Toad Battles Bowser

By Cornpie

Last time Toad started his first journey and got two allies: Luigi, who joined him after teaching him how to do RPG battles, and Fawful, who joined when Toad and Luigi defeated King Boo. But why is he going on the journey, some of the people who didn't read the other part may ask? Well as usual Peach got, kidnapped and Mario isn't bothering to save her. Will Toad succeed? Find out now.

Chapter 2: The Island with a Lot of Yoshis

Toad: Luigi, where do we go now?

Luigi: Well, Toad, it says on the map that the next stop is... I can't read it.

Fawful: My fury asks where did you get the map?

Luigi: According to Crazy Koopa... Plothole!

Crazy Koopa: It's true!

Narrator: You're not supposed to be here!

Crazy Koopa gets dragged to Rogueport. Anyway...

Toad: ...

Fawful: ...

Luigi: Ok. Anyone got a bottle of water?

Toad: Why?

Luigi: To whipe the smudge off the map. That way I can tell where to  go.

Fawful: I got it.

Fawful spits on the map.

Luigi: Sick.

Toad: Nasty.

Luigi: Well at least the smudge is gone. We're heading to... Yoshy Island!  0_0

Toad: Wha!

Fawful: My fury wants to see.

Fawful looks at the map and it says Yoshy Island. Not Yoshi. Yoshy.

Toad: Weird.

Mario comes and punches Fawful.

Mario: I'm not done with YOU, Luigi!


Mario chases Luigi to Kindom Kong.



Back on Plit...

Fawful: OW!!! Now OW!!! What? OW!!!  -_-

Toad: We head to Yoshy Island. (What is this? A typo?)

Fawful: Ok. I hope Luigi comes back.

So they go to what is apparently called Yoshy Island. When they arrive, Yoshis greet them.

Yoshi: Welcome to the infamous Yoshy Island.

Toad: Why is it infamous?

Yoshi: Wendy came here when we were about to open up so tourists could come. So technically the Island isn't infamous yet because nobody even knows about it.

Toad: We'll get rid of her. Then tourists can come to the island.

Fawful: Yeah, 'cause WE HAVE FURY!!!

Toad: So let's go.

They go along. stomping Goombas and Koopas and Buzy Beetles.

Toad: Me thinks I hear Wendy about.

Fawful: Me thinks about why you just said "Me thinks".

They go past a bush. But instead of Wendy, they find...



Mario-Bot 8000: Luigi has been defeated by my wrath!!! So shall YOU!!!

RPG Battle

Toad 120/120
Fawful 110/110
Mario-Bot 8000 250/250

Toad used "Mushroom Throw"
Toad: Pasta la vista, baby!
Mario-Bot 8000 lost 20 HP

Fawful used "Fury Rocket"
Fawful: FURY!!!
Mario-Bot 8000 lost 40 HP

Mario-Bot 8000 used "Complete Transformation"
Mario-Bot 8000 turned into some weird, gray, octopus-like robot that is 20 feet high and still has Mario's head

Toad 120/120
Fawful 110/110
Mario-Bot 8000 190/250

Toad used "Curse"
Toad: $#@*&
Mario-Bot 8000 lost 50 HP; his ears blew up

Fawful used "Annoy"
Mario-Bot 8000 lost 40 HP

Mario-Bot 8000 used "Octo-Pound"
Toad lost 100 HP

Toad 20/120
Fawful 110/110
Mario-Bot 8000 100/250

Toad used "Dig"
Toad dug underground and stroke Mario-Bot 8000; it lost 60 HP

Fawful used "Hurtful healing"
Toad gained 100 HP. Fawful lost 100 HP. Mario-Bot 8000 lost 40 HP

Toad 120/120
Fawful 10/110
Mario-Bot 8000 0/250

Battle Over!

Luigi falls from the sky.

Toad: Luigi! You're back! We just beat Mario-Bot 8000!

Luigi: Nice. I just got back from Kingdom Kong. I know why he said he defeated me.

Toad: How did you know I was going to ask that?

Luigi: Knowledge. I built a Luigi-Bot to distract him 'cause he wanted to see me.

Toad: Now to find Wendy!

Fawful: I think she's in that cave.

Luigi: How do you know?

Fawful: The sign says "To get to Wen, You be quick, Go through this cave, And kill the hen, Be warned her attacks are thick, Now go and bathe."

So they go in.

Meanwhile at the Castle...

Toadsworth: Smashing things is fun!!!

He smashes a vase that cost $700,000,000.


His score is a -5. The computer's score is a +12. The high score is a +13. Toadsworth smashes the Atari.


Mario goes crazy and does what he did in the prologue: kill a random person and chase Toadsworth to Kingdom Come.

Cornpie: I'm bored.

Meanwhile at the Kastle...

Lemmy: I wonder what Larry is doing?

Lemmy checks what his brother is doing with a high-tech gadget that Larry doesn't have yet.

Lemmy: Looks like he's jumping on his bed. Boring. Let's check on King Dad. Wait, what's this?

He sees that Wendy is painting her nails on Yoshy Island while plotting how to beat the Marios.

Lemmy: Poor Wendy... Oh well... Now I can tell King Dad how she fails against Toad and Fawful.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!

Back to Yoshy Island...

Toad: The hen!

Toad gets a frying pan and hits the hen with it.

Toad: We need some heat.

Luigi: I got it!

Luigi shoots a fireball at the hen. Toad kicks it on the fiery pan. 20 minutes later... they eat it. A door opens that leads to Wendy.

Wendy: OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!! Pink will really defeat the Marios!

Toad: Wendy! We have come to defe-


RPG Battle

Toad 160/160
Luigi 140/140
Fawful 155/155
Wendy 180/180

Toad used "Shelled Mushroom"
Toad: HA!!!
Wendy lost 50 HP

Luigi used "Green Missle"
Luigi: We're going to win!
Wendy lost 15 HP

Fawful used "Ice Cream"
Fawful: Cone of DOOM!!!
Wendy lost 10 HP

Wendy used "Polish"
Wendy: Take this, you Jerk!
Toad lost 30 HP

Toad 130/160
Luigi 140/140
Fawful 155/155
Wendy 105/180

Toad used "Jump"
Wendy lost 5 HP

Luigi used "Late Power"
Luigi: Slow down.
Wendy lost 10 HP; Luigi now goes last

Fawful used "Mustard of DOOM"
Fawful: Wheres the ketchup?
Wendy lost 10 HP

Wendy used "Glamorous"
Luigi lost 40 HP

Toad 130/160
Luigi 100/140
Fawful 155/155
Wendy 80/180

Toad used "Jump"
Toad: HA!!!
It hit twice
Wendy lost 15 HP

Fawful used "Spin Jump"
Wendy lost 10 HP

Wendy used "Bow Toss"
Fawful lost 55 HP

Luigi used "Charged Green Missle"
Wendy lost 65 HP

Toad 130/160
Luigi 100/140
Fawful 100/155
Wendy 0/180

Wendy: Wait until I tell my daddy about this!!!  >  _<

Toad: We did it!

Yoshi: You bet you did! Time for dinner!

Toad: WHAT?!

Yoshi: Let the melon festival BEGIN!!!

Luigi: Wow. We won!

Fawful: Let's stay for the festival.

Yoshi: Bob!!! Bring out the fried melon!!!

Every Yoshi on the island: YAY!!! MELON!!!

Bowser: STOP!!! I won't allow this! Now I control the island!

Bowser grabs a wand and makes it so he has a new army! It contains 8,000 Yoshis.

Toad: You can't do this!

Bowser: Try me!

Toad: Fine!


4,000 yoshis are knocked out in one move.

Bowser: WoaH!!! Army! Flee!!!

They do. Most, anyway. 100 are left.

Boshi: Must fight.

RPG Battle

Toad 10/10
Boshi 20/20

Toad: Why do I have only 10 HP? Why aren't Luigi and Fawful fighting too?

Author: Boshi is a boss that you fight more than once. Luigi and other allies don't fight in things like this.

Toad used "Mushroom"
Boshi lost 10 HP

Boshi used "Egg"
Toad lost 5 HP

Toad used "Mushroom"
Boshi lost 10 HP

Toad 5/10
Boshi 0/20

Battle Over

Boshi: X_X

Toad: Time to finish the others off.

50 leave.

Will Toad defeat the other Yoshis? How will he do it? Find out in Chapter  3: The War Begins Of Boshi to More.

Read on!

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