The Lost Species

By General Toad


When Plit was created, many species started appearing, all different. But one, one species was nothing but shear power and raw evil. They started terrorizing other species. The Council of Dimensions, the governing body of the greatest beings in existence anywhere in any dimension, was worried. Plit was one of the most complex worlds, with more intelligent civilizations then most worlds, and they were worried that if the evil grew too strong, that they would find a way to travel to other worlds, and eventually, dominate all existence. So, the council traveled to Plit and created ten gems that would have the power to seal away species. Using their combined strength, they drew them all together and sealed them in a one-way dimension. They sealed the gate within an orb made of an unbreakable material that could only be opened if the ten keys were placed inside the holes made for them. The orb was then placed in a cave of silver with no door. Each key was given to one of that time's ten dominant species: the Mushroomers, Goombas, Koopas, Bob-ombs, Yoshis, Shy Guys, Boos, Piantas, Nokis, and Beans. After this was done, the council requested that the Mushroomers, the most pure-hearted and trustworthy of the growing species, build their capital city over the spot where the cave lay.

That was 50,000 years ago.

At the time, there lived a great Bob-omb explorer who stumbled across an ancient book by no author which told the legend. Sensing that something like this could be a threat to the world, he informed his king about it. The Bob-omb king called a meeting of the rulers of the ten species except the Koopas, who were at war with most of the others. They agreed that the gems were to be kept as safe as can be, as this whole time they had had no idea what they were for. The Koopas were never informed of this meeting.

THAT was 50,000 years ago.

Now, that species has finally discovered the legend...

Scene: Lord Bowser's Throne Room

Kamek: Lord Bowser! I have discovered something in the Library!

Bowser: *sigh* It better be worth my time!

Kamek: Oh it is, it is! According to the Royal Bob-omb History of Plit, a book we plundered years ago when many of the Bob-ombs joined us, there is a cave under Princess Peach's castle that holds a magnificent orb. In that orb is a door to a new dimension. In that dimension an incredibly powerful species is believed to live, one that is purely evil and has power beyond belief!

Bowser: ... Is that all?

Kamek: Don't you get it?! If we can release that species, we'll have the ultimate weapon! We will finally RULE PLIT!!!


Kamek: Ummmm, sir? There's a catch...

Bowser: !!!

Kamek: Well, ya se...

Kammy bursts in.

Kammy: You have to get ten gems that each of the ten species hold! It doesn't tell exactly which ones, but with some time, I could decipher the riddles.

Bowser: Figures... Well, let's get to work!

Kammy and Kamek: !!!

Bowser: What species could hold the first one...?

Kamek: Ummmmmmmm... Mushroomers, considering their castle is on top of the orb...?

Bowser: I got it! The Mushroomers! TO THE CLOWN COPTER!!!

Bowser takes off.

Kammy and Kamek: WAIT FOR US!!!

They take off.

Tick tock...

The Koopalings walk in.

Ludwig: Siblings, we are in for the time of our young lives.

Scene: Mushroom Castle Courtyard

Mario: Ah, what a wonderful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there hasn't been trouble all day!

Peach: Oh Mario!

Luigi: I'll bet you'll jinx it!

Toad: Don't be so pessimistic!

Mario: I'm telling you though, NOTHING can ruin this day!

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek fly in.

Luigi: Yep, you jinxed it.


The Clown Copter releases a greenish gas. It swiftly covers all of Toad Town. Instantly anyone breathing it passes out. Except for...

Peach: Huh?

Bowser: Huh?

Peach: Let me guess, you’re here to kidnap me? Same procedure? Same cell?

Bowser: WRONG! I'm here to take the key that your species possesses. The key to the orb under your castle! I am SO EVIL!

Peach: *gasp* How do you know about it?

Bowser: What does it matter? Now, fork over the key, Peachy!

Peach: NO!

Bowser: HA! I knew you had one!

Peach: Drat...

Bowser: Now I'll ask I more time. WHERE IS IT?!

Peach: I'll never tell!!!

Bowser: Sic her, K's!

Kammy: K's?

Kamek: What?

Bowser: You guy's are my K's! Kammy and Kamek! SIC HER!!!

Kammy: ...

Kamek: She's gone.

Bowser: !!!

Inside the castle...

Peach is dragging Mario and Luigi.

Peach: Gotta hurry...

Peach runs into her room and enters a hidden door. In the room is a pedestal with a Ruby Shroom on it and a warp pipe. Peach hurriedly scribbles a note on a piece of paper and shoves Mario, Luigi, and the Shroom into the pipe.

Peach: Good luck...

Scene: Rogueport

Mario and Luigi pop out of the pipe behind the Excess Express. They are both awake.

Mario: Woah! Rogueport! How'd we get here?

Luigi: What's that letter bro?

Mario: I don't know, let me see...

Mario and Luigi,
Bowser is after 10 keys that open an orb under my castle containing super powerful beings. That Ruby Shroom is the first of them. I have sent you here to see Professsor Frankly. He'll tell you more about the keys. Good luck.

Luigi: Wow.

Mario: Double wow.

Luigi: Only one thing I don't get.

Mario: What's that, Bro?

Luigi: Why didn't we take this pipe the first time we came here?

Scene: Rogueport, Prof. Frankly's House

Mario: Knock knock!

Mario walks in.

Luigi: So impolite...

Prof. Frankly: Oh! It's you! And you! Welcome back! Goombella! We have visitors!

Goombella walks out of a door in the wall.

Goombella: Oh, Mario! *blush* It's such a surprise!

Luigi: We're here to ask you about something, Professor.

Prof. Frankly: Oh? What is it?

Mario: The orb that this gem is a key for.

Prof. Frankly: !!! Could... Could it be...?

Goombella: !!!

Prof. Frankly: It... is! That is a key, one of ten, to a legendary orb, an orb that contains a transdimensional hole to a place where a mind-boggling force of a lost species lives! They're so powerful that the greatest beings in the universe sealed them away in the early days of Plit!

Luigi: Wow...

Prof. Frankly: Why... do you bring this here?

Mario: Bowser came to Peach's Castle for this key. Knowing Bowser, he wants to open the orb.

Prof. Frankly: Well we can't let him do that! You SHALL find those keys before Bowser does!

Mario: Yes... But where could they be?

Goombella: I know! Well, at least sorta... Look, I may be wrong!

Luigi: Well, tell us anyway.

Goombella: Well, in ancient times, a civilization of Goombas lived in the Dry, Dry Desert. Their leaders was an incredibly powerful Goomba who singlehandedly destroyed the current Koopa King. He was said to have a glowing gem, the Topaz Goomba. It was fabled to be of incredible importance, but he wouldn't tell anyone. One day, a force of the new Koopa King came and thretened to destroy everything with a new weapon: a giant container of glass containing thousends of evil Bob-ombs. So the Goombas surendered. All except their king. He fled, until one day, some traveling Shamans found his dehydrated body in the desert. They buried him, gem and all. At his grave they also planted a single tree, a magic tree that grew orange fruit that tasted of all the fruits. Because it was enchanted, it would never die, even in the desert. If you can find that tree, you can dig, and get the gem! That's a story that's been passed down my famly for generations!

Mario: Wow...

Luigi: Ummm...

Prof. Frankly: Well get to it!

Mario: Ok!

Goombella: I have faith in you!

Prof. Frankly: Goodbye!

Mario and Luigi leave.

Mario: Where do we go now? Dry, Dry Desert?

Luigi: I guess...

Ms. Mowz falls from the sky.

Ms. Mowz: Oh, my great hunk of cheese, it's been to long! I couldn't help overhearing you, you said you needed to go to the Dry, Dry Desert? AND find the Tree of 1,000 Flavors?

Luigi: Yeah... Wait. The Tree of 1,000 Flavors?

Ms. Mowz: Oh yes, Mr. Green! You see, Goombella seems to be behind the times. It's a tourist attraction! It was discovered last year!

Mario: That's lucky!

Luigi: You bet, Bro!

Ms. Mowz: Oh yes! AND that funny little rat guy... Ummmm... His name escapes me... Is it Gumpy? Lumpy? Oh well. Anyway, he built a pipe to the Dry, Dry Desert! AND as if things wern't simple enough, it comes out at the Tree of 1,000 Flavors! Follow me!

Luigi: Sounds good!

Mario: Let's go!


Ms. Mowz: Here we are! The pipe! I'll be seeing you, my sweet cheesedoodle! Goodbye, cheesecake!

Mario: Bye!

Luigi: Bye bye! *waves hat*

They jump in the pipe.

Scene: Dry, Dry Desert, Tree of 1,000 Flavors Tourist Attraction

The Bros. hop out of the pipe. They emerge at a deserted oasis that has remnents of a once giant crowd. There is a lone Mushroomer picking up litter. In the center of the area, there's a palm tree with vivid purple fruits dangling from the branches.

Mushroomer: Hey! Visting time is over! No ones alound on the premises!

Luigi: We have to, uh... search the tree.

Mario: Wha? Oh yeah! We are uh... tree inspectores!

Mushroomer: Yeah right! There are no- Wait! Those 'staches! Those costumes! You're the Mario Bros!

Luigi: Sure are.

Mushroomer: Gee, it's an honor to have you guys here! So, what do you need? And why were you pretending to be "tree inspectors"?

Mario: You see...

Mario explains.

Mushroom: Well, I don't know, guys... You might damage the tree... AND you don't have true proof... But if it's for the safety of the world, go ahead. Here, take a shovel.

Luigi: Thanks.

They start to dig. They dig for a while when...


Mario: Bro! I found something!

Luigi: Let me see!

They bend down and wipe away some of the sand to find...

Both: THE GEM!!!

As soon as those words leave their mouths, the ground starts to shake, and the tree is blown up from the ground, landing several feet away.


He rushes over to it. Out from where the tree was rises a skeleton of a Grand Goomba, with a rusty, ancient crown perched awkwardly on the gritty skull.

King Goom-Bones: Give... gem... back... NOW!!!

Mario: Mamamia!

Luigi: Never!

King Goom-Bones: Face... WRATH!!!

King Goom-Bones leaps into the air to crush the Bros. Mario is to quick though, because he pulls out his trusty hammer and bashes him away. King Goom-Bones stands back up and attempts to charge the Bros, but this time Luigi bashes him away. Being a Goomba, Goom-Bones doesn't have much of an option but to try this attack pattern over... and over... and over. And soon...

King Goom-Bones: Why... you... want.... gem?!

Mario: Because Bowser, King of the Koopas, is trying to collect them to release the Lost Species! We're the Mario Bros, and we're determined to stop him by collecting them first!

King Goom-Bones: Koopas... EVIL!!! Hate... Koopas!!! Help you... keep... gem. Save... world...

Luigi: Thanks... King Goomba.

King Goom-Bones: Go... to... Boos. Here... warp pipe.

A warp pipe covered in sand emerges from the... other sand.

King Goom-Bones: Now... I go... to... aftergame... at last.

King Goom-Bones lies down, and is no more.

Luigi: Wow... Wait... The Boos... That means... KING BOO!

Mario: Hehehe, you sounded like King Goomba for a second there. Let's-a go!

Mario jumps into the pipe, followed shortly by Luigi, not knowing just what surprises awaited them with the Boos.

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