Toad's Kongtastic Journey

By E-Man

Meanwhile at the Swimming Krock, K. Rool is walking down one of the halls with Kracko.

K. Rool: Are you sure Junk in the Box will be able to defeat that Mushroom twerp and that Kong?

Kracko: Relax! I made a whole lot of modifications to Mad Jack, making him a very powerful robot. And please don't call him Junk in the Box.

Just then, a now-broken Mad Jack and the parrot (which is now roasted) land in front of K. Rool and Kracko.

Bowser: Oh boy! Food!

Bowser enters the hall and eats the parrot.

Kracko: That was... random.

K. Rool: You were saying?

Kracko: What happened to you?

Mad Jack: I don't want to talk about it, Master Kracko.

Kracko: Don't worry! I'll go repair you and give you an upgrade!

Just then, some Kritters come over to Kracko with the King of the Water Kingdom.

King: Mamamia! Where am I?!

One of the Kritters: Second in command, we got the king as a prisoner.

Kracko: Huh? I never said anything about keeping the king as my prisoner. All I wanted was his magic wand.

Another Kritter: At least we got it right here.

The Kritter gives Kracko the king's wand.

Kracko: Thank you. Since you made a little bit of a mistake, I will now be the one looking for the wands. As for the king, tell him to go back to the Water Kingdom.

King: Thank you very much! I'd better get back to my Italian dinner. Let's-a go!

The king leaves the Swimming Krock.

K. Rool: By the way, why do you want the wands so badly?

Kracko: It's for a little project I am working on in my spare time.

Mad Jack: But what about me?! I can't stay broken forever!

Kracko: I'll fix you as soon as I get back.

Meanwhile, E-Man and Co. are exploring Diamond City.

Doopliss: Are we close to the school yet? I want to see 9-Volt, Kat, and Ana!

E-Man: Don't worry! We'll be there soon!

Just then, Lemmy Koopa appears from out of nowhere.

Klaps: Who are you?

Lemmy: I am Lemmy Koopa! The webmaster of Lemmy's Land! I am here to tell E-Man that I must make it so that the audience must not see this subquest you are going on.

Doopliss: Does that mean we can't get Team Doopliss back together so we can reclaim the Star Rod?

Lemmy: That's not what I mean. What I mean is that we can't put this adventure in the Fun Fiction. You can still continue to get the Star Rod back, but the audience won't see your progress.

Doopliss: Oh.

Meanwhile, Toad and Dixie have made it to the lower part of the Sky Kingdom.

Dixie: So this is the Sky Kingdom. Why do they call it that? There's nothing special here.

Toad: This is only the ground floor, Dixie. To really get to the Sky Kingdom, we need to climb to the top of Spiral Tower.

Dixie: The word Spiral brings back memories.


Dixie is at Spiral Mountain with Banjo, Kazooie, and Tooty.

Tooty: It's so great of you to visit us today, Dixie! We're going to have lots of fun!

Banjo: That's right, Tooty! We'll climb trees, swim in lakes, and play video games!

Dixie: Thanks, guys! I'm so glad I have friends like you!

Someone: Hey Dixie! Can I go ahead and play with you today?

Just then, Gruntling comes out of Gruntilda's Lair.

Kazooie: Banjo! We'd better go get rid of Mr. Ugly over there!

Banjo: Kazooie! That's just Dixie's friend!

Gruntling: If I wasn't on my break, I would choke that stupid bird! I heard that the waves at Treasure Trove Cove are really good this year! Let's go and catch some!

Dixie: Good deal! I'd better get the surfboards!

Just then, Toad appears from out of nowhere.


Toad: I hate to upset you at a time like this, but you'd better get out of memory lane because we got Lakitus at three o'clock!

*Flashback over*

Dixie snaps out of her flashback and looks up into the sky. There are two Lakitus floating over her.

One of the Lakitus: Yo! We're the Lakitus! King Bowser sent us to destroy a Mushroom Head and a monkey!

Dixie: What's a bunch of floating turtles going to do to us? Rain on our parade?

Toad: Be careful, Dixie! Lakitus are real tricksters!

The other Lakitu: Rain on your parade? That's a great idea! The worst rain of all is Spiny rain!

The Lakitus throw two Spiny eggs onto the ground.

Dixie: How are silly, little spiked balls going to harm us?

Toad: Those aren't any ordinary spiked balls.

The Spiny eggs hatch into Spinies.

Dixie: Awwww! They are soooooo cute!

The First Lakitu: Try to beat those guys!

Dixie: Do I have to beat them? I want them as pets.

The Second Lakitu: (reading the script) It says here that you do.

Dixie: Well that's a shame!

Dixie hits the Spinies' faces with her hair to defeat them.

Both Lakitus: Oh my gosh! How did you do that?!

Dixie: I had to deal with Spinies in Donkey Kong Country 2, but those Spinies are porcupines.

The Second Lakitu: It looks like we need to try something else.

The First Lakitu: You're right! We need to do Lakitu Attack 34!

The Lakitus throw Spiny eggs everywhere.

Dixie: Toad! Do you have a plan to defeat these losers?!

Toad: Are there any of those barrels lying around here?

Dixie: I think I see one over there! Grab it quick!

Toad runs as fast as he can to quickly snatch a conveniently placed barrel, and gives it to Dixie.

Dixie: I see how this is going.

Dixie hoists the barrel over her head with her hair and throws it at one of the Lakitus.

The Lakitu that got hit: OW! That hurt, but I won't give up that easy!

Toad: Nice shot! I'll go get you some more barrels!

Toad runs off to get more barrels.

The Lakitus: Not so fast, Mushroom boy!

As soon as Toad is about to grab a barrel, one of the Lakitus throws a Spiny egg at it to destroy it.

Toad: Shoot! I hate it when this happens!

The Second Lakitu: Go ahead. Just try to grab another.

Toad runs to the next barrel, but it gets destroyed by a Spiny egg too. The same thing happens to all the other barrels.


The First Lakitu: We're sorry, but this is so amusing.

Dixie: Got another idea?

Toad: Uhhhh... No.

Dixie: We're doomed.

Just then, two balls of energy hit the Lakitus and knock them off their clouds.

The Lakitus: RETREAT!

The Lakitus run away.

Toad: Hooray! We're saved!

Dixie: But by whom?

Standing behind Toad and Dixie is a tall man in a red robe with long sleeves. He has black skin, a crown like Peach's crown, and the hood of his robe is up, making it so that the only thing seen of his face is two white eyes without pupils.

Man: I am Agahnim of the Subrosians. I am traveling so I can hunt down Majora and defeat her.

Toad: Agahnim? Aren't you that guy Doopliss keeps talking about who he goes on adventures with?

Agahnim: Correct. I believe that you two are Toad and Dixie, who are going on a quest to save Mario and all his friends.

Dixie: How did you know that?

Agahnim: The power of magic told me about your quest.

Toad: This guy is kind of like Iggy.


Toad: That's not what I mean! I was talking about you liking magic as much as Iggy! Don't get so mad about it!

Dixie: Are we just going to sit here and talk? We'd better save the next prisoner.

Toad: That's right! It's been fun talking to you, Mr. Agahnim, but we need to get into the sky so we can save another of Mario's friends!

Toad finds a Trampoline and uses it to jump on one of the Lakitu's clouds.

Dixie: I never knew you can ride Lakitu clouds!

Toad: It's fun! All you need to do is jump on them after you get the Lakitu off.

Dixie gets on the other Lakitu cloud.

Dixie: Aren't you coming with us?

Agahnim: Of course I am! I came to this kingdom to warn Princess Toadstool about Majora in case I couldn't find her.

Toad: So the princess is here. We'd better get a move on!

Toad uses his Lakitu cloud to quickly reach Spiral Tower.

Dixie: Wait up, Toad!

Dixie follows Toad in her cloud.

Agahnim: They asked me if they wanted me to join them, but they left me. Oh well! I might as well follow them!

Agahnim uses his magic to float in the air and heads in the direction of Spiral Tower. Meanwhile, Toad and Dixie are almost at Spiral Tower.

Toad: I can see Spiral Tower in the distance! We'll be there in no time!

Dixie: You're right, Toad! Riding on clouds is fun! Nothing can go wrong now!

Toad: Uhhhhhh... I forgot to tell you something, Dixie.

Dixie: Uh oh. I don't like the sound of that.

Just then, the clouds that Toad and Dixie are riding on start fading in and out. After five seconds, the clouds disappear.

Dixie: What happed to our clouds?!

Toad: I was going to tell you that after a while, the clouds disappear.

Dixie: -.-'  It looks like we're going to have to go the rest of the trip by foot.

Toad: At least we made it to the tower. All we have to do now is climb it.

Dixie: That sounds easy enough.

Toad: It wasn't for Mario when he climbed the tower years ago. When the Koopa Kids took over the Seven Kingdoms, the tower was made into an enemy stronghold. After the events were over, King Nimbus installed stairs on the exterior of the tower.

As soon as Toad and Dixie go up on the first step, Agahnim comes over to where they are.

Dixie: Aren't you that Agahnim guy we met earlier?

Agahnim: That is true. I'll be traveling with you for a while.

Toad, Dixie, and Agahnim climb the stairway up the tower. Halfway up, they run into some Hammer Bros. and Bazukas.

Toad: Awww... Snap!

Dixie: Crackle!

Agahnim: Pop!

One of the Hammer Bros: Hey! There's that Mushroom Head that Bowser keeps talking about!

One of the Bazukas: I know that monkey! She's Dixie! I remember you from that quest you had with Kiddy Kong when KAOS was our leader!

Another Hammer Bro: And you're... some guy in a red robe. Ah well! It's hammer and blasting time, boys!

The Hammer Bros. throw hammers everywhere while the Bazukas fire Steel Kegs from their Bazookas. Toad and Dixie do their best to dodge the hammers and kegs while Agahnim makes a small shield of magic to deflect the hammers and kegs. The hammers and kegs that don't hit their targets fall off the tower.

Someone: ACK!

Just then, a DK Coin appears from nowhere.

Toad: Thanks, guys! You helped us defeat Koin!

Another Bazuka: We defeated Koin?! NOOOOOOOOO! WE LIKE KOIN!

All the Bazukas fire their Bazookas really fast. They not only knock out Toad and Dixie, they also knock out all of the Hammer Bros.

The first Bazuka: VICTORY! Now to finish it off!

All of the Bazukas get TNT Barrels. They tape them together with super tape and light all the fuses. One of the Hammer Bros. wakes up.

Hammer Bro. that is awake: DON'T DO THAT! YOU'LL DESTRO-

KABOOM! All of the Hammer Bros. and Bazukas fly off in different directions. This doesn't happen to Toad, Dixie, and Agahnim because Agahnim made a magic shield around them.

Agahnim: That was a close one.

Just then, the tower begins to crumble.

Agahnim: Oh no! That can't be good!

Before the tower completely crumbles to the ground, Agahnim teleports Dixie, Toad, and himself off the tower. They all end up on a cloud in the sky.

Agahnim: I'm getting too old for stuff like this.

Toad and Dixie wake up.

Toad: Hey, we're in heaven! Are we dead?

Dixie: There's only one way to find out.

Dixie hits Toad with her hair.

Toad: OW!

Dixie: This isn't heaven!

Toad: If we're not in heaven, then we must be in the higher part of the Sky Kingdom!

Dixie: That's nice. What shall we do now, Sherlock?

Toad: Since all of the prisoners are at the kingdoms' castles, we're going to need to get to Nimbus Castle in the city of Nimbus Land. Come on, guys!

Toad, Dixie, and Agahnim head for Nimbus Land. After a short time of walking, they make it to a bunch of floating platforms.

Agahnim: I feel like I'm not needed here. I'll just wait for you to cross on the other side.

Agahnim teleports away from Toad and Dixie.

Dixie: Brace yourself, Toad, because here we go.

Dixie and Toad jump on the platforms. Dixie is halfway there while Toad is still on the first platform.

Dixie: Hey! This is so easy! I'll get across this in no time!

Toad: You call this easy? When you are a Toad, something like this isn't easy.

Toad makes a leap to the next platform.

Toad: Wow, I can't believe I actually did that. All I need to do is hop the other ones. Nothing can stop me now!

Just then, a Paragoomba shoves Toad and he falls off the platform.


Meanwhile, Dixie is on the other side with Agahnim.

Dixie: That was way too easy! I was thinking that you would leave us, Agahnim.

Agahnim: Despite my appearance, I am very good. Where is Toad?

Dixie: I believe the little guy is still on the first platform. He is a pretty bad jum- OH MY GOSH!

Dixie sees Toad falling out of the sky.

Dixie: This is really not good! If he gets killed... NO! I'D BETTER NOT THINK ABOUT IT!

Dixie finds a crate with a picture of a parrot on it and opens it up. Meanwhile, Toad is about to hit the ground.

Toad: This is it! I am now going to die! Goodbye, Princess! I have failed you!

When Toad was about to fall hard on the ground, he is suddenly floating a few feet above the ground.

Toad: Huh? I am not dead?

Toad looks up to see Squawks the Parrot holding him.

Squawks: It's a good thing I caught you, Toad! If I didn't, there would be Toad gunk all over the ground.

Squawks flies Toad all the way back into the sky where Dixie and Agahnim are.

Dixie: Nicely done, Squawks! You are the hero of the day!

Squawks: Thank you, Dixie! I feel pretty happy after you said that!

Toad: I can't believe you saved my life. Thank you, Dixie.

Dixie: Don't thank me. Thank Squawks. He's the real hero!

Toad: Oh. Hey! I think I see Nimbus Land! We'd better get there quick if we want to save the princess!

After six minutes of walking, Toad, Dixie, and Agahnim make it to the gates of Nimbus Land. Prince Mallow is waiting for them by the gate.

Mallow: Hi Toad! Did you bring my people?

Toad: Of course I did! How on Plit could I forget?

Toad gives Mallow a bag of marshmallows.

Mallow: (to the marshmallows) Hello, my brethren!

Dixie: What's his beef?

Toad: Mallow thinks that he is a marshmallow.

Dixie: That. Is. Weird.

Mallow: Who's the monkey girl? Did you ditch Toadette and get her as your new girlfriend?

Toad: Toadette is not my girlfriend! She is a girl who is just my friend. The same thing goes for Dixie.

Agahnim: Isn't anyone going to introduce me?

Toad: Oh yeah. This creepy guy is Agahnim.


Dixie: Cool it, Agahnim! We're here to see Princess Peach.

Mallow: Is that so? Some crocodile guys came to Nimbus Land earlier and put a cage with Peach in it near the castle.

Mallow takes Toad, Dixie, and Agahnim into the city. After some walking, they make it to the entrance of Nimbus Castle. They find a cage with Peach in it.

Toad: Princess! I finally found you!

Peach: Thank you, Toad! But Mario is in another kingdom!

Toad: Oh yeah. I almost forgot about him. If I didn't save him, there would be no hero in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Just then, Kracko goes over to where Mallow, Peach, Toad, Dixie, and Agahnim are.

Kracko: Well, well, well. It looks like we meet face to face, Toad and Dixie.

Toad: Listen here, Cloud boy! You're not getting the princess without a fight!

Kracko: Cloud boy? That's a new one. Most of the time, people call me Cracko.

Dixie: I don't care who you are! You are still going down!

Toad and Dixie grab some metal poles and start whacking Kracko, but they get shocked.

Toad and Dixie: BlagadiblagadiblagadiAAG!

Kracko: I didn't come here to fight, but... Oh well! When in Rome!

Kracko shoots a lighting bolt at Toad and Dixie. They could have dodged it, but their metal poles attract the bolt towards them.

Toad and Dixie: BlagadiblagadiblagadiAAG!

Agahnim: Are you two stupid or something?! Stop whacking that fiend with metal! Try wood!

Agahnim uses his magic to make two wooden sticks. He then gives them to Toad and Dixie.

Agahnim: You two keep that cloud busy while I free Princess Toadstool.

Toad and Dixie continue to battle Kracko.

Toad: Hey! We're not getting hurt!

Agahnim: That's because wood doesn't conduct electricity. Keep the battle going!

After a whole lot of stick whacking, Kracko does a body slam on Toad and Dixie. This causes the sticks to break.

Toad: Rats! What are we going to do now?

Dixie: Hmmmm... Let me think about it... I know! Do you have any barrels, Mallow?

Mallow: Hold on! Let me check!

Mallow runs inside the castle.

Dixie: Now Toad, do what you always do when you fight a monster.

Toad: Right!

Toad runs around aimlessly.

Dixie: -.-'

Just then, Mallow exits the castle with a whole lot of barrels.

Mallow: How about this?

Dixie: That's perfect!

Dixie grabs a barrel and throws it at Kracko.

Kracko: That hurt!

Dixie: Good!

Dixie keeps on throwing barrels while Kracko keeps on shooting lighting bolts and body slamming. Toad is still running around. Just then, he trips on a weed growing in the ground.

Toad: Ow! ... Hey, I think I know what to do with this.

Toad begins to uproot the weed and it turns out to be a turnip. A really big turnip.

Toad: Sweet!

Kracko: Give up, Dixie! You wasted all your barrels! You lose!

Dixie: I don't need barrels to fight you!

Dixie jumps onto Kracko.

Dixie: BlagadiblagadiblagadiAAG!

Kracko: You were saying?

Just then, a giant turnip hits Kracko.

Kracko: That smarts!

Kracko faints and Dixie gets a DK Coin

Dixie: Wow! I must be pretty good!

Toad: Dixie, I was the one that threw the giant turnip.

Dixie: Oh.

Agahnim: I'm finished with freeing Princess Toadstool! You go ahead and free the other prisoners.

Toad: Thanks, Agahnim! It's been great traveling with you!

Toad jumps off the cloud.

Dixie: Oh great! Now I'm going to have to save you again!

Mallow: Don't worry! The place where Toad jumped off of leads to the Ice Kingdom! He'll land in a pile of snow!

Dixie: Well... OK!

Dixie jumps off the cloud too.

Agahnim: Now Princess Toadstool, I need to tell you about a terrible danger that will threaten your kingdom...

Just then, Kracko wakes up.

Kracko: I came here to steal the magic wand of this kingdom, but I got attacked. At least they're gone.

Kracko enters the castle.

Mallow: Why does that guy want my dad's magic wand?

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