Toad Battles Bowser

By Cornpie

Prologue: The Journey Starts As A Normal Day

It was a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser kidnapped Peach. Peach as usually cried for help so Mario could help her. However Mario was doing something.

Mario: Come on! Mario needs a new pair of cheese shoes!

Mario is seen playing a game of pong on his Atari.

Luigi: Mario, I think Peach needs help.

Mario: But I don't get cheese when I save her!

Luigi: You never got cheese in the sports and Mario party games.

Mario: WHAT?!

Mario goes mad and kills a random person.

Luigi: Mario! What did you do that for?!


Mario chases Luigi into Kingdom Come!

Cornpie: Why did I get so grusome?

???: 'Cause most 10-year-olds are like this.

Cornpie: Good point.

Anyway, at the Castle (Note: When I say Castle, I mean Peach's, and Kastle is Bowser's)

Toad: Let's see. This is the 8,924,613,591st time Peach got kidnapped.

Toadsworth: Mario should save Peach soon.

8 hours later...

Toad: Did Mario save her yet?

Toadsworth: ZZZ...

Toad: I'll check.

*Click* *Click*

Toad: Hello.

Mario: WHAT?!

Toad: Did you save Peach yet?

Mario: Who is Peach?


Mario: CHEESE!!!

Toad: Mario. You are an IDIOT!!!

Toad hangs up.

Toad: Mario didn't save her yet.

Toadsworth: ZZZ...

Toad: I'll save her. This way I can get promoted and I can get more RESPECT!!!

Toad leaves.

At the Kastle (Bowser's)...

Lemmy: Why didn't Mario come yet?

Larry: 'Cause he is an idiot.

Lemmy: I know that. But he should've come here by now.

Ludwig: I remember him chasing his brother to Kingdom Come.

Iggy: Yeah. I also remember him coming back with a skeleton.

Lemmy: Oh, right. Thank you, Iggy.

Roy: Hey, what about me? What can I say?

Cornpie: You just said something.

Roy: Good point.

Back at the Castle (Peach's)...

Toad: All set!

Toadsworth: ZZZ... ZZZ... Wha... what?

Toad: Go back to sleep.

And so Toad begun the journey to save Peach. Will he succeed? Found out in Chapter 1: Toad's Journey Begins.

Chapter 1: Toads Journey Begins

Toad: Okay, so here I am on my first journey. I wonder what enemy is the boss here.

He jumps across gaps and stomps Goombas and Koopas.

Toad: Hey! A ? Block!

He hits It. A Mushroom comes out. Toad grabs it. He grows.

Toad: Yes! I'm SUPER TOAD!

He does the same things Mario does. He hits Goombas and Koopas.

Toad: Okay. That was easy.

???: ROAR!!!

Toad: Who was that?

???: Me. Luigi.

Toad: But I thought Mario beat you up. It said in the prologue that Mario had a skeleton.

Luigi: That was the guy he killed in the rampage. I was in Kingdom Come.

Toad: Oh. Now what?

Luigi: In the part you're entering, there are powerful enemies. You should train with RPG Battles 'cause you do a lot here.

Toad: Ok. So who should I train with?

Luigi: How 'bout me?

Toad: Ok.

RPG Battle!
Toad 20/20
Luigi 50/50

Toad: How come you have more HP than me?

Luigi: I'm a Mario Brother.

Toad uses "Mushroom Kick"
Toad: Hiya!
Luigi loses 10 HP

Luigi uses "Green Missle"
Luigi: Watch out!
Toad loses 15 HP

Toad 5/20
Luigi 40/50

Luigi: Good try, but try harder.

Toad uses "Mushroom Frenzy"
Toad: OH YEAH!!!
Luigi loses 40 HP

Luigi: Good job! You're ready!

Toad 5/20
Luigi 0/50

Luigi: Ok, now that was good. But you should also have an ally.

Toad: Maybe you can help me.

Luigi: Ok.

Luigi joined the party!

Luigi: Don't you mean team?

Luigi joined the team!

Luigi: That's better.

Toad: Ok, so now what?

Luigi: I don't know.

Koopa: Hi.

Toad stomps him and rides his shell.

Toad: OH YEAH!!!

Toad gets to the boss.

Toad: Who is the boss?

Luigi catches up.

Luigi: I don't know.

The boss enters.

???: I HAVE FURY!!!

Toad and Luigi: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

???: I am Fawful.

Toad and Luigi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Fawful: What?


Fawful: What?

Cornpie: Look behind you.

Fawful looks behind himself.

Toad, Luigi, and Fawful: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

???????: BOO!!! I'm King Boo!

Fawful: Does that mean you're the boss?

King Boo: YES!

Fawful: AW MAN!

Toad: How 'bout you join us?

Fawful: Only if you win against him.

Toad: Ok.

RPG Battle
Toad 70/70
Luigi 100/100
King Boo 200/200

Toad uses "Mushroom Tornado"
King Boo loses 20 HP

Luigi uses "Poltergust 3000"
Luigi: Goodbye, ghosty.
King Boo loses 50 HP

King Boo uses "Lick"
King Boo: *drool*
Toad loses 20 HP

Toad 50/70
Luigi 100/100
King Boo 130/200

Toad uses "Mushroom Toss"
King Boo loses 30 HP

Luigi uses "Green Missle"
King Boo loses 50 HP

King Boo uses "Mega Hit"
Luigi loses 90 HP
King Boo takes 50 recoil damage

Toad 50/70
Luigi 10/100
King Boo 0/200

King Boo: NOOOOOO!!!

He goes away in a puff of white smoke.

Fawful: Woah! Ok, I'll join you.

Fawful joined the team!

Fawful: I think you mean party.

Fawful joined the party!

Fawful: Thank you.

And so Toad continues his adventure, and with two allies. Will Toad save Peach? Find out in chapter 2: On the Island with a lot of Yoshis.

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