The Lost Species

By General Toad

Scene: Yoshi's Island, Dinosaur Land

The Bros. appear in front of Yoshi's House.

Mario: Wow... Lady Bow teleported us right to the Yoshi I wanted to see.

Luigi knocks on the door. Yoshi opens up.

Yoshi: OH, YOSHI! It's Mario and Luigi! What a surprise! ^.^ What do you need?

Luigi: Do you know anything of a gem key the Yoshis may possess to open the door to the Lost Species?

Yoshi: !!!

Mario: ... Well?

Yoshi: Yes, the Yoshis do have a key. Why do you ask?

Luigi: Bowser and some deranged, ancient Boo want them to takeover the world. Mind you, they aren't on the same side. We're trying to stop them.

Yoshi: Oh, YOSHI! If that's the case, I'll help you, or at least get the Yoshis' key.The Emerald Egg- it is said to lie in the heart of the Temple of Fruit, which lies on the top of the tallest mountain here.

Mario: Well, let's go.

The Bros. and Yoshi pack the necessary hiking equipment, and assemble at the foot of the mountain.

Scene: Yoshi Island's Tallest Mountain Base, Yoshi Island, Dinosaur Land

Yoshi: Ok, all's packed. Let's go.

They start hiking. Hours pass. The slope is trechorous, filled with sharp rocks and landslides. The mountain is ridiculously high. Eventu;ly, they pass clouds.

Yoshi: Here, eat these Air Shrooms. They will allow you to breathe easily.

They continue hiking. At this altitude, the ground is coated in snow. Being higher than the clouds, the sun blinds them. But soon enough....

cene: The Temple of Fruit, Yoshi's Island, Dinosaur Land

Luigi: We're here! We're here! All we need to do now is... Oh GREAT!!!

The friends see a grand temple made of white marble glistening in the sun. They also see....

Kamek: Break down the gates, or you're gonzo!!!

Magikoopas: Yes, General Kamek!

Magikoopas repeatedly bombard the gate with magical assaults. Kamek is overseeing them on his broom. Kamek notices the trio. He flies over.

Kamek: Well well well. If it isn't Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, my three greatest enimes. Here, you're just in time to watch me and my troops gain entrance to the temple and seize the Emerald Egg!

Yoshi: But, HOW?! Only Yoshis know the secret!

Kamek: Let's just say one of your little friends told me after some convincing.

Yoshi: Oh...

Mario: Give up, Kamek! Yoshi and I beat you once, and I was a BABY then!

Luigi: Yeah, and this time he has me!

Kamek: Yes, that may be true, Luigi, but THIS time I also have an army!

Mario: Yes, Kamek, that is true... Looks like we'll need to...


Luigi: D-d-die?

Mario: Get an army of our own!

Mario pulls out the bell and mini-hammer. He gives the bell a soild smack. A ghostly ring emits. The Magikoopas stop there assaults. A blue fog appears behind the trio.

Kamek: What the?

An army of Boos, equal to the size of Kamek's, appears. A Dark Boo floats up to Mario.

Dark Boo: Sergeant Boo and troops reporting for duty, General Mario.

Kamek: NOT FAIR! I was supposed to destroy you! Looks like we're going to settle this the old-fashioned way-

Luigi: You mean the way you grew up with?

Kamek: ATTACK!!!

All the Magikoopas charge at the Boos.

Sergeant Boo: CHARGE!

All the Boos charge at the Magikoopas.


Blasts of magic go flying everywhere. Cackles emit from the Boos. Mario pulls out his hammer. Luigi pulls out his. Yoshi eats some Magikoopas for eggs. They all jump into the fray. Mario starts bashing Magikoopas across the head, sending their bodies flying into other Magikoopas. One sneaks up behind him only to get an egg in his face. Luigi jumps high above the fight, then spins down swinging his hammer, sending Magikoopas flying everywhere. He then throws his hammer to Mario. Mario starts squishing the magical Koopas in between both hammers. Yoshi is simply hurling eggs in every direction at this point. Luigi is showing Kamek's troops the meaning of pain with his Thunderhand ability. Sudenly, a ball of fire hits Yoshi, who has just literally bowled several Magikoopas away. He falls to the ground.


Sergent Boo: YES SIR! *salute* BOOS, UP!

All the Boos float up. Mario and Luigi run over to Yoshi's pack. They both grab P-Wings and use them. Mario gives Luigi his hammer back. The Bros. fly up over the battle. They grab hands and hold their hammers out to the side. Both send their respective hand power surging thround their hammers. They start spinning, creating a vortex of fire and lightning. The P-Wings wear off and they start to fall like a meteor of electricity and fire. As they hit the ground, they smash their hammers into the earth, causing a shockwave of fire and electricity to spread out in all directions, sending all the Magikoopas flying. All of a sudden, it is quiet.

Luigi: *pant*

Mario We *pant* did it...

The Boos have disapeared, knowing their job is done. Bodies of Magikoopas lie everywhere. Luigi runs over to Yoshi.

Luigi: He's still breathing.

Luigi pulls out a 1-Up Mushroom and pushes it down Yoshi's throut.

Yoshi: *gasp, gasp*

Mario: Take it easy. It's all over. Now, let's get insi-

Mario notices the temple. The door has been blasted to pieces, all of which are smoking.

Luigi: Kamek.

Yoshi: Quick... Let's go.....

They all run inside. Inside there are statues of all the known fruit, and simply tons of it. There is a set of stairs leading down. They run down the stairs. Downstairs is a beautiful temple-like setting with statues of ancient Yoshis. In the center is a pedestal, in front of which stands-

Mario: KAMEK!

Kamek: Heeheehoohoooohahaha- KOFF! It appears you're too late! For I have seized the Emerald Egg! Now, you shall tasse defeat!

Kamek shoots a ring of fire at the trio. They all jump over it. Yoshi runs away.

Mario: Thanks, Yoshi...

Kamek: See? Even Yoshi knows you can't win!

Luigi flings himself at Kamek, swinging his hammer in every direction.

Kamek: Oh come on! Is that the best you can do?

Kamek smashes him across the head with his wand, knocking him unconscious.

Mario: LUIGI!

Kamek: Pushover.

Kamek raises a circle of purple fire around Mario and Luigi, too high for him to jump, that slowly starts to grow smaller.

Kamek: Any last words, Mario?

Mario: Yeah, I got a serious case of deja vu.

An egg comes flying through the room, hits Kamek, who goes flying across the room, and smashes against the wall. The fire disappears.

Yoshi: Gotcha.

Yoshi belches up a pineapple leaf.

Mario: Good job, Yoshi!

Mario walks over to Luigi and feeds him a 1-Up Mushroom.

Luigi: Uuhhhh... Did we win?

Mario: Yep.

Luigi: Yay!

Mario walks over to Kamek. He takes his broom, wand, and the Emerald Egg.

Mario: There. Now he'll have to walk home to Bowser and tell him about how he miserably failed.

The trio walk outside. All the clouds are gone. It's beautiful. Numorous islands can be seen far away on the ocean.

Mario: Thank you, Yoshi. If it wasn't for you, I don't know what we could have done.

Yoshi: It was nothing. After all, it's for the good of the world. What species are you going to try next?

Luigi: I don't know... Mario, do you have any idea?

Mario saw an island shaped like a dolphin far in the distance, with a volcano smoking near the "head".

Mario: Yes.

Luigi notices the dolphin island.

Luigi: Isle Delfino?

Yoshi: Home of the Piantas and Nokis?

Mario: Exactly.

Luigi: One question, how do we get there??

Yoshi: You could use P-Wings.

Mario: Perfect. There's two left... Yoshi, this is where we leave you. Are you okay getting back down the mountain?

Yoshi: Yep. You guys can take whatever’s left in the pack. You need it more then me.

Luigi: Thanks. Well, let’s go.

Mario and Luigi use the P-Wings and start to fly away.

Bros: Bye!!!

Yoshi: Bye!!! Good luck!!!

Several hours later...

Luigi: Can P-Wings even last this long?

Mario: I don't know. Apparently. There, let’s descend. We're right above the island.

They start to drop. Eventually....

Mario: Here we are, beautiful Isle Delfino. And it looks like we dropped right to Noki Bay, a great place to look for the Nokis’ Key if they have one.

Noki Elder: Mario! You've returned! Welcome back to Isle Delfino! And I take it this is Luigi?

Luigi: Yep! ^.^

Mario: We were wondering. Do the Nokis have a gem key to the Lost Species?

Noki Elder: Yeah, sure... I think so... The Coral Shell? ... Why?

Luigi: Bowser and some psycho Boo want to takeover the world with them, and we're trying to collect them first!

Noki Elder: Woah. Pretty extreme. Well, for the sake of the world, I'll help you. People believe it was sealed away with the Noki King. Recently, his tomb has become a tourist attraction thanks to the Noki Council. It shouldn't be hard to get.

Mario: Wow. We might not run into any trouble with this one.

Noki Elder: The tomb is right over there, as you may remember. There’s a proper door now and a ramp leading up to it.

Luigi: Thanks!

They start walking and jumping to the tomb.

Luigi: Wow. No problems. None at all.

Mario: Hey, we're not there yet. Things can still go wrong.

They arrive. The tomb looks the same.

Mario: Hm. Well, we're looking for a coral Noki shell. Shoudn't be very hard to-

Luigi: Found it!

Luigi is holding up a coral Noki shell. It's REALLY shiny.

Mario: Wow! Absolutely NO problems. Well, let’s go!

They leave.

END OF CHAPTER! I mean... To be Continued...

A tour group comes in. Many Toads and Piantas are in it, but so is...

King Boo: Oooooooo, shiny objects! *_*

Tour Guide: On your left is the fabled Coral Shell, a treasure said to have sealed away an evil lost species!

King Boo: !!!

Tour Guide: As you can see, it's- >.> <.< GONE!!!

Tour: Gone?!

King Boo: Gone?! (under breath) Mario!

King Boo teleports away.


Mario and Luigi are seen relaxing on Sirena Beach.

Luigi: That was great! Let's take the day off! We deserve it!

Mario: Good call, Bro.

King Boo appears.


King Boo: So, I heard the Mario Bros. were here! And it seems you got another key! Tsk tsk, MagiBoo's doing a sorry job for a Boo. Maybe I can help him out by KOing you!

Mario: You lost last time, what makes you think you can win now?!

King Boo: Oh, I got some help from an old friend.

Petey Piranha: GLuur!

Mario: Oh crud.

Luigi: *whimper*

Petey: GluuuuuuuuuuuurUR!

Petey spits goop at Mario. Mario narrowly dodges. King Boo starts shooting fire.

Mario: Fire?

King Boo: Eeehehehehehehehehe!

Petey: Gluuurp!

Petey starts gargling a huge gloop-bomb. He flies up above Mario. King Boo clones himself in a tight circle around Mario, waking it impossible for him to get out.

King Boos: Eheehehehehehehehe!

Petey opens his mouth to drop the bomb, when a Poison Shroom flies into his mouth!

King Boo: HUH?

Luigi: Woohoo!

Mario: Luigi!

Petey: Garf...

Petey is on the ground with his bellybutton out. Luigi turns Petey's head to face King Boo.

Luigi: Bye bye!

Mario slams his hammer onto Petey's bellybutton. Goop comes spewing out and blasts into King Boo. Luigi drops a Fire Flower down Petey's throat.

Petey: !!!

Petey flies off and lands in the water. Eely-Mouth jumps up and eats him.

Eely-Mouth: ^.^

Bros: o_0


The goop has hardened on King Boo.

Bros: Byebye!

They golf-swing King Boo with their hammers. He goes flying.

At Bowser's Castle....

Ludwig: My greatest invention is completed!

King Boo flies through the window.



Back at Sirena Beach...

Mario: We did it... again!

Luigi: Yay! On to the Piantas!

To Be Continued...

Mario: Still, this chapter seams unusually short... Reader, what do you think?

Luigi: You broke the fourth wall!

Mario: Oops, sorry.

Luigi: Well anyway... Hey! It's the Noki Elder!

Noki Elder swims up.

Noki Elder: Guys! I just found out! That's not the real key!

Bros: It's not?

Noki Elder: It's not! The real key is…

Bros: Is…?

Noki Elder: Gone.

The Bros. fall on the ground.

Luigi: Where is it?

Noki Elder: With the Piantas’.

Mario: Which is where?

Noki Elder: I don't know... Ask them.

Luigi: Then...


Back at Bowser's Castle...

Kamek limps into the throne room.

Kamek: Hello? HELLO?

Kammy: Kamek! What are you doing here?

Kamek: The Marios got the Yoshis’ key...

Kammy: Drat! I'm going to the Shy Guys. If they remain our allies, they SHOULD cooperate.

Kammy flies off.

Kamek: Time to rela-

Bowser storms in.


Kamek: Eep!

Bowser: Kamek! You failed!

Kamek: Y-yes....

Bowser: BUT! I now, thanks to a... reliable source...

King Boo floats in. He has a bite mark on him.

Bowser: I now know where the Mario Bros. are! KIDS!!!

Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig enter.

Lemmy: I'm in the middle of an update!

Ludwig: *sob* Chocolate Boo...

Larry: My plants need water!

Morton: I was in the middle of a speech, blah blah blah...

Wendy: I need more makeup!

Roy: I was busy beating up Iggy!

Iggy: Yay, I'm free!

Bowser: SHUT UP!!!

Bowser: I have a job for you guys...

Read on!

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