Super Koopalings: The 6 Mystic Stars

By Koopa 13

One nice sunny day, the Koopalings are playing with each other and having a fun time.

Larry: What shall we do next?

Iggy: How about let us just do our own subject, is that okay?

Koopalings: Uh- all right.

Wendy heads to the swimming pool, Lemmy goes with Iggy and Larry, Morton heads to his room to talk for a long time to himself, and Roy goes with Ludwig. They play until it is nighttime.

Lemmy: I think it is getting late, we should all go to bed before King Dad sees us here.

Iggy: You are right, come on.

They all head to bed; after sleeping for hours a huge portal appears outside next to Bowser’s Castle and a weird villain comes out. Ludwig wakes up and looked outside, and sees the villain preparing to take over the castle.

Ludwig: Wake up!!!

The Koopalings wake up.

Koopalings: What… is it?

Luwig: Look outside!

They all see that weird villain; he comes out and strikes his power on the castle and BOOM!

Wendy: Let’s go warn the others!

They all run quickly to Bowser and Clawdia.

Bowser: What is going on, is this some sort of earthquake?

Lemmy: No, it is much worse than that!!!

Iggy: It is a weird person trying to ruin the castle.

Bowser: Lock the doors, Koopa Clan!

The soldiers lock the doors but the villain is so strong that he lets out a huge charge that breaks through the entry door.

Bowser: He is inside, stop him Koopa Clan!!!

All of the Koopas try all they can to stop him but he uses his enormous powers, which knocks all of them unconscious.

Bowser: Who are you?!

Villian: Those who seek names should find out soon enough, hahahahahah.

He charges at Bowser and Clawdia and enslaves them.

Ludwig: Let them go!

They try to rescue them, but the villain lets out a wave so huge that the Koopalings are sent very far to a desolate place.

Prologue: The Wise Koopa’s Welcome

After landing, they are in a plain, grassy, and quiet place.

Iggy: Where are we?

Larry: I am not sure, but I love this place.

Morton: I can talk all day in this quite place.

Lemmy: We have no time for fun. We have to find someone that can help us.

Suddenly an old Koopa walks by and spots the Koopalings.

Old Koopa: Hello youngsters.

Roy: Who are you?

Old Koopa: I am Koopranpa. What are your names?

Lemmy: We are the Koopalings. My name is Lemmy, and these are my siblings, Ludwig, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry.

Koopranpa: Oh… Want to come to my dwelling?

Iggy: Sure.

The Koopalings and Koopranpa head to a large village filled with people.

Larry: Where are we?

Koopranpa: This is Plampa villiage.

Ludwig: Never heard of it.

Koopranpa: Come inside my house would you please.

They all go inside Koopranpa’s house.

Koopranpa: So. what do you want to talk about?

Lemmy: Well we have a problem.

Koopranpa: What is your problem?

Lemmy: This weird villain took over our castle and enslaved our mom and dad.

Koopranpa: How sad, what did the villain look like?

Ludwig: Well he was 5 feet and 9 inches tall, looked like a bird with two longs legs with gray and black feathers, and was holding a staff.

Koopranpa: Wait a minute, I thought I saw him fly over our village two day ago.

Wendy: You did? Do you know anything about him?

Koopranpa: Yes, in fact I have a book about him, let me go get it.

He heads to his shelf and grabs the book.

Koopranpa: Ah, here it is.

Larry: Can you tell us about him?

Koopranpa: Yes, here goes. This strange creature called Gillago was on a small island alone until he came up with an evil plan.

Iggy: Gillago? What an unusual name…

Larry: Why did he take over our castle?

Koopranpa: He took it so he could have more room for himself and his army.

Lemmy: What is Gillago’s main goal?

Koopranpa: He is trying to collect these mysterious objects called Mystic Stars, and he already has one.

Lemmy: Mystic Stars…

Koopranpa: Yes, and he is trying to use them to take over the world. You see, when someone collects all the Mystic Stars they can only grant two kinds of wishes, those would be bringing peace or taking over the world.

Lemmy: I guess we have to collect those Mystic Stars before he does.

Koopranpa: Correct. To make sure, there are six of them out there all together.

Lemmy: Oh, I get what our main point is, we go out on an adventure and collect those Mystic Stars before Gillago does, defeat him, and restore peace to the world.

Koopranpa: Correct.

Roy: All right, enough talking, let’s start the quest so I can pound those monsters.

Koopranpa: Wait, before you go, you should stop by the item shop and buy some useful items. Oh, if you run out of energy you should go to the inn, and last thing, here is the map, it will guide you to places where you will find the Mystic Stars. Oh, and good luck rescuing your parents.

Larry: Thanks, Koopranpa, for all the advice.

Lemmy: I hope to see you soon. Bye.

Koopranpa: Good luck, the whole world is counting on you!

Iggy: Koopranpa was wise and helpful, right?

Ludwig: Sure was.

Morton: Let’s go to the item shop, remember?

Iggy: Oh yeah.

The Koopalings head to the item shop.

Shopkeeper: Hello, is this the first time you have been here?

Ludwig: Well yes.

Shopkeeper: Want me to explain the rules for the shop?

Lemmy: No, we got it.

Shopkeeper: Good, now choose something or leave.

Lemmy: We will buy two Super Shrooms and four Mushrooms.

Shopkeeper: That will be 43 coins.

Ludwig pays the shopkeeper 43 coins.

Roy: Now we can go.

The Koopalings head out of the village and start their investigation for the first Mystic Star.

Larry: What does the map say, Lemmy?

Lemmy: The map says that the first Mystic Star is in Mystery Maze. That means we have to find a pipe that leads to it.

Wendy: I wonder where the warp pipe is.

Iggy: I think I see a green, round thing up ahead of us.

Lemmy: Let’s check it out.

They start to run to it. They were there and about to enter the pipe, when two Frogogs blocked them.

Lemmy: What are these frog things called?

Ludwig: These are Frogogs. They each have five HP, two attack, and zero defense, according to my communicator.


Roy: Hp 10/10
Attack: Punch
Frogog Number1 takes three damage!

Lemmy: Hp 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Frogog Number1 takes two damage! Frogog Number1 is defeated!

Frogog Number2
Attack: Tongue Whip
Lemmy takes two damage!

Roy: 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Frogog Number2 takes three damage!

Lemmy: 8/10
Attack: ball toss
Frogog Number 2 takes two damage! Frogog Number2 is defeated!


Larry: Good work, you two.

Iggy: Come on, let’s go inside the warp pipe.

They all go inside the warp pipe.

Chapter 1: The Great Maze

Larry: This place creeps me out. I wish we were back at our dwelling.

Roy: Enough of your whimpering, you coward.

Larry: Hey!!!

Lemmy: Something has changed, you know.

Iggy: About what?

Lemmy: Our quest, it is like we are saving the world instead of that Mario.

Ludwig: Well, we are only trying to save the world so we can save our mom and dad and restore the castle. It is not exactly like what Mario does, get it?

Larry: And we are going to use those Mystic Stars to restore peace to the world since the world is being invaded.

Lemmy: Okay, enough, let’s just go.

Morton: Then let’s go.

They start to go straight to the entrance of the maze. They were so frightened that their blood changed to a different temperature, although Roy was fine.

Ludwig: Stay together!

Larry: I am afraid we might get lost.

Iggy: Come, let’s go.

They all start to walk. They walked around and around and still there is no correct path.

Iggy: This is a nightmare! We have been walking for hours, and still nothing new.

Lemmy: Let’s check the left one more time.

Roy: Look at him! Picking a plain path again and again! I know this path will lead us to the same pl-

Lemmy: Wait! These paths are new!

Roy: What did you just say?!

Iggy: Guess he is right and you are wrong!

Roy: SHUT UP!!!

Roy smacks Iggy on the head.

Iggy: Ouch!

Lemmy: How vindictive! Are you okay, Iggy?

Iggy: Yeah, I am fine.

Roy: This is so much fun!

Morton: This is not funny, Roy!

Roy: Now it’s time for your beating Morton!

Morton: What did I say?

Suddenly a huge roar echoes.

Ludwig: What was that?

Larry: I do not know, but it sure did not sound good.

Lemmy: There are four paths lined up.

Wendy: Which way is the correct path?

Ludwig: Maybe we should... split up and see which one is correct.

Lemmy: Good idea!

Larry: This seems odd. There are four paths and seven of us, how can we make it even?

Roy: I will go on a path by myself since you chickens cannot go without someone with you.

Wendy: Whatever, let’s just start.

They all went in different directions, Ludwig went with Larry, Wendy went with Morton, and Iggy went with Lemmy. Wendy and Morton’s path did not seem bad at all, it was empty and quiet. Iggy and Lemmy’s path had some lethal traps like large pits and holes, but they managed to avoid them. Ludwig and Larry’s path had many platforms and cliffs that they had to jump over. Roy was very pleased with his path, he constantly demolished the monsters that were in his way. The Koopalings keep walking until they find each other in one big, round area.

Ludwig: I guess these paths lead to one area.

Morton: Our path was the best! Nothing bad happened, all we had to do was walk.

Lemmy: Our path had many traps but we avoided them.

Larry: Our path was dangerous; we had to jump over cliffs and platforms.

Roy: My path was awesome; I pounded those creatures so bad!

Iggy: Now that we are here, what should we do? Didn’t the map that
Koopranpa gave us show us that the first Mystic Star was here?

Lemmy: I do not know, probably it was wrong or something.

Iggy: Impossible!

Lemmy: I feel something shaking under my legs!

Koopalings: Me too!

A huge Piranha Plant monster comes out of the ground.

Larry: What in the world is that?!

Ludwig: It is a Macho Piranha; this is the monster guarding the first Mystic Star. We have to defeat it to move on to the next Mystic Star and save the world. By the way, I wonder how it got those muscles.


Roy: 10/10
Attack: Super Punch
Macho Piranha takes four damage!

Lemmy: 8/10
Attack: Ball Toss
Macho Piranha takes three damage!

Macho Piranha: 28/35
Attack: Muscle Slam
Lemmy takes five damage!

Roy: 10/10
Tactics: Switch partner
Roy switches with Iggy

Lemmy: 3/10
Items: Mushroom
Lemmy regains five HP!

Macho Piranha: 28/35
Attack: Munch
Iggy takes three damage!

Iggy: 7/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Macho Piranha takes three damage!

Lemmy: 8/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Macho Piranha takes three damage!

Macho Piranha: 22/35
Attack: Earthquake
Lemmy and Iggy take 5 damage

Iggy: 2/10
Item: Super Shroom
Iggy regains 10 HP!

Lemmy: 3/10
Tactics: Switch partner
Lemmy switches with Wendy!

Macho Piranha: 22/35
Attack: Muscle Slam
Iggy takes three damage!

Iggy: 7/10
Tactics: Defend
Iggy’s defense raised by one for this turn!

Wendy: 10/10
Attack: Water
Macho Piranha takes three damage!

Macho Piranha: 19/35
Attack: Muscle Slam
Wendy takes three damage!

Iggy: 7/10
Attack: Dizzy Wand Beam
Macho Piranha takes three damage and gets dizzy!

Wendy: 7/10
Attack: Water
Macho Piranha takes three damage!

Macho Piranha: 13/35
Attack: Munch
Iggy takes three damage

Iggy: 4/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Macho Piranha takes two damage!

Wendy: 7/10
Attack: Water Wave
Macho Piranha takes four damage!

Macho Piranha: 7/35
Attack: Earthquake
Macho Piranha’s attack misses!

Iggy: 4/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Macho Piranha takes two damage!

Wendy: 7/10
Attack: Water Wave
Macho Piranha takes four damage!

Macho Piranha 1/35
Attack: Earthquake
Wendy and Iggy take five damage and Iggy is down!
Iggy: Take care of this monster, Wendy!

Wendy: 2/10
Attack: Water
Macho Piranha takes three damage! Macho Piranha is defeated!


Lemmy: Yes! Your final attack defeated that monster! Well done!

Wendy: Uh… Thank you for saying that.

Lemmy: Hey look, people! It is the Mystic Star.

Ludwig: What is wron,g Larry?

Larry: I felt pretty sorry for this Macho Piranha.

Iggy: At least you still have a pet Piranha at our castle.

Lemmy: Where is the Mystic Star going?

Larry: I know!

Morton: How do you know?

Larry: While you people were buying items from the item shop, I was wondering what the Mystic Stars would do if we obtained them, so... I snuck away from you guys and asked Koopranpa my question, and he said it would go to our invisible collection above our heads. Then I quickly went back to you.

Lemmy: Wow! You are very sneaky indeed!

Wendy: Whatever, let’s just go investigate the next Mystic Star so we can save Queen Mom and King Dad and the world.

The maze walls start to go underground.

Lemmy: Wonderful! The maze walls are down!

Iggy: Now we do not have to find our way back with a maze in our way.

Larry: Let’s go, the world is counting on us.

The Koopalings go back into the warp pipe.

Lemmy: That was dangerous, huh?

Larry: That was amazing, but I still wish we were with Queen Mom and King Dad…

Ludwig: I wonder where the next Mystic Star is.

Lemmy: It says that it could be in this dangerous place, but I still do not get what it says.

Ludwig: Maybe we should ask Koopranpa, I bet he will know.

Larry: Good idea!

Iggy: First let’s go to the inn to get our energy back.

They all head back to the inn, then Koopranpa’s house.

Koopranpa: This seems strange, I think that the Mystic Star you are looking for is…

Larry: Say it.

Koopranpa: I do not know.

All the Koopalings fall on the ground.

Ludwig: Are you really saying you don’t know?

Koopranpa: I was just joking with you, calm down.

Ludwig: Had me worried there for a second.

Lemmy: Now can you tell us where it is?

Koopranpa: It says that the next Mystic Star is in Dino Dino Jungle.

Larry: Wow! A place where we could discover many dinosaur and plant species!

Lemmy: This is going to be better then the maze.

Koopranpa: Yeah, but you got a Star to find so… quickly get to it.

Ludwig: But how do we get to it?

Koopranpa: Well I know there is an airstrip next to this village.

Larry: There is?

Koopranpa: There is this pilot named Pilot Guy.

Lemmy: Who is he?

Koopranpa: He is this gray Shy Guy who takes passengers to Isle Delfino or Dino Dino Jungle if they have a ticket.

Lemmy: What about the other pilots?

Koopranpa: Other pilots take you to different places.

Larry: How can we get tickets for the seven of us?

Koopranpa: I used to have the tickets but I lost them, but I think I dropped them in the grassy plains.

Lemmy: How many are out there?

Koopranpa: Seven.

Lemmy: That is enough for the seven of us.

Larry: If we find them, can we use them?

Koopranpa: Of course you can.

Morton: Let’s start the search.

They head to the grassy plains and start the search.

Wendy: Did you find any of the tickets?

Ludwig: Not yet.

Morton: I found one.

Lemmy: I found one.

Iggy: I did too.

Roy: Not yet.

Larry: Not yet.

Ludwig: I guess there are four of them left.

Roy: I found one just now!

Wendy: Wait, I see one! I must grab it before it falls into the river!

Wendy hastily grabbed the ticket.

Wendy: Got it!

Larry: I found one.

Lemmy: Only one more, and it is for you, Ludwig.

Ludwig: Great, just great, now I am the only one without a ticket.

Iggy: I think I can see one ahead of us.

Lemmy: Let’s go get it.

Ludwig: Got it.

Suddenly a purple, thieving crocodile robs him of the ticket.

Ludwig: Hey! That belongs to me!

Roy: I think I know him.

Larry: You do?

Roy: His name is…Croco.

Croco: That is right, and I am using this ticket to take a flight to the Mushroom Kingdom, where I could embezzle all the money and objects they have there all for my gang and me.

Ludwig: You will give me the ticket back or else.

Croco: Or else what?

Ludwig: Or you will be…

Lemmy: Um… Ludwig, he… vanished.

Ludwig: What?!

Larry: Come on! We have to go after him!

The Koopalings run after him down a trail with a couple bushes.

Croco: You will never catch me, losers!!!

Ludwig: We’ll just see about that.

Iggy: He is too fast even for me.

Croco: Ha hah! You cannot catch me; in fact, it will take you at least 100 years to catch me!

Larry: I think I have an idea! You see those bushes right next to us? If we keep on hiding from bush to bush we can sneak up on him and try to catch him.

Iggy: I agree with you, Larry.

Larry: Thank you, everyone else agrees?

Koopalings: Oh fine…

Larry: Great! Now let’s sneak.

They sneak up by bending and tiptoeing from bush to bush.

Croco: Yes! I think I lost them, now I can go to the airstrip.

Larry: I do not think so.

Croco: You are sneaky and good, but still it will take you another 100 years to catch me!

Croco runs away.

Larry: Quick! After Croco!

Croco: You will never catch me, suckers!

Lemmy: Let’s hide.

The Koopalings hide.

Croco: I wonder where those losers are.

Larry: Sneak care…fully.

Croco: I guess that is the last of them, I guess I can depart.

Lemmy: We’re right behind you, repulsive reptile.

Croco: Not bad! At this rate it will now take you 150 years to catch me.

Lemmy: How can it be 150 when we snuck up behind you two times?

Iggy: Yeah, you keep increasing the years.

Ludwig: Are you going to give me the ticket or what?

Croco: Like I would! You losers would have to battle me for it.


Ludwig: 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes three damage!

Larry: 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Croco: 25/30
Attack: Whiptail
Ludwig takes two damage!
Croco: How do you like that?!

Ludwig: 8/10
Attack: laser watch
Croco takes three damage!

Larry: How did you get a laser watch?
Ludwig: I built this invention a week ago, before Gillago took over the castle.
Larry: Your IQ is very huge!
Croco: Not bad! Your useless toy still cannot defeat me.

Larry: 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Croco: 20/30
Attack: Bomb
Larry takes three damage!

Ludwig: 8/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Larry: 7/10
Tactics: Switch partner
Larry switches with Morton!

Croco: 18/30
Attack: Whiptail
Morton takes two damage!

Ludwig: 8/10
Attack: Laser Watch
Croco takes three damage!

Morton: 8/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Croco: 13/30
Attack: Bomb
Morton takes three damage!

Ludwig: 8/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Morton: 5/10
Tactics: Switch partner
Morton switches with Lemmy!

Croco: 11/30
Attack: Whiptail
Ludwig takes two damage!

Ludwig: 6/10
Attack: Laser Watch
Croco takes three damage!

Lemmy: 10/10
Attack: Ball Toss
Croco takes two damage!

Croco: I am being trounced by a bunch of losers! I still have something to heal me with.
Croco: 6/30
Items: Weird Mushroom
Croco regains five HP!

Ludwig: 6/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Lemmy: 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Croco: 7/30
Attack: Bomb
Lemmy takes three damage!

Ludwig: 6/10
Attack: Laser Watch
Croco takes three damage!

Lemmy: 7/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage!

Croco: 2/30
Attack: Whiptail
Ludwig takes two damage!

Ludwig: 4/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Croco takes two damage! Croco is defeated!

Croco: How could I lose?

Ludwig: Now give me the ticket!

Croco: Fine, whatever! Take your ticket. I can just find another place to steal from. I will be back, just wait, and see!

Croco runs away.

Iggy: Glad that is over.

Lemmy: Now let’s go to the airstrip and off we go to Dino Dino Jungle.

Iggy: But how do we know where the airstrip is?

Lemmy: It is on the map.

Iggy: It is?

Lemmy: Yeah, but it looks tiny on the map.

Roy: It is only about a kilometer away from the right of Plampa Village.

Larry: Come on, let us go.

The Koopalings head to the airstrip.

Ludwig: Wow!

Larry: This place is amazing.

Morton: Where is Pilot Guy?

Iggy: He is to the right of us.

Ludwig: It says that the plane that is going to Isle Delfino and Dino Dino Jungle is going to leave in ten minutes.

Larry: Come, let’s go talk to him!

The Koopalings dash straight to Pilot Guy.

Lemmy: Uh- hello, Pilot Guy.

Pilot Guy: Wait!!! How did you know my name?

Iggy: Koopranpa mentioned your name when we were talking to him.

Pilot Guy: Oh…

Larry: So this is the plane to Isle Delfino or Dino Dino Jungle?

Pilot Guy: Yes it is, and you just made it.

Koopalings: Yes!!!

Pilot Guy: So… do you have the tickets?

Koopalings: Yes we do.

Pilot Guy: Let me see them.

The Koopalings hand over the tickets.

Pilot Guy: You are good and ready to go. Step in carefully and find an empty room that can fit all of you.

Iggy: Did you say that this plane has rooms?

Pilot Guy: Yes I did.

Koopalings: Wow!

Pilot Guy: Ok, quickly, get in. The plane is about to leave any minute now.

The Koopalings go inside the plane.

Morton: Wow! This plane is so huge!

Lemmy: I see a huge room and it is all ours.

Iggy: Someone is already in there, Lemmy.

Lemmy: Oops.

Wendy: I can see another huge room and it is empty.

Larry: Let’s go inside.

The room has six connected beds, a window, and a big seat.

Lemmy: This is the best plane I have ever been on.

Koopalings: Me too!

Pilot Guy: Attention everyone!!! The plane is about to take off so hold on to whatever you have since I don’t have seatbelts and when we take off you will tilt on the sides!!!

Larry: How did he speak so loud?

Ludwig: He did not speak loud. He has an intercom, which makes it as if he is speaking loud.

Larry: Oh… Do you mean those things that look like walkie-talkies?

Ludwig: Yes Larry, but walkie-talkies are wireless unlike the intercom.

Lemmy: The plane is starting to move to the takeoff area.

Larry: It will be cool once it takes off.

Morton: We are in the takeoff area.

Lemmy: It is going to be very dangerous in that jungle, but we still need that Mystic Star.

Larry: Get ready to hold on.

The plane starts to go fast, then it finally takes off.

Larry: Now that we are in the sky, let’s think of something we can do.

The Koopalings think. What will happen next? Will the Koopalings be able to survive?! Will they get the next Mystic Star? Find out next time.

Read on!

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