Paris Takeover

By Doshi

Chapter 6: Bowser’s Joy

Doshi and Bowser burst out off a sewer line in Paris, France. The Raccooned Bowser flew up into the sky and took in a good look of the surrounding area. Doshi, for his part, blew up a building.
Bowser called down to Doshi. “Doshi! Go to your right! Climb the huge tower over there and meet me at the top!”

Doshi, smoke still trailing from his mouth, looked up and nodded. The black monster walked towards the Eiffel Tower. Bowser did the same, in the air. Coming across a blimp in the process, which was trying to go the other way, Bowser slapped it with his tail and the blimp went crashing down, a large hole in it. The blimp fell on top of Doshi, and promptly burst into flames.

At the top of Paris’s trademark Tower, Bowser and Doshi met. Doshi put out a map. He pointed to spots on the map, correlating to the places he was talking about. “This is the Eiffel Tower, where we are, and where we will have our base. This is the sewer we came out from, and this surrounding area we will have to destroy in order to make the sewer large enough to fit the doomships. Here is the capital, and here are the likely places the French army will come in to retaliate.”

Bowser nodded. “How strong are they?” he asked.

“Your entire army vs. the French army; the French would beat you so very easily,” said Doshi, smiling.

“Then how...” asked Bowser menacingly. “How do you think we are to beat them?”

“Well,” responded Doshi, “you, with that pendant, could take out a lot of them, and Luddy’s inventions will help out. I, for my part, will insure you take Paris, though after that I’ll not fight until necessary. No-

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON’T FIGHT?!” asked Bowser in a fit of rage.

“Because,” answered Doshi calmly, “I said so. Don’t argue,” he said warningly, as Bowser got ready to yell some more, “or I’ll turn you into cheese.” Bowser humphed. “Good.” Doshi took a deep breath. “Now, you fly down and use your tail to make a deep trench around the tower, and then let water from the river pour in. I, in the meantime, will go and clear the area for the pipe.”

Bowser grunted. Doshi jumped down, and hit the ground, hard, but was back up and running in a moment. Bowser flew down and started to use his raccoon tail to pummel the ground around the Tower in a circle. As he did that, Doshi used fireballs from his mouth and hands to blast away the city before him. People ran and cried and shrieked in terror. A few stood in shock, gaping at the destruction, before they were turned into ash.

Doshi stopped suddenly, as Bowser let the river pour into the trench he had built. Doshi slapped his hands together and started to pull them apart slowly. As he did, the ground shuddered and the ground opened below him. When he was done and Bowser was flying back to the top of the Eiffel Tower, there was a circular hole in the ground, large enough for three doomships to fly through.

Chapter 7: Preparations for War

Paris was under attack. From the warp pipe came six doomships, three after three. From the flagship dangled Mario and Luigi, holding on a rope for dear life.

Doshi suddenly appeared next to Bowser. “Hi.”


Doshi laughed. Then he started to speak to himself. “Wendy, take the subs and cover the river and sewers; Lemmy and Iggy, go to the north; Roy, the south; Morton, the west; Larry, the east; and Luddy? Come here.”

Bowser looked on in amazement as the doomships started to do as they where told.  “How?” he asked.

“Well, I just sent out my words at two instead of one frequency and they can hear it via radio,” Doshi explained as one of the doomships released dozens of submarines into the ocean.

“What’s the situation?” asked Ludwig, coming onto the top of the Eiffel Tower.

“Well, the French military just mobilized, and since the prime minister is in Britain, there aren’t any valuable hostages. We have around ten minutes, then the first wave, consisting of air forces, will arrive.”

“How tough are their air forces?” asked Bowser.

“We’ll see,” said Doshi shortly.

And shortly, they did see.

From the north came five fighter squadrons.

“Lem and Ig, release the Boos,” said Doshi into the air. The squadrons suddenly went down. “Heh, good work.” Three more fighter squadrons came from the west. “Boos, take them out,” Doshi said.

“Doshi,” asked Bowser, “what’s going on?”

“First,” said Doshi shortly, “you will call me General Doshi. Second, our loyal Boos are removing parts of the engines and such, causing the air planes to plummet.” Bowser looked murderous.

“Roy,” said Doshi, “wave two is coming from your direction, you see them? ... Good, now, send out the Paratroopas and bombard them. Tanks,” he said aside to Bowser and Ludwig.

“When’s the battle gonna be over?” asked Bowser impatiently.

“Well,” said Doshi in reply, you gotta realize that Paris is the capital, and that there are about three French army bases near here. We’re in for quite a battle,” he finished grimly. “Larry, go strengthen Roy’s position, and Morton, I want you to move three degrees to the north. Roy, call back the Paratroopas; Lem and Ig, have the Boos take control of the airplanes and get them mobile. We’ll need them.”

“What’s happening now, General?” asked Ludwig.

“Well Captain,” answered Doshi, “the main bulk of the army is almost within range, and that means so are we.”

“So they can hit us?” asked Bowser with sudden fright

“Negative,” replied Doshi, “the Tower is in the middle of the city; it’ll be going bad for us when the French retake us.

“Tell me, Bowser,” said Doshi suddenly, “do you know what it’s like to be a fallen angel?”

“If I knew what an angel was,” replied Bowser, “I might be able to help you."

“An angel, King Dad, is-” said Ludwig before he was rudely cut off by Doshi.

“Planed Boos, return fire! Roy, send out the Paratroopas, and Larry, return fire with your BBs! Wendy, have the north-most sub emerge and fire a missile at 34 degrees and 760 yards!” Doshi yelled quickly. Ludwig and Bowser fell silent; the Battle for Paris had begun.

Chapter 8: The Battle of Paris

“Boos that are un-planed and never had planes, take over as many tanks as you can!” came the order.

“Loud and clear,” replied the Boo commander. “You heard him, move out!” French tanks suddenly started to fire on their former compatriots. The French army was in disarray.

In the south, Roy suddenly came under fire. “Roy, send out the Paratroopas!” came the command.

“Move it, ya runts!” snapped Roy. The Paratroopas all took off and started to throw themselves onto the oncoming tanks. The tanks took a beating, but the Paratroopas fell fast as the French realized that they were vulnerable when flying back up to get altitude. Then Larry’s doomship started to fire on them, and the tanks quickly focused all their offensive power against his airship.

“Roy, use the Thwomp cannon!” Doshi yelled into the air. “Morton, I want you to get to Lem and Ig NOW!”

“Fire!” roared Roy, as the Thwomp cannon went code green. There was a mighty THWOMP! and a huge cloud of smoke climbed into the air. “FIRE AGAIN!” he roared.

“Morton, I want you to follow the train of tanks and destroy the base. Captain Ironshell? Follow and assist him,” ordered Doshi.

“Ironshell is out there?” Bowser asked dangerously.

“Yes,” replied Doshi, as Ludwig nervously backed away. “Ironshell was and is our best captain, even if he did try to kill you. I thought it best to recommission him and give him charge of Wendy’s doomship while she took the subs. Ironshell,” Doshi continued into the air, “I want you to take as many tanks and planes as possible.”

“What if he betrays you?” asked Bowser softly.

“Well,” said Doshi, considering the possibility, “I suppose I could always kill him...”

Bowser scoffed. “Well, you better do it soon,” he said, going to Ludwig’s doomship. Doshi didn’t answer.

“King Dad’s right,” Ludwig said. “You should get rid of Ironshell as soon as possible. He’s switched sides.”

Doshi looked at Ludwig. “Not really,” he answered. “He’s always been on my side.”

Chapter 9

Morton and Ironshell found and destroyed the French army base. Larry and Roy managed to destroy the southern approach, and with the Boos helping, the French advance in the North fell. Paris was the first of many to fall. Soon, all of Europe was under the Koopas control.

But Europe wasn’t enough… soon, Bowser’s armies pushed father…

And so the Battle for Earth began…

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