Super Mario Moonlight

By Mario Koopa

August 26, 2006

One day Mario and Peach are bored.

Mario: I’m bored.

Peach: Let’s go on a vacation and have an adventure!

Mario: Ok! Sounds fun!

Toadsworth: Did I hear someone say vacation? Smashing idea!

Peach: Let’s go to Isle Delfino!

Mario: Ok!

Mario, Peach and Toadsworth pack their bags and fly away immediately. By the time
they get to the Delfino Airstrip it’s nighttime.

Luigi Hammer Bro: Why is it nighttime?

Mario Koopa: The title is “Super Mario Moonlight”.

LHB: So?

Mario Koopa: *sigh*

Anyway, Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth’s plane lands in this weird goop that makes the plane slip and go in circles at a fast pace.

Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth: AHH!!!

Mario runs up to the front of the plane and goes to the pilot.

Mario: Stop the plane before it falls over and blows up!

Pilot Toad: I’m… trying…! Can’t… steer…!

Mario takes the pilot out of his seat and steers the plane in the other direction, which stops it.

Mario: Is everybody okay?

Toadsworth: Oh sure, don’t mind us. We just went bouncing all over the room and got  slight head concussions.

Mario: Good! Then we’re ready to get out!

Toadsworth: *sigh*

LHB: Why was Mario able to steer the plane to a stop and not the pilot?

Mario Koopa: Because he’s the hero.

LHB: What does that have to do with anything?

Mario Koopa: Be quiet.

Anyway, they all get out of the plane and see blue goop on the ground. Toad gets out of the plane and goes to check out the mess.

Toad: Weird… I want to touch it.

Toadsworth: NO! I say! You should know better than to touch something that we know absolutely nothing about!

Toad: Relax. Besides, this stuff doesn’t look scary.

A Goop Piranha Plant emerges from the mess and swallows Toad.

Toad: AHH! Get me out of here! Mario!!!

Mario looks around and sees a strange building with a sign next to it. The sign says “E. GADD’S LAB”. Mario runs over to the building, kicks the door down, and enters.

E. Gadd: Wah! What’s all this about?! I never- Mario! It’s you!

Mario: E. Gadd! No time to talk! Do you have anything that shoots water?

E. Gadd: I have that FLUDD you used last time you were here on Isle Delfino.

Mario: Give it to me!

E. Gadd straps FLUDD to Mario’s back.

FLUDD: Hello Mario. It has been quite a while since our last-

Mario: Whatever! Hurry, we must save Toad!

Mario rushes out the door and goes to where the Goop Piranha Plant is.

Mario: Drink water, you fiend!

LHB: “Drink water, you fiend”? That’s the lamest battle cry I ever-

Mario Koopa: AHH!

Mario Koopa ties Luigi Hammer Brother to a chair and puts tape over his mouth.

LHB: Mff ffm fm ma fm fm! (You could have just asked me to leave the room!)

Now that we will not have further interruptions, Mario squirts water into the Goop Piranha Plant’s mouth.

Goop Piranha Plant: RAH AH AH AH OH!

Mario squirts more water into its mouth.

Goop Piranha Plant: RAH AH AH AH OH!

Mario squirts the last of his water into the Piranha Plant’s mouth.

Goop Piranha Plant: AHH AHH AHH AHH OH!

The Goop Piranha Plant disappears. In its place a Shine Sprite appears.


Mario runs at full speed to the Shine Sprite, trips on a coconut, and falls on his head. Mario loses consciousness. Ten minutes later he starts to wake up.

Mario: Huh?

Peach: Mario!

Mario: Uhhh…

Toadsworth: Master Mario! Wake up!

Mario: P-Peach? T-T-Toadsworth?

FLUDD: Hurray! Mario has woken up!

Mario jumps up in fear.

Mario: YAH! Who said that?

FLUDD: It is me! FLUDD!

Mario: FLUDD? What’s a FLUDD?

Toad: Mamamia! Mario lost his memory! He’s forgotten all about FLUDD!

Toadsworth: Indeed! What will we do?

FLUDD: I would say that a tutorial is necessary.

After FLUDD’s tutorial on how to use him…

FLUDD: Mario, what happened to the Shine Sprite? Where did it go?

Toad: I have it!

Toad gives Mario the Shine Sprite.

Mario: YAY! I got a shiny thing!

Peach: Hey who are they?

Mario turns around and sees two Delfino policemen heading their way.

FLUDD: Good day, officers. Could we be of assistance?

Cop #1: Yeah. By putting on these handcuffs.

Mario: Ok.

Peach, Toadsworth and Toad: MARIO!

Mario puts on the cuffs.

Cop #2: Now come with us.

Shortly after this they arrive at Delfino Plaza.

Mario: So what seems to be the problem?

Cop #2: Look at what my watch says.

Mario looks at the watch.

Mario: Let’s see… Uh oh! It says its “cheese o’ clock”!

FLUDD: (Why didn’t Nintendo team me up with someone smarter? Like Luigi?) No, Mario, it says “3:00 AM”.

Mario: Oh.

Cop #1: Now look at Delfino Plaza.

Mario: I see. It’s sunny everywhere.

Cop #2: Yes. Seeing as it is 3:00 AM, the moon should be out. But instead it is shiny and bright.

Mario: Let me guess. You blame me for all this.

Cop #1: Yes. We have evidence you did it, too!

They walk to the beach and see some items that look like stuff Mario owns.

Cop #1: See these things on the ground? This is your hat, this is your glove, and this is your Star!

Peach: But Mario’s wearing his hat!

Cop #2: Who says he has just one hat?

Cop #1: Anyway, we can’t sleep because of you! You used your Star here to move the sun in front of the moon, and now nighttime is daytime! We’re all very tired so we’ll skip the judge and put you in your cell now!

Will Mario ever escape prison? Will nighttime be nighttime again?

LHB: Mf fm ma fm!

Will Luigi Hammer Brother be quiet? Stay tuned and find out!

Previously on Super Mario Moonlight:
Mario, Peach, and Toad-

Toadsworth: Ahem!

Fine! And Toadsworth, all headed out to Isle Delfino only to find it in another mess of trouble! It's nighttime in Delfino Plaza but the sun still remains out! And (you were probably expecting this) Mario's being blamed for all of it! Will Mario be able to fix things? Find out!

In Mario's cell...

FLUDD: This is a predicament, Mario.

Mario: Really? When did you figure THAT out? And who are you?

FLUDD: Mario... a few years ago you and I teamed up to fight Bowser Koopa. We saved Princess Toadstool and Isle Delfino. I was injured after the fight. Two Toads repaired me.

(Or maybe it was E. Gadd. It's been too long since I played the game.)

Mario: So who's behind this?

FLUDD: I'm not sure. But I'm guessing it's Bowser.

Mario: Figures.

FLUDD: Mario, that object you found at Delfino Airstrip, it is a Shine Sprite. Shine Sprites are the power source of the Shine Gate. They bring light to Isle Delfino.

Mario: Well it seems pretty useless to me. They can have their shiny thing back. Besides, I'll just have the police give me that Star and I can fix things.

FLUDD: I'm afraid that won't work, Mario. You see... that star's power was drained after it was used to move the sun. IT is the thing that is useless. The Shine Sprites are what are useful in this situation.

Mario: Well we have one. That should be enough to move the sun back, right?

FLUDD: Wrong. We must collect seven more Shine Sprites if we will have hope of moving the sun out from in front of the moon.

Mario: Are the Shine Sprites at the Shine Gate?  FLUDD: Hold on. Locating... locating... locating... processing... Negative. Some of the Shine Sprites have fled from the Shine Gate. Possibly because of the perpetrator.

Mario: Well, tomorrow we are going to be busy.

The next day...

Two Delfino cops come to Mario's cell.

Cop #1: Ok, listen! We're letting you out to fix things.

Cop #2: So do something about this mess, and do it right!

Mario: Yahoo!

Mario goes to the big Pianta statue. There he finds Peach, Toad, and Toadsworth. Mario goes to talk to Peach.

Peach: Are you ok, Mario?

Mario: Yes.

Toad: We're glad you're fine. Did you figure out who really did all this?

Mario: No.

All of a sudden, a bunch of goop drops from the sky and lands directly on the Pianta statue. The Pianta statue’s eyes glow.

Statue: Grr...! AHH!

The statue jumps off the pedestal it was standing on and starts going toward Peach.

Peach: AHH! Mario! Do something!

Mario: FLUDD, what do I do?

FLUDD: Let's see... I'm a spraying machine... The author paired me up with you... And a statue's about to kidnap Princess Peach. IT'S SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT, MARIO!

Mario: If you have an idea, just tell me!

FLUDD: Spray it!

Mario: Why didn't I think of that?

FLUDD: (Because you're an idiot.)

Mario runs up behind the statue and sprays it, which cleans off some of the goop.

Statue: GRAH!

The statue stomps on the ground and the vibrations cause Mario to go flying in the

Mario: WHEE!


Mario starts to land and the statue punches him away while he's in midair. Mario lands on top of the building with the Pianta that throws you somewhere if you give him coins.

Pianta: Hey! Who are you?!

Mario: I'm Mario and-

Pianta: You woke me up from my nap! Why I ought to...

The Pianta throws Mario back to the fight.

Mario: I'm dizzy.

Peach: Mario!

Toadsworth: I'll protect you, Princess! En guarde, vile statue!

The statue knocks Toadsworth on to the beach.

Mario: Don't worry, Peach!

Mario sprays the statue again.

Statue: GRAH ROOH!

The statue grabs the pedestal it was standing on and throws it at Mario. Mario dodges and sprays the statue again. Half of the statue's face is covered in goop. The statue starts freezing back up.


FLUDD: Mario, the statue's weakened! Spray it one more time!

Mario does so and the statue freezes and magically teleports back on to the pedestal.

Peach and Toad: YAY!

Some more goop falls from the sky and turns into Shadow Mario!

Peach: AHH!

Shadow Mario punches Toad away and grabs the princess!

Mario: Hold it right there, Shadow Mario AKA Bowser Junior!

Shadow Mario paints a portal onto the pedestal and jumps in it.

FLUDD: Mario! He escaped into the goop! Jump in there! We must save the princess!

Mario jumps in.

Previously on Super Mario Moonlight:
Princess Peach was captured by Shadow Mario! Shadow Mario escaped into a portal of goop with Mario right behind him! Can Mario save Peach from doom? Find out!

Mario falls from the sky and lands in Bianco Hills.

Mario: I'm sick of falling everywhere!

FLUDD: Never mind that! We have to find Peach.

Mario: Where is she?

FLUDD: Mario! Look on top of the big windmill!

Mario looks at the top of the big windmill and faintly sees Peach and Shadow Mario!

Mario: Mamamia! They're at the top of the big windmill!

I just said that.

FLUDD: We must save Peach!

Mario starts running toward the big windmill. He runs down the path and gets hit by the sprinklers.

FLUDD: Ahhhhh... My water tank is completely refilled!

Mario continues running and gets to the village. At the village he sees some flowers. He runs over to them to pick some for Peach but they sprout out of the ground and turn out to be Pokeys!

FLUDD: You know what to do, Mario.

Mario: It's time to water the flowers!

Mario sprays the bottom part of one of the pokeys. The Pokey loses the bottom part and gets smaller. The Pokeys get mad at Mario and fuse together to make a giant Pokey!

Mario: AHH! What do I do? What do I do?

Meanwhile in Delfino Plaza…

Toadsworth: Princesss! PRINNNNNCESSSS!

Toadsworth looks to the right and sees a banana.

Toadsworth: FOOD!

Toadsworth runs over to the banana. A strong Pianta walks over to Toasdworth.

Pianta: Hey man! Are you trying to steal my banana?

Toadsworth: Great hoogly boogly! Sorry, sir. I did not know that this was your banana!

Pianta: That’s what all them thieves say! You just got yourself a one way ticket to pain!

The Pianta grabs Toadsworth and throws him.

Toadsworth: AHH!!!

Back at Bianco Hills…

Mario: Get away!

Mario sprays the Pokey but the water does nothing.

Mario: AHHH!

Toadsworth: YAH!!!

Toadsworth flies through the sky and lands on top of the Pokey. The Pokey dies.

Mario: Toadsworth?

Toadsworth: Is that you, Mommy? Where’s the princess?

Mario: Toadsworth, are you ok?

Toadsworth: Of course, Mario! Indeed, if you are here then the princess must be too! Carry on with your rescue!

Toadsworth runs off. As in all video games the character that runs away always makes it back to the place they were before. So Toadsworth somehow makes his way back to Delfino Plaza. Mario runs off of a ledge and finds a water wheel (yet in the game there’s no water 0_o).  He jumps on to one of the paddles and rides it to the other side. Shadow Mario spots Mario.

Shadow Mario: WAH! AI AY! (Mario! I got to stop him!)

Shadow Mario paints a pile of goop on to the ground and jumps into it. He comes out at the start of the bridge to the windmill, right in front of Mario!

Mario: Shadow Mario!

FLUDD: Mario! Stop the perpetrator!

Shadow Mario paints a picture of a Goop Piranha Plant on the ground. Suddenly, the painting comes to life!

Shadow Mario: WAH HA WEE! AH HA HA HA! (How do you like them apples? Ha ha ha!)

Shadow Mario makes another pile of goop and jumps into it. He appears back on top of the windmill with Peach.

FLUDD: Mario! We must defeat this fiend before we proceed!

Mario: I know what will stop this monster! Eat cheese, fiend!

FLUDD: (Why me?) Spray it!

Mario: Oh.

Mario sprays the Goop Piranha Plant’s mouth. This hurts it. Three colored goop creatures rise from the goop. They head towards Mario.

FLUDD: Mario! Spray them!

Mario sprays all three creatures. Then he sprays the Goop Piranha Plant’s mouth. It hurts the goop piranha plant. Three more creatures rise from the goop. Mario sprays them.

FLUDD: Mario! I’m out of water!

Mario looks around for some water. He spots the lake. He dives in and refills FLUDD. Mario gets out of the lake and sprays the Goop Piranha Plant’s mouth and kills it. Mario goes across the bridge and runs up the spiraling mountain until he reaches a gap.

FLUDD: Mario, maybe you should use the hover nozzle!

Mario switches to the hover nozzle and crosses the gap and starts running again. He immediately stops when he reaches a second gap. He crosses it and continues. He comes across one more gap that has a big vine in the way. He hovers around the vine and makes it to the other side of the gap. There he finds the propeller. He jumps on to one of the platforms attached to a blade and rides up to the roof of the windmill. Scary music beings to play.

Peach: Hi Mario!

Shadow Mario: ERR… GAH WAG NAG?! (Grr… You pest, don’t you ever give up?!)

Mario: Give me back the princess!

Shadow Mario makes and pile of goop and throws Peach into it.

Peach: AHH! Mario!!!

Shadow Mario makes another pile and jumps in.

FLUDD: Mario! He’s escaping! Get him!

Mario jumps in the pile Shadow Mario jumped in to. Mario falls into the windmill.

Mario: I wish the author would quit making me fall everywhere!

Who cares what you want?! Anyway, Shadow Mario turns into Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr: What do you want? Why don’t you just go back home and eat some cheese?

Mario: Where’s Peach? What have you done with her?

Bowser Jr: Let’s just say she’s at Papa’s hideout. But never mind her! I’m going to beat the cheese out of you!

Bowser Jr. turns back in to Shadow Mario.

FLUDD: Mario! You must spray him!

Mario sprays Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario: GAH WAG AHH WAH! (Hey! Give me a fighting chance, Author!)

Shadow Mario makes a pile of goop and jumps in. He comes back up behind Mario and hits him. Mario falls down from being hit. Mario turns around and sprays but Shadow Mario has already jumped into another pile of goop.

FLUDD: Mario! Spray the goop pile that he tries to come up from!

Mario spots a goop pile starting to appear and sprays it. Shadow Mario comes up from the pile he went in.

Shadow Mario: EERAHH! (OOWWW!!!)

Mario sprays Shadow Mario while he’s stunned.

Shadow Mario: AHH YEH! (Darn it! I need more practice before I fight you! Take this!)

Shadow Mario disappears and in his place is a Shine Sprite!

Mario: Shiny! Mine!

Mario grabs the Shine Sprite. The Shine Sprite glows and Mario appears back in Delfino Plaza.

Will Mario save the princess? Will he get six more Shine Sprites? Will he stop complaining about falling? Stay tuned!

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