The Lost Species

By General Toad

Scene: Sirena Beach, Isle Delfino

Luigi: Ok! Letís go! Piantas Ahoy!

Noki Elder: Here, take these racing Bloopers I brought. They'll get you to Delfino Plaza in minutes!

Mario: Thanks!

Luigi: Let's go! Again!

Luigi grabs the green Blooper and Mario grabs the purple. They zoom off.

Noki Elder: Good luck!!!


Scene: Delfino Plaza, Isle Delfino

Mario and Luigi jump off their Bloopers right in front of the Great Pianta Statue.

Luigi: Woah... This place is awesome.

Mario: Yep!

Luigi: Where should we check?

Mario: I don't know... There must be a mayor here or some kind of leader...

???: Mario!!!

Mario: ???

The Police Pianta walks up.

Police Pianta: How've you been? Everyone here's doing great! No more crisis!

Mario: I'm good. Hey, who's the leader of Delfino Plaza? Like a mayor or...

Police Pianta: That would be Chief Pianta. He controls shipping, laws, that kind of stuff. His office is under the police station.

Mario: Can my bro and I speak with him?

Police Pianta: Sure, not a problem. Follow me.

The Bros. follow Police Pianta over to the station.

Police Pianta: Through that door and down the stairs.

Mario: Thanks!

The Bros. go in and down the stairs. They come out in an office with a tropical theme.

Mario: Hello?

The big executive chair swivels around.

Chief Pianta: Hello? How are you and what do you need? I'm Chief Pianta, quiet overseer of Delfino Plaza.

Luigi: Well...

Mario: By any chance, do you know where the Pianta and Noki keys to the Lost Species are? We know they have one. It was confirmed by the Elder Noki of Noki Bay. We need them to stop Bowser and some psycho boo from taking over the world.

Chief Pianta: Well, if thatís the case... I'll tell you. The are buried under Corona Mountain.

Luigi: How do we get there!?

Chief Pianta: There's an ancient tunnel leading to where they are from my office. Here.

Chief Pianta walks over to a file cabinet. He reaches in and pushes something. The left wall opens up into a door.

Mario: Thanks! You cooperation may help save the world!

Chief Pianta: Not a problem! I'm glad to-


The ceiling of the office is torn off. It's being held my a giant robot shaped like Bowser. All the Piantas outside are running and screaming.


Voice #2: KEYS ARE!

Chief Pianta: Run!

Mario and Luigi run down the tunnel.

Voice #3: After, follow, chase-

Voice #4: SHUT UP!!!

Voice #5: OH MY DAD! JUST GET THEM!  A hatch opens up on the Bowser robot. Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry charge out. They charge down the tunnel, Roy taking a second to conk Chief Pianta across the head.

Meanwhile down the tunnel...

Luigi: Run, Bro!

Mario: Hey look! A light!

The Bros. run out into round, open chamber. Torches line the wall. In the center of the room on two pedestals is a peal shell and a sapphire palm tree.

Luigi: The keys!

They start walking towards them when...


???: Fwahoohoohoohohohohooooooooo!!!

Mario: Oh no! That laugh! Not now!

MagiBoo appears.

MagiBoo: Yes, it is I! THE MAGIBOO! And I shall be taking those!

A bolt of ice appears out of the tunnel and freezes MagiBoo's fin... hand... thing.

Voice #2: Nice aim!

Voice #1: Thanks!

The Koopalings emerge from the tunnel.



Mario and Luigi: NEVER!

MagiBoo: I spit at your dad!

Iggy: Then suffer!

Larry pulls out a Piranha Plant. Morton clears his throat. Wendy pulls out her water blaster. Iggy waves his wand. Roy cracks his knuckles. Lemmy gets his freeze gun. Ludwig takes out a ray gun.

Luigi: Oh crud.

Mario: Get ready with your hammer!

MagiBoo: Bring it on, kiddies! As the dust clears, I, MagiBoo shall emerge from the battle and claim my prizes!

Ludwig: To the victors go the spoils!

Mario: Good will win!

MagiBoo: BRING-

Lemmy: IT-

Luigi: ON!


Iggy shoots a blast of magic that is reflected by MagiBoo to Wendy, whose bow is smashed against her head by a hammer just as she squirts some water that forms a puddle. Wendy drops. MagiBoo blasts a bead of energy at the nearest Koopa Kid, only to be met with a Piranha Plant in the face. The Piranha Plant is suddenly on fire, and burns to an ash. Luigi shoots lightning at a Lemmy, only to find it absorbed into his ball. Lemmy tries to zap him back, only to find Roy in front of him. Roy freezes. Mario grabs a Fire Flower and starts shooting fire at the nearest Koopaling. This Koopaling, weaponless, starts burning and charges out of the tunnel. Suddenly, above the din, a piercing screech fills the air, only to be silenced by a blast from MagiBoo's wand. Luigi smacks a Koopaling's hand, causing his weapon to implode and knock him unconscious.

Lemmy: Uh oh. It's only you and me now.

Iggy: Yep.

MagiBoo: Fwahoohoohooohohohohohooooo!

MagiBoo zaps Luigi with lightning, but Luigi channels it over to Iggy. Iggy channels it over to the puddle made by Wendy.

MagiBoo: Idiot.

They all get electrocuted and fall to the ground.

Lemmy: Just you and me, Mario.

Mario: Yep.

Lemmy: It's ON!

Lemmy makes a dive for the Pearl Shell, but is stopped by a hammer. Lemmy gets up and zaps Mario's hands and feet. Mario can't move.


Lemmy grabs the Shell.

Lemmy: Hahahahahahaha! You failed, Mario! You can't stop me now!

Sssssss... POW!

The ice encasing Mario explodes as fire bursts from his hands. He grabs the Sapphire Palm.

Mario: Oh really?

Lemmy: NO!

Mario: Yep.



Bowser Bot falls from the ceiling. Lemmy throws his siblings in.

Lemmy: We'll meet again!

Bowser Bot flies up. MagiBoo wakes up. Mario hides the Palm behind his back.


Mario: Lemmy took them!

MagiBoo: I'm after them!


Luigi wakes up.

Luigi: Did we get the keys?

Mario: Lemmy got one. I got the other.

Luigi notices the hole.

Luigi: Ummmmm...


Mario: Ya?


Luigi: We're underneath a volcano, and there's a hole in the ceiling leading up to it.


Mario: Yeah, so?

Luigi: LAVA!!!!


Lava starts pouring out of the hole.

Luigi: RUN!

Mario and Luigi run down the tunnel with the lava in hot pursuit. (No pun intended ^.^ ) They come out into daylight back at the police station. The lave comes and fills in the office to the top and then overflows a little before stopping. Chief Pianta walks up.

Chief Pianta: Wow... My office... Did you get the keys?

Luigi: One. We got yours. One of the Koopa Kids got the other.

Chief Pianta: Oh... Well, either way, I did some research. I beleive I know where the next one is!

Mario: WHERE?

Chief Pianta: Go to the airstrip and you'll find out. I paid for your tickets.

Luigi: Thanks! Good luck making repairs.

Chief Pianta: Thanks! Good luck to you!

The Bros. go back to their Bloopers and surf to the airstrip.


Scene: Delfino Airstrip, Isle Delfino

The Bros. hop off their Bloopers and walk over to the only plane, a lime green one.

Pianta Captain: Tickets, please!

Mario: Ummm... Ours have been prepaid for by Chief Pianta...

Pianata Captain: Oh! You must be Mario and Luigi! Go ahead. Your seats are anywhere in first class!

Luigi: Thanks, sir.

They board the plane and sit down.

Mario: I wonder where we're going.

Intercom: Welcome to flight 123! Thank you for choosing Delfino Air services. We hope we can make this flight enjoyable for you. Next stop, the Beanbean Kingdom.

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