The Lost Species

By General Toad

Scene: Tree of 1,000 Flavors Tourist Attraction, Dry Dry Desert

Luigi: There is NO WAY you’re going to make me talk to *shiver* him! *whimper*

Goombella: It's the only way you can save the world! If you don't get the key from him, Bowser WILL!

Luigi: That is true...

Mario: So that's why we're going to get it!

Luigi: !!!

Mario: We should try Boo's Mansion. That's where Lady Bow lives, and as King Boo's daughter, she'll know where to find him.

Goombella: I met Lady Bow in Poshley heights once. She gave me this "pocket pipe". Apparently, all I have to do is throw it on the ground, and a warp pipe appears to Boo's Mansion. You guys need it more than me, so...

Goombella takes a mini cardboard warp pipe out of her pocket. She hurls it on the ground.


A real warp pipe appears.

Mario: Thanks Goombella. When the world is saved and we're not in mortal danger, I'll buy you some candy.

Goombella: Good luck!

The Bros. jump in the pipe.

Scene: Boo's Mansion, Forever Forest

The Bros. pop out of the pipe.

Luigi: I don't like the looks of this...

Mario: Relax, the Boos here love me!

Mario pulls on a rope.


Bootler opens the door.

Bootler: Ah, Master Mario. What brings you here?

Mario: Well... Ummmm...

Luigi: WeneedageminthepossessionofKingBooandwe-  Bootler: Slow down, lad!

Mario: What he's saying is King Boo probably has a gem that Bowser needs to open a door and takeover the world.

Bootler: Hmmm, that serious, eh? Well, he's here actually. Lucky you, he's just about to-

King Boo's voice: Bye, sweetie! ... Yes, I'll purchase you a souvenir! Take care of the mansion!

Bootler: Oh dear...

King Boo floats out wearing a tropical shirt with Shine Sprites and holding a suitcase.

King Boo: …

Mario: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Luigi: 0_0



Luigi hides behind Mario.

Mario: We were ummmmm... wondering if you could *gulp* help us...

King Boo: HELP YOU?!

Mario: Y-yes... We need the Boos’ key to the Orb of the Lost Species so Bowser won't takeover the world.

King Boo: …  Mario: …

Luigi: *whimper*

King Boo: You want it, do you?

Mario: Y-yes...

King Boo: You will have fun with this...

Mario: ...

King Boo: I will help you, but only so Bowser doesn't get it. As soon as you get it, we're enemies again.

Mario: Ok...  King Boo: Ages ago, there was a Boo incredibly gifted in magic, even more so than that Magikoopa, Kamek. He dubbed himself the MagiBoo. One day, a spell backfired, turning him green. He was shunned by all other Boos for this. I mean, what's funnier then a GREEN Boo? One day, after being completely humiliated in public, he snuck into the royal mansion and stole the gem you seek: the Silver Boo. No one knows were he went.

Mario: Then how do we fi-

King Boo: But out of the genius of yours truly, I have solved the riddle of the note he left behind and deciphered his location.

Mario: Great! Where is he?!

King Boo: He resides in front of you.

Mario: Boo Mansion?

Luigi: YOU?!

King Boo: You’re both idiots. He resides within the body of-

Bootler: ME!!!

Suddenly, all traces of light vanish.

King Boo's voice: EeeHaaahooohaHEE! You think I'd help IDIOTS like you? Green or not, MagiBoo was one of the strongest Boos to ever live! We made him the guardian of the gem, in case fools like you came looking for it! And a butler was a perfect disguise! He'd answer the door to find out what was needed! Prepare to meet your end, Mario Brothers!

The sky glows red and purple lightning strikes the trees around the Bros. A ring of fire springs up around them all. Bootler's body begins turning green. His eyes turn to a manic, bloodshot yellow. His whip of white hair transforms into a ragged, pointy, blue hat. The white clothehe always carried on his arm turns into a matching blue robe. In his hands appears a wand, and on top...

Mario: The Silver Boo! Ok, Luigi, we have to get that wand!

Luigi: *whimper shudder*

Mario: Ok, it looks like it's up to me. I see two old Boos who need to be dealt with.

MagiBoo: Fwahoohoohoohohohohooooooooo!

Lightning shoots out of his wand, just barely missing Mario as he tumbles away. King Boo begins chanting in a strange language. The fire grows bigger and starts to glow purple. MagiBoo starts shooting giant fireballs at Mario. Mario just barely avoids them all. King Boo alternates his chanting. The ring starts to grow smaller and higher, too much for Mario to jump. Luigi is still cowering on the ground. MagiBoo and King Boo float above the flame. MagiBoo takes up the chanting.

King Boo: It's too late for you! In a few brief moments, both you and your brother will be vaporized by this magic fire. Any last words?

???????: DADDY!!!

King Boo: Uh oh...

Lady Bow floats out of the mansion.

Lady Bow: Stop it right now, Mister!

MagiBoo stops chanting.

King Boo: HUH?

Lady Bow: He obeys the commands of any royal Boo.

King Boo: Oh... Right... MagiBoo, I command you to NEVER give ANYONE the crystal, royal heir or not! NEVER LISTEN TO THEM!

MagiBoo: … Fool.

King Boo: He speaks?

MagiBoo: Yes, I do speak. And you did hear what I said. FOOL! That command overrides my original orders of the contract. Remember, my point was to keep it safe for the heirs. Now that I can't give to a royal heir, I'm free. Now I can do what I want with the crystal! Now I can rule the world!

MagiBoo: So long!

MagiBoo disappears in a ball of fire. The weather returns to normal.

King Boo: GRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm after him!

Lady Bow: NO! This is your fault! Go on vacation!

King Boo: NO! NOT YE-

Lady Bow: NOW, FATHER!!!

Lightning strikes directly behind King Boo.

King Boo: ...Fine.

King Boo disappears.

Lady Bow: ... I'm sorry, Mario... This is my fault for interfering...

Mario: It's ok, Lady Bow. We'll deal with him sometime. At least Bowser didn't get it. I'm sure one Boo is a lot less of a threat than the entire Koopa Kingdom, no matter how strong.

Lady Bow: Yes, I suppose you’re right... Wow... I can't believe it... Bootler...

Mario: Don't think about that now. You'll only sadden yourself more.

Lady Bow: I owe you guys big time for that. Here, take this.

Lady Bow hands Mario a bell and a mini-hammer.

Lady Bow: Just hit this bell to summon an army of Boos at your command. Bootler gave it to me for if I was in danger...

Mario: Thank you. Do you have any ideas of where we could look for a different key to the Orb?

Lady Bow: Ummmmm... Try the Yoshis. I'm sure they'll be a lot more willing than Daddy.

Mario: Thanks, Bow. I hope I see you again soon! Get up, Luigi! We're going to Yoshi’s Island!

Luigi pops up.

Luigi: Yay! Somewhere not scary!

Lady Bow: I'll teleport you there! Good luck!

Mario and Luigi: Thanks! BYE!

Lady Bow swings her fan and says some words, and the Marios are gone.

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