Toad's Kongtastic Journey

By E-Man

Note: This story takes place after Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land. If you didn't read that story, I recommend you read it before you read this story. If you read this story before you read Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land, you will be totally lost by some parts of the story. The choice is yours. E-Man

It is in the middle of the Monklantic Ocean. A ship that looks like a giant crocodile head with sunglasses on is sailing across it. Inside the ship, tons of Kremlings are at work steering the ship, training for combat, and inventing all kind of strange machines. In one room, K. Rool is sitting in his throne with Kracko by his side.

K. Rool: Curse those Mario Brothers! I'll never forget what they did to me the other day! I almost had my revenge on those Kongs! But they showed up, set them free, and gave me a great beating! Now I'm going to get revenge on them too!

Kracko: I know how you feel, boss! Those stupid plumbers beat me too!
I can't wait to get revenge on them! Along with E-Man!

K. Rool: Why E-Man?

Kracko: E-Man was the one who wrote the story about our defeat, and he made everyone call me Cracko!

K. Rool: But I don't call you that.

Kracko: I know. That's why I like you. Even NME called me Cracko. You hear that, NME?! I'm with a bigger and better company!

Meanwhile at NME, all the monsters of Kirby are watching Pokemon.

Broomhatter: Did you hear something?

Bugzzy: No.

Ash: Pokeball go!

Boxy: Oh boy! My favorite part!

Ash: Yes! I caught a Voltorb!

Heavy Mole: He did! I know he could do it! ... By the way, where do you think
Cracko is?

Back with K. Rool and Kracko…

Kracko: Stupid company! All they like to do is hurt some gumball! Now I'm with someone that is a bigger and better bad guy!

K. Rool: Ah shucks! You're making me blush!

Just then, a Kritter comes up to K. Rool.

Kritter: Boss! We're reaching our destination, the Koopa Kingdom!

K. Rool: Very good. Pretty soon, my plan for revenge will be completed.

K. Rool and Kracko laugh evilly. Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Kamek is busy putting bandages on Bowser. The Rocket is trapped under a glass lid.

Bowser: Grrrr… Stupid Kammy! Because of her, I look like a mummy!

Kamek: Cheer up, Master Bowser. Kammy didn't know any better. She thought it
was a juicer.


Just then, some of the wall blows up. K. Rool, Kracko, and some Kremlings come out of the hole.

Kamek: Hey! There is something called a door to get into people's houses!

K. Rool: Too bad!

Just then, Roy comes up to Kracko.

Roy: Hey! You're Cracko! The stupid cloud that beat me!

Kracko zaps Roy.

Kracko: What did I say about calling me Cracko?!

Roy: Owww.

Bowser: What brings you to this neck of the woods?

Klump: We're in a forest?

Krusha hits Klump on the head.

Krusha: It's a figure of speech, stupid!

Klump: Oh yeah!

K. Rool: I need you to help me defeat Mario and Luigi.

Bowser: You hate them too? Wow! Everyone seems to hate them these days!

Kracko: So you'll help?

Bowser: If it has to do with the defeat of Mario and Mr. Green, why should I
say no?

K. Rool: Great!

Bowser: Minions! Come here!

All of Bowser's minions assemble in front of Bowser.

Goomba: Why did you call us?

Bowser: I need you to help me get revenge on the Mario Brothers.

Hammer Bro: But we always do that.

Bowser: But not with K. Rool.

Koopa: Hey! He's the dude that totally trashed the cafeteria!

Bob-omb: And there's that cloud too!

Bowser: Don't worry about them! They are on our side! Let's go to the Mushroom Kingdom now!

Everyone is about to leave the castle.

K. Rool: Hmmm. That rocket could be of some use. Kracko! Get the rocket!

Kracko: Sure thing, boss!

Kracko removes the lid and takes the Rocket. Kracko gives it to a Kritter.

Kracko: Take this back to the laboratory of the Swimming Krock. This could be of some use after some deadly modifications.

Kritter: Sure thing, second in command!

Meanwhile, E-Man and Doopliss are at the sunglasses shop. Octorock is getting a new pair of shades.

Octorock: So? What do you think?

E-Man: Those shades look very nice on you.

Doopliss: Sooooo... Why are we getting Octorock sunglasses?

E-Man: Recently, Octorock has been becoming a cool character in my Interviews. Ever since it got into his little, red head, he's been acting a lot cooler.

Doopliss: Oh…

Giant Cheep Cheep that tried to eat Mario in Super Mario 64: Thank you for buying from Cool Cheep's Sunglasses, wear we sell cool shades at cool prices. Have a rad day!

Octorock: You too, homey!

Just then, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadsworth, Toad, and Toadette come up to E-Man, Doopliss, and Octorock.

Mario: Hello E-Man! It's been a while since our last adventure you made us!

Luigi: Mario and I are going back to E. Gadd's lab to use the Nintendo Portal again.

Doopliss: Why are Pinky, Oldster, Shorty, and Shortette going to the lab with you?

Peach: I want to try the Nintendo Portal again! It's just so fun to use it!

Toadsworth: Don't get worried about that too much, Master E-Man, Master Doopliss, and Master Octorock. We'll be supervising Princess Toadstool as she makes her trip across the lands of Nintendo.

Toad: This time I know we would be taken by aliens!

Toadette: And I just don't want to be away from my boyfriend for to long.

Toad: Stop that! You're embarrassing me! By the way, nice shades.

Octorock: Thanks.

E-Man: Mind if we come along?

Mario: Of course you can!

Toadsworth: Yes! Smashing idea, Master Mario! The more the merrier as I always say!

Doopliss: Really? I thought you always say…

Doopliss transforms into Toadsworth.


Doopliss changes back.

Toadsworth: I'm ignoring that.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and the rest go to E. Gadd's lab. When they get there, E. Gadd is working on a new invention.

E. Gadd: Hello there, fellas! I have yet another treat for you today!

E. Gadd shows off his new invention. It is a boat with a jet on it.

E. Gadd: This is the Sonic Boat! Not to be confused with the hedgehog we all know! Ho, ho!

Sonic: Everyone knows me? Cool!

Luigi: What are you doing here?

Sonic: I'm looking for medicine to give to Amy. She got squashed by a platform from Tail's plane.

E. Gadd: Sorry, fella, I'm fresh out.

Sonic: Oh well, I'll look elsewhere.

Sonic leaves the lab.

E. Gadd: Anyway, this boat can take you to any land very quickly by water.

Peach: Sounds like fun!

Toadsworth: Princess…

Peach: Oh, forgot about the last time I used one of your inventions.

Mario: You were lost somewhere in the Nintendo Universe and we had to find you.

Luigi: Can we use the Nintendo Portal again? We are planning to give our friends a tour through the Nintendo Universe.

E. Gadd: Of course you can. The Nintendo Portal is right here.

E. Gadd takes everyone to the portal. It's a little bit dusty because no one has used it for a while.

E. Gadd: Don't worry! The Clean Bot 9000 will make the portal like new again!

A robot comes up to the Nintendo Portal. It uses cleaning tools to clean up the portal.

E. Gadd: There we go!

E. Gadd pushes some buttons on the Nintendo Portal's control box and the portal starts up again.

E. Gadd: Where do you want to go first?

Mario: How about DK Island? It's a beautiful place.

E. Gadd: Ok! I'm setting the location now!

Box: BEEP BEEP BOO BOP BEEP BEE DO! Setting destination. Destination set, DK Island.

Toad: Me first!

Toad jumps into the portal.

Toadsworth: Oh yes, I can remember I was like that when I was Master Toad's age.

Toadette: That's my boyfriend! Always eager to go somewhere!

E-Man: I guess it's our turn now.

Just then, a wall of the lab breaks open and tons of Kremlings and Bowser's minions come through the hole. They use rope to tie everyone up.

Octorock: Hey! This is un-cool!

Peach: Oh no! Not another kidnapping!

A Kritter is talking to K. Rool via walky-talky.

Kritter: Boss, we kidnapped them!

K. Rool: Good work! Now I want you to take each prisoner to each of the Seven Kingdoms. As for Mario and E-Man, give Mario to Bowser and give E-Man to me.

Kritter: Sure thing, Boss!

Meanwhile on DK Island, Toad is on the sandy beach where Mario and Luigi ended up when they first used the portal.

Toad: Hello? Anyone here?

Just then, Dixie Kong comes up to Toad. She is wearing a silly hat.

Dixie: Huh? Who in the world could be calling out from here? ... Hey Toad! It's nice to see you again!

Toad: Hey Dixie! We had such a good time at the princess' party! Why are you wearing a silly hat?

Dixie: Oh? This? Follow me to find out!

Dixie is about to go into the jungle.

Dixie: Where are your friends?

Toad: Don't worry! They'll catch up!

Toad goes into the jungle with Dixie. They keep on walking through the jungle until they reach DK Village. Every Kong is around a table with presents and a banana cake, Donkey Kong is sitting in a fancy chair, and all the Kongs are wearing silly hats like Dixie.

Diddy: Hey Dixie! We're about to sing that song! What took you so long?

Lanky: Hey! That rhymed!

Dixie: I heard someone on the beach so I went to see. The person turned out to be Toad.

Tiny: So you're Toad! I heard so much about you from my sister Dixie! I was thinking that you would be a frog. Hee, hee, hee!

Toad: Oh. Sometimes people think I'm a frog, too. By the way, what are you doing?

Cranky: What does it look like to you? A funeral? We're celebrating my son's birthday.

Candy: Come on and join us! We're having fun!

Toad: OK!

DK gives Toad a silly hat to wear and Toad sits at the table.

Funky: Let's sing it, dudes!

Everyone except DK: Happy birthday to you! Donkey Kong that's you! You’re such a great monkey! And you're proud of this day too!

DK: Thank you so very much! You make me so happy!

Cranky: Ok now! As due to island tradition, you can make a wish on the Master Coconut!

Toad: Master Coconut? What's that?

Dixie: Come with us and we'll show you!

The Kongs and Toad enter a secret cave. They keep going down a winding path until they reach a chamber with coconut-shaped crystals growing out of the walls. In the center of the chamber, there are seven pedestals that each have a coconut-shaped crystal. The coconuts are each a different color of the rainbow. The center of the pedestals has a large pedestal with a giant coconut-shaped crystal on it.

Toad: What is this place?

Dixie: This is the cave of the Crystal Coconuts, the gems that give power to the island. The Master Coconut is the most powerful of them. Those Crystal Coconuts are defending it. If those coconuts are gone, the Master Coconut can easily fall into the hands of darkness.

Toad: That sounds too much like Sonic.

Sonic: Did someone say my name?

Dixie: Chunky?

Chunky goes over to Sonic and stuffs him in a barrel. He then throws the barrel into the Monklantic Ocean.

Toad: Was that actually necessary?

Dixie: In some ways, yes.

Sonic: Curse you, Kongs! I'll get my revenge!

Cranky: Go ahead and do it, DK! We haven't got all day!

DK: Sure thing, Cranky!

DK puts his hand on the Master Coconut.

DK: I wish I had lots of bananas!

Just then, a pile of bananas appears in front of DK.

Cranky: Stupid son of mine! All he ever thinks about is bananas, bananas, BANANAS!

DK: Hey, at least it's tasty.

Toad: My friends should be here by now. I wonder where they are?

Diddy: Why don't we check out the Mushroom Kingdom? They must be doing something important.

Toad: Good idea!

The Kongs and Toad leave the cave. When they make it to E. Gadd's lab, the place is a mess.

Toad: Oh my gosh! What happened here?!

Dixie: Hmmmm... I smell something here.

DK picks up a note.

DK: Hey! What's this?

Toad: Let me see that.

DK gives Toad the note.

Note: Dear Kongs, I have Mario's pals all over the Seven Kingdoms and Mario is being held captive by Bowser. If you want them back, give me the Master Coconut. King K. Rool

Cranky: Ha! Serves Mario right for giving me quite a headache back in Donkey

DK: Come on, Cranky! Mario and I are friends!

Cranky: Well... I guess we should help.

Toad: By the way, who's King K. Rool?

Dixie: King K. Rool is the evil and greedy leader of the Kremling Krew, a nasty bunch of pirates who want to take over DK Island!

Funky: Well… I guess we should give him the Master Coconut then.

Dixie: Are you mad?! Who knows what K. Rool would do with it? Let's get him back the other way!

DK: Good idea! Diddy and I will.

Toad: NO! This is something I have to do myself!

All the Kongs stare at Toad in a confused way.

Toad: One of Mario's pals is the princess! The princess and I are very good friends! It feels like I need to do this quest on my own to save her!

Toad takes the Sonic Boat and leaves the lab.

Diddy: That's one crazy guy.

Dixie: He knows nothing about the Kremlings! He needs help!

Cranky: Good idea! We could make him lay on a sofa while I talk to him about…

Dixie: Not mental help! Help with fighting the Kremlings!

Cranky: Oh.

Diddy: Ok! I'll go help him!

Dixie: I don't think he'll listen to you after that time at kart racing.

Diddy: Oh yeah.


<i>It is a race on DK Mountain. Toad and Toadette are in the lead.

Toad: Oh yeah! I'm going to win!

Toadette: Toad, you are the best racer ever!

Toad: Thank you! I’ve never lost before!

Diddy: Well here's the first time!

Just then, DK and Diddy drive up to Toad and Toadette. Diddy throws a giant banana at Toad and he slides all the way down the mountain.


*Flashback over*

Diddy: Because of me, Toad ended up in the hospital!

Diddy bursts into a fit of tears while DK is patting his back.

Dixie: Well... I guess I'm going to be the one to help Toad.

Dixie leaves the lab. Meanwhile, Toad is about to use the Sonic Boat to sail to the Seven Kingdoms.

Toad: Don't worry, Princess, I'll save you!

Just then, Dixie comes up to Toad.

Dixie: Where are you going, Toad?

Toad: I'm going to the Seven Kingdoms to beat the bad guys and save my friends and the Princess!

Dixie: Fighting Bowser's minions is one thing, while fighting the Kremlings is another! As soon as you fight one of them, you'll be beaten to cream of mushroom soup!

Toad: Relax, I'm the Mushroom of Might! Nothing can stop me!

Dixie: Something will stop you eventually, and I'm not taking any chances!

Dixie jumps into the boat.

Dixie: If you want to fight the Kremlings and save your friends, it will be the best choice to take me along with you!

Toad: But…

Dixie: But nothing! I may be a girl, but I’ve gone on some challenging adventures before! If you want to fight those wicked Kremlings, I'll be all the help you need!

Toad: Thanks... I guess.

Dixie: So where are we going first?

Toad: The best place to start if you're on an adventure through the Seven Kingdoms! The Grass Kingdom!

Toad pushes a button on the boat's control box and they move very fast across the Mushsific Ocean.

Dixie: By the way, do you know how to work this thing?

Toad: I really don't know. I just push buttons and see what happens.

Dixie: Uh oh. I don't like to sound of that.


The boat crashes into a rock and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

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