Toad Battles Bowser

By Cornpie

Last time Toad and friends had to go to the new place called Yoshy Island. Once there they learned that Wendy, the girl Koopa Kid, took over! They had to defeat Mario-Bot 8000 first, though. Once Wendy was beaten, Bowser waged war to stop the Mushroom heroes! Luckily they have knocked out almost all the Yoshis, including Boshi! Now 50 stand in their way. Can they win? Find out now in Toad Battles Bowser, part 3!

Chapter 3: The War Begins from Boshi to More

Toad: 50 Yoshis against 3 of us. Not good.

Luigi: The odds are against us, too.

Fawful: We need help!

Then out of no where, Diddy Kong comes!

Diddy: I've came to help you guys!

Cornpie: The picture is not needed.

Diddy: Who cares? Anyway... GET ON WITH IT!

Cornpie: Zzzzzzzzz...

Diddy: NOW!

Cornpie: Zzz... Oh... wah...o h yeah.

Diddy joined the Party!

Diddy: Can I get a banana?

Toad: Can you help now?!

Diddy already just made two Yoshis slip on banana peels. Those Yoshis broke their backs.

Yoshi #1: OW! MY SPINE!

Diddy: Already in progress.

Luigi: Good: Let's get it on!

Luigi hits three with a fireball.

Fawful: Eat mustard!

One Yoshi gets sick from eating too much mustard. It passes out.

Toad: Let me get these guys down to size.

Toad eats a "Mega Mushroom"! He then kicks 7 into the original Yoshi's Island!

Diddy: I'll beat up some of these hypnotized guys! Yes! I made a rhyme!

Four yoshis get bored out of their wits, and get sick from it.

Diddy: That hurt my feelings.

A banana appears out of nowhere!

Diddy: YUM!

He eats it.

Luigi: Time for no mercy!

Luigi makes a huge, and I mean HUGE, fireball that takes out ten Yoshis at once!

Fawful: I HAVE FURY!

An explosion happen that takes out five Yoshis only.

Toad: This should take care of them!

Toad is still the size of a whale, so when he attacks, all the Yoshis except ten are beaten! Toad then shrinks.

Toad: The last ones. Let's do this fast.

He goes to attack, but...

Yoshi: Hey, we don't want this stupidness! Boys, ATTACK!


Toad: 180/180
Luigi: 170/170
Fawful: 150/150
Diddy: 100/100
Yoshi #1: 50/50
Yoshi #2: 50/50
Yoshi #3: 40/40
Yoshi #4: 60/60
Yoshi #5: 55/55
Yoshi #6: 80/80
Yoshi #7: 20/20
Yoshi #8: 90/90
Yoshi #9: 50/50
Yoshi Thug Leader: 130/130

Toad: These guys don't look so tough. Except that one with the spiked hat.

Yoshi Thug Leader: You'd better. I'm the Thug leader. We've been bad since 2003. We don't need no reason for this. When that Bowser dude came to take over,  we agreed to help him.

Luigi: Toad! Attack him!

Toad uses "Mega Shroom"!
Yoshi #7 loses 20 HP!
Yoshi #7: My team can whoop youse guys!

Luigi uses "Flame Spin"!
Yoshi #4 loses 60 HP!
Yoshi #4: Crud!

Fawful uses "FURY"!
Yoshi #9 loses 50 HP!
Yoshi #9: ...

Diddy uses "Ninja Stars"!
Yoshi #2 loses 50 HP
Yosh #2: @$~%! Yo, big fat jerks, my bros. will @#$@! you into a !%~%.

Yoshi #1 uses "Egg Toss"!
Toad loses 10 HP

Yoshi #3 uses "Flame Egg"!
Luigi loses 60 HP!

Yoshi #5 uses "Kick"!
Fawful loses 10 HP!

Yoshi #6 uses "Leader Help"!
Yoshi #6 loses 80HP! YTL gains 80 HP!

Yoshi #8 uses "Kick Powered"!
Y#8 tries to kick Toad, but Toad grabs his foot and throws him back!

Yoshi Thug Leader uses "Spiked Flame Egg"!
Everyone excluding the Leader loses 70 HP!

Toad: 100/180
Luigi: 40/170
Fawful: 70/150
Diddy: 30/100
Y#1: 0/50
Y#2: 0/50
Y#3: 0/40
Y#4: 0/60
Y#5: 0/55
Y#6: 0/80
Y#7: 0/20
Y#8: 20/90
Y#9: 0/50
YTL: 130/130

Toad uses "Mushroom Mush"!
YTL loses 10 HP!

Luigi uses "Green Missle"!
YTL loses 10 HP!

Fawful uses "Annoy The Foe"!
YTL loses 10 HP!

Diddy uses "Kung Fu Fighting"!
YTL loses 10 HP!

Y#8 used "Flee"!
Y#8 leaves the battle!
YTL: Coward!

YTL uses "Slug"!
Toad loses 50 HP!

Toad: 50/180
Luigi: 40/170
Fawful: 70/150
Diddy: 30/100
YTL: 90/130

Toad uses "Un-Strenghen"!
YTL loses 10 HP and loses all defense!

Luigi uses "Kick"!
Luigi goes to attack but at the last second the YTL hits him with his spiked helmet!
Luigi loses 40 HP!
Luigi: 0/170
Luigi: Toad... Avenge... ME! x_x

Fawful uses Punch!
The same effect happens.
Fawful: 0/150
Fawful: No more Fury!

Diddy uses "Banana Hit"!
YTL loses 50 HP!

YTL uses "Perish Time"!
Everyone loses all but 1 HP!

Toad: 1/180
Diddy: 1/100
YTL: 1/130

Toad uses "Anger in the Deep"!
YTL loses 123,456,789,000 HP!
YTL: I'll beat ya' later >_<


Toad is looking very angry due to losing his two partners.

Diddy: Toad, they'll come back! It's okay!

Toad: -_-

Diddy: Good thing the chapter's over. I think Toad will be better next chapter.

Will Toad get over losing his two partners? Can he continue on with the quest? Will I stop putting things at the end of chapters like this? Will I ask the question again, like in SMRPG:NLOTSDS? Find out in Chapter 4: Toad's Anger! And Chapter 5: Cackletta's Return!

Last time Toad lost 2 partners in a fight. He has a newbie but he is feeling rage. Now I'm getting bored with typing these things so now, I'm not. *walks out of the room...*

Chapter 4: Toad's Anger

Toad: -_-

Diddy: Oh boy.


Toad: -_-

Diddy: Roy, why are you in a dress?

Roy: Wah... Uh... um... See.. I... well... um... cheese!

8 minutes of silence later...

Roy: I lost a bet to Iggy! Now DIE!

RPG Battle!

Diddy: 100/100
Roy: 100/100

Diddy: I don't remember having this amount of HP.

I forgot the amount. It's been like four weeks since I wrote the other part.

Diddy: ...

Diddy used "Tail Whip"
Roy's defense fell.

Roy used "Earthquake"
Diddy lost 30 HP
Diddy: Why did the author have to be a Pokemon fan?!

Diddy: 70/100
Roy: 100/100

Diddy used "Leer"
Roy's defense fell.

Roy used "Flamethrower"
Diddy lost 40 HP

Diddy: 30/100
Roy: 100/100

Diddy used "Fissure"
1-hit KO
Roy: I'll still kill you guys! >_<

Battle over!

Toad: -_-

Diddy: I'll have to cheer him up.


Toad gets madder.

Diddy: Looks like shoving a pie in him won't work.

Toad: >_<



Diddy's leg is broken due to tripping in the middle of a spinning plate routine. The plates hit Toad.

Toad: >: (  >_<

Diddy: Uh oh...


Toad somehow breathed fire on Diddy.

Diddy: Please let him be better.

Toad: Di-

???: I'M A BULLET!

Diddy: It's better than him saying-

????: I'M A TORPEDO!

Diddy: Great, the whole family's here. And Mr. Torpedo Ted, this is not P.T. Pirahna's Fun Fics.

Torpedo Ted shoots himself.

Bullet Bill: Self destruct engaged.

You're engaged! To wh-


Diddy: That was a stupid thing for an author to ask. You already know the answer.

Toad: Wow. That explosion somehow cheered me up.


Toad: Wah! Diddy! Where'd ya go?!


Some Weirdo Pilot Guy: Okay, Tol, we got 'em.

Who was that weirdo pilot? Who is Tol? What whisked them up? Is Torpedo Ted dead? Why did Bullet Bill blow up? Will I get some Lemonade soon? Uh, hold on... *pour*... *gulp* ... *gulp* ... That's better. Find out now!

Chapter 5: Cackletta Returns

Cackletta: Kamehahahaha! Perfect. Well Fawful, why did you join these little jerks?

Fawful: I told them if they could beat King Boo I would join them.

Cackletta: Traitor! To the dungeon!

Fawful: B-b-b-but-

Cackletta: NO BUTS!

A pig falls from the sky.

Cackletta: That was stupid and random.

Fawful: Writer's block?

Writer's block.

Fawful: Thought so.

Luigi: Toad? Toad?! Urrrrr... WHY?!

SWPG: Okay, Cack, we got 'em.

Cackletta: Excellent. Some Weird Pilot Guy, Tolstar, you did good. Bring them in!

Toad: Oof... Oh... Ow... Moo!

Diddy: D'oh... Zoinks... Zow... Hiss!

Fawful: Moo?

Luigi: Hiss?

Writer's Block.

Fawful and Luigi: Oh.

Tolstar: Who gets writer's block this easily?

A kid.

Bobby Lamare: And he's stupid, too.


Bobby: NO!

An anvil smashes Bobby Lamare.

Toad: Luigi! Fawful!

Luigi: Toad!

Fawful: Diddy!

Diddy: Albert Scankinnickle!

Everyone: What?!

Diddy: Everyone else got to say a name.

Toad: Are we going to fight now?

Cackletta: Yes.

Toad: Okay, but first I need to ask something. Guys, how'd ya get here?

Luigi: I'll answer that with this.


Luigi: Toad... Avenge me...


Luigi: Uhhhhhhhhhh... Whe-where am I? Uhhhhhhhhhh. This is the cave that Wendy was in.


Luigi: Fawful... Wake up. We're in the cave.

Fawful: I can't believe we lost.

Luigi: Let's g-


End of flashback...

Fawful: That's how we got captured.

Cackletta: Battle now.

RPG Battle!

Toad 250/250
Luigi 180/180
Fawful 160/160
Diddy 130/130
Some Weird Pilot Guy 50/50
Tolstar: 90/90
Cackletta 400/400

Toad used "All or Nothing"
Toad started to glow.

Luigi used "Green Missle Extreme"
SWPG lost 40 HP

Fawful used "Spin"
SWPG lost 10 HP
SWPG 0/50
SWPG: Crud.

Diddy: Um, with him KO'd, who's flying the plane?

Everyone Else: Uh oh.

Cackletta: This fight's on hold!

Battle intterupted...


They go in separate directions.

Will they surrvive? Are they going to find each other by Chapter 8, which is the last part besides the credits? Will the fight finish? Did Toadsworth get killed by Mario  in Chapter 3? Find out in the last 3 chapters of TBB. They are, Chapter 6: Reunion Ends; Chapter 7: Daisy on the Team?; and finally Chapter 8: Koopalings, Frog Guy, Jr, Lava Pools, and Bowser, the climax!

Read on!

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