Toad's Kongtastic Journey

By E-Man

Meanwhile on the Swimming Krock, Krusha is escorting E-Man to a cell. Just then, King K. Rool comes up to E-Man.

K. Rool: So, this is the all powerful E-Man, huh? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You're not that tough without your fancy weapon!

K. Rool pulls out E-Man's Star Rod.

E-Man: You'll never get away with this, you big, ugly lizard!

K. Rool: Shut up, you stupid boy! There is no one who can help you now!

E-Man: Grrrrr.

K. Rool: Now if you excuse me, I have plans to do.

K. Rool closes E-Man's cell and goes away.

K. Rool: Krusha! Make sure he doesn't escape!

Krusha: Sure thing, Boss!

Krusha sits down in a chair and reads a magazine. Meanwhile, Kracko is with a bunch of Kremlings that are working on some kind of laser. Just then, K. Rool comes up to Kracko.

K. Rool: Kracko, how's it going?

Kracko: It's going pretty great, Boss!

K. Rool: By the way, call me K. Rool.

Kracko: Ok! Anyway, I was able to combine the B. O. B. (Banjo-Tooie) with the Blast O' Matic to make a super powerful cannon. With it, we can not only destroy DK Island, we can also destroy the Mushroom Kingdom!

Bowser: Oooookay. How is blowing up the Mushroom Kingdom good?

K. Rool: Just think of it. As soon as the Blaster Cannon Plus, or the B. C. P., is done with the Mushroom Kingdom, it will soon look like the Koopa Kingdom.

Bowser: Oh. I get it now.

Kracko: Of course, if we want to power it, we need something extremely powerful to make it work.

K. Rool: What about E-Man's Star Rod?

Kracko: We can't use that! If we do use it, the B. C. P. will be overpowered and explode! We need to use the Master Coconut.

K. Rool: How are we going to do that?

Meanwhile on a small island, a few Kritters are just standing there.

Kritter: This is so boring. Guarding the entrance to the Lost World of Kremlantis isn't fun.

Just then a barrel floats up to them.

Another Kritter: What's that?

One of the Kritters grabs the barrel and opens it up. They find Sonic inside it.

Sonic: It's a good thing I got out of that barrel! When I get those Kongs, I'm going to give them a run for their money!

Another Kritter: This blue rat could be of use to us. We must show him to the boss.

Sonic: I'm a hedgehog, not a rat.

Meanwhile on the shore of the Grass Kingdom, Toad and Dixie are lying on the beach. Toad wakes up.

Toad: Uggg. What happened?

Toad wakes up Dixie.

Dixie: Ugggg. Where am I?

Toad looks around for a bit. The Grass Kingdom is a big jungle.

Toad: I think this is the Grass Kingdom. The king must have forgotten to trim it.

Dixie: This is the Grass Kingdom?

Toad: Well, it may be a jungle now, but it used to be a great kingdom.

Dixie: Why should I hate it? I like the jungle.

Toad: Oh. We have to get on our quest to save everyone!

Dixie: Don't worry! I'm right behind you!

Toad and Dixie enter the jungle. While walking, Toad and Dixie run into some Goombas.

Dixie: Toad, what are those things?

Toad: They're Goombas.

Dixie: I’ve never seen those members of the Kremling Krew.

Toad: That's because they're Bowser's minions! Bowser must have unified with K. Rool!

Dixie: How do we beat them?

Toad: A good bop on the head should do the trick.

Toad jumps on all the Goombas.

Dixie: Look what I found!

Dixie shows Toad a barrel.

Toad: So? It's just a barrel.

Dixie: I know, but it could be used as a weapon.

Just then, a bunch of Kritters come up to them.

Dixie: Let me handle this!

Dixie uses her hair to throw the barrel at the Kritters.

Toad: Wow! A barrel can do all that?! Cool!

Dixie: You'll find lots of barrels on the adventure. Trust me.

Toad and Dixie keep going through the jungle. They stomp on all the Goombas and Kritters they find as well as throw barrel at them.

Toad: Is that what the Kremlings are made of? That was easy.

Dixie: They may be easy now, but you will see tougher Kremlings in the future.

Toad: Oh.

Just then, they find a Kremling with a bucket on his head. He is holding a trash can lid with DK in gold letters on it like a shield.

Toad: Is this one of the tough Kremlings you are talking about?

Dixie: He's not so tough. He doesn't even attack.

Kremling: I am the mighty Koin! The great defender of the DK coin!

Toad: You look like something that crawled out of the janitor's closet.

Koin: Grrrr.

Dixie: Where's that steel keg?

Toad: What steel keg?

Dixie: You don't have a thing that bounces off walls and kills a lot of enemies?

Toad: Oh, that? I might have just the thing!

Toad looks around the jungle until he finds a Koopa shell.

Dixie: How's a silly, green shell going to help us?

Toad throws the shell at a wall and it bounces off it to hit Koin.

Koin: ACK!

Koin gets knocked out of the jungle and drops a coin with “DK” on it. Dixie picks it up.

Dixie: Good job! Now we have the DK coin!

Toad: And that's good because?

Dixie: Well… I don't know! But we could use it somehow in the future!

Toad: Let's go!

Toad and Dixie keep going through the jungle until they reach a cave.

Toad: What's a cave doing in the middle of the jungle?

Dixie: Beats me! Why don't we take a look inside?

Toad and Dixie enter the cave. They find a mine cart inside.

Toad: Who would have thought this cave is a mine?

Dixie: I bet that we could use this as a neat shortcut!

Toad and Dixie hop into the mine cart and it starts to roll away.

Toad: Dixie, isn't this cart going a little bit too fast?

The cart is now at a very fast speed. It is now going down tracks that are going up, down, sideways, and also making loop-dee-loops.

Toad and Dixie: AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Just then, some Koopas riding carts come up to them.

Toad: I better hit the brakes!

Toad tries to pull the lever that stops the cart, but as soon as he tries to pull it, it snaps off.

Toad: Uh oh.

Dixie: Quickly! We must jump!

Toad: Why?

Just then, they come up to a gap in the rails.

Toad: Uh oh.

Dixie: Just jump!

Toad and Dixie jump inside the cart to make it fly over the gap. The Koopas that were chasing them don't jump the gap and instead fall into the chasm. After a lot of twists and turns (as well as vomiting), they finally make it to the end of the mine.

Toad: That was the second worst rollercoaster ride I have ever had!

Dixie: What was the first?

Toad: The Mushroom Hoops of Terror in Fungus Land!

Just then, they run into a very familiar face.

Toad: KOIN?!

Koin: Surprised to see me?

Toad: But I thought we knocked you right out of this jungle.

Koin: Get used to it! I'll be here every level!

Toad: Oh. I'll get the shell.

Toad hits a ? Block to get a Koopa shell and he throws it at Koin.

Koin: ACK!

Dixie: Those silly cubes hold items?

Toad: Yes. After that mine cart ride, I bet we could reach the king's castle right now.

When they get out of the mine, they find the castle, which is a little bit further in the jungle and is on the other side of some chasms.

Dixie: You were saying?

Toad: D'oh! Oh well! At least we made it to the road that links the castle!

Koin: Guess who's back?!

Toad: You are really getting annoying, Koin!

Toad stomps on a Koopa, steals its shell, and throws it at Koin again.

Koin: ACK!

Toad: Let's hope we have seen the last of that punk!

Dixie: In one of my adventures, Koin was in every level.

Toad: That stinks!

Dixie: Quit your whining and let's get to the castle!

Toad: How?

Dixie: Like this!

Dixie jumps onto a vine and swings over the pit.

Dixie: Go ahead and try it!

Toad: You expect me to swing on that?! Toads don't do vines!

Dixie: *sigh* Will you do it for a Mushroom Snack?

Dixie pulls out a box with a picture of a Mushroom on it.


Dixie reaches into the box and pulls out a Mushroom-shaped buscuit. She throws it to Toad and he eats it.


Toad jumps very high in the air and slowly drifts back to the ground on his back.

Toad: Ahhhhhhh.

Dixie: Ooooookay. Let's do it!

Toad jumps onto a vine and swings over the pit.

Dixie: That's the spirit!

Toad and Dixie swing from vine to vine to get over most of the chasms. They made it to a very wide chasm with Zingers in it.

Toad: How are we going to cross that?

Dixie: I could use my helicopter spin move to get across it, but I might land on a Zinger and I'll swell to the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon!

Toad: How on Plit did you know about that?

Dixie: Well... Uh… You see… Hey look! A monkey!

Toad: But you are a monkey!

Dixie: A Toad?

Toad: But I am a Toad!

Dixie: You're right. It's just a palm tree.

Toad: A palm tree? Where?

When Toad turns the other way, Dixie smacks Toad's head with a barrel.

Toad: Oh… Mommy, I forgot to wash the pickle today.

Dixie slaps Toad with her hair.

Toad: Uh… What was I doing again? ... Hey look! I found a crate!

Toad shows Dixie a crate with a picture of a rhinoceros head on it.

Dixie: I don't believe it! I thought he ran away a long time ago! Quickly, Toad, break that crate!

Toad pulls out a crowbar and pries open the crate.

Dixie: Why do you carry around a crowbar?

Toad: It's my good luck charm.

Just then, a rhinoceros jumps out of the crate.

Toad: That can't be good.

The rhino comes up to Toad, licks Toads face, and barks.

Toad: Uhhhhh... What happened?

Dixie: That's Rambi. He's a friendly rhino that likes to act like a dog. Let's get on him to get over these Zingers!

Dixie and Toad hop onto Rambi's back. Rambi jumps on one of the Zingers and uses the momentum from that jump to jump on to the next Zinger. This keeps going for a while until they make it to the other side of the chasm.

Toad: Wow. That rhino sure is useful.

Dixie: Rambi is very sturdy and not too many things hurt him. That's why he's on of my favorite partners.

Toad, Dixie, and Rambi keep going down the path to the castle. Since Rambi is so powerful, he's able to pulverize Goombas and Kritters with his powerful horn. They eventually reach a sign with Rambi's face on it under a red circle that has a red line going diagonally through it.

Toad: What's that?

When they pass the sign, Rambi disappears into thin air.

Toad: What happened to Rambi?!

Dixie: It was the work of the no sign. If an animal passes it, then the animal will go away.

Toad: Forever?

Dixie: Not forever, Toad. Only until we find him again.

Toad: Oh.

Toad and Dixie enter the castle. Inside they find the king out cold.

Toad: That can't be good.

Dixie: Why?

Just then, the Rocket comse up to them. It is at a very large scale (about 15 feet) and it's painted black with a Kremling skull and crossbones on it.

Toad: I'm willing to bet that used to be Olimar's rocket.


Dixie: KAOS?! I thought I had seen the last of that stupid robot!

Toad: You know it?

Dixie: Well, only the first version. Some people say that he was the new ruler of the Kremling Krew, but it was just a trick by K. Rool. Kiddy and I were able to beat that bucket of bolts!

Toad: Well... I think we're going to have to beat it again.

KAOS shoots some laser beams at Dixie and Toad. Fortunately, they are able to dodge them.

Toad: How do we beat this crazy cyborg?

Dixie: A good bop on the head did the job for the first KAOS. Maybe it will work again. All we need to do is wait for it to release its knifes.

Toad: Why?

Dixie: When it does that, we can jump on them to get to the top of that robot.

Toad: Oh.

15 minutes of dodging laser beams later…

Toad: Where are those knifes?

Dixie: Wait a second! Those Kremlings must have removed them!

Just then, KAOS spews a jet of very hot flame at Toad and Dixie. It burns part of Toad's cap and part of Dixie's hair.

Dixie: Now I'm starting to know all the bells and whistles of this newer KAOS. The hard way.

Toad: This is hopeless, Dixie.

Dixie: ... I know! We could try the team throw!

Toad: Team throw?

Dixie: Just throw me at KAOS.

Toad: OK!

Toad picks up Dixie and throws her to the top of KAOS. Dixie then jumps on the top of KAOS.

Dixie: It think it's working!

Just then, a missile comes out of KAOS and blasts Dixie off its top.

Dixie: ... Ow.

Toad: Hmmm. I got an idea!

Toad runs out of the castle and returns with a Bob-omb.

Toad: Now it's your turn to throw me, Dixie!

Dixie picks up Toad with her hair and throws Toad to the top of KAOS.

Toad: You're going to get a bang out of this on, KAOS! Hee hee hee!

Toad lifts KAOS's top a little bit and throws the Bob-omb in it.

Dixie: Get off of that thing, Toad!

Toad: Right!

Toad jumps down from KAOS and it blows sky-high. On top of the scrap metal that was once KAOS is a DK Coin that Dixie picks up.

Dixie: I think we're really going to need these coins.

Octorock: Hey! Is anyone forgetting someone?

Toad goes over to Octorock, who is in a cage.

Toad: What are you doing in there?

Octorock: Those stupid Kremlings broke into the lab and kidnapped everybody!

Toad: Don't worry! I'll get you out of there!

Toad opens the cage to let Octorock out.

Octorock: Thanks guys! You're a real help! If you find me in the desert kingdom, I know how I can help!

Octorock leaves the castle. Just then, Cranky comes up to Toad and Dixie.

Cranky: Well done, Toad and Dixie! You did a good job dismantling that fancier bucket of bolts! Off you go to the Desert Kingdom now!

Dixie: Thanks, Cranky!

Dixie, Toad, and Cranky leave the castle. Just then, two Kritters come up to what's left of KAOS.

Kritter: Uh oh. Second in command isn't going to like this.

The other Kritter comes up to the knocked out king and takes his wand.

Other Kritter: Hey! Look what I found!

Kritter: That's great! We need to show this to boss or second in command!
They might be pleased!

The Kritters leave the castle. Meanwhile, Toad and Dixie are trying to come up with a plan to get to the Desert Kingdom.

Toad: This is not good. If we're going to have to save everybody, we need to get to the other kingdoms.

Dixie: We would have a way to get there, but thanks to some Mushroom head, we lost our boat!

Funky: Hey dudes! Are you looking for a tub to rub-a-dub-dub in?

Toad: Well, I took a shower this morning…

Dixie: Silly Toad! He means that he might have a boat for us!

Funky: That's right, dudes! Check it out!

Funky shows Dixie and Toad a barrel with a cone on the front, a turbo jet on the back, a hole for sitting in on top, and skis on the bottom.

Funky: Check it out! It's the Turbo Skis!

Dixie: Thanks, Funky!

Funky: Any time, dudes!

Toad: Let me take you to-

Dixie: Sorry, Toad, after the last incident with the Sonic Boat, I'm going to drive this time!

Dixie takes the seat with the controls, and Toad takes the shotgun seat.

Funky: Good luck on your quest, dudes!

Dixie starts up the Turbo Skis and sails away to the Desert Kingdom at super fast speed.

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