The Amazing Race

By crankymama5452

Leg Two

Phil is seen at the Sun Tower.

Phil: I am here at the Sun Tower, where twelve teams are taking time off the race to eat, sleep, and talk about stuff. The Troopa and Bowser teams arrived first and therefore will leave first.

Wart: Go to your provided motorboat and ride to Pinna Park. Your first clue will be at the entryway.

Koopa Troopa: Let's go then.

They run off. Peach and Toad's team come out a few minutes later.

Peach: Pinna Park... YAY

Toad: Oh, Pinapple Park!

Daisy: .... Okay!

They run off.


Bowser: I see the boats.

Paratroopa: Get on them and hurry!

The two teams get on a boat and ride off.


Yoshi: Oh wow, I went to Pinna Park before.

Birdo: Yay!

Boo: Larry.

Larry: Boo.

Ludwig: Alliance against them.

Dry Bones: Okay.

Yoshi: Your alliance won't help you stop us.

Yoshi and Birdo run off.

Dry Bones: Hurry up. I don't want to go already.

Mario and Luigi come out.

Boo: LET'S GO!

They go.

Luigi: Oh well, well, well. We can get ahead with some speed.

Luigi grabs Mario and a clue and runs.


Toadette: I see the boats.

Toad: Come on.

Peach: This is fun seeing a second leg.

Daisy: Of yeah, uh-huh, we're going to win!

Peach: You go, girl!

They laugh, get on a boat, and ride off.


Clawdia: Okay, Wendy, it's time for a circus.

Wendy and Wario: YES!


Clawdia: Wario, could you shut him up?

Wario: I would if I could but not even stapling his mouth shut and putting tape over it works.

Clawdia: Let's go.

They run off.


Koopa Troopa: I see it.

Bowser: That's it all right.

They shoot off.


Yoshi: There's the boat. Get on it.

Yoshi gets on and Birdo puts an egg deep into another boat before getting on with Yoshi and driving off.

Yoshi: Good one, Birdo!

Birdo: I KNOW!


Larry and Boo: Hurry! Get on the boat.

They get on and ride off as Luigi and Mario arrive and do the same.


Kammy: Let's go, Kamek.

Kamek: Okay.

Kammy: It's Pinna Park.

They run off as Iggy and Lemmy come out and get the clue.


They run and roll.


Peach: I see two boats ahead. HELLO OUT THERE!

Toad: Close in on them. I hear swearing coming from one of them so it must be Bowser's team and the Troopas.

The boats speed up as Bowser and the Troopas' boats dock.


Wart: Go go go! Those freaks are coming!

Koopa Troopa: I got clues... Detour.

Bowser: Fast Hands or Fast Feet.

Wart: Fast Hands. Go to the roller coaster and get the runner of it to start it. The coaster will move at top speed and your clue will stick out for you to try to catch it.

Peach and Toad's teams come running.

Peach: Hi guys.

Paratroopa: Hi.

Daisy: Detour.

Wart: Fast Feet. Get on the swinging ships and collect the two floating blue coins at the tip of the full swing point of the ships and the manager will give you your next clue.

Wart: Fast Hands

Paratroopa: Fast Feet.

Peach and Toadette: Fast Feet.


Clawdia: There's the boat. Get on.

Wendy: Wait! I have an idea. It could be risky but we should try to wait for Kamek and Kammy and try to form an alliance.

Wario: Good idea. Can we too?

Clawdia: Okay.

A few minutes later Kamek, Kammy, Iggy, and Lemmy come running up.

Kamek: We caught up.

Wendy: Sort of.

Wario: We need an alliance.

Kamek: No prob.

Iggy: Okay.

They get on boats and go... Kamek and Kammy's, however, starts to slow.

Kamek: What the?


Kammy jabs her broom in the motor and a crack is heard followed up by egg yolk spilling out of it.


Kamek shoves his broom in the motor and sets the broom to full speed, and they shoot by the others.

Lemmy: So much for the alliance.


Boo, Larry, and Yoshi's teams arrive.

Boo: Go go go!

Yoshi: Detour... Uh-huh... Okay... Okay... Fast Hands.

Boo: Fast Feet.

Larry: Fast Feet.

They enter the circus.

Fast Hands

Bowser: We're here.

Koopa: Start the coaster.

The coaster goes shooting at high speed and the clue can be seen.

Bowser: Holy flying pieces of broken Koopa shells!

Wart: Well let's try to catch this.

Fast Feet

Peach: Okay, get on the boats.

The two teams get on.


Kamek and Kammy, Wendy and Clawdia, Iggy and Lemmy arrive.

Clawdia: Detour!

Iggy: Fast Hands or Fast Feet.

Kammy: Fast Fet... Here come those plumber jerks.

Mario: Hey, it's those people, Luigi.

Luigi: Shut up. Detour... Fast Hands.

Wendy: Fast Feet.

Lemmy: Fast Feet.

Wario: Fast Hands.

The teams go running

Fast Feet

Boo, Larry, and Koopa Troopa's teams arrive at Fast Feet and jump on the boat.

Peach: Hey people.

Boo: This will be easy.

Paratroopa: Yup

Paratroopa and Boo fly to the coins, get them, and run off.


Koopa: Here's your clues.

Boo: Go to the top of the Ferris wheel for your next clue.

Paratroopa: Come on.

They start running and flying.

Peach: Here come more teams.

Wendy and Kamek's teams arrive and jump on.

Kamek: Ready, dear?

Kammy: Yes.

They use their flying brooms to collect the coins and get off. They get their clue and run.

Fast Hands

Wario and Luigi: We're here!

Bowser: Great.

Yoshi: So are we.

Wart: Dandy. Too bad for you people, however.

Bowser jumps on the track and slows down the coaster, then grabs the clue and runs with Wart.

Yoshi: Darn it.

Wario: It's moving too fast.

Yoshi: Me know.

Yoshi catches one with his tongue and runs with Birdo.

Wario and Luigi: Darn it.

Fast Feet

Toad: Come on... Come on... Got one!

Iggy: We got one coin too so we all need one more.

Daisy: Come on then.

They run at the coins but the boat swings forth unexpectantly and they roll to the boat's back.


Boo: Get on me, Dry Bones.

Paratroopa: You get on me, Koopa.

They get on and fly to the top.

Dry Bones: Got the clues.

Koopa Troopa: There is a key in mine.

Boo: Ours too.

Koopa T: Mine has the number "208" on it.

Boo: Mine has "301" on it.

Dry Bones: It says to go to the edge of the island, where Koopas will drive us on boats to the next destination.

Kamek and Kammy fly up and get the clues.

Kammy: What the?

Kamek: What's with the key?

Boo: I don't know.

Kamek: "109" is on it.

The teams fly down towards the boats.

Fast Hands

Luigi: Come to Daddy...


Wario: It's going too fast!


Mario jumps in a kart and grabs the clues and throws them out.

Wario: Ummm, cool, I guess.

They get them and go after Luigi spends ten minutes getting Mario away from the coaster.

Fast Feet

Peach: Got it.


They run.

Clawdia: I got it, Wendy, let's go.

They run.


Yoshi: Get in one of those seats and let's ride up.

Bowser: OH NO YOU DON'T!

Bowser kicks Yoshi and jumps in a seat, breaking it.

Bowser: D'OH!

Wart: Come on!

Wart puts them in bubbles and they float up.

Wart: Get the clue now!

Bowser: Okay... Let's see... a key. It has the number 303 on it. I think I know where we are going with a key like this.

Wart: Oh, well then hop aboard.

Bowser and Wart hop on a bubble and they float across the sea.

Fast Feet

The remaining teams dash and jump at the coins, grab them, topple into the water, and frantically swim to their clues.

Peach: Ferris wheel.

Toad: The top of it.

Iggy: Okay.

Daisy: Let's go.

They run.


The Ferris wheel alows Yoshi, Larry, Wendy, Wario, and Luigi's teams to get to the top.

All Members: It's just a key and a note saying go to a boat that will go to a mysterious location.

Birdo: 101?

Larry: 209?


Luigi: 207. They must open rooms... but where though?

Mario: Hehe, it's-a hotel-a key-a.


Yoshi's team jumps over the side and are chased down by the other teams. The Fast Foot groups arrive and get on the Ferris wheel.


Koopa T: Get on the boats.

Kamek and Dry Bones: Okay!

The three teams get on a boat and the driver starts it up and heads to the location.


Peach: Get the clues.

Lemmy: Let me see here....Oh, a mystery destination and a key with the number 304 on it.

Daisy: Mine has 208.

Toadette: Mine has 305.

Larry: And mine has 309 on it.

Ludwig: Let's just go.

They get on the wheel and go down. When the groups run off the screen zooms in on a key laying on the ground.


Bowser: Down here.

Bowser and Wart jump down.

Wart: Oh yes! A hotel... room keys.

They run up and enter the hotel. They go up the stairs.

Bowser: Room 303.

Wart: Okay.

Kamek, Paratroopa, and Dry Bones's teams arrive and enter.


All the teams are gethered at driverless boats.

Yoshi: Birdo get in the boat.

Daisy: Get in, Peach.

Toad: Toadette.

The three teams get in a boat and drive off.

Larry: Where to now?

Luigi: Get in, Mario.

They get in a boat and drive off.

Wario: Well what are we waiting for? Follow them.

They all get in a boat and drive off.


Bowser: The key won't fit. This has to be rightm it just has to be.

Koopa Troopa and Boo: Ours don't work.

The princesses, Toads, Yoshis, and Marios get in and run to their rooms.

Mario: Where are we, Luigi?

Luigi: A hotel.

Mario: Why?

Luigi: To get a clue.

Mario: Why?

Luigi: To go one step closer to a million bucks.

Mario: Why?

Toad, Peach, Yoshi, and Luigi: SHUT UP, MARIO!

Mario: Why?

They run to their doors.

Peach: It won't work.

Toad: I know.


Daisy: How should I know?

Bowser: What is that on the center pillar? ... Hanging clues.

The Mario, princesses, and Toads take notice and grab one.

Bowser: A Roadblock. One of us has to go to the attic maze with our keys.

Peach: Why?

Bowser: It doesn't say.

Boo, Yoshi, and Clawdias run over and get a clue.

Boo, Yoshi, Wendy, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser: I'LL GO!

They run into the upper room and bounce up to the maze.

Iggy: I hear footsteps above us.

Larry: How? It is just the ceiling above us.


Wario hands them out but only after forcing ten bucks out of everyone.

Wario, Iggy, Larry, Kammy, and Koopa Troopa: I want to do this.

They run towards the room to the attic.


Teams are running around until Bowser notices a block with his key number on it. He puts the key in the keyhole and turns it, moving the block and revealing a hole.


Bowser jumps in to get a clue.

Bowser: Let's see... PIT STOP.... The casino... what is this? It's a mug shot of Phil.

Bowser takes it and leaves the door, not noticing he left through the door he thought his key opened.


The other teams spring up to the maze and split up.

Toad: Where are we going?

Peach: I don't know.

Toad: Dead end with blocks.

Peach: Our key numbers.

They insert the key and the blocks move.

Peach: Wow!

They jump in their hole and grab the clues and exit.


Larry and Iggy: Do you know where we are going?

Larry: Guess not.

Iggy: Keep searching.



Wart: Okay!

They run down and give the guard the Phil photo and are let in.


Luigi, Koopa Troopa, Clawdia, and Wario: Our key numbers... SEARCH HERE.

They look around until Clawdia notices the keyhole. She quietly slips in her key and drops down.



Peach: Oh wow!

They run.


Bowser: There he is.

They jump on the mat.

Phil: Bowser and Wart... You are team number ONE!

Bowser: OH YEAH!

Bowser and Wart = 1st


Iggy and Larry: There's your key number on a block. Go down there.

Larry puts in his ket and drops down.

Iggy: And here is mine.

He puts in his key and drops down.


Kamek: Get away, Yoshi.

Yoshi: No.

Kamek: Go or you're fried Yoshi!

Yoshi: Okay okay.

Yoshi notices his key block and goes to reach for his key but it's gone.

Yoshi: WHAT? NO WAY! I must have dropped it back at Pinna Park... No time to go back... Kamek!

Kamek: WHAT?

Yoshi: Time to come in last.

Kamek: Oh yeah?

Yoshi: Yeah.

Yoshi squints his eyes and pounces at Kamek



Koopa Troopa: My key number... and insert.... oh... ah... a hole.

He jumps in.


Peach and Toad's teams run in and jump on the mat.

Phil: Peach and Daisy are second, so you Shrooms know your place.

Peach and Daisy = 2nd
Toad and Toadette = 3rd


Larry, Iggy, and Boo's teams run out to the Koopa.

Koopa: How may I help you?

Larry: Let us in.

Koopa: Phil photo, please.

Dry Bones: Phil photo?


Boo: Let's go back.

They run back as Luigi and Wario's teams pass and enter.



They hop on.

Phil: Luigi and Mario are fourth and you know your spot, Team Wario.

Mario and Luigi = 4th
Wario and Waluigi = 5th


Boo: Got mine.

Boo runs out and towards the casino as Koopa Troopa's team runs ahead.



Yoshi and Kamek roll out along a hall and bang into a wall. and Yoshi knocks away Kamek's wand.

Kamek: Mother!

Yoshi: Now you're just a helpless old coot.


Boo and Koopa Troopa's teams enter and get on.

Phil: This is dumb. Boo's team is sixth... and you know your...

Larry: WE'RE HERE!

Larry and Ludwig jump on.

Phil: Koopa Troopa's team is seventh and you know where you two are.

Boo and Dry Bones = 6th
Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa = 7th
Larry and Ludwig = 8th


Wendy: Where is she?

????: Wendy? Is that you?

Wendy: Mom?

Clawdia: Help me. The door won't open. I'm locked in.

Wendy slides her wand under the door and Clawdia bashes through with it. They run.


Phil: Oh god, it's the nerdy turdy duo.

Iggy and Lemmy jump on.

Phil: Iggy and Lemmy... you're team nine.

Iggy and Lemmy = 9th.

Clawdia's team runs in and jumps on.

Phil: Tenth.

Clawdia: Thank DAD!

Wendy and Clawdia = 10th

Phil: Where are those other teams?


Yoshi grabs Kamek's key but Kamek grabs his wand and aims at Yoshi.

Kamek: STOP WHERE YOU ARE! I know of your behavior last race, you evil scum, and you aren't stopping this old geezer.

Yoshi: I already did.

Yoshi eats a melon and fires seeds at Kamek like a machine gun.

Kamek: Woah nelly!

Kameks wand flashes and the seeds stop in thin air and shoot back into Yoshi, throwing him down the hall. Yoshi gets up and runs to Kamek's keyhole, inserts the key forming the hole, and jumps in. Kamek follows him.

Yoshi: Got the clue... Pitstop... Time to-


Kamek drops down on top of Yoshi and the two throw punches at each other. Yoshi gets on top of Kamek and Kamek kicks upwards, throwing Yoshi back through the door. Kamek gets up and jumps out the door.

Kammy and Birdo: OH MY GOD.

Yoshi flings out his tongue and grabs and swallows Kamek and Kammy's wands. Kamek punches down Yoshi and Birdo punches down Kammy. Yoshi gets up and Kamek knocks Birdo out. Kamek looks angrily into Yoshi's eyes.

Kamek: If you want this clue, you got to catch me.

Kamek puts Kammy on his shoulders and runs for the stairs.

Yoshi: Oh no you don't.

Yoshi flings out Kamek's wand and freezes Kamek's movement. Kamek drops Kammy and Yoshi grabs the clue and unfreezes Kamek.

Yoshi: Kammy... you have a husband, right?

Kammy: (low voice) Your beating the tar out of him.

Yoshi looks at Kamek

Yoshi: You have a wife... I'm going to hurt her and destroy you in front of her.

Kamek: NO!

Kamek pounces as Yoshi turns around and slams Kamek's wand on Kammy, causing the wand to suck out all but enough life for her to watch Yoshi's next move.

Yoshi: Now for you.

Yoshi spins around and punches Kamek over the rail. He grabs Kammy and holds her over the side to see Kamek land on a lit torch and be engulfed.

Yoshi: Come on, Birdo.

They go downstairs and pass the torch that is burning down Kamek and enter the casino and jump on the mat.

Phil: What went on out there?

Yoshi: Too personal.

Phil: Well either way, you're team twelve.

Yoshi and Birdo = 12th
Kamek and Kammy = ELIMINATED.

Phil: I don't have time to wait for them, so goodbye to the viewers and so long 'til next leg.


Phil: Teams will have huge trouble trying to leave Delfino.

Peach and Larry's teams are seen jumping at fluffs and falling down hundreds of feet to Pianta Village.

Phil: Others won't.

The teams with flying members are seen carrying their partners over the sea.

Phil: And lots of fun happens on Hoohoo Mountain.

Lemmy: I can't climb anymore.

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