The Lost Species

By General Toad

Scene: Plane to the Beanbean Kingdom


Luigi: Ugg... I don't like planes...

Mario: Relax! You'll be fine! And if you aren't, there's a bathroom a few seats away! ^.^

Luigi: Blarg...


Luigi: Oh crud!

Luigi runs to the bathroom.

Mario: *sigh*

Muffled Sounds: Blarg!

Even More Later...

Captain's Voice: Now ariving in Beanbean International Airport! Please buckle your seatbelts and I hoped you enjoyed the flight!

And Soon...

Scene: Beanbean International Airport, Beanbean Kingdom

Mario: Ah! Here again at last!

Luigi: Yeah, great...

Mario: We should check to see if Queen Bean, Lady Lima, or Prince Peasley knows where we can find the key.

Luigi: Ok...

Soon AGAIN...

Scene: Beanbean Castle, Beanbean Kingdom

Guard 1: Halt! Who goes there?

Mario: It is Mario and Luigi, returning from the Mushroom Kingdom!

Guard 2: Prove it!

Luigi digs inside his pockets and pulls out a wilted old rose.

Guard 1: *GASP* It its Prince Peasley's rose! You may enter!

Mario and Luigi go inside. They walk to the throne room.

Queen Bean: *gasp* It is the Mario Brothers! They have returned!

Mario: Hello, Queen Bean.

Lady Lima walks in.

Lady Lima: Welcome back to the Beanbean Kingdom! What can we do you for?

Luigi: We need to find the Beanbean key that's sealing away the door to the Lost Species.

Lady Lima: *GASP*

Luigi: What's with all the gasping?

Lady Lima: The Beanbean key was stolen. It used to reside with the Beanstar, but it was stolen. Witnesses say the thieves were short beanish people, one wearing a red cloak and talking about mustard of doom, the other looking like a classic cat-burgler...

Mario: Fawful-

Luigi: -And Popple.


Both: Together?!

Lady Lima: They wern't quick enough for the Beanstar. Guards arrived in time for that.

Mario: Thanks, you've been a big help.

Luigi: Bye bye!

Lady Lima: Farwell, Mario Brothers! Good luck!

The Mario Bros. leave. Prince Peasly walks in.

Prince Peasley: Mother, I heard voices. Who was here?

Queen Bean: Oh, it was the Mario Brothers. They're going to go get that key thing that the thives stole.

Prince Peasley: In the name of the Kingdom, I will assist them!

Price Peasley's bean thing appears and he flies off.

Scene: Beanbean Castle Town, Beanbean Kingdom

Mario: Well, the thieves are Popple and Fawful. Fawful probably wants to avenge Cackletta, and Popple probably just wants money.

Luigi: Yeah. Where could we find them?

Mario: Well, Popple had a hideout in Teehee Valley, so let's check there.

Luigi: Good idea!

Scene: Bowser's Castle, Dark Land

The Koopalings walk into the throne room, all beat up.

Bowser: RAWR!!! You failed me?!

Lemmy: Not quite...

Lemmy pulls out the Pearl Shell.

Lemmy: He got the Piantas', though....

Bowser: Grrr... At least we have one. Take that, Mario Brothers.

Iggy: Yeah, but the thing is we're not just against the Mario's anymore. There's a strange, green Boo who calls himself MagiBoo after them, too. And I think he might have followed us here.

Bowser: RAWR!!! If he comes here, he'll have to deal with me!

Bowser gets up and starts to pace.

Bowser: Ok, Kamek discovered the ten species with the keys! The Mushroomers', which I can asume has fallen to Mario. The Goombas', which Magikoopa scouts have reported to be missing, so I can assume they got that one to. The Boos', which probubly has fallen to this "MagiBoo". The Yoshis', which as we know the Marios have. The Nokis', which we have. The Piantas', which Mario has. The Shy Guys', who Kammy is contacting now. The Beans', whose key has not been taken, but which is too far away to reach at the time. And the Bob-ombs'. Kamek is currently researching where the Bob-ombs' could rest. And, you'll NEVER believe this, but-


???: Open up this gate! Lord Bowser, this is the MagiBoo speaking! Open the gate and give me your keys, or you an your family shall die!

Bowser: Kids, go to your rooms. Guards, open the gate!

Iggy: Gah, so dramatic... I'm going on Shroom-Bay...

The gate opens and the siloughette of Magiboo is seen in the dark doorway. Lightning strikes behind him. His eyes glow red.

MagiBoo: Give me the keys, or suffer the punishment!

Bowser: As long as I stand here, you shall not have the keys!

MagiBoo: Point taken.

Lightning strikes through the roof and hits Bowser.


The throne room explodes.

Scene: Teehee Valley, Beanbean Kingdom

Mario: Well, here we are. Lead the way to his hideout, Bro!

Luigi: Ok!

The run thorugh the sands, stomping on random evil little Dry Bones that get in there way. Soon, they get to the pipe to Popple's hideout. They go in.

Luigi: Well, here we are. Wait, listen!

Voice 1: We are geniuses of smartness! Cackletta has been avenged! The Kingdom of Beaness has payed!

Voice 2: Oh, put a cork in it! You say that every half hour! I just hope someone buys this hot gem soon... I want soome money...

Mario: Yep, that's them.

Luigi: Lets apprehend them!

They charge into the room. Popple is sitting in front of a laptop and holding a shiney gold bean. Fawful is walking around.

Mario: Hand over the gem!

Fawful: It's Red and Green! OH they give me much FURY!

Popple: No, this gem is ours! With it, I'm going to be rich!

Luigi: They have avast, scurvey sea dog!

All: 0_0

Mario: Uhhhh... Just... PLAY THE MUSIC!


Mario uses hammer on Fawful. 10 damage!

Luigi uses jump on Popple. 8 damage!

Fawful uses weird-little-colored-ball-ray on Mario. 5 damage!

Popple uses punch on Mario! 9 damage!

Mario: Ok, let's just fight now!

Popple runs to the corner to grab his bag of tricks. Fawful starts shooting colored balls at the Bros. Luigi bashes Mario to make him small, then hits him at Fawful.

Fawful: Ouchness! Eat this, Fink-Rat!

Fawful shoots a ray gun at Luigi, who jumps to avoid it, only to get a bomb in the face.

Popple: Score!

Mario aims his hammer at Popple, only to find it pulled straight out of his hands.

Popple: I'll be taking that, see?

Popple bashes Mario across the room. Luigi is thrown back next to him by a blast from Fawful.

Luigi: *pant* They've got a lot stronger...

Mario: *pant* Yeah...

Fawful: Eeehahahahahahahahahaha! Now, I shall be the the cherry to top of your ice cream sundae of DEATH!!


Popple runs over to his laptop.

Popple: Let's see... HopKoopa64 has placed a bid of... 1,000,000 Beanbean coins!!! ACCEPT!!! ACCEPT!!! *click*

POOF!!! The Gold Bean disappears, and a huge bag of money appears.

Popple: YES! MONNNEY!!!

???: Heeey!

Prince Peasley flies in. He slashes Popple and Fawful with his sword. They both fall unconscious.

Luigi: Peasley!!!

Prince Peasley: Hello, Mario Bros! It looks like I've saved you! Now, where's the key?

Mario: It looks like Popple sold it on Shroom-Bay to... HipKoopa64... Hmmm... I've heard that name before...

Luigi: I remember it! Hip Koopa is Iggy Koopa! Bowser's son! Coincidence? I think not.

Mario: Good thinking.

Prince Peasley: You two should head back to the Mushroom Kingdom. I hear things aren't going well. Aparently a certain General Guy is attempting a hostile takover of Toad Town. It's all the Mushroom Army can do to stay on its feet. I'll give you a lift back to the airport. You can take my personal jet.

Luigi: Thanks.

Scene: Beanbean International Airport, Beanbean Kingdom

Prince Peasley: Excuse me, sir, theese two gents are the Mario Brothers. They will be taking my private jet to Toadtown.

Airport Atendent: Yes, your Majesty. Please follow me, sirs.

Prince Peasley: Good luck!

Luigi: Bye!

The Bros. follow the attendent to a sleek, lime-green jet.

Airport Attendent: Here you are. The plane will take off as soon as you board.

Mario: Thanks.

They get on the plane. It takes off.

Mario: General Guy... Shy Guys... He might have a key!

Luigi: He just may. He just may, Brother.

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