gets covered in red and green marks.

Luigi: I knew it was some kind of code!

Mario and Luigi copy the code with the blocks and a bridge appears over the river. Mario and Luigi cross it. They are now trying to climb the hill.

Mario: How do we climb such a steep hill?

Luigi: Maybe we need a good running start to it.

Mario: That's it!

Mario and Luigi use the fire trick to get up the hill and get to the fourth floor. The fourth floor has a statue of Gruntilda that towers over Mario and Luigi. A moat of water is around the statue. One path is on top of a hill, and the other path is on top of some stump-shaped rocks.

Luigi: Where do we go next?

Mario: Maybe we should try the path that is on the rocks over there.

Luigi: How do know that?

Mario: A sign is by the rocks.

Mario and Luigi read the sign.

Sign: If you feel like a bully, take the weakest one out and save the strong one for last.

Just then, a Gruntling in a red robe, a Gruntling in a blue robe, and a Gruntling in a black robe appear. Mario and Luigi fight the Gruntlings. They each can slam a fist down on either Mario or Luigi. Mario and Luigi jump on the red Gruntling and defeat him. The blue Gruntling attacks with a fist attack, but Mario counters it with his hammer. Luigi does the same thing for the black Gruntling. Mario and Luigi jump on the blue Gruntling. The blue Gruntling and the black Gruntling try to hurt Luigi, but Luigi uses his hammer to stop their attacks. Mario jumps on the blue Gruntling and defeats it. Luigi jumps on the black Gruntling. The black Gruntling tries to hurt Mario, but Mario counters  with his hammer. Mario and Luigi jump on the black Gruntling. When the black Gruntling tries to hurt Mario again, Mario defeats it with a counterattack from his hammer. Mario and Luigi win the battle. Just then, one of the rocks lowers a bit. Mario and Luigi use high jumps to get to the top of the rocks. They are now on the fifth floor. The room has two paths that lead to some dark areas, a flight of stairs leading to a room with sand and a giant palm tree, a standing coffin in the back, and a big pot with a sign next to it in the center.

Sign: The pot holds a mystery. Take a look down there and see.

Mario and Luigi do a high jump to get to the top of the pot.

Luigi: All I can see down there is darkness. I wonder what the mystery is?

Just then, Luigi falls into the pot.

Mario: LUIGI!

Mario goes into the pot to get Luigi. They end up in a small room under the Grunty Statue on the fourth floor. The exit is blocked by a grate. Just then, the Gruntling from Jinjo Village comes to Mario and Luigi.

Gruntling: Ha, ha, ha! Got you now, Banjo and Kazooie! ... D'oh! You two are Mario and Luigi!

Mario: What made you think we're Banjo and Kazooie?

Gruntling: I have very bad eyesight, ok?

Luigi: What are you going to do to us?

Gruntling: Follow me.

Gruntling opens the grate and takes Mario and Luigi back to the room with the big pot. Gruntling snaps his fingers and a stairway appears.

Gruntling: Go ahead.

Luigi: You're letting us go?

Gruntling: You guys are the heroes. If I made you suffer, the world would have been in grave danger.

Mario: Thank you.

Gruntling: By the way, can you do a favor for me? It's not because I'm letting you guys go. It's because I'm just asking.

Luigi: What is it?

Gruntling: You see, I once had this friend…

Luigi: You did?

Gruntling: Yes I did. She's a nice girl monkey by the name of Dixie. We used to play together when we were babies. We had so much fun together and I always made her smile. One day, my fellow Gruntlings and I were taken away from DK Island. We had to be part of Grunty's army. I sometimes visit her to see how she's doing, and I always write a letter to her.

Mario: That doesn't sound so sad.

Gruntling: That's not the sad part. I bet you heard about Nintendo selling Rare to Microsoft, right?

Mario: We did.

Gruntling: After that happened, trips to other Nintendo Lands by Rare characters stopped because we aren't really Nintendo characters anymore. We couldn't even send any letters to those places anymore. I know that the modern Donkey Kong games were made by Rare, but since Donkey Kong was originally by Nintendo, it had to stay with Nintendo. Pretty soon, we'll all be Microsoft characters, and every bit of Nintendo in us will cease to exist. Can you give this letter to Dixie for me? I want her to know about this.

Mario: Ok.

Gruntling: Good.

Gruntling gives Mario a letter. Mario and Luigi go up the stairs.

Gruntling: Oh Dixie… WHY?!

Gruntling bursts into a fit of tears.

Mario and Luigi are on the sixth floor. The room has a giant Gruntilda head in it with a path in its mouth, there's a small nook on the left side of the room, a path leads to a room that's awfully cold, and there's a ramp covered in cobwebs that is near the path that leads to the cold room. Mario burns the cobwebs that are on the ramp with Firebrand. Mario and Luigi are now at a door at the top of the ramp. They find a sign.

Sign: It's time for a race!

Just then, the cobwebs reappear and a block at the bottom of the ramp appears.

Mario: If I burn all these cobwebs, the block will disappear. What should we do?

Luigi: Maybe we can try the Firebrand trick instead.

Mario: That may work.

Mario and Luigi use the Firebrand trick to dash away all the webs and get to the block before it disappears. The door at the top of the ramp opens up. Mario and Luigi enter the new room at the seventh floor. The room has a deep pool of water, a few ledges leading up, and a small nook with blocked off pipes. The nook also has a sign.

Sign: Electricity needs order. Find the order to go to the next floor.

Just then, four blue orbs appear in the nook. Luigi tries to shock them all with Thunderhand, but nothing happened.

Luigi: What could I be doing wrong?

Mario: Maybe you should try shocking them in some sort of order.

Luigi: Ok.

After a few tries, Luigi shocks all the orbs that are in the nook. Just then, a bridge to the ledges appears. Mario and Luigi jump up the ledges with high jump. After going through a hallway that is lined with roots, Mario and Luigi reach a room on the eighth floor. The floor is covered with grass, trees are carved in the walls, three big trees are growing near the back of the room, ad a giant tree stump is overlooking the room on a tall hill. Mario and Luigi jump on the leaves growing on the tree that is right of them to get to a large hole in the tree. A hall that is in the huge hole in the tree is blocked by a grate with a sign next to it.

Sign: Here is a riddle for you to solve.

Take a number, and add a letter for my name to be complete,
Take this new letter, count the times it appears in defeat,
Use the letter that matches that number to savor,
Add a dark fruit that begins with the letter for flavor,
Put me in the oven, don't let me fry,
Now put me in your mouth, tell me, what am I?

Mario: This is a hard one. I know! We can tunnel under the grate!

Luigi: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Mario: Think about who we're saving! Come on!

Luigi: (Why couldn’t it have been Daisy?)

Mario and Luigi tunnel under the grate. They are now in a hallway on the ninth floor. The hall has some stone faces carved into it and the floor is covered in moss. They make it to the end of the hall to find four beans and a big pad with Peach's face on it, fading in and out.

Mario: I bet this is where Peach is.

Luigi: Our quest is almost over.

Mario: Here we go!

Mario and Luigi step on the pad and get teleported to the tenth floor.

Mario and Luigi are now on the tenth floor. There is a pit full of lava below them, all the enemies of the Banjo-Kazooie games are sitting in seats high above our heroes, a huge sign is on the wall saying “Grunty's Furnace Fun”, and there are two platforms above the lava. One platform has a little stand and our heroes, and the other platform has some stairs to the eleventh floor and a stand that has none other than Gruntilda.

Gruntilda: Well, well, well. It appears that I have a pair of visitors. Solving all my riddles was very impressive. You even solved the riddle on the ninth floor.

Luigi: Actually, we passed that riddle by tunneling under the grate.

Grunty: (Cheaters.) Anyway, since you're here, I might as well do something as a reward for getting up here.

Mario: Will you give us back Peach?

Grunty: You may have solved all my riddles, but that doesn't mean you’ll be getting her that easy. I know you have been in a lot of hassle, so I'm making that hassle take the form of a quiz show. If you manage to get all the answers right, I’ll hand over your beloved princess.

Just then, Kari, who is from the Fun Fiction Nintendo Realms, appears next to Mario.

Kari: Hey Mario! Thanks for helping E3! Let me give you this!

Kari gives Mario a book.

Kari: Go ahead and read it. Bye!

Kari disappears.

Grunty: Do you think a silly book will help you? As if! Time for the quiz. Question 1, what did Toad do to wake you up?
A: He used an alarm clock.
B: He poured hot water on your back.
C: He tickled you.

Mario: B.

Grunty: Good. Question 2, what is the name of the princess?
A: Pear.
B: Plumb.
C: Peach.

Mario: C.

Grunty: Nice. Question 3, who invented the Nintendo Portal?
A: E. Gadd.
B: Frankly.
C: Angry Scientist.

Mario: A.

Grunty: Excellent. Question 4, what was the enemy that came out of the portal?
A: Klaptrap.
B: Octorock.
C: Sharpclaw.

Mario: A.

Grunty: You're doing so well. Question 5, which animal partner took you to K. Rool's Ship?
A: Rambi.
B: Squawks.
C: Enguarde.

Mario: C.

Grunty: Great. Question 6, how many times did you fight K. Rool?
A: 4.
B: 2.
C: 3.

Mario: C.

Grunty: Nicely done. Question 7, how many keys are needed to open Bowser's Castle?
A: 10.
B: 7.
C: 5.

Mario: Seven.

Grunty: It's like you're reading my mind. Question 8, what can Luigi's hammer do?
A: Tunnel under the ground.
B: Shrink Mario.
C: Kill an enemy in a single blow.

Mario: A.

Grunty: I thought you'd never get that one right. Question 9, what did Fawful want you to do?
A: Buy his badges.
B: Give him beans.
C: Revive Cackletta.

Mario: B.

Grunty: Good job. Question 10, how many beans do you have so far?
A: 32.
B: 24.
C: 50.

Mario: A.

Grunty: You're the best. Question 11, what did the block in Hyrule Castle look like?
A: Honey Wisp.
B: A chest.
C: A bag.

Mario: B.

Grunty: Keep it up. Question 12, how many bugs did you pay the shopkeeper?
A: 500.
B: 320.
C: 464.

Mario: B.

Grunty: Correct. Question 13, what did Bowser do with the Bafomdad you tried to revive Luigi with?
A: He threw it in the lava.
B: He squished it.
C: He ate it.

Mario: C.

Grunty: Correct. Question 14, what did Morton Jr. use to increase his power?
A: Two fire Spellstones.
B: A magic ring.
C: Meat.

Mario: A.

Grunty: Correct. Question 15, what was King DeDeDe doing to the flowers?
A: He was hugging them.
B: He was squishing them.
C: He was eating them.

Mario: B.

Grunty: Correct. Question 16, what is the real name of the cloud monster in DeDeDe's Castle?
A: Cracko.
B: Cracks.
C: Kracko.

Mario: C.

Grunty: Correct. Question 17, what does the "G" in Louie's name stand for?
A: Goon.
B: Gross.
C: He didn't say what it was.

Mario: C.

Grunty: Correct. Question 18, what did Larry want in order to give back the Pikmin?
A: Ultra-Bitter Spray.
B: Ultra-Spicy Spray.
C: Nectar.

Mario: B.

Grunty: Correct. Question 19, what was driving the Pokemon mad?
A: Ludwig's music.
B: Someone smacked them.
C: Grunty's face.

Mario: A.

Grunty: Correct. Question 20, what did Klungo eat?
A: Cheese.
B: Toad.
C: The last key.

Mario: B.

Grunty: I can't believe it! You got every question right! How did you do that?!

Mario: The book we got was a Nintendo Power guide.

Grunty: (Cheaters.) Since you finished my quiz, I have no choice but to give you Peach back. Come upstairs to claim your prize.

Grunty makes a bridge appear and take Mario and Luigi up the stairs.

Mario, Luigi, and Grunty are in the room that has the cage with Peach in it. However, Peach isn't in the cage.

Grunty: WHERE DID SHE GO?! You must have taken her right under my nose!

Mario: No we didn't!

Grunty: I can take the fact that you cheated on the last riddle and the game show, but if you take any prizes of mine early, you're going down!

Grunty is about to fight Mario and Luigi.


Mario and Luigi: That voice!

Mario and Luigi look out the window to see Lemmy flying off in his airship with Peach.

Lemmy: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! So long, suckers!


Grunty: Does he think he can get away with your prize?! I'll show him!

Grunty pulls out a broom and flies over to the airship. She casts many spells at it. This is rocking the ship so much, it makes Lemmy drop the last key.

Lemmy: So you think you can try to get her back, eh? EAT THIS!

Lemmy makes a big gun appear on the airship and makes it shoot Bullet Bills at Grunty. One of them hits Grunty and makes her lose control of her broom. She then crashes into her lair, causing it to crumble to pieces. Grunty is then squished by one of the pieces.

Grunty: Grrrrr. Not again.

Lemmy: Victory is mine!

Lemmy sails away to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi are lying on the ground near the remains of Gruntilda's Lair. Mario gets up and wakes up Luigi.

Luigi: Mario, what happened?

Mario: I think we lost. And we did all that work just to only find out that Bowser has Peach.

Luigi: Don't give up, Mario. We can still win this.

Mario: But Luigi, we can't enter Bowser's Castle without all seven keys. We lost, Luigi.

Luigi: But Mario, I thought you were the brother that told me to never give up on this quest. We must. What's that?

Luigi makes Mario see something on the ground.

Mario: I don't believe it! It's…

Mario picks up the seventh key.

Mario: It a miracle! How did it happen?

Luigi: Maybe Lemmy dropped it when he was attacked by Gruntilda.

Mario: We finally got all seven keys! Now we can rescue Peach!

Luigi: That's the spirit, Mario!

Mario and Luigi head back to the lab. Meanwhile, E. Gadd has Samantha trapped in a painting. He is drawing a mustache on it.

Samantha: This is so embarrassing.

E. Gadd: That's what you get for messing up my machine.

Mario and Luigi come out of the portal.

Toadsworth: Hello, Masters Mario and Luigi! Did you get back Princess Toadstool?

Mario: We didn't.


Luigi: We know, but Lemmy got to her first, and I bet he's all the way back to the Koopa Kingdom right now.

Toadsworth: PRINCESS!

Toadsworth knocks himself out.

Toadsworth: (quietly) Princess…

E. Gadd: Hey fellas, did you happen to find Peach?

Mario: We did, but she was kidnapped before we even got her.

E. Gadd: That's something to ponder. Did you get the last key?

Mario: We did.

Mario pulls out the key they got.

E. Gadd: Now you can enter Bowser's Castle. Good job!

Luigi: Hey Dixie, we got something for you.

Luigi give Dixie the letter.

Dixie: Thank you.

Letter: Dear Dixie, pretty soon, we won't be able to see each other again. I hope you still think of me. Gruntling.

Dixie: Oh, I really miss him now. Thank you for that. Let me give you something.

Dixie gives Mario and Luigi a bean.

Dixie: By the way, can you find Squitter for me? He ran off somewhere.

Mario: We'll find him.

Dixie: Thank you.

Mario and Luigi leave the lab. Meanwhile, Bowser is with Lemmy and Peach.

Bowser: I hate to admit it, but you were right, Lemmy. You were the one to get Peach.

Lemmy: Thank you, King Dad. I knew I would be able to get her because I'm the best Koopa Kid.

Bowser: Of course you are. You didn't fail like the others did. Expect a new and better Lemmy's Land in your future.

Lemmy: Thanks!

Lemmy goes off to his computer to make a new update. Just then, Kammy comes into the room.

Kammy: Master Bowser! Those Marios are heading for your castle with all seven keys!

Bowser: Is that so? They won't be a problem for me because I have a surprise waiting for them. Come on, Peachy! We're going to the roof!

Bowser takes Peach and climbs up a spiral staircase. Meanwhile, a big army of Bowser's minions is at the door to Bowser's Castle.

Goomba: I can't wait for Mario and his brother to come here.

Koopa: We'll have a surprise for them as soon as they get here.

Just then, Bowser comes to where to minions are.

Bowser: Hey minions, it's time for a lunch break.

Minions: OH BOY!

The minions rush into the castle to get to the cafeteria.

Bowser: Those minions are so gullible. Now Slick and Greeny will have no trouble getting in here.

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