The Amazing Race

By crankymama5452

Leg 3

Phil is seen in a casino.

Phil: This is Hotel Delfino, where people come when they want to gamble, swim, sleep, relax, and take nice strolls along the beach. The teams have made their pitstop and are now preparing to embark on leg three.

Bowser: Okay, Wart. Leg number three.

Wart: Let's see the clue... Go to Noki Bay and get your clue on top of the highest shell tower.

Bowser: LET'S GO!

They run.


The princesses and Toads come out.

Toad: We ARE winning.


Peach and Toadette (reading clue): Okay, people, we'll be going to Noki Bay now, so let's go in non-orderly fashion.

They run wildly.


Wart: Get in the boat.

They get in their boats and zoom off.

Bowser: We just have to win this.

Wart: I know.


Peach: Get in those boats.

They get in one and zoom off.


Mario: This is so not as good as cheese.

Wario: We don't care!


Mario: Dairy rules!

Luigi: Noki Bay, guys. Let's go before they catch up to us.


Toad: We know we need to hold off the Yoshis long enough to have them eliminated, right?

Peach: Yeah, but I know they won't go down easily.

Toadette: We just need to focus on the Bowser team because they have come in first twice.

Peach: Right.


Bowser: We'll be there soon so hold on tight because I'm speeding up, Wart.

They shoot forward at twice the speed.


Dry Bones: We need to spice things up, Boo. We were always coming in first and now we are doing lousy.

Ludwig: Be glad you two are still in this.

Koopa Troopa: We weren't in the last race so I'd never think you two would win.

Boo: Oh, you're so kind. Well, we're going. If you're coming with us then hurry up.

Boo and Dry Bones run off.

Larry: Come on.

Larry and Ludwig Run as Iggy and Lemmy come.

Koopa Troopa: COME ON, PARA!

Lemmy: WAIT! Alliance.


The two teams run, roll, and fly off.


Luigi and Wario: GET IN!

The two teams get in and zoom off.


Wart: We're here.

Bowser: Come on.

The team gets out and starts climbing up the side of the tower.

Wart: We're going too slow!

Bowser: As long as we get to the top first, I don't care how slow we go.


Peach: GET OUT!

They get out and begin climbing except Peach pulls back Daisy and drags her towards a floating house.

Daisy: What are you doing?

Peach: Trust me!


Boo: Quickly get in.

Ludwig: I'll help.

Ludwig puts a rocket launcher on the back of the two boats and when it goes off the two teams are shot at extreme speed across the sea.


Clawdia: Okay, Wendy, let's go.

Wendy: Where to?

Clawdia: Noki Bay.

Wendy: WATER!

Wendy grabs Clawdia and zooms off.


Paratroopa: Hurry up and let's get in.

They get in a boat and drive off.


Bowser: We're almost there and just a little more and... What's that?

They look down to see the princesses jump on a springpadded housetop and get launched past the Bowsers to the top.

Wart: DANG IT!

They climb to the top.

Peach: Let's see... Go across the added wire colored green and it'll take you to the top of Pianta Village's highest tree. There you'll get your next clue.

Bowser: Get a clue!

Wart: Got it... Pianta Village and something called a yield ahead.

Bowser: Yield... OH MY GOD! GO GO GO GO!

The two teams jump on the wire and start going across it.


Phil: A Yield is where a team can stop another team from playing by forcing them to turn over an hourglass and wait for the sand to run out to be able to proceed.


Yoshi: Let's go, honey, we're winning this time.

Birdo: Noki Bay... Yay!

They run!


Koopa Troopa: Were here.

Paratroopa: Grab my feet!

Koopa Troopa grabs onto Paratroopa and they fly up to the top, get the clue, and start flying down the wire.


Boo and Ludwig's teams arrive.

Dry Bones: Boo, you'll need to fly me up. I'll never be able to climb that.

Boo: No problem.

Boo grabs Dry Bones and fly up. They get the clue and float down the wire.



They begin climbing.


Peach: This is too long.

Wart: I know. This is too freakin' annoying, and the fact this wire extends over Corona Mountian means we'll be getting a little heated up on the way.

Diasy: Uggh!

Peach: We must be getting close.


They aren't able to continue for long until the Troopas shoot by.




They land and look at the Yield.

Paratroopa: USE IT!

They run up to it.

Paratroopa: We'd yield the Yoshis, but they are so far back they'd come in last anyway, so we'll yield someone else catching up to us to slow them down. We select to yield Bowser and Wart.

They place up the pictures and run to the clue and rip it open.

Paratroopa: Detour. Fluffs or Fruits.

Koopa Troopa: Fluffs. Catch a fluff and ride it to Hoohoo Mountain.

Paratroopa: Fruits: Go to the base of the tree and seach for five bananas, coconuts, durins, and pineapples.

Koopa Troopa: Fruits!


Bowser and Wart come running

Wart: Yield. We select to... huh... what the? WHO DID THAT TO US?

Bowser: Those stupid, stinkin' Troopas maybe.

Wart: Dang!


Peach: HERE'S PEACHY! Detour... Fruits.

Daisy: Let's go!


Dry Bones and Boo come up.

Dry Bones: And Detour.

Boo: Fruits it is.

The run.


The princesses and Larry and Ludwig arrive.

Peach: Detour... Fluffs sounds fun.

Larry: We'll do fluff as well. Hi and bye, Dad.

Bowser: Yeah yeah, shut your mouth and go.

The two teams run.


Koopa Troopa: Okay, I have one of each.

Paratroopa: And I have a coconut and banana, so we are almost there. What's that up there?

The two look up to see three teams fly by on fluffs.

Paratroopa: OH GOD! HURRY!


Toad: Here, and it is a Detour. Let see, Fluff or Fruit. Fluff is less difficult but it takes longer to arrive than to search for fruits.

Toadette: Fluffs. I don't want to do any tough work.

They grab a fluff and go.


Bowser: The hourglass is empty. Let's go.

They run for about 3.5 seconds to the clue box.

Wart: Detour... Fruits.

They jump off the tree.


Mario and Wario's teams arrive.

Luigi: Detour time... Fluff.

Wario: Fluff since I'm not up for a fruit hunt.

They run.


Wendy and Yoshi's team come flying off the wire to the clue box and pull open and tear out clues.

Wendy: Fluffs or Fruits.

Clawdia: I'd prefer Fruits, but I'm sure you'll go against it.

Wendy: Right, so it's Fluffs.

Clawdia sighs and they run.

Yoshi: And Fruits.

They jump over the side.


Peach and Dry Bones's teams arrive to get their clues.

Daisy: Roadblock. Who is ready to go hunt for the pitstop? That is me.

Peach: Each take one walkie talkie for this. One member must hunt out the pitstop and get there and find the button sequence over their team's teleporter for the other member and tell the member by walkie talkie the button sequence to turn on their teleporter to the pitstop.

Daisy and Boo take off as Larry and Toad's teams arrive.

Larry: Roadblock... and I'll do it.

Toadette: So will I.

They run.


Koopa Troopa: Got the last fruit and got the clue... Roadblock... I'll go.

Koopa Troopa runs around the village.


Yoshi is seen speedsearching by striking everywhere with his tongue to latch on and pull in fruit. Birdo has turned on her vacuum-like mouth and is sucking in the fruit as well as a whole bunch of other stuff including the hot springs water.

Yoshi: Got the last fruit so get the clue.

The Bowsers, who have finished, run up to the clues as well.

Yoshi and Wart: I'll do it.

They run.


The Marios and Warios arrive and grab clues.

Luigi: Roadblock, and as always I'll do it.

Wario: As always I'll do it.... unless we should let our partners do it.

The screen cuts to Waluigi curled into a ball on the ground crying and Mario sitting down sucking on his thumb.

Wario and Luigi: Maybe not.

They run.


Boo: Where could it be?

Daisy: I don't know. I know I can't climb this mountain anymore.

Boo: We have to or some teams will catch us.

They continue up.


Clawdia and Iggy's teams arrive.

Lemmy: Roadblock... Climbing, so it's you, Iggy.

Wendy: I do-

Clawdia: I'm going so don't say it.

They run.


Toadette: Any clue, Larry, as to where we are going?

Larry: There is a telescope on the summit. We can go there and use it to search.

Toadette: Okay.


Koopa Troopa: Found it

Yoshi: So did I. Following you made it easy.

Koopa Troopa: No time for your dumbness.

They both jump in and reappear at the pitstop on the mountaintop and run to the teleporters. They turn the walkie talkies on as Daisy and Boo reach the top and run to their teleporters.

Boo: Dry Bones, our code is 3468231.

Daisy: Peach, you must imput 4218896.

Yoshi: Birdo, our code is 6661313.

Daisy: Go figure.

Koopa Troopa: Put in 7673419.

The other members start putting in the code when Toadette and Larry arrive and go to the teleporters.

Toadette: Toad, it is 4561328.

Larry: Hurry, Ludwig, it's 8572297.

The teams begin inputting passwords and Ludwig, Paratroopa, and Toad finish and run onto the mat.

Phil: Larry and Ludwig are first, Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa are second, and Toad and Toadette are third.

LARRY and LUDWIG - 1st

Dry Bones and Peach finish and go running onto the mat.

Phil: Dry Bones and Boo are in place four and Peach and Daisy are five.

DRY BONES and BOO - 4th
PEACH and DAISY - 5th

Birdo comes out and they run to the mat

Phil: Yoshi and Birdo are six.

YOSHI and BIRDO - 6th


Wart: Climbing and climbing and WHERE THE @*#( IS THE TOP?


Luigi and Wario: How much farther? ... I see Wart... We're catching up to him.


Iggy and Clawdia: This is too hard.

Clawdia: If I go so quickly Wendy will have a huge tantrum.

Iggy: I don't want to leave third again. You came in fourth last time so if it comes down to us let me win, okay?

Clawdia: Sorry, son, but I can't do that for my own safety.


Wart gets to the top and runs to the teleporter and speaks to Bowser.

Wart: Okay, our code is 9893657.

Bowser puts them in and appears with Wart and they jump on the mat.

Phil: Bowser and Wart are team seven.

BOWSER and WART - 7th

Luigi and Wario get up and run to the teleporters.

Luigi: Mario, do you want cheese? If so, input 684512.

In less than a second Mario appears and they run onto the mat.

Phil: Mario and Luigi are team eight.

MARIO and LUIGI - 8th.



Wario: Waluigi, if you don't input it a vicous monster will eat you.

Waluigi screams and inputs 2785617 and he appears and they run to Phil.

Phil: Wario and Waluigi are team nine.



Iggy: I see the top.

Clawdia: Me too, and I'm getting there first.

They both speed up to the top and rush to the teleporters.



Clawdia: 4612198!

Iggy: 7863914!

Wendy and Lemmy start speed-inputting the code and the screen cuts to Clawdia and Iggy and a teleporter glows. As the light slows down Clawdia and Iggy tremble as a member comes out. The team runs as the other member comes out and they run. The team whose member came out first jumps on.

Phil: Wendy and Clawdia, you are team 10.

WENDY and CLAWDIA - 10th

Iggy and Lemmy back up.

Iggy: We're the third eliminated again.

Phil: You know the drill, so get up here.

Lemmy: NO!

They begin running but Phil hits a button and the ground below them falls out and the team goes tumbling down the mountain.


Phil: Stay tuned for scenes from the next leg.


Phil: Next time on the Amazing Race, teams rush through Teehee Valley to Littlefungi Town and will have a hard time on the way.

Some teams are seen being sucked into quicksand and some are being chased by Gritty Goombas.

Phil: Some in the Detour must collect eggs and some must do something else.

Teams are seen seated in the Hooniversity taking some kind of test, and others are running for Neon Eggs.

Phil: All to see a movie.

Teams are seen watching a movie at the Yoshi Theater.

Phil: That's all for now, so see y'all next time, ya hear?

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