Paris Takeover

By Doshi

Chapter 1: Realization

Ludwig was in his lab, doing what he did best: inventing. and, of course, eating chocolate, which proved here to be both a curse and a blessing. For in walked Doshi, mischievous little lizard, to snag the chocolate bar right out of Ludwig’s hands for himself. Doshi sprung, but Ludwig, being the genius that he is, quickly dodged.

“Not this time,” said Ludwig. Doshi turned and gave his adversary a large and frightful smile.

“But this time,” he said, lunging once again at the blue-haired Koopaling. He landed on his foe this time, and quickly grabbed the coveted candy bar, shoving it in his mouth. Ludwig got up from under Doshi, and Doshi fell on his back. Ludwig let off a laugh. Doshi smiled and shrugged, getting up and sitting on a bench. Ludwig smiled and handed Doshi another chocolate bar, grabbing another for himself. The two unlikely friends smiled and opened their chocolate bars at the same time.

Yes, Doshi, who had once sought to destroy Ludwig, was now his friend. Ludwig, who had once sought to kill Doshi, in turn was Doshi’s friend. Well, as much as an ancient Yoshi monster and a Koopa Prince could be friends. It happened in a strange, yet inevitable way...


Doshi and Ludwig faced off on top of a hill. Doshi took in a quick breath, and Ludwig took out his newest invention.

Doshi let his fireball go.

Ludwig fired.

The flaming ball of gas hit Ludwig straight on, and his shell quickly melted.

The streak of lightning hit Doshi head on, and Doshi fell to the ground, immobile…

End Flashback…

Thus Ludwig and Doshi had defeated each other, and after they both were back in tip-top shape, they found that they now had developed a respect for the other.

Doshi and Ludwig conversed, exchanging theories and showing the other inventions he had made.

Most of Doshi’s inventions leaned toward either making beautiful things, like a giant rose sculpture out of diamond, or a weapon of mass, mass destruction.

Ludwig’s inventions where of a wider scope, from better toilet, to a pendant that gave people super powers.

That pendant was the main point of today’s discussion.

“So,” said Doshi, “Bowser used this thing to become powerful, but only in the ‘Real’ World?”

“Yep,” answered Ludwig, “where the Mario Bros. couldn’t become super!”

“Well… your plan wasn’t all that bad… Could you please explain its principles to me?”

Ludwig then launched into a long and boring  explanation, which the writer doesn’t want to go into. Instead, the writer will give a list of his favorite things to do:

1. Lie down with a good book and a nice puppy.
2. Lie down with a nice puppy.
3. Lie down with a good book.
4. Lie down.
5. Eat
What’s that? Oh, it seems Ludwig is done. Ah well, I was just getting to the good part, but perhaps another time.

“Well… If the Tess12 was exchanged for a Tess-34, wouldn’t the pendant work here, instead of the Real World?” asked Doshi.

“Weellll… yes...” replied Ludwig. “But the Mario Bros. can go Super here, don’t forget, and they would beat King Dad anyway.” At this Doshi scoffed, for he thought it amusing that Bowser was called ‘King Dad’.

“Then what if you put in a Tess12 and, in the opposite pole, put a Tess-9?”

“That would make it...” Here Ludwig stopped talking, as an evilly glad look appeared in his eyes. “That’s good…really good.” Doshi replied with a warm smile.

“I know. Wanna tell your dad?”

Chapter2: Invites

“Hey, Mario!” yelled the Green Wonder. “You got mail!”

“Hey, who’s that, Mario?” asked Luigi, noticing the Green Wonder.

“Eh, some admirer,” replied Mario, eating a bowl of spaghetti for breakfast. “Said he wanted to be my personal… eh... valet, or something.”

“Oh.” Luigi got up and served himself a bowl of spaghetti, while Mario read his mail.

“Says here that Princess Peach wants to have another Party,” said Mario. Luigi sighed.

“That’s the third one this month!” said Luigi. “I’m getting fat on all this cake!”

“Yeah, and I’m the fat one here,” replied Mario with a laugh.

“Yeah, that’s the truth,” laughed Luigi.

“What’re you saying, Luigi?” asked Mario. “Are you calling me fat?”

“Mario,” said Luigi, “with you around, I don’t hafta say anything.” The Brothers broke up, laughing fit to burst. The Green Wonder cleaned the table.

Chapter 3: Plans

“But what if the Mario Bros. show up?” asked a thoughtful Bowser.

“I’ll take care of them,” replied Doshi with a bow. Bowser nodded.

“All right, but what if you’re defeated?” asked Bowser, thinking, which actually wasn’t a rare sight, though many people think it is.

“I won’t unless something completely out of wack happens,” answered Doshi, “and then Ludwig’s got a trick up his sleeve... er... shell.”

Ludwig laughed. “And if they get out of that,” said Kooky Koopa, “they’ll by so tired you’ll be able to take them out like that!”

Bowser smiled. “I like this. Send out the cards!” Doshi and Ludwig smiled brightly, and, Bowser joining, they all laughed.

Chapter4 :The Notoriously Short Chapter, or, Let’s Go!

“Lets go!” said Luigi, leaving for the party.

“K,” answered Mario, following.

Chapter 5: Mario!

When Luigi and Mario reached the Castle, the noticed that there were no balloons, no guests, no all you can eat buffet.

“What type of party is this?!” exclaimed Mario.

“I dunno, Brother,” answered Luigi. “Where’s Peach?”

At this time Toad ran up to them. “Guys, what are you doing here?” asked the puny Mushroom person.

If you will excuse my for a few minutes, I have to go to the bathroom. Bob will be taking over.

Mario and Luigi smacked the puny Mushroom dude and, like, threw him in the trash. Then, like, they like, went to Peach’s room, and like, totally went through her, like, wardrobe. Then they, like, played dress up, with, like, her clothes, and then they partied down the halls, and like, swam in the pool. Like, then, they like, totally threw her clothes in the pond, and then, like, set fire to her mattress. And then, like, they ran out to the front door, and like, ran out. Then, like Bowser totally came down from the sky and captured them. Major bummer, man. Like, Bowser is so evil. He like, goes around capturing Princess Peachy, and then, like, tries to like marry her, but, like, she is totally Mario’s girl, man.

Hello. I am back… Bob?


Kill yourself for me, will you?


Thank you. I’m going to continue now.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!” laughed Bowser in Mario’s face. “I WIN! YOU LOSE! BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!” Mario looked around, noticing that Bowser was not leading his doomship towards his castle, but rather towards a warp zone.

“Do you recognize this place?” asked Iggy, who happened to be nearby. In fact, all the Koopalings happened to be nearby.

“Yeah, it’s where Bowser kidnapped Luigi and took him to Paris, France. Why?” asked Mario. Lemmy laughed.

“That’s where we’re going, all of us, to take over Paris!” answered the mischievous Clown Prince. Mario groaned. Doshi then walked onto the bridge.

“Commander Koopa, sir,” said Doshi, while Mario and Luigi looked on in shock at Doshi being that polite to Bowser. “The doomship won’t fit through yet. The Paris end isn’t the right accommodation.” Luigi looked through a window. The once normal-sized pipe was now large enough for three doomships to fit through. “We’ll hafta go on foot until Paris is taken over and the pipe is fixed.”

Bowser growled. “Fine. You and I are going to Paris, and everyone else will wait for our signal.”

The Koopalings groaned. “But King Dad,” whined Wendy, “I wanna go!”

“NO!” roared Bowser as Doshi snickered. “You’re gonna stay here!”

Wendy whined and cried, but Bowser’s word was final. Mario and Luigi where thrown in a pit, with Roy as a guard. Ludwig gave Bowser the new and improved pendant. Bowser put it on, and the Marios were scared to see him immediately go Raccoon. He jumped in the pipe, followed quickly by Doshi.

Meanwhile, Princess Peach came back from the manicure shop.


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