Shadow Paper Mario 2 RPG or Really Pathetic Game

By Shady Parakoopa

September 22, 2007

Hello, and welcome to the second installment of the Shadow Paper Mario series. Yes, I do like long titles. People who read the first one will feel right at home with this one, and everyone else, well, all I can say is… read the first one, darn you! AND ENJOY IT, YOU LAME MORONS!! Now on with the show!

Chapter 1, ‘cause we don’t need no stinking prologues

On a dark and stormy night, in a dark and gloomy castle, strange creatures can be seen patrolling the castle’s hollow hallways. This is Bowser’s Keep, and this is where our stupid story begins.

Koopatrol #1: Sure is quiet tonight, isn’t it?

Koopatrol #2: Yeah it is. I thought this place would get more exciting after Bowser sold it to that weird-looking Mario doppelganger, but all he wants to do is eat and talk to his girlfriend. *sigh*

Koopatrol #1: Well that’s life for you. Hey! Koopatrol #3! I heard your wife was sick.

Koopatrol #3: Yeah, she’s pretty ill, but if I can survive until my retirement tomorrow, we’ll both live happily ever after!

Koopatrol #2: Good to hear tha…

Suddenly the huge door to the Keep falls down and crushes Koopatrol #1 and 2. Shadow Mario rushes in at Koopatrol #3 with his Paintbrush.

Koopatrol #3: No! I need to save my wife!

Shadow Mario somehow chops off the guy’s head and keeps running down the

Shadow Mario: Where is she?!

A bunch of guards rush at him but with one flick of his paintbrush he quickly suffocates the guards with goop. He continues to run until he spies a big door around the end of the castle. Using the corpses of the remaining guards as body rams, he easily knocks down the door and enters the room to find… Daisy and Wario? Ok, now I’m confused.

Shadow Mario: Daisy!

Daisy: Ah! Shadow! It’s… It’s not what it looks like!

Shadow Mario: Oh good. For a minute there I thought it was exactly what it looks like.

Wario: Uh… Looks like what?

Shadow Mario: It looked liked my new girlfriend was cheating on me.

Wario: I thought you were married to the Shadow Queen.

Shadow Mario: And I thought you were in jail and had an Italian accent.

Wario: I sold it for bail money.

Shadow Mario: And I divorced her and was reduced to video game dating.

Daisy: Don’t you mean video dating?

Shadow Mario: Nope, anyways, you were supposed to be my third date tonight! Right after Samus and Zelda.

Wario: Hey! She’s my date!

Shadow Mario: Mine!

Wario: Mine!

Daisy: Can you hurry this up, please? I’m supposed to meet Booster in ten minutes.

Shadow Mario: … K… Where were we? Ah yes, you’re going to have to fight me for her!

Wario: Bring it on!

Wario and Shadow Mario jump onto the chandeliers, which are being held up by Chain Chomps, and begin to fight.

Shadow Mario: Why are we fighting up here?

The Chain Chomp holding his chandelier up lets go and tries to bite him. Shadow Mario quickly grabs its chain and tries to hold on.

Wario: That’s why.

Wario throws a Bob-omb at Shadow Mario, but he knocks it right back with his paintbrush, but it just bounces off Wario’s stomach and falls to the floor.


Daisy: Hey! Watch where you’re throwing those things!

Wario: Ok.

He throws another one at Shadow Mario, the same exact thing happens, but this time Wario watches the entire thing, including the almost hitting Daisy part.

Boom! Again!

Wario: How was that?

Daisy: *sigh* Better.

Wario picks up a huge pile of bombs.

Daisy: (running away) AHH!

Wario: Let’s see you dodge this!

Shadow Mario: Ok.

Wario begins to throw all the explosives at him but Shadow Mario does the matrix and easily dodges them.

Wario: You’re no fun.

Shadow Mario swings off his chain and onto Wario’s chandelier. He slices down with his paint brush, but Wario defends with Waluigi.

Waluigi: WHAAAA! Defending is scary!

Wario: Is it scarier than me hitting you?

Waluigi: … Defending’s fine.

They begin to duel with their weapons. After a little bit they get bored.

Shadow Mario: This looks cooler in movies.

Wario: Yeah, how about we stop fighting and just share her?

Every children’s show known to man and monkeys: ‘Cause it’s fun to share!

Shadow Mario: Well I don’t like to share!

He grabs onto the Chain Chomp’s chain and cuts its head off, thus sending the chandelier and Wario hurdling to the ground.


Waluigi: It’s not that scary.

Boom! I mean Crash!

Shadow Mario: In your face! And your ear! And your mouth! Don’t forget about your third chin! And don’t get me started on your eyes!

Daisy: Um, Shadow… what are you talking about?

Shadow Mario: … I don’t know.

Daisy: Well… whatever, I guess we could have lunch or something.

Shadow Mario: Yes! First base!

Daisy: It’s more of a batter’s box.

Shadow Mario: Oh.

Wario: Does anyone care that I’m in horrible pain!?

Crickets: *chirp, chirp*

Wario: Well what about you crickets?

Crickets: Oh %@#$ no!

Wario: …

Suddenly the castle begins to shake violently.

Daisy: What’s going on?!

Shadow Mario: (looking out of a periscope) It doesn’t look good, Captain! Enemy off the forth bow!

Daisy: …

Shadow Mario: Something huge is going to hit us from the sky!

Daisy: It’s the vengeful hand of God! Run for your lives!

The huge object crashes through the ceiling. The object turns out to be a giant, spinning scythe, which slices halfway though the castle and embeds itself in the floor inches away from Wario.

Shadow Mario: What is this thing?

Daisy: Does it have the symbol of the Russian mafia?

Shadow Mario: (looking it over) Um… No.

Daisy: Then I have no idea.

Wario: I don’t care what it is! It just hit the power source to the Jacuzzi! It must be destroyed!

He’s about to hit it with Waluigi when all of a sudden… You know what I just realized? We say “When all of a sudden” more than we need to. Same thing can be said for “Suddenly”. Oh well. Where were we? Ah, yes. When all of a sudden…

???: Hostile enemy approaching! Activating defense measures!

Daisy: Where did that come from?

Shadow Mario: (eating) Either the scythe or this sandwich I stole from Wario’s kitchen.

The sandwich squirts ketchup in Shadow Mario’s eyes.

Shadow Mario: I can’t see! I can’t SEE!!!

Daisy: Well there’s not much to look a-


Shadow Mario: What was that? Daisy? Daisy?! Where are you?!

Wario: Don’t worry. She was just-


Shadow Mario: What’s going on?!


Shadow Mario: Those sound like they’re getting closer. I’ve got to find something to wipe my eyes with. Let’s see… Ah, here we go.

He wipes his eyes and looks around to discover that he is currently falling through the sky with Wario and Daisy. Each of them falls towards a different part of the world.

Shadow Mario: Wait, if I’m free-falling right now, what did I wipe my eyes with?

He sees a dead bird in his hand with ketchup on it.

Shadow Mario: Well that mystery is solved. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Meanwhile, at “The” Mario house.

Toad: Mario! We need your help!

He enters the house and finds it empty.

Toad: What happened to them? Hey! A note!

Letter: Dear Mushroom Kingdom. We have left your country quite a bit ago and moved to a similar place also called the Mushroom Kingdom. We will now live in Toad Town and will most likely never see you again. Well… Bye! Sincerely, Luigi.

Toad: Ah, nuts. Who’s going to help us now?

Shadow Mario crashes through the roof and lands facedown in Mario’s bed.

Toad: Um… Hello?

Shadow Mario: ZZZZZZZZZZZ…

Toad: (whispering) Thank you DAD!



Shadow Mario: SHUT UP! I’m trying to get some sleep here!

Toad: … Ok, how would you like save thousands of people’s lives?

Shadow Mario: No.

Toad: Do you want to become filthy, stinking rich?

Shadow Mario: Oh @%$# yeah!

Toad: Then go to Wario’s Keep and destroy that scythe!

Shadow Mario: Yeah! Wait… what?

Toad: Now get going!

Shadow Mario: *grumble* Stupid Toad with your big hat and your white pants…

He grumbles all the way back to Wario’s Keep.

Shadow Mario: *Still Grumbling* And they always say the princess is in another castle. Those stupid good for nothings. Ok, I’m here. Now where’s that stupid scythe?

He looks at the keep and sees the scythe sticking out of the castle at an angle. The scythe’s taller than the castle and has two eyes and a mouth at the tip of its pole.

Shadow Mario: Cool…Well, time to destroy it!

Scythe: Hostile enemy approaching! Activating defense measures!

A beam of light comes out of its eyes and destroys the bridge.

Shadow Mario: … This looks like a job for my handy dandy Paint Brus…

He feels around the place where he keeps his paintbrush but discovers it’s missing.

Shadow Mario: (I must've lost my brush when I fell thirty stories. Ok, I’m going to have to do something I nver did before. THINK!) Hey! Look over there!

He points to a rock and runs away.

Scythe: Higher life form detected! Must destroy!

He fires his beam again and destroys the rock.

Scythe: Enemy destroyed. Activating world override sequence. Activating battle cry. For the reign of the new ruler, Smithy 2.0! Activating evil laugh. Evil laugh cannot activate due to spam overload. Correcting…

Toad: So… did you destroy him?

Shadow Mario: What do you think?!

Toad: … We should go to the Chancellor and tell him about what’s going on. To the Mushroom Kingdom!

He runs towards Mushroom Way but is quickly kidnapped by Goombas.

Toad: AHH! Help me!

They take him into the forest. Shadow Mario just walks away.

Shadow Mario: I wonder if I can take some stuff off the king’s hands. And by take I mean steal and by some stuff I mean everything and by off the king’s hands I mean from the king after I stab him with my knife.

He starts to head towards the Mushroom Kingdom along Mushroom Way. Along the way he avoids weird-looking porcupines, Sky Troopas-

Shadow Mario: Don’t you mean Paratroopas?

Nope. It says it right here…Sky Troopas.

Shadow Mario: Huh.

Anyways... He also avoids a huge group of Goombas who are doing horrible things to Toad. But Shadow Mario doesn’t care one bit as he walks by this scene with a smile on his face and a song in his nonexistent heart. And that song is the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants.

Shadow Mario: (singing badly) Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! Spongebob Squarepants!

Hammer Bro #1: Hold it right there!

Hammer Bro #2: We’re not going to let someone who sings that badly get past

Hammer Bros: It’s Hammer Time!

Shadow Mario pulls out his knife while still singing that song.

Shadow Mario: (still singing badly) Spongebob Squarepants! Spongebob Squarepants! Spongebob…

He quickly stabs the two and lifts his blood-soaked blade into the air.

Shadow Mario: SQUAREPANTS!!!

Everyone: …

Shadow Mario: … What?

He picks up the Hammer Bros’ hammers,

Shadow Mario: I wonder if I can sell these.

The spirit of Toad appears.

Toad: Yeah, thanks a lot for saving me, you jerk!

Shadow Mario: You're welcome! : )

Toad: … Do you want me to show you how to equip weapons?

Shadow Mario: Let me answer that question in the following way.

He pulls out a dust buster and sucks up Toad. Then he enters town and finds a crowd gathered around the castle.

Shadow Mario: Wha'ts going on?

Toadette: The government's arresting the Chancellor!

Chancellor: This is the last time I’m going to say this! I did not supply weapons to terrorists!

Government Guy: But you did shoot one of them with a gun, correct?

Chancellor: So?!

Government Guy: That means you gave them ammo! Take him away, boys!

His lackeys handcuff the Chancellor and throw him into their truck along with everything valuable in the castle.

Shadow Mario: Why are you taking those too?

Lackey #1: Um… This expensive portrait is an accomplice!

Lackey #2: These gold bars are Dark Land invaders!

Lackey #3: And these jewels are… um… RUN!

They hop in the truck and speed away.

Shadow Mario: … Ok then. Now what am I going to do? I could try to find Daisy, but I don’t want to walk that much. I could try to find a job… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I crack myself up.

Suddenly he hears a familiar voice.

Yux: Hey you stupid thief! Give me back the stuff I stole!

Croco: Hehe! Finders keepers!

Yux: But you found it in my pocket.

Croco runs away.

Yux: &$@%!

Shadow Mario: Hey Yux.

Yux: (Oh no, it’s Shadow Mario! Ok, play it cool. Just pretend like you didn’t hear him and start to slowly head out of town.)

He begins to float away when…

Shadow Mario: (shouting in Yux’s ear) HEY YUX!

Yux: (Just ignore him...)

Shadow Mario: (jumping on him) HEY YUX!

Yux: (Just, ignore, him.)

Shadow Mario: (hitting Yux with hammers) HEY YUX!


Shadow Mario: (about to fire a gun at Yux) HEY YU-


Shadow Mario: Well you don’t have to be so rude about it.

Yux: …

Shadow Mario: What are you doing here?

Yux: Trying to get some money.

A Mini-Yux floats up to Yux with a wallet.

Yux: That’s a good pet.

Shadow Mario: But didn’t you win a large amount of coins last FF?

Yux: Yeah, well about that… it’s a funny story.


Toad: Are you sure that you want to carry all that money around in your wallet, sir?

Yux: Sure I’m sure.

Toad: Al lright then.

Crook: Wallet inspector!

Yux: (handing over his wallet) Here you go.

Crook: (walking away) I can’t believe that worked.

Yux: … He’s not coming back, is he?

Toad: Nope.

End Flashback!

Shadow Mario: … That wasn’t funny.

Yux: Neither is this FF.

Shadow Mario: Touché. Who was that right now?

Yux: That was Croco.

Shadow Mario: And what did he steal from you?

Yux: What is this? An interview?

Shadow Mario: (putting down a microphone) Maybe.

Yux: He just took this weird-looking coin I found.

Shadow Mario: Oh, is that all? Well… bye!

Yux: You're not going to help me?

Shadow Mario: No, because I’m very busy.

Yux: With what?

Shadow Mario: With trying to figure out the mystery of life, and the plot of this story.

Yux: Well can you please help me anyways?

Shadow Mario: Why should I?

Yux: Because… he called you Mario.

Shadow Mario: He must be destroyed!

Yux: Yay!

Yux joined the party!

Yux: Oh, wait a minute. I have to use the bathroom.

Yux left the party!

Yux: Ok. I’m ready.

Yux rejoins the part-

Shadow Mario fires his gun at the narrator.

I left the party! Forever!

Shadow Mario: Now let’s get going!

They enter Bandit’s Way and quickly spot Croco heading further down the trail.

Yux: After him!

K9: Bow-wow!

Shadow Mario: … He’s so… CUTE! Can we keep him?!

Yux: Well…

The K9 rips Yux’s face off.

Yux: No.

Shadow Mario: Ah man!

The keep going and eventfully find Croco trying to get an item box.

Croco: All, most, THERE!

Shadow Mario: (taking the box down) Here you go.

Croco: Gee! Thanks!

He opens the box and gets a Star. Croco does the Star Dance.

Croco: Wahoo! I-a got it!

Yux: …

Shadow Mario: …

Croco: … Um… BYE!

He runs away again.

Shadow Mario: Ok, now I want to kill him even more.

Yux: Why?

Shadow Mario: Well just look at him! He’s obviously not right in the head.

Yux: And you’re any better?

Shadow Mario: What was that, Sergeant Peanut?

Yux: *sigh* Never mind.

They finally corner him in a small area with a bunch of bushes.

Shadow Mario: Ok. I’ll jump up at him from the front while you sneak up behind him and blow fire on him. Ok?

Yux: Ok.

Yux slowly floats behind a bush and towards Croco while Shadow Mario makes his move.

Shadow Mario: Attack!

Croco: What the @#$&$?!

He turns around in an attempt to run but Yux stops him by breathing fire on him and turning him and Shadow Mario into ashes.

Yux: Oh, sorry about that.

Shadow Mario: Don’t worry. These things happen a lot to me.

Yux: So now what?

Shadow Mario: We head back to town for no reason.

Yux: How?

A spring pad lands on Shadow Mario’s ashes.

Yux: Well that solves that.

They use the pad to jump back to town but when they get back…

Shadow Mario (healed): What the…?

The town is now overrun with Shy Guys on pogo sticks, Goombas in giant spring shoes, and Koopas in little cars.

Yux: Did we miss a crazy party?

Shyster: Intruders! We can’t let you get any closer to the boss!

Shadow Mario: Boss?

The Shyster jumps into the air and tries to flatten the two but they jump out of the way just in time.

Shyster: Wise guy, ay?

Yux: No, but I do believe that that’s a Wise Guy.

He points to another Shy Guy.

Wise Guy: Hello.

Shyster: Don’t get cocky!

Shadow Mario: But that’s all we’re good for.

Twelve more Shysters, Koopas, and Goombas join the fight.

Shyster: Let’s get 'um!

Everyone: Yeah!

Yux: I can take three or four. How many can you take?

Shadow Mario: (counting fingers, then hiding behind Yux) None!

Yux: …

Shyster: FIRE!

Each of the enemies fires a Drain attack at Yux and Shadow Mario, but Yux calls out four Mini-Yuxes to create a shield to protect them.

Shyster: Everyone! Dog pile 'um!

Every one of then jumps on the two. Everyone’s motionless for a few seconds until…

Shadow Mario: (breaking out of the pile on a pogo stick and Yux under his arm) Yahoo!

Yux: I don’t know how that worked but I’m sure glad it did!

Shadow Mario: Yeah, now let’s take down the boss!

Yux: Why?

Shadow Mario: 'Cause he wasted five minutes of my life!

Yux: Just like this F-

Shadow Mario: Ok, we get it! This FF stinks. Can we move on now?

Yux: K. But how are we supposed to find the boss?

Shadow Mario: Um, duh.

He points to a sign with the word Boss on it that points towards the castle.

Yux: … Shut up.

They head towards the castle’s front door while killing anyone who gets in their way.

Shyster: Stop right there!

Shadow Mario: DIE!

He crushes him.

Toad: Thank you for saving us!

Shadow Mario: (crushing him) DIE!

Little Toad with Ice Cream: Hey! You killed my dad!

Shadow Mario: (stealing the ice cream) You may live!

Little Toad without Ice Cream: Whaaaaa!

The reach the door and knock it down with the hammers Shadow Mario is still carrying. An army of Shysters, Goombas, and Koopas start to head towards them in a single-file line but Shadow Mario throws his pogo stick at them and slices right through the line. The two of them rush through the door to find…

Yux: Gasp!

Shadow Mario: It’s a midget on a poorly drawn pogo stick!

Midget on a poorly drawn pogo stick: That’s righ… What do you mean poorly drawn?!

Yux: Well, just look at it! It looked like a sword at first until you did a little jump with it.

Mack: You will bow to me! For I am the great Mack 2.0!

Shadow Mario: Mack? Aren’t you that wimp from Super Mario RPG who liked to jump around a lot?

Mack: Mack 1.0 was a wimp, but I’m Mack 2.0 and I’m far more powerful!

Yux: Like how?


Shadow Mario: You disgrace the name of evil.

Mack: SILENCE!!! I will crush you in order to continue Smithy 2.0‘s unorganized attack on your puny dimension!!!

Yux: Smithy’s that lame robot making evil Santa Clauses from another dimension, right?

Shadow Mario: Wasn’t that idiot and his brain-dead minions destroyed by Mario in that RPG thing?

Mack: YOU DIE NOW!!!

Yux: Shhhhhh... Use your indoor voice.


He jumps a little bit forward to begins the battle. But not just any battle. It’s a full on, menu powered, thought provoking, turn taking battle to the death known as an RPG Boss Battle!

Shadow Mario: (sarcastically) Oh yeah. This is original.

Yux: And renaming a sequel by adding the number two is?

Shadow Mario, HP: 20, MP: 10
Yux, HP: 15, MP: 20
Mack, HP: 480, MP: They don’t need no stinking MP!
Bodyguards X 5, HP: 30, MP: What did I just say?!

Mack: For the rain of the new ruler, Smithy 2.0!


Shadow Mario, HP: 20, MP: 10
Attacks with Duel Hammers!
Target: Mack-

Mack: 2.0!

Damage: 2.0 I mean 20

Yux, HP: 15, MP: 20
Special Attacks by Spinning really fast!
Target: All enemies
Damage: 20 each
Yux: I don’t feel so good…
Yux has become dizzy! Yux has thrown up on me! Loses next turn!


Mack: 2.0!!!

Ok, ok! *sigh*

Mack 2.0!, HP: 440, MP: I’m not even going to say it.
Jumps into orbit!

Bodyguard #1, HP: 10, MP: …
Target: Shadow Mario
Damage 1

Bodyguard #2, HP: 10, MP: …
Target: Shadow Mario
Damage 1

Shadow Mario: Stop picking on me!

Bodyguard #3, HP: 10, MP: …
Target: Shadow Mario
Damage 1

Shadow Mario: Stop it!

Body Guard #4, HP: 10, MP: What did I tell you?!
Target: Shadow Mario
Shadow Mario uses weapon defend and counter!
Redirected Target: All Bodyguards
Damage: 10

All Bodyguards defeated!

Mack 2.0, HP: 440, MP: Ok, that’s it! Ask me again and you’ll be sorry!
Special Attacks with Shockwave!
Target: Shadow and Yux…

Shadow Mario: You did not just call me Shadow!

I didn’t say Shadow! I swear! Please don’t kill me!

Shadow Mario: You may live… for now.

Why is everyone so temperamental about their names all of a sudden? Anyways…

Damage: 10

Five Bodyguards have materialized!

Shadow Mario: I’m starting to think this battle is rigged.

Shadow Mario, HP: 6, MP:10
Uses items to switch Duel Hammers for a 40 Milometer Pistol
Special Attacks with Rapid fire!
Target: All enemies
Damage: 30!

All Bodyguards are defeated… again!

Yux: (making the most disturbing noises) Barf!

Yux is too sick to make a move! Stop doing that on my shoes!

Mack 2.0, HP: 410, MP: You’ve been warned! Mack’s turn will be skipped!

Mack: Is that the best you can do?

RPG god, HP: 9999, MP 9999
I will use holy hand of death!
Target: Mack 2.0
Damage: 409

Mack: That, was, mean.

Another army of Bodyguards materialized!

Shadow Mario: Where do you keep coming from?!

Bodyguard: Dude, hasn’t anyone told you? There’s no logic in RPGs.

Shadow Mario: Oh yeah, that’s right.

Shadow Mario, HP: 6, MP:5
Pulls out a Nuclear grenade!
Target: Everyone
Damage: Bodyguards, Shadow Mario, Yux, and I take 9,999 damage, Mack takes 0.

Shadow Mario: WHAT?!

Mack: I’m built with a neutron Jammer. :)

Battle over!

Mack gains 300 EXE
You level up to level 2!

Mack: Yay!

Everything returns to normal.

Mack: Now it’s time to finish you off!

He jumps in the air and starts to fall towards the two.

Shadow Mario: Great, now I’m going to die and my hair fell out!

Yux: (finally done throwing up) At least you have hair on your head!

Shadow Mario: Wait… Heads are homes to hats and by hats I mean Max’s hats and by hat I mean the power of randomness that Yux now has… Yux! Use the randomizer!

Yux: How did you get that idea from the word head?

Shadow Mario: Do not question my highly advanced brain!

Mack: Boy, it sure is taking me a long time to land on you.

Yux: … Yeah. RANDOMIZE!

He glows, then stops.

Yux: The good news is…

Government Guy: Sorry if I’m interrupting something but I forgot to take this jewel- incrusted chair in for questioning.

He walks past the slowly dropping Mack and the bloody bodies of Shadow Mario and Yux and starts to lift up the chair. As he lifts it a small can of food rolls out of his pocket and towards Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario: All right! Spinach!

He squeezes the can and lets the green substance shoot out of it and into his mouth. One by one his arms start to grow huge muscles, steam starts to come out of his nose, and for some reason a tattoo of the can appears on his arms.

Shadow Mario: (singing badly again) I’m strong to the finish 'cause I eat my
spinach, I’m SM the killen' machine!

He blows off two small clouds of steam as he pulls out his knife and cartoonishly spins his arm around like a windmill and throws his weapon at Mack, causing him to explode.

Shadow Mario: Yay! We live another day!

Yux: Whatever that’s worth.

Government Guy: There we go! I finally got that stupid chair out. We’ll see you later, gentlemen.

As he leaves a red upside down Star floats up from where the chair was and slowly starts to hover towards Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario: What is this thing?

Yux: Oh yeah, like I should know, but I can figure out two things from it. First of all it’s evil.

Shadow Mario: Well duh.

Yux: And secondly it’s part of the plot.

Shadow Mario: Do we even have a plot… or need one?

Yux: Who knows? Let's ask Frogfucius about it.

Shadow Mario: Who’s Frogfucius?

Yux: He’s a talking frog who knows everything. He’s also the president of that one fast food franchise. You know, the one that serves frog legs.

Shadow Mario: Well I guess we should ask him about it then.

Yux: What do you mean we? Oh! I almost forgot. The bad news is…

Shadow Mario’s magic Paintbrush crashes through the roof and slices through Shadow Mario’s foot.

Shadow Mario: @#$%&! That @&%$ hurts!

Yux: Oh come on! You’ve exploded and been set on fire and stabbed, but now a simple stubbed toe makes you yelp?!

Shadow Mario: Weren’t you the one who caused me to explode and get set on fire and stabbed?

Yux: … Oh yeah.

Shadow Mario: …

Yux: …


Will Frogfucius answer their question? Will the plot be reveled? Will the next chapter be shorter? Will Lemmy except this FF? Will they mention the seven coins at all in this installment or are we going to have to wait until Shadow Paper Mario 3 for more answers? What is the weird coin thing for? What happened to Wario and Daisy? Will the Chancellor break out of jail?

Read on!

Shady: Thank you very much for waiting patiently for me to finally send in something this summer. I was very busy and was unable to reach the computer at times, but I’m starting to get back on track here and I’ll be able to send in more chapters and Interviews hopefully sometime later this month. Thanks again.

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