The Amazing Race

By crankymama5452

Phil is seen standing on the Shine Gate.

Phil: I am here on the famous landmark of Isle Delfino known as the Shine Gate. It is here that thirteen teams of two will embark on a journey around Plit. The teams are:

Mario and Luigi
Peach and Daisy
Yoshi and Birdo
Toad and Toadette
Wario and Waluigi
Boo and Dry Bones
Iggy and Lemmy
Roy and Morton
Larry and Ludwig
Wendy and Clawdia
Bowser and Wart
Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa
Kamek and Kammy

Phil and the teams are seen at the bottom of the Shine Gate.

Phil: In a few seconds you will embark on a Plit-wide journey. Along the way there will be thirteen pitstops and fourteen legs. At the end of all legs but three a team will be eliminated. Find clues by following the instructions in other clues until you reach the pitstop. I have no more to say so go get damaged, don't be safe, and get murdered... On your  mark.. get set... GO!

The teams go running and/or floating to their backpacks, and grab, rip open, take out, and read their first clue.

Kamek: Go to the police station to get your next clue.

Toad: The police station.

Dry Bones: Let's go. We're winning this one too.

Bowser: Come on, Bro, we're winning this time

Yoshi: Yoshi wanna win even if Yoshi has to blow you all up.

Mario: Hey Luigi!

Luigi: What?

Mario: Who am I again?

Luigi: ... Idiot!

Mario: So my name is Idiot.

Luigi: Oh let's just go.

They all run to the street and get in their provided cars and drive off.

Koopa Troopa: Come on and drive.

Pararroopa: Okay okay!

The teams drive off and split up between four roads.

Peach: Let's go, Daisy. I don't want to go first this time.

Daisy: Okay... FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Larry: We might as well stay with cheating and now we must target Yoshi and Birdo.

Ludwig: Right.

Clawdia: I can't believe I'm doing this again. We might win this time though so I guess I should keep going.

Three taxis pull up at the station and Wario and Waluigi, Morton and Roy, and Iggy and Lemmy get out and run and roll over to the clue box.

Roy: Get in your taxi and drive to...

Iggy: The lighthouse to get your next clue.

Lemmy: Let's go!

Wario: Come on!


They get in and drive off.

Mario: Where are we going, Mommy?

Luigi: Stop it. Right over there.

Six taxis pull in and Mario and Luigi, Larry and Ludwig, Peach and Daisy,
Boo and Dry Bones, Koopa Troopa, and Paratroopa, and Bowser and Wart pull
in, get the clues, get in the cars, and drive off.

Koopa: The lighthouse.

Dry Bones: Let's go.

They drive off as the final teams pull up and get the clues to drive off.

Kamek: Kammy, did we make a mistake getting into this?

Kammy: I'm sure we'll be fine.

Yoshi: I've been here so I know where the lighthouse is.

Birdo: YES!

Three taxis arrive at the lighthouse and the teams get out and get the clues.

Morton: Detour.


Iggy: Hills or Harbor

Six teams pull in and get the clues.

Luigi: Hills. Climb Bianco Hills and get the clue at the top.

Boo: Harbor. Run through the plaza and find the boathouse.

Bowser: There you must get a boat to Rico Harbor and get your clue on the main ship.

The other teams pull in and read the clues.

Wendy, Wart, Iggy, Roy, Paratroopa, and Larry: Hills!

Luigi, Dry Bones, Toad, Kamek, Daisy, Wario, and and Birdo: Harbor!

The Koopa family and Koopa Troopas go one way while the others go another way. All teams get in their cars and try to stay as close to each other. The Koopa teams get out and begin climbing.

Luigi: Where is the boat house?

Dry Bones: I don't know.

Peach: I do! Follow me.

They run to the boat house.

Bowser: This is too high for me. We need to stop Wart.

Wart: Or we can do this.

Wart encases the two of them in bubbles and they float to the top while Koopa Troopa grabs hold of Paratroopa and they fly to the top.

Ludwig and Clawdia: Ahhhh man!

Bowser: There is the clue.

Koopa Troopa: Get it! Get it!

They rip open two clues.

Wart: Pitstop. Go to the mountainside and slide down to Gelato Beach and run to the pitstop at the Sun Tower.

They run and fly.

Boo: There is the place.

They go and find thirteen boats at the side of the house. The teams get in one and ride off.



Yoshi: Speed up, Birdo! We're kicking their butts!


They shoot faster while the Koopas approach the top.

Larry: Almost there.

Ludwig: We need to eliminate this dinos.

Roy: I want those brats gone.

Wendy: Me too.

Iggy, Lemmy, Roy, Morton, Wendy, Clawdia, Lemmy, and Ludwig get to the top, get a clue, and run down the mountain.

Iggy: The sun tower.

Clawdia: Your dad told me about that so I know where it is.

The boats arrive at Ricco Harbor. The teams run to the clues and rip them open.

Wario: Get a Blooper and surf to the pitstop.

Toadette: At the sun tower.

Peach: At Gelato Beach.

They run to the Bloopers and surf off.

Bowser and the Troopas team rech Phil.

Phil: Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa.... you're team one. Bowser and Wart.... you're team two.

Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa = FIRST
Bowser and Wart = SECOND

The Bloopers pull in as the last Koopa teams get to the top of Bianco Hills. The teams frantically run around 'til all but Iggy and Lemmy and Wendy and Clawdia get to the beach. The princesses and Toads get to the pitstop.

Phil: Peach and Daisy is third and Toad and Toadette is fourth.


Peach and Daisy = THIRD
Toad and Toadette = FOURTH

The last teams get to the beach.

Yoshi and Larry: I SEE HIM!


The three teams go running.

Wario: Where is he?

Luigi: My god, Mario, where is Phi....


Mario grabs Luigi and runs. Yoshi, Boo, and Larry's teams get on the mat.

Phil: Yoshi and Birdo are fifth, Larry and Ludwig are sixth, and Dry Bones and Boo are seventh.

Yoshi and Birdo = FIFTH
Larry and Ludwig = SIXTH
Dry Bones and Boo = SEVENTH

Mario get on and look at the tower while Luigi crawls on.

Phil: Mario and Luigi are eight.

Mario and Luigi: EIGHT!

Clawdia: Over there, honey! Come on, kids!



The teams get on.

Phil: Wendy and Clawdia are nine and Wario and Waluigi are ten.

Wendy and Clawdia = NINE
Wario and Waluigi = TEN

Kammy: I see him.

Kammy: Oh my, he's one fine looking specimen.

Kamek: Dear DAD!

The run to Phil.

Phil: Kamek and Kammy... you're team eleven.

Kamek and Kammy = ELEVEN

Roy and Iggy spot Phil.



The two teams run but due to too much extra weight, Roy and Morton are slowed and freaked to see they did worse than last time as Iggy and Lemmy jump on the mat.

Phil: Iggy and Lemmy... you're team twelve.

Iggy and Lemmy = TWELVE

Phil: Come on over here, you two!

Roy: No!

Phil: Come on!

Roy and Morton, knowing Phil will launch the loosing attack on them, run off..

Phil: Roy and Morton are gone... for a nice flight.

Roy and Morton = ELIMINATED

Roy and Morton are seen running behind a hill when a Cataquack with Phil's picture jumps out and chases them. The screen closes out as Phil says goodbye and Roy and Morton are seen being shot over the sea.

Phil: Keep reading for scenes from leg two.

~~ The screen cuts to a circus and Phil can be heard ~~

Phil: Next time on the Amazing Race, teams head to the island of Pinna Park to ride the rides and hunt the clues.



Phil: Team will have trouble...


Wario and Waluigi are seen being dropped off the swinging ships.

Phil: And teams screw up at a Roadblock in Sirena Beach.

Peach: Which room is it?

Daisy: I don't know which one it is

Phils: And some don't.

Bowser: Forget this, I'm burning down all the doors.

Phil: For more info, keep looking for leg two.

Read on!

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