Paris Takeover

By Doshi

Chapter 6: Doshi’s Wrath

Far away in Costa Rica, Doshi appeared in a blast of purple light and ultraviolet waves.

“General Doshi!” yelled the commanding General Guyo, a rather puny Koopa, in fright.

“Shut up,” snarled Doshi in a demeaning manner. General Guyo simpered.

Doshi stomped outside of the command tent he had appeared in. He surveyed the battlefield. The Koopa Katrol was losing ground against the unstoppable Marines. Doshi wondered how Admiral Ironshell was doing with Manhattan. He grit his black teeth and prepared to wage war.

Admiral Ironshell was doing wonderfully, as it turns out. The evacuated city left hundreds of buildings for his army to hide in, making effective bases. The Marines held the roadway to Mainland New York, but Ironshell wasn’t worried about that.

“How’s the surprise coming?” asked Ironshell of one of his aids.

“D.C. will be attacked in two minutes,” affirmed the aid.

“YOU IDIOT!” yelled Ironshell. “THE ENEMY IS SPYING ON US!” The aid gulped.

“Sir, we have less than a few minutes to evacuate the White House,” said the man in black to the president. The president got up without argument and walked outside. The Secret Service was running around, most leaving in cars and on motorcycles. The president watched as his helicopter landed in front of him. “Get on, sir!” rushed the man in black, pushing the president forward before getting on himself. The president looked back as the helicopter rose, only to be greeted by the site of the White House suddenly blowing up in flames.

King Koopa, also known as Bowser, was currently sweeping across the Russian countryside, burning and pillaging everything that he came across. He had quite a death count. He added two as he burned a running mother and child on the road beneath him. Coming about a mile after him was his army, destroying everything that he left for them.

Doshi snapped his fingers and waved his hand. The sun was covered with black clouds in seconds and lightning filled the air. Everyone stopped fighting and looked up at the sudden change of weather. The Marines started again in seconds, and the Koopa Katrol started to loose ground at an extreme rate. Doshi growled, the sound vibrating through the air, amplifying until the sound of the thunder was covered.

“What are you doing, sir?” asked General Guyo worriedly.

“The air shall be filled with the cries of the dead,” said Doshi coldly. Guyo gulped.

“The world shall feel my wrath and it shall never be whole again. The corpses will pick themselves up and obey the will of Death, and all shall die, and all shall be forgotten save in the old Tomes and Annals of Despair and Darkness.” He turned his head towards Guyo. “Pray that you die before then,” Doshi said quietly. He snapped up his head and roared.

Roy Koopa rushed up to the helicopter, his little brother Morton held dieing in his arms.

 “Takeoff!” he yelled hurriedly, jumping into his seat. The helicopter pilot complied. “Don’ die on me, Morton,” said Roy quietly, as the helicopter rushed towards Bowserous.

The President of the United States looked on from his secret army base at IIII IIIIIIIIII.

“Get ready to call for a retreat,” he ordered, as on one screen the air was filled with lightning. “Put the rest of our forces in New York, to meet the threat in Manhattan,” he continued, “and make the Gun our first priority.”

“Yes sir,” responded one of the lieutenants at his side.

“Let the people DIE!” yelled Doshi, grabbing at the empty air. Marines started and fell as they had heart attacks.

“Let them SUFFER!” yelled Doshi, jumping up and down. The dead bodies on the floor started to thump up and down, as their hearts started to pump, their veins filled with dark magic.

“Let them FEAR!” yelled Doshi, slapping at the air. The wind picked up, throwing the Paratroopas to the floor.

“Let them RUN THE RAIN OF MY BLOODY TEARS!” screamed Doshi into the air, puffing up his chest and throwing it out. Rain started to fall, red and of strange taste.

“Let them DIE!” roared Doshi, stomping the ground. The dead bodies jumped up, and all looked on as their dead brethren rose again. The Marines looked on with starting fear as their fallen comrades turned on them.

“Let all Die and Suffer in pain and Fear, as they Run,” shouted Doshi into the air. “lLt none remember this day as anything but DARK!” as his dead recruits killed Marine after Marine.

“King Koopa, please return home,” came the order over the headset. Bowser turned.

“Why?” growled the king into the mouthpiece.

“Prince Roy has returned,” came the answer, “and it doesn’t look good for Prince Morton.” Bowser cursed and soared full speed to Bowserous.

“I’m on my way,” said Bowser.

“Thank you, sir.”

“The Gun is in position, sir,” said a lieutenant to the president.

“Fire at will, but make it count,” he ordered.

Doshi noticed the massive gun being aimed at him, but he only laughed angrily. How dare those mortals try to kill him? He, conquerer of thousands of Universes, Manipulator of Dimensions, Director of Space-Time, be hurt, killed, by humans? They might be the Ultimate Virus, but he was the cure to their disease.

“We have a lock,” said the private at the Gun’s helm.

This gun was the pinnacle of human warfare technology, able to fire a two-ton object into deep space. It fired only a 7-inch bullet, but with all that energy behind it, it would pierce anything.

“Fire,” ordered the lieutenant at his side.

Doshi put up his hand, ready to smite the gun with his power, but he never had a chance. In a moment, a 7-inch bullet moving at over a million miles per second pierced the Ultimate Armor that is Doshi’s skin.

Doshi gasped for a moment to small for us to properly measure, as he felt his knee shatter.

Impossible, went the thought through his brain, as he knew what would happen. In a single moment in Time, he withdrew his power, from the dead troops, from the Worlds he fought on in Universes too numerable to count, from the realms of Gods and Devils, and prepared himself for the ordeal to come. In the next moment, he fell with the dead soldiers, overwhelmed with pain, as his power, his soul, started to empty from his body. Light, brighter than any seen after, rushed from the hole in his knee, and energy flew, equivalent to the yearly output of every star in our Universe multiplied by three, blasting the ground in front of him away, turning everything to energy and dust. Atoms burst under the strain of his power, only increasing the explosion that lit up the darkened day, the light that rushed from the Earth into deep space.

Doshi shoved his claw into the hole in his body, and gasped as his soul stopped its flight.

And God cast him down, and thrust him into the Pit of Fire, was the thought that rushed through his head over and over for hours, until Koopas from Bowserous came to pick up the wounded for healing.

Second Interlude: Pain

Pain is, unfortunately, the most common sensation felt on Earth. There are 3 types of pain: Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, and Intellectual Pain.


Intellectual Pain. When you realize you’ve done something stupid or against your private philosophies, you call yourself stupid, an idiot, etc.


Well, this Pain can be worse than the other two.


Because you create it in a private place; your mind. You make it and store it in there, hid away until the cage holding it bursts. All the berating of yourself, it gets stored away, and added to every time you do it again. Eventually, it’s going to come out. It might even overwhelm you. Why do you think people cut themselves? Why do you think suicide exists? Don’t give me a wisecrack answer. You know the truth; they couldn’t handle what they did to themselves.

Look, what does this have to do with the story?

Well, many things. Roy; beating himself up inside because if he hadn’t been so eager to go and fight, Morton might not be dieing. The president; why this senseless war against an enemy he wouldn’t be able to defeat? King Koopa; his son is dieing while he took pleasure in destroying everything. Doshi; how could he have been so arrogant? How could he have let this happen to himself? All is Intellectual Pain. And it brings Emotional Pain with it, the two amplifying each other.

So can we continue now?

Don’t want to listen to my philosophy?

No. It’s stupid.

No it’s not. Think about it. And have a wonderful day.

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