Toad Battles Bowser

By Cornpie

Chapter 6: Reunion Ends


Toad: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... W-where am I?

Sign: You're in Stardust Fields.

Toad: Why are you talking?

Sign: The author read Super Mario RPG: No Legend of the 7 Dumb Stars.

Toad: Why does that have to do with anything?

Sign: The signs talked.

Toad: True.

Sign: Your freinds are in different places. I'll come along to help you find them.

"Sign Joined The Party!"

Toad: I can't believe the author made a sign join us.

Too bad!

Sign: First we should head over there.

They do so. Tolstar jumps out of a man-eating bush.

Tolstar: Battle Time!

RPG Battle!

Toad: 250/250 HP (still glowing from first battle)
Sign: 104/104 HP, Def 4/4
Tolstar 90/90 HP

Toad: Wow, Sign, you're the first to have Def.

Sign: Really? Cool.

Toad used "Release the Power"!
He stopped glowing. A huge explosion hit Tolstar.
Tolstar lost 1 HP.
Toad: That's why the attack was called "All or Nothing". Either it takes away all HP besides 1, or does 1 damage.

Sign used " Splinter Missle"!
Tolstar lost 19 HP.

Tolstar used "Spike Ball"!
Toad lost 10 HP.

Toad: 240/250 HP
Sign: 104/104 HP, Def 4/4
Tolstar: 70/90 HP

Toad used "Mega Mushroom Masher".
Toad grew to the size of 5 blue whales and smashed Tolstar.
Tolstar: Mommy.
Tolstar: 0/90
Tolstar: X_X

Battle over!

Sign: Let's go over to that bush.

They do so. If you read the story like you should, you'll know that it's a man-eating bush.


He eats them.



Diddy: Splee!

Waffle: Splee!


Elmer Thud: Yeah?

I meant it as a sound effect. Duh.

Elmer Thud dies for a dumb reason.

Toad: What happend?

Diddy: You got eaten by a bush like me and Waffle did.

Waffle: Splee!

Toad: 0_0 O...kay.

Sign: Hi. I'm a new member.

Diddy: A SIGN!

I'm stupid and random. Duh.

Diddy: Oh.

Toad: How do we get out?

Diddy: This is a family site, so it would be best not to say.

Toad and Sign: Oh, gross! >_<

Bush: Me go potty.

20 seconds later...

Toad: Let's go.

Sign: Sounds like a plan.

Waffle: Bye.

Diddy: Bye.

The other catscratch characters come and pick him up.

Sign: Next stop is that tree.

Fawful: I'm-a stuck!

They pull Fawful out of the tree.

Sign: Next, to Daisy's castle!

Fawful: The author made me speak Italian!

Now for the next chapter!

Chapter 7: Daisy on the Team?

They get to Daisy's castle.

Luigi: I'm-a in the ground!

Toad: Thanks for telling us.

He gets pulled out.

Cackletta: Battle Time!

RPG Battle!

Toad: 1,000,000/1,000,000 HP
Everyone else besides Cackletta: 1,000,000 HP
Cackletta 1/1 HP

Cackletta: WHY?! I hate you!

Toad used "I pity Cackletta".
Cackletta died.

Battle over!

Just then a pig makes a big explosion that blasts Luigi into the castle. Meanwhile the others are busy, you geussed it, stomping Koopas and Goombas. At the castle...

Mario: Okay, I'm taking Idiot pills, I'm over my Pong-a-phobia, I killed Toadsworth, and I bought a Wii.

Bobby Lamare: The author imprisoned me here.

Back to the story...

Toad just got to Daisy's room with the others. They enter to see... me!

Toad: Cornpie?!

Cornpie: I'm stupid! And random!


He's nowhere to be seen.

Toad: But you're the author.

Who cares? Anyway, you enter to see...

Daisy's room is covered with pictures of Luigi. And Luigi is being fed by Daisy.

Daisy: Is there anything else I can do for you, my love?


Luigi: WAH! Uh, guys? Um, look! A monkey!

Monkey: Look at me!

Toad: Sorry, but-

Sign: It's too funny!

Diddy: Yeah!

Fawful: This is hilarious!

Daisy: Don't pay attention to them! I love you anyway!

Luigi blushes.

Sign: If anyone asks, I'm a new part of the team.

Luigi: A sign joined the team?

Sign: I'm a guide for you guys. But I can also battle. I'm helpful this way.

Daisy: I love you, Luigi.

Luigi: Um, I love you too, but I have to go help the others save Peach.

Daisy: You mean my sister, who I hate?

Luigi: Yes.

Daisy: But I love you!

Luigi: Yes.

Daisy: Can I come along?

Luigi: Why?

Daisy: So afterwards I can mar- I mean, spend time with you?

Luigi blushes again.

Luigi: Suuuuurrrrrre.

And so they leaves the land that Daisy rules (I don't know how to spell it. No comment otherwise). They get into Bowser's castle and are going to commence battle soon in Chapter 8...

Read on!

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