Mario and Luigi: Stinkin'star Saga

By Koopa Kid

Part One: Mushroom Kingdom and Stardust Fields

In Peach's Castle, Toads are playing trumpets to celebrate the arrival of the Beanbean ambassador.

Toad #1: How much longer do we have to play these trumpets? We've been playing these for ten hours straight!

Toad #2: Beats me.

Toadsworth: She's coming! She's coming!

Lady Lima walks in with Pea.

Lady Lima: To improve the tie with our kingdoms, we present you with a...

Peach: A present! Get your dirty paws off my present, vermin! It's mine! All mine!

Peach greedily swipes the present from Pea and opens it.

Peach: There's nothing in here! I was lied to!

Pea: That's not supposed to happen!

A jack-in-the-box comes out and sprays Peach with gas.

Lady Lima: Eyahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!

Lady Lima transforms into the evil witch Cackletta while Pea transforms into Fawful, Cackletta's evil pupil!

Fawful: We shall leave with speediness!

They uh... leave with speediness.

Toad: Oh no! I've gotta warn Mario and Luigi!

Toad heads towards Mario's Pad.

At Mario's Pad...

Luigi is seen drying clothes outside.

Luigi: Why am I drying clothes out here if I have a dryer?

Toad: Luigi!

Luigi: What's going on?

Toad: Princess Peach is in trouble!

Luigi: That's horrible!

Toad: We need Mario!

Toad dashes into the house and screams "MARIO!" over and over again until he crashes into the shower.

Mario: TOAD! What are you doing here?!

Toad: Oh shoot!

Toad dashes out of the shower and into a nearby wall.

Mario: I went into the shower to be clean and to be left alone! Now let me teach you a lesson!

Mario jumps on Toad's head three times.

Toad: Princess Peach...

Mario: Peach!

Mario sprints out of the house jumps into the clothesline, and drags Luigi to the castle via the rope.

Bowser: Mwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! I've finally got Peach!

Mario comes in and tosses Luigi at Bowser.

Bowser: Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Greenie! You attacked me!

Luigi: I didn't attack you!

Bowser starts chasing Luigi around the castle while Mario takes the Toad who’s blabbering about action commands and tosses him at Bowser.

Bowser: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I've been defeated!

Mario and Luigi walk over to Peach.

Peach: #$%&&%$#$$&$&$&%$%&$O%#&$%$&!

All of the symbols fall on top of Luigi and explode.

Luigi: Mamamia! That hurt!

Toad: Mario! Mario! Mario! An evil witch stole Peach's voice and replaced it with explosives!

Mario: Is that possible?

Toad: Yes!

Mario: That was a rhetorical question.

Toad: Oh.

Bowser: Mario and Green Guy! We have to get Peach's voice back so I can kidnap her!

Luigi: Why did you just say that in front of every single Toad guard in here?

Bowser: Well... I... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Peach: @#$%&%$#@%$#@&@!$#&%@!@#@$$%##%%&&*&^%&&$$!@$$#%#$#&%$#@@#$%&!

Mario: Duck and cover!

The castle blows up, sending everyone flying to Toad Town Square.

At Toad Town Square...

Bowser: Meet me at the Koopa Kruiser, my newest invention!

Mario: Didn't you invent that before?

Bowser: Well...

Luigi: Yeah! You had the Koopa Kruiser ever since we were babies!

Bowser: Just meet me there!

Mario starts to walk around Toad Town Square until a Toad stops him.

Toad #1: I can't reach this Mushroom!

Mario grabs the Mushroom from the 2-inch-tall hedge and gives it to the Toad.

Toad #1: Thank you, Mario!

Mario continues to walk around until another Toad stops him.

Toad#2: Help me find my precious item!

Mario looks around.

Mario: I found the precious item! It's... it's... it's.... pasta!

Mario gobbles down the pasta.

Toad #2: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was about to eat that for lunch!

The Toad chases Mario until he runs into one of Bowser's baddies.

Baddie: I can't find the Koopa Kruiser!

Luigi: I'll tell you where he went!

Baddie: Where's Bowser then?

Luigi: He went thatta way!

Baddie: Which way?

Luigi: Keep on going straight through the path.

Baddie: Okay!

The baddie keeps on going down the path until he runs straight into the Koopa Kruiser.

Bowser: Who did that?!

Baddie: I did!

Bowser scorches him with his flamebreath.

Bowser: Mario! Get on here!

Mario jumps on the Koopa Kruiser.

Toadsworth: WAIT!

Toadsworth dashes towards the Koopa Kruiser, completely unaware that he has run over Luigi.

Toadsworth: I'm going to give you... a suitcase!

Mario: Hooray. That's just what I need. A dumb suitcase.

Toadsworth: Here you go!

Toadsworth gives Mario the suitcase.

Mario: Is there anything in here?

Toadsworth: Nope!

Mario: Just as I thought.

Toadsworth jumps off of the Koopa Kruiser and lands on Luigi.

Toadsworth: Good luck on your journey, Mario!

Luigi: Get off of me!

Luigi whacks Toadsworth with Toadsworh's own cane and crawls out from under him.

Luigi: Bye!

Bowser: The Koopa Kruiser is about to takeoff.

Mario: Wait! We need Luigi!

Bowser: You want that green little wimp to come with us?

Mario: Yes!

Bowser: LUIGI! You're coming with us!

Luigi shrugs and jumps on the Koopa Kruiser.

Bowser: Now we're off to the Beanbean Kingdom!

The Koopa Kruiser takesoff.

Baddies: Wait up!

The baddies attempt to chase the Koopa Kruiser but it is too late so they get left behind.

At the Beanbean Kingdom Outskirts...

Speaker: Mario and Mr. Greenie! Please report to the deck at once!

Luigi: I wish that they would stop calling me Mr. Greenie.

Mario: I bet they'll stop eventually.

They start to explore until a baddie stops them.

Baddie: Let me see your passports!

Mario and Luigi take their passports out of their suitcase and hands them to the baddie.

Baddie: This isn't good! There's no pictures!

Mario and Luigi: Oh no!

Baddie: Don't worry! I'll take some pictures of you and put them on your passport.

Mario: Oh boy!

Baddie: Now step onto the mat.

Mario steps onto the mat.

Baddie: Say cheese!

Mario: Cheese?! Where?!

Mario starts to look around and then glares at the baddie.

Mario: YOU! You have the cheese!

Mario leaps into the air to tackle the baddie so he snaps the picture right before he gets tackled.

Baddie: It's your turn!

Luigi steps onto the mat.

Baddie: Say cheese!

Luigi: Cheese!

Mario: YOU! You have the cheese!

Mario tackles Luigi and the baddie takes the picture.

Baddie: Have a nice day!

Luigi: Too late.

They go over to a room where there's a barrel blocking their path.

Mario: Hey! This barrel is blocking our path!

What did I tell you about repeating my lines?!

Mario: Sorry.

Mario kicks the barrel, which makes it roll into the wall.

Baddie: Hey! Don't yo mess wid da king's stuff, dogg!

Luigi: What?

Baddie: Hey! Don't yo mess wid da king's stuff, dogg!

Mario: I'm sorry, we don't speak rap.

Baddie: I'll translate dis in English for you peoples. Hey! Don't you mess with
the king's cargo, dudes!

Luigi: It was in our way!

Baddie: You could've jumped over it!

Mario: Can we go now?

Baddie: Negatory!

They try to go around him but he sidesteps to get in their way.

Mario: That's it!

Mario stuffs the baddie in the barrel and continues to go through the Koopa Kruiser.

Baddie: Come back here!

Goomba #1: You'll never catch me!

Baddie: Get over here, wimps!

Goomba #2: That's it! You're gonna be pwned.

The Goombas attack the baddie and Mario and Luigi take the Goombas off him.

Baddie: You caught them!

Mario: We sure did!

Luigi: What are you going to do with them?

The baddie pokes both of the Goombas.

Baddie: Tag! You're it!

The Goombas start to chase the baddie.

Mario: That was a complete waste of our time.

They continue to explore until they reach a room with cargo blocking the deck.

Baddie: Oh no! Cargo is blocking the deck! How are we supposed to get there now?

Luigi spots a switch.

Luigi: What does that switch do?

Baddie: It activates the crane, which I call Mr. Pinch.

Luigi: That's a dumb name.

Mr. Pinch comes along and lifts Luigi by his pants.

Luigi: Mario! Help!

Mario: Luigi! I'll save you!

Mario follows Mr. Pinch to the deck.

Bowser: Mario! You finally got here! But where's you're brother?

Mario points to where Mr. Pinch has lifted Luigi in the air.

Bowser: That's gotta ruin his day.

Cackletta: Well, well, well! Look who's here!

Bowser: Who in the world are you?

Cackletta: I'm Cackletta, the evil witch who stole Peach's voice!

Mario: So you're Cackletta! You're uglier than I thought!

Cackletta: I'm ignoring that. Fawful! Destroy these simpletons!

Cackletta flies away.

Fawful: Hee hee hee! You fink-rats shall face the wrath of my mustard of doom!

Luigi: Why do you talk funny?

Fawful: Fools! You fink-rats dare insult the pupil of her highness?

Luigi: Pardon?

Fawful: That's it! I'm going to shoot this whole dang ship down!

Fawful shoots the whole dang ship down.

Fawful: I have fury!

At Stardust Fields...

Mario: Where are we?

Luigi: Didn't you look above you? According to the label, it says that we're in Stardust Fields.

Mario: Is it a part of the Beanbean Kingdom?

Luigi: How am I supposed to know?

Mario and Luigi shrug and go inside a nearby building.

Hammer Brother #1: Hello there! In order to cross the Mushroom Border and go into the Beanbean Kingdom, you have to a game similar to jump rope.

Mario and Luigi jump over the border and exit the building.

Hammer Brother #2: Cheaters!

Mario and Luigi continue to trek along the land until they reach some spikes.

Mario: How do we jump over those spikes?

Luigi: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... We jump over those spikes?

Mario: Great idea, Luigi!

They jump over all of the spikes and continue to go on until they reach a cannon with Bowser in it.

Bowser: Help! Get me out of here!

Luigi: Don't worry! We'll get you out of here somehow.

Tolstar: I'll get him out.

Mario: Really?

Tolstar: Sure. If you give me 100 coins.

Mario shoves Tolstar off of the ledge.

Mario: Con artist!

Bowser: Now get me out of here!

Luigi: We'll figure out a way.

Mario gets out a match and lights the fuse.

Bowser: Mario! What are you doing?!

Bowser gets shot out of the cannon and towards... somewhere else.

Mario: So long, King Bowser!

Luigi: Well, let's continue our journey through the Beanbean Kingdom!

They go through the cave and into Hoohoo Village.

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