Paris Takeover

By Doshi

Chapter 7: Descro

Prelion came up the elevator with a plate of hot, steaming food. Prelion sighed as he stepped out of the roofless elevator. His teacher Doshi was waiting for him. Doshi insisted on that title. Prelion was honored, but also weary of his mentor. Doshi had collapsed after his fight in Costa Rica. Nobody knew what happened, but it had left a 50,000 mile long scar in the Earth’s crust, a cut going deep into the Upper Mantle. As dust clouds started to encompass the Earth, lava and water from the Upper Mantle and the two biggest oceans on Earth mixed.

When Doshi had come too, he had demanded a special bandage be made for him. It was to be of a special mix of iron and the gold that Doshi had fashioned his gloves from. A week later, the bandage was ready, and Doshi put it on in the space of a moment. After this Time manipulation, Doshi fainted again. Nobody knew if he was dead or not.

The next day Doshi woke again, and ordered his rooms be made fit for a king. Beautiful treasures were rushed in; and over a hundred heavy blankets. After Doshi had made it through an entire day without fainting, King Koopa accosted him of Morton’s situation.

“Why isn’t he dead already?” Doshi asked, covered in hundreds of heavy blankets.

“Because I gave him the Pendant and set it on Starman mode!” yelled King Koopa. “But it doesn’t stop him from getting worse!”

“But it gives you time to do surgery on him, ri-”asked Doshi.

“NO!” interrupted King Koopa. He glared at Doshi, who looked so meek in his massive bed. “It… the damage…” said King Koopa tearfully, “it’s messed up his major organs… He’s…  he’s… HE’S DIEING!” roared the King of Koopas. Doshi sighed.

“My life may end soon, but I need to deal with you all,” he said quietly. He pushed the covers off of him and tried to get out of bed. Doshi stumbled and fell on his face. He got back up slowly, shivered, and walked to King Koopa. “Take me to the Princling,” said Doshi wearily.


Morton lay in the hospital, which was overcrowded with the wounded and dieing. Bowser had tried to get Morton a room of his own, but he had failed. The hospital didn’t have any spare space.

Bowser and Doshi went toward him, Doshi pausing every so often to heal a loyal follower. Morton was laying with his insides outside. The blood was coming out of his body at an alarming rate. The only reason he wasn’t dead was Bowser’s Pendant, which was glowing around his neck. Doshi closed his eyes, and after two minutes of silence, Morton’s insides went inside, packing themselves very nicely, and Morton started to snore. Doshi pulled off Bowser’s Pendant and gave it to Bowser. Bowser took it and waited for Doshi to leave before collapsing with joy.


Prelion opened the door at the end of the hallway. There Doshi lay, shivering under his covers. Prelion took the hot plate to him and touched him lightly on the shoulder. Prelion whipped his hand back; Doshi was burning hot!

“I’m so stupid,” said Doshi. Prelion jumped.

“Stupid, sir?” he asked warily.

“Yes, stupid,” replied Doshi bitterly. “I should have sent a copy of myself to this accursed world. Instead,” he continued, “I came myself and surly cursed myself to extinction.” He tried some of the soup before spitting it out violently and throwing down the food. “Too cold!” he whined. Prelion couldn’t help but stare. “I know,” said Doshi sadly, “it’s sad how weak I find myself. Leave me,” he said, turning away. Prelion picked up the mess on the floor and left the room.

The next day, Prelion took Doshi food, to the same effect. But the next day, Prelion found Doshi to be raving.

“The Mothers are hating towards me!” he said, his black eyes roaming around the room. “I’ve scarred one, and possibly cursed the other! They send their child after me!” Doshi didn’t eat any food that day either.

When Prelion opened the door the next day, holding a plate of food so hot he had to wear three pairs of heavy-duty, fire-resistant gloves to hold it, there was someone else there. He dropped the plate on his foot.

This man, if he could be called such a thing, was unlike anything Prelion had seen before. He was eight feet tall, but not muscular. His was actually quite thin. His arms were longer than Bowser’s, and his hands were likewise. His fingers were long, seemingly having three segments, not the usual two. The fingernails were hooked and pointed like claws. The man wore black pants and a black shirt, over which was a black overcoat. All this was greatly contrasted against his skin, which was so white it looked like light. But his face, it was his face that freaked out Prelion most. His lips were a bright pink, and his teeth were all pointed, and also, there seemed to be quite a lot of teeth for just one mouth. His ears were pointed, his nose was normal. His hair was brown, a full deep brown.

Prelion noticed that his feet were getting burned horribly by the hot food, but he couldn’t look away. The man’s eyes, the man’s eyes! The background was bright red, like lava! The veins, they were pure green! The man’s irises, they were pure white with silver lining, and his pupils were brown.

Prelion jumped up as he noticed his foot starting to melt. As he hopped around the room, he listened to the man and Doshi talk.

“Interesting appearance,” said Doshi. “The symbolism of the eyes is fabulous.”

“Thank you,” said the man, his voice sounding like the tinkling of a flute. “You are not yourself, I see.”

“Perhaps more of myself than I’ve been in a long time,” said Doshi quietly. “I know why you’ve come. Will you not start?”

“Not yet,” said the man, sounding amused. “I would like to talk with you for awhile.”

“To gain answers?” inquired Doshi.

“Yes,” said the man. His voice took on a tone of a trombone. “How are you feeling?”

“Cold,” said Doshi submissively.

“Ah yes,” said the man. “Your body temperature is equivalent to hundreds of stars, I believe.”

“Correct,” said Doshi. He pointed to a cushioned chair. “Why don’t you sit down?”

“I believe I will, thank you,” said the man, sitting. “That raises an interesting question; why does not your body melt everything around you?”

“I try to contain the heat,” said Doshi. “More efficient energy-wise.”

“Interesting,” said the man. “Why,” he asked softly, his voice a violin, “did you come to Earth?”

“I plan to take it over,” said Doshi. “And I have.”

“Have you?” asked the man, his voice very, very soft. “One last question; what was that light and energy that so harmed the Mothers?”

“A side effect of the Soul Complex,” said Doshi, pushing off his covers.

“WHAT?!” shouted the man, jumping to his feet, his voice like a tuba and an organ. “YOU DARE USE THE ONE PIECE OF MAGIC THE GODS DARE NOT?!”

“I am a God,” said Doshi, getting out of bed, “a God of Death and Doom.” He opened his black arms wide. “Come, I have awaited this day too long.” The man growled. He raised his hands and the roof tore itself off.

“Are you going to die quietly?” he asked, his voice soft like a flute again.

“No,” said Doshi, smirking. “Are you?” The man growled again, low and feral.

Prelion looked on in shock as Doshi and the man rose into the air.

“By the way,” said Doshi conversationally, “what’s your name?”

“Descro,” answered the man.

“Descro?” asked Doshi. “Sounds Russian.”

“It’s not,” replied Descro shortly, waving his long hand fluidly. Doshi started to laugh.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” he asked.

“Of course not,” replied Descro. He waved his hand again. Doshi smiled.

“Let me show you how it’s done,” he said, waving his own hand. Prelion watched in awe as Descro seemed to suddenly be hit by a massive gust of wind. Descro flew out of sight, tumbling as a bird would have. Doshi started after him.

Prelion stood for a minute, at a loss for what to do. He then spotted an onyx pair of binoculars, and grabbed them. Looking out a window, he watched the battle with amazement.

Descro thrust out his empty palm towards Doshi; Doshi seemed to tumble in midair. Descro responded by continuously doing the same thing. Doshi seemed to be losing until he stopped in midair, upside down. He seemed to catch the next two thrusts Descro sent. Doshi, with rapid hand movements, blocked all of Descro’s attacks. Doshi said something and disappeared.

Prelion looked towards Descro and was unsurprised to see that Doshi had appeared behind him, and the two here now duking it out. Doshi had the initial advantage, but soon Descro’s larger size and longer arm length pushed the battle in his favor.

“All is reception and perception change the reception and thus the perception and so listen in to things that seem too far away to listen to.”

Prelion started in shock as Doshi’s voice filled his head. He thought about this for a minute. He suddenly jumped in fright as he heard something; “-why so weak?” Prelion calmed down quickly and did what he did before.

“-have to sustain myself on hundreds of worlds.” It was Doshi’s voice.

“Stupid of you.” Descro’s. Prelion grit his teeth and looked out. Doshi and Descro hovered near each other, seemingly tired.

“Not really, not when I was more powerful than any since,” said Doshi.

“Ready to begin again?” asked Descro. Doshi responded by whipping his tail at Descro; his tail emitted a faint, pink beam. Descro moved out of the way with inhuman speed. Then he opened his mouth and let out a lion-like roar. It startled Prelion so much, he fell to the floor, his concentration gone. After he got back up, Prelion noticed that Descro was trying not to physically attack Doshi.

“If you’d gather the courage to hit me,” Doshi was saying, “you might have a hope of survival.” He twirled like a top, shooting out red beams of light at Descro, who dodged them, just barely.

“You’re too hot!” said Descro, nimble like a hummingbird. He waved his hand at Doshi; an orb of white light shot out towards Doshi. Doshi stopped spinning and swatted the orb into deep space with his tail.

“That’s escalating the war!” he said, frowning.

“You started it,” pointed out Descro, throwing orb after orb at Doshi. Doshi swatted orb after orb with his tail into space. Prelion smiled. Descro was no match for Doshi!

But then Doshi was hit in the small of the back by an orb. Prelion cried out as Doshi flew down and slammed into a building. Prelion looked at the flying Koopas, who were quite surprised to find themselves flying through the air. Prelion looked around for Doshi, but couldn’t find him. A moment later, Doshi got out of the rubble, and shook himself like a dog.

Doshi jumped into the air and turned towards Descro, who was smiling. Prelion didn’t like the number of teeth in that mouth. He looked on with cheer as Doshi made an orb of his own, green in color.

“DIE!” roared Doshi, flames coming from his mouth, as he threw the orb at Descro. Descro whipped out his hand to catch it; his hand stopped the ball. The two hung there, Descro trying, it seemed, with all his might to fling the ball away, and Doshi, swaying in the air, looking sick.

“RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” roared Descro, as his arm moved upwards without his hand. The green orb flew down into the city, and buildings blew up under the light’s extreme energy. Prelion, blinded for a minute, could only hear.

“You… you… you ripped my arm off!”

“I meant for you to have a hole in you.”

“You [censored]!”

“Now now, I plan to have this posted on a G-rated site; no cursing, please.”

“Shut up!”

“That’s better.”

Prelion blinked, his sight returning. Quickly bringing the binoculars to bear, he saw Descro looking with shock at his hand. Doshi was still swaying in the air. Prelion grew worried as he noticed that Doshi was tired.

“WHAT’S GOING ON?!” roared Bowser behind Prelion, barging into the room. “PEOPLE ARE DESTROYING MY NEW CITY!” Prelion turned around with his finger at his mouth; then he pointed towards another pair of binoculars. Bowser grabbed it and looked out the windows with Prelion.

Doshi had made another green orb; he was lining up his shot like a bowler. Moments later, he threw his ball. Descro stood in the way and made a queer hand motion; his fingers opened up. The orb, mere feet away, ceased to exist. Descro, with a twisted expression of rage, scratched at the air and then waved his hand fluidly; Doshi blocked an invisible attack, and then was hit by an imaginary gust of wind.

“Get yer butt up, Doshi!” yelled Roy.

“Up, high, arriba!” shouted Morton, wearing a hospital gown.

Prelion looked around; all the Koopalings were here save Ludwig. Prelion looked back. Doshi had stabilized himself. Descro was still looking at his hand.

“Look at that guy’s hand!” yelled Larry suddenly. They zoomed in on it: rock was growing from it, in the shape of human bones. Prelion gulped. The rocks suddenly grew at an alarming rate; they were soon covered by a strange, wooden material, and from that, like blossoming flowers, his skin grew back.

“Interesting,” said Iggy and Doshi together. Descro responded by throwing more orbs. Doshi decided to dodge them this time, as he was too tired to do otherwise. Prelion noticed this all with growing worry. His mentor suddenly rushed towards Descro, and Descro engaged him in combat.

“Give ‘em a right! A right!” yelled Roy.

“Doshi Doshi Doshi Doshi Doshi Doshi!” cheered on Morton.

“Go get ‘em!” shouted Lemmy and Iggy at the same time.

“WOOO!!!” cheered on Wendy.

“KILL HIM!” roared Bowser. Prelion smiled. It did his heart good to see the Royal Koopa Family cheering on Doshi. His smile grew as Doshi landed a blow with his tail on the bottom of Descro’s spine. Descro was momentarily paralyzed, and Doshi took the opportunity to create another green orb. Descro moved back quickly as Doshi threw the orb at his chest. Descro tried to dodge, but was hit on his left shoulder, and as it burned away and his arm came off, he screamed.

Prelion dropped to the floor lifeless; the sound of the Earth itself in torture having destroyed his mind. The Koopas around fell to the floor; all unconscious.

“You’re the Earth’s Avatar?” asked Doshi wearily. Descro threw him a dirty look.

“Yesssss,” he responded. “Why don’t you kill me already?” he asked angrily of Doshi.

“I…I…I didn’t know,” said Doshi, sounding as if he was pleading.

“All powerful, were you?” hissed Descro.

“But not all knowing,” said Doshi sadly. “Even the First made mistakes,” he added after awhile.

“He was the first of life,” said Descro. “You are not the first of Death.”

“No…” said Doshi. Descro’s arm grew back; first rock, then the bark-like substance, and from that grew his pale white skin.

“So?” asked Descro, opening his arms wide, “shall we continue?”

“I don’t want to kill you,” Doshi warned.

“I want to kill you,” responded Descro, lunging forward, his hands out like claws. Doshi dodged, barely making his way unscathed.

“You leave me no choice,” said Doshi sadly. He pulled a walkie-talkie out of nowhere. “Use it,” he said shortly into it.

“Use what?” said Descro, seemingly scared.

“The Frequency Machine,” said Doshi calmly.

“WHAT?!” shouted Descro, his voice like a lion, a boar, and a monster. “What?” he asked again, softly, pitifully, his voice as a kitten’s, a lost baby bear’s.

Chapter 8: The Frequency Machine

Things function on several different levels; the idea that Plit was surrounded by a special “Ether” is not entirely incorrect. But that Ether extends to most of the Universe. There is also a “Sub-Ether”, which works differently, and is in a different dimension then we can perceive.

But Energy, Energy works in different Frequencies. Therefore, by sending vibrations along those Frequencies, we can manipulate the Energy. As all matter is comprised of Energy, we can then change the matter.

This gives us unlimited Power over the Universe.

From deep under Bowserous, the metallic, squash-shaped object sat still as the mechanisms inside of it moved. Suddenly, it moved, just a millimeter, in the space of a nanosecond.

“Please,” said Descro, clapping his hands together, “I beg of you-”

“And I no longer care,” said Doshi dismissively. He floated down. Descro followed, quivering in quite rage.

“Please,” he said again, “think of what will happen!”

“Life will end,” said Doshi, very bored. “The climate will change, the Sun will go into supernova, the Moon will crash into Mars, Jupiter will turn into a flaming ball of gas, Neptune will boil, Venus will become sentient, the Dolphins, last to live, will turn cannibal.” He paused and seemed to consider this. Descro stood quietly, hoping, yet not daring to say anything out loud. “I don’t care,” Doshi decided with a shrug.

“HOW CAN YOU NOT?!” cried Descro, tearing at his hair.

“Blame yourself,” said Doshi indifferently.

A wave passed in the microscopic world of Energy, and it, ever so softly, pushed against the mantle as it sped to its destination. As it did, the lava pushed upwards, and all the volcanoes in Northern Africa and the Middle East and Southern India erupted in turn. As ash and smoke filled the air, a fissure gave into the pressure and an earthquake in Italy crushed and killed hundreds. Another fissure, hundreds of miles away, in the Indian Ocean, quite long, then gave way, the final effect of the deadly wave.

A tsunami sprung forth, and all the Energy of three gigatons of TNT rushed forth. The Earth jumped, and all over the world earthquake after earthquake struck. More volcanoes erupted, and it was chaos on Earth.

“BLAME MYSELF?!” cried Descro, who Doshi ignored. “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO-”

Descro stopped, and shuddered.

“Who what?” asked Doshi, a queer look on his black face. “Who just sentenced the First being that ever lived in this Universe to Death? I’m to blame for that, no more, no less. But even you shall live through this,” he said, suddenly turning and marching out as Descro fell to floor, his hands around his throat. His skin started to dry out, showing the tree-like bark beneath. Then his skin fell off in little bits and pieces, as his eyes rolled up, only his bright reds showing.

From deep under Bowserous, the metallic, squash-shaped object sat still as the mechanisms inside of it moved. Suddenly, it moved, just a millimeter, in the space of a nanosecond.

The now de-skinned Descro got up from the floor, shivering uncontrollably.

“Noo-oooo-ooo…” he grasped from the bottom of his throat.


“Yessssss,” said Doshi, his black eyes gleaming.

A wave passed in the unseen world of Energy. Every electric device in North America exploded, and all the nuclear missiles of the United States prepared to launch.

The wave passed from the surface of the Earth, and traveled towards the Sun, where it started a reaction that would make it release everything it had left in one supreme explosion.

Descro fell to his knees, and watched in horror as the tree-like substance that covered him stiffened up and fell off him. The green in his eyes drained out, and he started to cry tears of brimstone.

From deep under Bowserous, the metallic, squash-shaped object sat still as the mechanisms inside of it moved. Suddenly, it moved, just a millimeter, in the space of a nanosecond.

A wave passed in the macroscopic world of Energy. It passed over the Asian continent, blowing volcanoes and tripping earthquakes, blowing every electric device in its path, and just before it rushed from the planet into deep space, it triggered all the nuclear missiles in the world.

Admiral Ironshell was in Maine, having conquered all of the Northeast of America. He had made a pact with Canada; if they would unite themselves with Bowser’s Empire, he would leave them alone.

He looked up as his light shattered. Tossing his notebook aside, he rushed outside.

“What’s going on?!” he demanded.

3… 2… 1… FIRE!!!

And so every nuclear weapon fired.

Mushroom clouds filled the sky, and all life on Earth ended, save the Dolphins, two Humans, an Avatar, and a black Yoshi.

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